News Now Stream 07/15/19


  • No sound

  • Fish and Bird in ALASKA BEAR CAM it's season for all animals

  • I'm surprised they don't make the bears by fishing licenses

  • That is a Very Stupid Ad!

  • Trump is right. Democrats are shits.

  • that son is vaming in my room for spw long they ares.

  • You guys ready need to fix all of your audio problems. Thanks for broadcasting

  • Notice how he checks out the vendors and products, that is something no other President has done ✅. Trump is definitely MY PRESIDENT and I will vote trump again in 2020

  • Pres. Trump is DEFF A FOR THE PEOPLE PRES. he truely cares and loves this wonderful country. TRUMP2020

  • So shadow banning is so bad on youtube, IG and g👀gle i am just now watching this.

  • America Corporation? Lol love Our Potus!

  • You say the tweets that people are talking about. The tweets you in the media can't stop talking about.

  • You commit a felony you lose your right to VOTE period.

  • What about Blue Lives Matter?????? What about the Tenn. man that ran from the cops shoots at the cops then runs away and leaves 3 kids in the car.

  • I agree with my president Donald J Trump I don’t see his comment racist at all, it true let them go Live in some other country that believe in what they believe in. I say if they don’t like it here, leave, I see the four communist Congresswomen as big racist. The Democratic Party are JewishPhobic, AmericaPhobic, ChristianPhobic,

  • Omar terrorism classes and abuse of calling American citizens. ! Brown and black face people and white . Fraud on taxes and fake paperwork marriage to her brother is illegal

  • Terrorist classes

  • President Trump is investigating them terrorist group in Congress..

  • Leaveoac you worked for Obama just like they set-up by the United nations Obama signed up with stupid traitors and terrorism against the American youth the enemies of America

  • Trump represents a return to some semblance of sanity after eight long years of the wretched bath house Barry SODOMITE Soetoro. Michelle Obama murdered Joan Rivers with ITS bare hands!

  • me and jenie wrecker got the last time im so glad james talvered did it for me and other stuff if you guys wish stick around for her while she gets cleared up its cool just let me get tom brady i told em i knew about her since i was 9 years old i was in vegas when i was hist so know it just need to cleanred up but jhon and them so yeah

  • its my mom found as jane talvered it hit her so bad and stuff she said never smoke again it was really bad on us tell it got cleared up with us being brought back tell mike and them dont worry about because you guys gave em alot to do including thady and marty so yeah they said i should have stayed a secret thow but o well

  • we alresady seen tom bush and tom banger i guess he was fighting over greg stuff

  • happy later fourth of july and stuff you guys

  • jhon and mike dideent have it cleared up all the way ok rachel should have been told i dont wanna get into it with her were barly talking since my cat buddy died at 14 years old they can have jhon and kelly and ted and kerel ok jhon and eric are guys i got mmy stuff and i boughten alot since then to so yeah inclduing for are sets and stuff so yeah so i was trying to have updatted and moderen ised so yeah poor lenny busting her but for me the last copule of weeks and stuff so yeah jenie wrecker was my wasy back i dident see molly graves coming so i have faked and protected right now and my mom ok

  • well im back to my normale self and stuff so i guess they have us found idk what big deal is i had lot of nice stuff that hit me hard to i have new shop back east restoren my dad all over i had my collection being worked on my dad said me having my credit was smart on it so my 65 mustang bot done and my 67 chevy pick up i gave my dad the 69 ford pick up so yeah

  • they said it doing fine i have lot of family back es so yeah hopefully it wont go under like my dad shop did

  • i guess i have girlfriend named beth out of it she sure is a pretty thing she been on set she hasent been with know one for 8 years so yeah

  • i guess i got a girlfriend out of it

  • they said my shop doing fine so yeah i mean i cheated in that mustang with 302 and nos my dad gave me that nos works especially in my ford prope so yeah i gave jhonds the 78 vette and had re painted to color s and stuff

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