New shoe makes running 4 percent more efficient

So we’ve done a series of studies and
this is the culmination of years of work. So we’ve studied how shoe weight affects
the energy cost of running. We’ve studied how shoe cushioning affects the energy
cost of running and this new shoe that we were presented with is, it’s the most
efficient shoe we’ve ever studied ,or anybody has ever studied. So we knew
before the we did our study that preliminary testing showed that this
shoe was more efficient than others, but we didn’t know by how much. And in fact
going in, the expectation was it’s gonna be about three percent ,so this new shoe
were really excited about because it saves 4% of the energy required to run
compared to the best other shoes on the market. Ten years ago, everybody was
saying you should run barefoot with the lightest possible shoes and the pendulum
has swung back based on data, which is nice, to show that cushioning actually
saves energy and therefore can improve performance. We can calculate that this
shoe is going to improve running performance by somewhere between three
and four percent. The world record now is just under two hours and three minutes,
and if we can enhance performance by three percent that theoretically should
get a runner well under two hours. 203 marathon is is a rare event, in and
of itself, so we don’t expect that it’s going to happen necessarily tomorrow, but
it it could happen very soon and this shoe definitely is a a big assistance
towards getting to that goal.

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