Nike Air Force 1: The Legend Behind Nike’s Perfect Shoe


  • What’s your favorite AF1 memory? Do you have a favorite colorway?

    The Air Force 1 brings back many memories for me. I remember feeling fresh AF in high school with the white on whites? What’s your favorite AF1 memory? Do you have a favorite colorway?

  • Like they look good, but like idk something about them is just "ok". Especially the all white and black ones like na add some color

  • the original six more like moses malone, klays dad and others

  • Time to get a new pair. My black af1's are creased af.

  • I just got an adidas add

  • And then fuckboys started wearing this shoe.

  • I remember when the new school year started these sold the fuck out at every mall and on best shoes ever

  • Just got my white on white af1 high top ???

  • I love AF1s because literally anybody can wear them without being judged

  • wear black air foece 1

  • Greatest shoe of all time…

    Gets creased after 5 steps

  • Ive literally owned over a hundred pair of white AF1s in my life. I know for a fact that Nike doesn't always use the same type of leather for them. I say this because sometimes I will buy a pair, they will start creasing and looking a lil messed up after 1 or 2 wears. Then sometimes I will have a pair that it takes about 10-12 wears before they get the same level of damage. I just wish there was a way to tell before u bought them cuz I have when I spend 90 dollars and get a pair of Air Force Once.

  • Everybody gangsta until someone pulls out the black af1

  • Bro man doesn’t no how to skate he’s going to water log his board

  • its all laugh and praise till a black air force dude start approaching you

  • Now every middle schooler and basic white girl has a pair lol

  • I’m sorry but…

    I really hate these shoes

  • Why is this in my recommended?

    Roadmen have entered the chat

  • Owned 7 pairs from age 17-22. Legendary shoe.

  • damn. I had like all the birdman shoes..they came with that stunner keychain. I still have one of those key chains.

  • Ye but why does he drive threw a water puddle in the first 10 seconds

  • Have you guys ever thought about how they never made a Nike Air Force 2

  • high top af1 or low top?

  • Classic AF sneaker.

  • So he made black forces too?

  • Dunks are better

  • 0:00 as a skater this really pissed me off

  • I was 13 when I got these and were my first proper sneaker I got and started my sneaker addiction

  • Play at 0.75x
    Thank me later ?

  • Af1 low jewels are so clean. I have a white on black pair but I will definitely be getting a black on white pair in the summer.

  • Only fuckboys and basic hoes wear these nowadays

  • Got a pair of fake AF1 when we got to philippines for only 5.35USD very cheap.

  • I got black af1

  • Trending in the UK atm
    Probably cos of one tune someone made

  • For those people who don't know what the deal is with the Black AF1's. People who are associated with any crime is known to wear Black AF1's

  • They should be more exclusive and more expensive ?

  • Who's here after buying AF1's?

  • I have black airforces get scared

  • your wrong

  • 5.29 name of the shoe??

  • Why does he sound like the fortnight teir list youtuber

  • I prefer the mids.

  • Yes finally someone talks nice about baltimore?

  • I like the mids better than the lows


  • My Favorite Nikes:
    2.Air Max 90's
    3.LeBron Soilder VI

  • Unpopular opinion : af1 are overrated

  • Original nike Bruin white with red tick were much better

  • I feel asleep listening to your voice… So soothing

  • They're the Stacey Adams of Nike and at a reasonable price unlike all these other Bozo the clown looking shoes.

  • I’m 20 years old and I never had a pair of AF1
    I always rock Jordan’s and the Jordan 4 are my fav.
    I might have to buy my first AF1 this week

  • I’m still more of a fan of TNS lahd but af1 still fresh aye

  • My favorites are the black mids ??

  • People love air Force one
    Me with them sketchers

  • When they creas tho

  • If u have white af1 like this

  • I have never heard of those 6 basketballers ever in my life

  • If they were perfect they would make me sandwiches, never crease, never get dirty, walk for me, and blow me

  • 15 years later and they don’t have em on wide

  • G fazos?

  • There's no better feeling than popping on a fresh pair of low white AF1's when the summer hits.

  • I got my first af1s in 5th grade. Their dirty and creased but their not disgusting. they have mad memories and I used to always wear them

  • Should I get white or black af1

  • Check out my custom Air Force I love designing them

  • White on white in the summer. Black on black in the in the fall

  • I like how this man drove through water with the air force ones

  • The perfect shoe what are you on?

  • My ass it’s the best shoe

  • Personally as someone who doesn't have loads of money to spend on high end sneakers and outfits, the air force 1's are beautiful. I recently bought a pair of mid all white ones and they go with pretty much anything you can throw on. The simple design and versatility of the shoe is why I think that its lasted so long

  • The af 1 is still not a skate shoe

  • Every thing fun and games til they pull out the black forces

  • This shoe will last forever no doubt

  • Nike air 180 is the most underrated sneaker of all time…of all time

  • Love my Flyknit Air Sock Racers and AF1s

  • I was lucky enough to get a decent pair of forces at a garage sale for two dollars. I shit you not, they were two bucks, and they are real, tested the item code and everything. Now I'm saving up for some black ones because fuck it, why not? I want people to stop fucking with me anyways.

  • Damn you left out the Custom Shady Records pair

  • every time I buy af1s I crease them the day I get them??

  • AF1 Triple White high top.

  • I'm a simple man if I want low shoes I buy AF1 if I want something high for in the winter I buy AJ1.

  • Me: holding my airforces while watching*

  • AF1's still are a staple in the Lou

  • As a matter of fact I have on a pair of white on white high's right now as I type this

  • I used to play in court with white mid AF1 back in '04-'05. Very Comfy

  • Black Air Force 1 activity

  • The best fit is Low white AF1 with a black Adidas tracksuit ? ? ?

  • mid white on white af1s take the cake for me

  • Can you do one for air max 1

  • Still rock af1 …still look great on almost every outfit I wear .

  • Nike's best shoe

  • Almost all of my friends have em for no reason why?

  • Hightop the best

  • honestly just the best shoes they are perfect with basketball skate boarding and dominates in style

  • If they were perfect you wouldn’t have to walk in them like you shitted on yourself to prevent immediate creasing

  • For car guys

    Why is there a topless r35 gtr at 0:31?

  • Ok I need a real answer should I buy the black ones or white ones and should I buy the high top ones or the low top?

  • Feels good wearing them . Holy damn.

  • iam wayyyyy more of a addi stans and common projects

  • one thing im gon always do, is keep a fresh pair of all white hi top 1's. always

  • Yeah the perfect shoe you can only wear once.

  • Nothing perfect about creasing on day 1, I’ve had many pairs over the years since launch. They’ve always been made cheap and now they are just simply played out

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