Hi everyone! Today I prepared a fashion haul video Not for clothes, but a shoe haul video! I don’t think I’ve ever filmed a shoe haul on my channel That’s why I’m excited! I purchased these Adidas shoes I only have one pair of shoes from Adidas Most of my shoes are all from Nike But my other pair of Adidas are so worn out I wore them too much so the back of the shoes are all ripped I was on the Adidas online website I saw that they had new superstars that were pink So I purchased the shoes right away! I wear a women’s shoe size 7 But size 7 was out of stock by that time I thought I wouldn’t be able to purchase them But I looked through the Boys’ Youth shoe sizes and ordered a Boys’ Youth shoe size 5 1/2! This is kind of a good tip if you like to buy shoes!! Boys’ Youth shoe sizes are around 2 sizes lower than women’s shoe sizes The price for women’s adidas superstar was $80 But the same adidas superstar for the Boys’ Youth is at least $10-15 cheaper The shoes are exactly the same, but cheaper for Boys’ Youth so check that out next time you’re buying sneakers! So that’s how I purchased these I keep my Adidas shoe boxes Wow, just It’s too pretty How am I going to wear these I don’t think I can wear these Is this a sticker This is just wow Do you guys see this I didn’t take off the tag yet It’s so pretty omg There’s other adidas superstars that are either all pink or just different colors, but the pink stripes adidas superstar was newly released I think which is why I purchased right away These stripes are pink and the logos are in gold So pretty x1093993284234 I feel like these shoes should only be for display They’re so pretty But as I mentioned, you can’t tell if the shoes are for women or for boys’ youth if you look at it So it’s really a nice way to buy your sneakers for cheaper! You guys, in my right hand I have my very old adidas sneakers please don’t get shocked and I hope you don’t unsubscribe after seeing it These are so.. Oh, it doesn’t look that bad on camera But these are actually really dirty That’s how much I wore these sneakers though The logos on this shoe are black But the problem about adidas sneakers are they kind of stretch over time and the logo in the back of the shoe was actually what made it stand out And like snake skin I think this is snake skin? Wait, it’s not real snake skin, right? But these were very pretty sneakers Long time ago in a haul No, no I showed you guys these sneakers in a fashion lookbook at that time, these were very clean but now they’re like this they look like fake adidas sneakers because the logos are worn out the new ones look so white compared to these these sneakers used to be that white But.. adidas.. aren’t these too pretty? the gold especially I’ll wear the shoes and show you guys how it fits this is inside the shoe here too these tags, can you guys rip it with your hand? I can I ripped it right away The top part isn’t laced The shoelace is difficult to put through It’s not really working Why is it like this Is there something wrong with this shoe It’s really not working I’m scared it might break Oh now it worked This is too much It shouldn’t be this difficult Now I’ll wear the shoes I hope the shoe size fits though I’ll wear the other shoe too and show you guys In a more detailed view, here, the logo is in gold and the stripes are pink and here the logo is also in gold I’ve decided I won’t wear these shoes outside Unless I’m taking pictures I don’t want to wear these shoes Of course shoes are made to wear them but just these shoes, I’ll save them I’m not sure if adidas ships to Korea or if they are selling this product in Korea, but I’ll leave all the information about where I purchased these in the description box so if you have any questions, please check the description box Today’s video is a little short because I only had one shoe to share, but I hope you guys still enjoyed the video Thank you for watching my video and thank you so so so much for always waiting until I upload I’ll see you guys in my next video Bye!

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