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Welcome welcome “Vanakkam” to PowerDrift guys!
Now Sergeant Sheldy’s love for the KTM Duke 390 is a well known secret.
1 – For its astonishing piece of machinery. 2 – Well, all this power, all this kit at this price! Its a ridiculously sweet deal which is a
blessing for us yes, but its a nightmare for the competition, matching it let alone beating
it is an ardent task for anything that’s hitting our market in the upcoming 8-10 months. But that’s not it, the onslaught continues
for KTM has now unleashed THIS! This is the new KTM Duke 390, looks identical
to the old one with new graphics but there is a lot more than meets the eye. First up they went for reducing the rattle,
so they changed the belly pan mount, replaced the rear fender with the wider one on the RC. The chain cover height increased to avoid
contact with the chain. Grips have been changed to those on the RC and the silencer gets a
new rubber mounting. And now you will have no excuse to get a better
kit considering how much money you will be saving with the service interval extended
to 7,500 kilometers from the previous 5,000 kilometers. And on the long ride if you encounter bad
roads you don’t need to sweat out a bucket because now the radiator is a bit stronger. Even the forks and shocks get these plastic
flaps for protection and your legs won’t be on fire while you’re at it because the radiator
fan has been redesigned to divert heat away from your legs. The engine now stays cooler and knock free
for the spark plugs gap has been increased by 1 mm to eliminate premature ignition. That is however not the real reason why you
wanna buy this bike. The reason you will.. is because of THIS! That’s because the new Duke 390 has an even
shorter throttle action. Which gives you access to full power even quicker. And if that’s not enough it also gets a slipper
clutch which allows you to do this. Just go down the gears and let the clutch do all the
work. Because this push type clutch is not only
a lot easier to operate but its stripped function basically avoids wheel hop even under aggressive
down shifts. Which means that you can just go down the
gears and the Slipper Clutch will ensure that the rear wheel is not moving around and stays
in-line allowing you to carry even more speeds in corners without having to worry about stabilizing
the bike at corner entry. The Duke 390 ladies and gentlemen is globally
seen as a learners bike and with slipper clutch on it, it for sure is now much more of a fun
tool for Sergeant and will help along all the new learners who aren’t really well versed
with the down-shifts. And if that’s not really good enough for you,
well, all these changes really come at absolute no extra cost to you. How do you really beat
that Sergeant? Well true that but then better brake pads
can also be added as aftermarkets. Now you’re just being greedy but yes as an
optional accessory it would’ve been like access to free candy. Well, but then, that’s about it, that’s how
the new Duke 390 is. Ladies and Gentlemen, do let us know what
you thought about it in your comments. Remember to share it ahead by using the hashtag

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