Nike Air Max 97 | How a 20 Year Old Shoe Became Cool Again


  • holy fuck this man said “whitney houston” that’s celine dion bro not whitney houston ?

  • One of the ugliest air maxs ever made…my personal favourite is the TN air max then the air max 95s

  • The pressures

  • Good job bro

  • Good lord, the documentaries u produce on this channel are super class,???? great analyses as always.

  • I love your voice homie, very soothing and goes well with your video ? ?

  • 97's have only got popular in last few years in the UK by teens the real og's 9f the UK are tn's, shox, 95, 90

  • Still prefer my 90s… all day erry day..

  • I was born in 97??

  • Is it just me or are the air max 98 hella underrated?!

  • I had the 97s back in the day I'm 34 and it was incredible and I got the new og release even more incredible the best shoe ever silver bullet 97s

  • I don’t like the 97s

  • It didnt become cool again ,it was always cool in the hood we always wore um and brought um when rereleases happened ..what did happen in the past 2 years is all your young ig influencers and the white college students of lower manhattan started acting like they just started a new trend off a 20 yr old sneaker and started posting their outfits with the shoe and the new resurged air force 1 which was also another hood every ig girl and college student are posting like they made these things hott and they havent..air force 1s ive been wearing since about 1992 and air max 97s ive been wearing since 97 same goes for the 95s too..stop frontin and pay respects to the people that really kept this shoe going and made it a staple in the first dam place

  • There you have it, 2days kids are just wearing shit we didn't want ???

  • $200 for a nike sneaker is considered fairly cheap in new zealand. the air max 97 can range from $200 to $350 depending on the shop

  • 97s are so smooth and beautiful I own many pairs!

  • 97’s are cool but my son just got some 98’s for school I definitely think the 98 is better

  • this shoes are used for everything but sports

  • Please do a video on the
    Nike Air Max 2019 Off White
    I cant seem to find them online

  • 97, 95, AF1low and AM90 are all the sneakers you need.

  • Nice

  • ?


    Jk duds

  • Uuuh you mean Celine Dionne bro. Stop fuckin up

  • 4:47 That is not Italy that is Holland where the subculture Gabber (hardcore house music) comes from. You can see the Dutch (people from holland) dance in the picture.

  • Awesome video Bro! If anyone is interested in watching, I reviewed the Air Max 95 here!

  • Need them so bad….

  • I wonder how the 97 hold up in popularity vs other models. It seems like everyone has a favorite. Right now the 270 and 720s seem to be everywhere where I live. Something about these classic silhouettes keeps people to copping the retros and putting them into rotation. Great content.

  • Let's be real, skepta's SK's brought back the 97s after a long time nobody was really rocking with em. Stupid video doesn't even mention that.

  • I was looking for the SIlver Bullets for years, I stumbled on the last pair available at Foot Locker in Toronto, so I bought it without trying it on. Had to sell it because it was way too tight. Size up on these bad boys lol

  • Looking for a deadstock size 13 let me know if anyone is selling

  • Definitely will be checking your channel out more

  • One of my worst pair of airmax 97, I prefer airmax ones the most

  • It's the brand which us dumb consumers buy into..

  • You would think by looking at some of these adverts that other groups of people appart from Caucasian don't have any input in the market

  • The 97 and 98 look so modern, they can never look outdated.

  • My 97s are my fucking babies

  • I’ve wanted those shoes for over twenty years now. I still haven’t owned a pair. I always go back to a pair of air max ltds

  • NikeAirMax97 is so pricey its 200$ here in PH. Retail price

  • "Would you pay 225 for sneakers?" Well actually I just bought some for $290 so guess who's the clown

  • They’re fucking gay

  • Here in New Zealand I paid $300 for a pair of Jordan 4 breds. Actually I bought 2 pair and sold 1 for $500. I was in Footlocker and they are selling the new Pharrells for $350. I have a pair of the silvers 97s and blue silver 97s.

  • Everyone wears 97s in ??

  • Would definitely buy these. Such a shame I can’t afford it lol or I’d have it right now

  • The 97s are still hitting in blighty I lo da

  • Now im proud to be italian

  • U can have a pair for 170€

  • I have got a pair of 97s, I paid 180$(18700 rsd) for them but they cost 220$(23400 rsd). These shoes are very popular in my country(Serbia), maybe even the most popular air max in Serbia.

  • another shoes i can't afford back in the day

  • They are only popular because of eshays

  • Air jordan 1 – how a 34 year old shoe never became forgotten.

  • Wow really stepped up the content. Looks great man.

  • 95s are really popular on merseysdie

  • They are the worst ones there was loads I think they have about 3/4 Available nowadays but there was more

  • Damn this video makes me want to cop 97s again, and some 98s

  • I buy 2 pairs of AirMax 90 every year because they get old very quick

  • Air max is shit.

  • Your cultural levels is f*
    Man called celine Dion whitney,
    And 96? are hard bro. Beg u gon do your researches properly

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  • Air max is the ugluest Nike shoe

  • Air force 1 ugliest shoe

  • the only reason why chose to buy the Air Max 97 Essential is that it stood out among the rest.

  • I wish I had money to buy them… ?

  • Nike 97 is so much popular in serbia

  • we all want time machines, I miss my Nike Air Max 1 with blue

  • In Europe nike is very popular and everybody wants to wear 97s 95s 98s 90s vapormax etc

  • Fush

  • Got the 97's ultra, they're honestly pretty lit

  • How a 20 year old shoe became cool again… BECAUSE THEY LOOK GOOD THATS WHY

  • Love the silver n the golds

  • Silver is best

  • You forgot the air max 93 in your animated list

  • I say it looks ugly still

  • Can't beat Nike airmax classics any other design is crap

  • "how it became cool again" segment was only approximately 20 seconds? the rest of the video was just the history of 95 and 97

  • They cost in germany only 179,99€

  • where i am you gotta pay 225 dollars if u want any sneakers

  • what a dope video! I get my 97's in the Nintendo 64 colorway tomorrow! I'm stoked out of my mind.

  • idk if i should get 97s or 95s help

  • I had the 97. Dope

  • I don't like the 95s' / 97s'. It doesn't have the Dark Wave / Cold Wave / Goth essence to it . I love a typical Black Air Max 2014, 2015 and 2017.

  • Dislike because he said “ nikey

  • Good keep it hip hop

  • I got a 97 qs silver bullet for Christmas

  • This video Could’ve been 20 seconds long

  • When I said I was gonna get these in 2016 everyone laughed at me

  • The go to shoe for European graffiti writers. Props to you for shouting out the Italy scene, I know plenty of writers from all over Europe that will not paint in anything by airmaxs, it has been and remains to quintessential graffiti shoe.

  • Fax bro the Qs’s are fire

  • Air Max 95 are really popular here in the Balkans. But still some people wear 97s

  • Those shoes are ugly as shit.

  • My fav shoes are the 98s

  • dardy eshey

  • Am I the only one who prefers 90s the most

  • Guess I will start to wear my 97s again

  • The silver is cool

  • Gold bullet ftw

  • I love the shoes

  • both gold and silver are extremely dope but I have to go with the silver.

  • Damn the 97 was the best 90s year

  • Nah I wouldn't spend 250 dollars I would spend 1100 on Nike air Max 1/97 Sean wotherspoons ?

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