New Balance T690v2 Speed Ride SKU:8769404

Hey everybody, my name’s Richard and today we’re checking out these awesome trail running shoes from New Balance These are really lightweight and super flexible so they can keep your feet feeling fantastic wherever you are running You have heel-to-toe differential of eight millimeters with some glow-in-the-dark detailing throughout the sides there to give you some lowlife visibility There’s a gusseting on the tongue to keep debris from getting on the inside which is great Got a really comfortable fabric lining in there with a super thick and shock-absorbing midsole here And got that 3D outsole on bottom can handle just about anything Go ahead and get running, from New Balance


  • 300 miles in and these shoes have been nothing short of perfect. Not the best for pavement but will still get the job done!

  • These shoes are super super comfy way better than Nike Reax not quite as comfy as pumas though

  • Of all the shoes that I have bought, these are my go to gym shoes. I absolutely love them, and they have me developing a NB bias as of late. Great shoes.

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