– Don’t these
flowers look and feel fake? – Yeah, they do. Rubbery.
– Mhmmm. – [Bryce] What this one’s real? – Wait what, is
that a real question? – [Tiffany] Wait what? Sounds like him. Good morning! – [All] Good morning! – [Tiffany] What’s
for breakfast? – [Bryce] My voice cracked
like gwawd-morning! – [Tiffany] Gettin’ over
being sick (clears throat) – [Sierra] Oatmeal.
– [Tiffany] Oatmeal and toast. Bryce is on his
second toaster scrambler. – [Bryce] You even
told me to have five. – [Tiffany] I did. – [Bryce] Because
of how skinny I was. – [Tiffany] (laughs) And coffee? – Coffee. (bass notes) – Fast forward
a few hours later, kids are back home from school
another short day because of parent-teacher conferences
even though we don’t have them. They got an extra two hours
to themselves which is nice. But we’re getting ready to pack
it up and head out the door to Westgate/Tanger Outlets area. We’re gonna go do some shopping
like I said yesterday’s vlog Bryce needs
a new pair of shoes. We’ll walk around see
if there’s anything else you know worth looking at. And then we’ll have some dinner, and then we’re gonna head
over to the Cardinal’s stadium for a little practice
with Sierra’s volleyball team. So, looking forward to that. I’ll show you guys. If you guys haven’t seen last
years vlogs in the stadium it’s pretty awesome. You’re actually on the ground
floor where the grass normally is they just roll the grass out. So you’re in the, it’s amazing,
it’s crazy, it’s vast. You guys’ll see. Stay tuned. – [Clintus] I got
what I was lookin’ for. – Oh here you go I
was looking for you. Buy this for me please? – [Clintus] Please buy you that? Two of them?
One for you and one for her? – Yeah!
– [Clintus] Matching? – This is for you.
– [Clintus] That for me? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] It’s not my size. It doesn’t go with my eyes. Alright. First stop for
Bryce, Under Armour. Go along with his
Curries he’s got right now. Those look like em’ right there. – [Bryce] Those aren’t right. – [Clintus] I know
those aren’t yours, but I’m saying
those are curries. – [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] Yeah. Looking at Under
Armour basketball shoes. Althetic shoes, not basketball
shoes, athletic shoes. ‘Cause these aren’t your
basketball shoes these are just your every day shoes right? Those are your worn out? – [Bryce] Nikes. – [Clintus] You grown
out of them or worn out? – [Bryce] Worn out. – [Clintus] Sierra’s
over here like, I don’t care. – [Tiffany] Look at these.
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Tiffany] Look
at the difference. – [Bryce] Look
at the difference. – [Clintus] Wow all that? No, there’s no way
those were that color. – [Tiffany] They
are the same shoes. – [Clintus] I know
but look those are darker. There’s no way that blue
was originally that color. – [Bryce] Yeah it was. – [Clintus] That’s crazy. That’s crazy. – [Bryce] And look
at the size difference. – [Clintus] Yeah. You try some on too? You might as well right,
while you’re here? What are you lookin’ for? – [Sierra] Black. – [Bryce] Oh my gosh
that was hard to get. – [Sierra] Do they sell the
ones that are like casual here? Where? What section? – [Woman] Do you
have this in a seven? (baby cries) – [Tiffany] How do they feel? – These one’s I like them. I feel taller in these. – [Tiffany] Yeah they’re two
different styles so they’re gonna feel different. Yeah that makes sense these
ones look thicker down here. – [Bryce] Mhmmm. – [Tiffany] Do
you like em’ both? – Yeah. Because this ones only have
like this white it doesn’t have all this black to it.
– [Tiffany] Right. So they’re both on
sale so we can basically, it’s two for the price of one. Get em’ both?
– Mhmmm. – [Tiffany] You have
a lot of blue stuff. And these will have to go with
other like brights, grays. – I could just kinda
wear those with anything. – [Tiffany] Yeah. – [Bryce] There’s
not that much of this. – [Tiffany] Alright. – [Bryce] Done.
