Nike Academy Pack Play Test – All Nike Football boots in complete blackout!

So today, Neither JayMike, PWG or myself are going to make the play test. But don’t worry! We have set up a little challenge for one of the guys from the Unisport Webtv crew to provide the skills and tekkers for today’s episode. Let’s go! The Nike Academy Pack is inspired by the old Alex Ferguson Mantra that players in the Manchester United Academy had to earn the right to wear colourful boots. If you didn’t play in the first team, you couldn’t wear the newest colourways. So every academy player had to wear blackouts until they were good enough to wear colourful fooball boots. The Superfly is made for the explosive player who looks to expose defences with their lightning pace and clever movement. It’s also the most advanced booth technology-wise ever produced by Nike all the technology that’s packed into this boot is supposed to allow the player to reach his full potential. The Hypervenom is made with two purposes. First, to give the players the platform to strike the ball with precision and power with the special Strike Zone on the upper. Second, the specially designed stud pattern is there to give you the ability to cut and strike with deadly precision. The Magista is made for the players who like to dominate the pitch with incisive passing and smooth technique. It’s made with a single piece Flyknit upper that allows for great breathability, stretch and support where you need it most. The Tiempo Legend is the boot made for people who want a no-nonsense leather boot. But Tiempo legend 7 is not quite like the Tiempo’s of old, with Flyknit construction on the heel and the tongue. This is what the Nike Academy pack looks like. And if you like what you’ve seen, Why not award our brilliant Videographer with a like. And if you really dig this video subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos! Translated this video? Leave your name here for credit 🙂


  • Is he good enough to make the step up from the #unisportlife academy to the first team? Did you like this video? Leave a comment below!

  • #notificationsquad big up for the re-upload???

  • What's you favourite boot of the pack???

  • Hi

  • Tiempo

  • First

  • First

  • ?????????

  • The superfly looks ???

  • Can I have a shoutout I have been watching you since 50 subscribers

  • I wish I had a pair

  • Great vid love blackouts in person but on the pitch I want people to know what I'm wearing. Still are gorgeous tho ❤️❤️

  • 1st

  • Vapour 11

  • I gona buy a boll to day from you

  • Ehy unisport im a italian follower and i follow YouTube da 2 years ILOVE YOUUU❤️????⚽️

  • Hypervenom si the best

  • I love this video

  • No one on earth is better than jay mike ❤️

  • If unisport doesn't like their fans they will pin this

  • I'm so annoyed because I live In the us and every time I find a good deal on your website it won't workout since I have to pay 25 euros of shipping
    Love These videos seeing new cleats that I can't afford

  • Fifth

  • I like the hypervenom best cuz I'm that type of guy #notificationsquad

  • did they just repost this?

  • I want Jay Mike back, cuz u wanna win a pair

  • I just had deja vu

  • Can I wear the high cut hypervenom if i am a winger ??

  • yes i like him a lot

  • Please pin this

  • Please giveaway

  • You have not gave away in a lot of days

  • @unisport do you know if there is an update for the ag version of the magista opus upcoming?

  • Why did you reupload the Video?

  • Great video, I'm drooling over the Nike Tiempo Legend VII in blackout haha if only I had the money! The guy who stepped in presented well could make a good addition to Joltter and Jaymike

  • Would u guys recommend the ace 16.1 primeknit or 17.1 primeknit?

  • I really like that black boot?

  • Vapor!!!!!!

  • The Hypervenom looks like a boot Batman would wear ?

  • difficulty level: very achievable hahahhahahaha

  • This guy is actualy good, he has calm voice and good tekkerz. Good job m8!!

  • Where the f is vapor?

  • Unisport which is better, Messi 16.3 space dust or Mercurial Victory 6 in your opinion? And which would you recommend me as I have narrow feet.

  • When's the next Q&A

  • I like this guy.

  • One of my favourite packs

  • Just bought some hypervenom's and this pack comes out. #FML

  • Please unisport
    Give me a magista or a vapor or hypervenom
    I live in Jordan in middle east I can't afford paying money for these football boots I'm addicted to football but I have no ability to buy any of those
    Everyday I watch your videos about boots and say to myself when I'm gonna test any of these
    I'm tired playing with very dumb football boots that is worth 40 euros or less
    Please read my comment

  • Can this guy stay and Jaymike go

  • Allright then, I need to step up my game if I want to stay! ?

  • Can I wear the Mecurial as a CM ?

  • Im a bit disappointed You never explained enough about the tiempo legend 7's like what players on the pitch wear them what players with those boots Do on the field and furthermore

  • Could Explosive Wingers adapt and wear the tiempo legend 7's

  • Strange question here but anyway if I've been using the nitro charge 1.0 blackout versions which have lasted a while but I'm now looking to change to the 16+ pure chaos does anyone know how similar the fit is

  • Plz rainbowflick

  • Do a video of rainbowflick plz

  • Please I need football boot I don't have and I can't afford for one please give me any nike boot

  • Please I need hypervenom3 or tempo or Magista or super flys I play on FG or furm ground

  • Or accutly I train or what I need the most is ag or fg

  • My size is 39 eroup please send me the boot I don't have boots

  • This guy is dope.

  • This guy is unreal. Just could be lively but other than that really good

  • Can he do play tests now

  • how can i enter the give away

  • Do freestyle shoes

  • please?? do a giveaway


  • I don't understand why there's 12 dislikes, nothing controversial was said just showing people a new colourway and what the boots are like. People really do confuse me…

  • The superfly is not the most technologically rich boot the hypervenom is

  • What boots should I get magista obra 2 or superfly 5

  • Amazing pack . Like and reply if you agree .

  • He is so boring

  • Please video 'How to' 1+ if you want

  • my size is 37 and half euro and I had just 1 football boot of size 38 and half which is of a local brand worth 6 EUR I dream of wearing hypervenom and I request unisport to give me one this is for you guys even if you don't give me boots . UNISPORT is the best

  • This dude is fire.The accent tho man!Damn!???❤️❤️

  • But got to work on the narration,too monotonous.Jaymike is the ultimate narrator without question

  • This guy literally explained nothing to us, this was incredibly pointless, the description of the boots are like copy and paste from nikes website

  • daring , soft and lughtness

  • 1:51 low version is in the academy pack?

  • that blackout tiempo though

  • got 2 pairs of obras

  • Just bought the tiempos ?

  • How come some of the laces and the flyknite have a burgundy color to them?

  • tbh he needs to add more detail

  • WHEN do the vapor will Be release

  • Where can I get them?
    Please it's almost my birthday I really need a reply.

  • Saxophone first song name? Please help!

  • is there a ag version coming

  • Mercurial

  • What about the vaper, and opus

  • It look gorgious

  • what's the name of the first song?

  • I got tiempo

  • Can somebody tell me why only the most expensive and the most cheap boot was made? For example the mercurial are only in vapor and superfly, wich are very expensive and the victory the cheapest version. Why is there no veloce made?

  • im a winger and striker so which one would be best for me

  • It looks like he wearing socks

  • If i was an Nike Academy player I'll rather just stick to the blackouts, cuz they look hella FIRE???

  • hypervenom 3

  • What the name of the first song?the sax one.

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