Newt Gingrich Libya Flip Flop Explanation Absurd, Conservative Matt Lewis Agrees

Announcer: Welcome back to The David Pakman
Show. David: Welcome back to the show, David Pakman
here. Joining us is Matt Lewis, senior contributor for The Daily Caller and editor of the new
book “The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals of Sarah Palin In Her Own Words”. Hey, Matt, good to
see you again. Matt Lewis: Hey, good to see you. David: So I want to talk about this Newt Gingrich
analogy and what I’ve been calling the Newt Gingrich flip-flop on Libya, and basically,
my take is on March 7th I believe it was, before Barack Obama intervened in Libya, he
said he would exercise a no-fly zone, quote, “this evening”. After Obama imposed the no-fly
zone, Gingrich said he actually would not have intervened. You in your article on The
Daily Caller were somewhat critical of him. I mean, give me your sense of what exactly…
what’s Newt thinking here? Lewis: Well, I try to be honest, I mean, I’m
a conservative, but I always try to, you know, call them like I see them. And I’ve, you know,
I’m a fan of Newt’s in the sense that I think he is a brilliant guy, has a lot of ideas.
And I think he’s done a lot of good, but having said that, I mean, it’s really, really hard
to square these two comments. I mean, you know, he essentially has taken, you know,
positions within, you know, the span of just, you know, like a month or even
less, just a matter of weeks, on an issue that’s quite important. And you know, this
really extends past whether or not to exercise a no-fly zone over Libya, I mean, really this
is a question of intervention, whether or not you have a realist foreign policy viewpoint.
And so to flip-flop in such a quick amount of time struck me as interesting. I actually didn’t… did not write about it,
though, initially. Other people were writing about it, I didn’t really have anything to
add except that I was a little bit, you know, taken aback. But what actually did strike
me as notable and, frankly, did not get the attention I thought it deserved was on Saturday
when Newt was speaking in Iowa at Steve King’s cattle call and he sought to sort of push
back against the notion that he had flip-flopped, and one of the things he said was that, you
know, hey, you know, I was just sort of– Obama’s position too. And he
said something to the effect of, you know, if you said should we jump in the lake, I
would’ve said no, but once we jump into the lake, I said, you know, swim as fast as you
can. David: Yeah, and to me, if I look at what
he did, that’s an analogy that makes no sense to me. Lewis: Yeah, exactly. So that analogy would
work if Gingrich had been initially opposing a no-fly zone, but then once Obama went in,
Gingrich could then push him to do it better, more effectively, whatever. But it’s so funny,
man, nobody really pushed back, like I feel like Newt kind of got away with this one.
Maybe part of the reason is that the press is more interested in covering, you know,
the sort of like sexual affairs, and that was the big story yesterday about Newt, had
more to do with, you know, whether or not he was a hypocrite because, you know, he impeached
O– impeached Clinton and yet was engaged in an affair himself. But I think that this,
this whole thing got obscured. I mean, Gingrich’s excuse for flip-flopping doesn’t hold water,
and frankly, I think I’m the only one who might’ve noticed that. David: Yeah, no, well, you’re not the… maybe
the only one on your side, but I think plenty of people are noticing it over on my side.
Some are even saying this actually, as innocuous as it may seem, as little of a right-now issue
as it is, it really could become an issue in terms of a presidential Republican primary
shot for Newt Gingrich. What do you think of that, is this something other Republicans
are going to harp on him as… if and when they get into that situation, for a presidential
run? Lewis: I don’t think anybody will probably
ever cite this instance. I mean, again, it’s pretty much been ignored. I’m the only person,
at least that I know of, who’s really… who really pointed out this flawed logic in this
analogy. It was generally accepted. And even people reported it, like ABC News just reported
what he said and provided no context as to whether or not the analogy made sense, which
of course, it was a flawed analogy. David: Yeah. Lewis: But having said that,
that it really, it confirms that there’s a narrative about Newt. And it reminds me, there’s
a quote from “Godfather II” where, it says something to the effect of, you know, we always
respected him but we never trusted him. And I think there’s a lot of people who think
that Newt Gingrich has done a lot of good, that he’s incredibly smart, but that he takes
chances like this, and that oftentimes, you know, he can get caught up in trying to sort
of gin up, you know, buzz and rhetoric. So I think that in the long run, this instance
in and of itself won’t haunt him, but it just sort of reconfirms a narrative that some people
already are suspicious of. David: I’ll say, absolutely. Matt Lewis, senior
contributor for The Daily Caller, editor of the new book “The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals
of Sarah Palin In Her Own Words”. Thanks again, Matt. We’ll talk to you again soon. Lewis: Hey, thank you. David: All right, bye. Well, we agree, Louis.
I don’t know what else to say. I agree with Matt Lewis on Newt Gingrich’s analogy. Louis: And me too, yeah. Nice to hear from
a Republican who agrees with you. Not a very common thing. David: Yeah, no, it’s really not. Transcript provided by Alex Wickersham and For transcripts, translations, captions, and subtitles, or for more information,
visit, or contact Alex at [email protected]


  • Can we really take Matt Lewis seriously after he's claimed Sarah Palin has ideas?

  • Newt Gingrich has done a lot of good?

    Maybe he flip-flopped because he just loves this country so much.

  • @MaryJesusJoseph He also admires Newt. The only thing you can admire about that man are his fig cookies.

  • The ideals of Sarah Palin in her own words.

    Hmm. Maybe I'll buy that book, I mean, 200 blank pages. I could give that to my kids for their drawings.

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