Nike Air Max Guile SKU:8869634

What is up everybody? My name is Richard from Zappos And today we are checking out the Air Max Guile. It’s from Nike Now these have a super sturdy design. They’re also going to provide amazing comfort Check out that midsole. Not only it is super thick, but you have these little air cushion to units back here Give you amazing impact protection in the heel and keep your feet feeling energized The upper’s made out of a combination of mesh with leather throughout three nice combination of materials But also give you that durability and breathability you need Along with the sturdy rubber outsole here You don’t want to let these pass you by. So make sure you add them to your cart today. From Nike


  • Best no look shoe flip and catch i’ve ever seen!

  • chave

  • How many time did you had to do the intro? Lol

  • hey, whats size are u wearing in the video? and if i buy them should i buy a size bigger ? :O

  • Richard is so cute!! Because of him, I'll buy these shoes ♥♥♥

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