New Laces for Xero Shoes Barefoot Running Sandals

Making huarache barefoot running sandals?
We’ve developed a new laces that you’ll love. Here’s our new Xero Lace. A 100% polyester
lace with an extra tight weave. It gives you a product that’s is Extra comfortable — we removed the core for
extra flexibility. Extra strong — a new tight weave gives them
super strength and a smoother feel. Extra bold — 17 Colors, including 3 with
“reflective tracers”. Mix and match with our the 5 Xero Shoes FeelTrue outsole colors for
the perfect look. Extra “invisible” — you can make a flatter
toe knot, or even create an almost invisible “lace bead” as shown in this video These laces go perfect with a pair of Xero
Shoes barefoot sandals at Over 30,000 people in 89 countries, ages 1-91,
enjoy Xero Shoes for everything from walking, to hiking, camping, cross fit, yoga, going
to the gym, the beach, even running 100-mile ultra marathons. They give you total barefoot
feel and natural movement with the protection you want and personalized style.

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