Newly engaged worker shot dead in Bronx deli; suspects in custody


  • Gotham City. A city of madness and crime.

  • Woe to the bloody city…

  • Ban cigarettes, who would ever think they would get you killed?

  • Awesome! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

  • We back to shooting over petty ish now??

  • amazingly epic

  • Ban cigarettes. Don't care what anyone says. It's a terrible drug

  • So the girl is the one that wears the pants in the relationship and to kill the young man over a 🚬 pretty pathetic and cowardly

  • A "female" is Always behind a murder between two guys. smh

  • Poor people suck

  • Trash new york meh!

  • Over a stupid cancer stick 🤔

  • Over a illegal purchase of a single cigarette, wtf. Throw the whole couple away! They were mad 😡 at the selves for not having enough money to purchase a pack! A whole life gone for a loosely. SMMH

  • If you can kill someone for us loose cigarette. You don't deserve to walk on the street ever… 150 years in prison for him And 100 years for her. Killing innocent people destroying family

  • Son this is sad 💔

  • Unbelievable.

  • Nuke the Shithole Bronx.

  • This is why they have bulletproof glass in lots of the stores these days i see it in almost ever liquor, Chinese store, many other restaurants and started seeing them in many deli,bodega stores.

  • Seen the camera footage, so sad. She was yelling and screaming at the clerk in the video and then on her way out; it looked like she slammed the door really hard and the clerk looked irritated by that and he may have sad something on her way out. Whatever he said made her comeback again slamming the door screaming, thats when the deli worker looked like he snapped and looked like he hit her in the legs with a stick .. and her man who was right next to her put his hand in his pocket for his gun and hesitated a second as the bodega worker hit her again with the stick. Then she looks to yell in her mans ear probably to shoot the bodega worker, and that exactly what he does. Fires 2 shots and then leans over the counter to fire one more at the bodega worker who already dropped on the floor after being shot twice. That third shot was the execution. Then he even tried to fire at another person in the store who looked as if he was just looking to deescalate the altercation since the arguing.
    I really wish the woman spends time in jail, she was the instigator of everything. Rest in peace to the victim.

  • This is what you asked for. First no more stop and frisk. Second bail reform. And third protesting the hiring of more cop's. And then the people in these communities act so surprised when these things happen, but it's your fault. You did this. Shame on all of you.

  • Did she just say the woman was 25 and the boyfriend was 18? Ummmm

  • This is the stupidest thing ever. Over a cigarette

  • We need a republican mayor, that’s all what I’m gonna say.

  • Only in the bronx you get killed for 50¢

  • Over a lucie?…smh

  • I'm speechless

  • Bruh over a cigarette! Second Deli worker killed the City 🌃 is going to 💩. Looseys are Illegal and they cost a Dollar nowadays. RIP to this poor man who lost his life over something so petty. 🤦‍♂️

  • People are dumb for cigarettes how pathetic god help these people

  • How about all lives matter

  • Broke azz. B can't afford a pack of cigarettes, so she gets her thug to kill a family man.

    Not surprised, Fail reform doesn't work.
    This mayor is either delusional or crazy.
    These two low life POS should get the max
    or the death penalty. 👎👎👎

  • The Bronx is a joke the mud that lives there is so petty basically little kids in grown ppl bodies it’s sad

  • He should get death penalty and dat hoe too

  • They interviewed a pair of tims b

  • Life is cheap

  • Why arent deli owners armed??

  • Come on bro over a loosie

  • That man carrying that bag of Royal Basmati rice. 😂 I just bought two bags of that same brand. Probably using it as a carrying bag, though.

  • NYC needs to wake up.

  • 25 & 18 u do the mathematics smh

  • Fragile egos killing people out there

  • Thanks ocasio cortez for you great leadership in your district

  • 75 cent not 50

  • Bring back hanging. Dont waste tax dollars on this fool. Hang them now

  • 🚬

  • Hang them both, torture her slow though

  • Now you'll be jail begging for a smoke both of them..😢

  • Homie was 20.. smh

  • When keeping it real goes wrong!

  • lock them all up in the middle of no where and throw away the key.

  • Wow big effin deal shootings is normal to me and nyc is like this people fight for stupid things

  • I have no words…WTF a cigarette 😨

  • Wakefield not Williamsbridge and White Plains Road…senseless death. RIP. May he get justice

  • Stop opening up store's in are COMMUNITIES 💯

  • Not to change the subject, but how did the Yemen people come over here and open business in the hood. I sure they didn't have capital to start it. Here we are 400 years and can't open our own store.

  • Selling loose cigarettes illegal anyway nobody should lose thier life over it

  • Segregation

  • He should've gave her the Lucy for free, it's her Lungs

  • New Yorkers are so stupid

  • Bring back racial profiling and Stop and Frisk. Let the cops treat these thugs like the animals that they are.

  • Ok but they better arrest the girl as well

  • Now her boyfriend is in jail possibly for the rest of his life and will be someone's girlfriend.

  • Now another sucker for love Don thru his future away for a female who's going to be giving herself to another while he sits in jail doing time for killing somebody over a (loosie) that didn't even belong to him. Crazy! But, although this doesn't justify killing the guy, them Foreigner's can be disrespectful.

  • BX gotta get it together yeee

  • I cant believe he got killed over an ugly broads cigarette so she he to call her retarded boyfriend who has to use a gun because he cant fight and is scared to get snapped like a slim jim

  • Stupid Bish

  • Crackhead with a gun

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