– [Tiffany] Done. That was easy. And you went up half a size? – Yep.
– [Tiffany] Size six now? – Yep. Yep yep yep. – [Clintus] Sierra found some, these are the skateboard Nikes. Yeah and Bryce
what’d you go with? The blues for the Bulldogs? – [Bryce] No not
for the Bulldogs. – [Clintus] They are
pretty blue for the Bulldogs. What’d you do
for the other pair? – [Bryce] Our team isn’t blue. – [Clintus] Huh?
– [Bryce] Our team isn’t blue. – [Clintus] Bulldogs?
Yeah it is. – They’re getting so big.
Shopping for themselves. – [Tiffany] I know. You guys happy? – What? – [Tiffany] You happy?
New shoes! – Yep. – Alright we’re done
with the shopping shopping. Time for some dinner. Heading over across
the street to Westgate. Lots of good restaurants here. Lots of good choices. Of course we’ll let Mommy pick. She gets dibbs.
She gets dibbs. You’re the picky one. Out of the four of us,
you’re the pickiest. Even when we get to
the restraunt she’s picky. – [Tiffany] I am not. – I need a salad, and I’ll just pick off
each and everyone else’s. – [Clintus] Alright here we are. Patio Bar Louie and
our food just got here. We got a bunch of
appetizers it’s happy hour. You got trio dip, you got green
chile chicken flatbread, we got a thai chicken flatbread, we got some brushetta in a
martini glass how cool is that? Bryce what are we
waiting on for you? – Boneless wings – [Clintus] Boneless wings. Oh yeah! What do you guys think? Good?
– Yeah it’s good. – [Clintus] There’s
the boneless wings. You got some thai
chili flavor right? Yeah. Alright, done with dinner
but were not quite ready for volleyball yet so we stopped
at this place called Crave. And they make waffles, homemade
waffles both for dessert and for like lunch
like waffle sandwiches. But of course we
went with dessert. Kids what’d you get with? – S’mores – [Clintus] S’mores
oh my gosh look at that, it looks amazing. – It’s got
marshmallow, chocolate, and then graham
cracker like crumbles. – [Bryce] And a waffle. – [Clintus] Fantastic
and a waffle. And I got a custom made
cheesecake strawberry banana on like a luge which is a
different kind of waffle. So were tryin’ to try it. Alright, let’s
see what they think. (light music in background) – Mine doesn’t
have much stuff on it. – [Clintus] Marshmallows?
– Chocolate’s good though. – Yeah. – Right in front
of the volleyball. – [Clintus] Right in front
of the volleyball. University of Phoenix Stadium, for volleyball not football. – [Girls] 1..2..3..! – [Clintus] Hold down,
just hold down the… – [Girls] 1..2..3..! – [Clintus] Here we are! How awesome is this? This is literally where
the football players come out of the stadium. Boom. Is this cool dude? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Are you like in awe?
– Is this where the field is? – [Clintus] This is
where the field would be. Pretty cool huh? Made it back home. Starting to get things
prepped for the morning. The girls have a
very early morning. What time you guys getting up? – Five. – Five A.M. – Ish.
– Five-ish. – Mom gets up at five.
I get up at like 5:25. She kind of like gets
ready showers or whatever, and then she comes
wakes me up at like 5:25. – Moms do that.
They’re good at that. – I get an extra
25 minutes sleep. – Right. So they’re up
early because your first game is at eight? – Yeah I have to
be there at seven to get to the court to practice. – Right, Bryce’s first basketball
is at nine that’s about a 30 minute drive which
means we have to leave here by eight, 8:15 at the latest. So it’s gonna
be an early morning so Tiff’s getting
things prepped. Supposed to be
raining in the morning too. Supposed to be raining all
night actually so it should be a cold and wet morning. And that’s the end of our day which means it’s
the end of the vlog. Thank you so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to smash that
like button on your way out. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow
as we kick off a three day volleyball tournament and
Bryce three basketball games. Vlog on. – Hey Clintus.TV, Vlog On. (upbeat music)

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