Never Tie Your Shoes Again

[PHONE RINGING] Hey, looking sharp. What is that, a half inch? Bowline, actually. Fashion has found a more elegant
way to hold your pants up than rope. It’s about time we did
the same for shoes. Ditch outdated shoe laces
and slip on your sneakers with Hickies. Designed for active people,
the Hickies Lacing System ensures you’ll
never have to worry about loose laces
on a run, again. Instead of strips
of nylon thread, Hickies are formed from a unique
high-performance elastomer that stretches to
conform to your feet. Attach them once and never
tie your shoes again. With a variety of
lacing techniques, you can make Hickies
fit just right for you. But Hickies aren’t just about
quickly getting your shoes on and knowing they’ll stay on. Hey, wait up. I want a bomb pop. Hickies also offer
a fashionable way to eliminate the
clunky looking knot and bow of traditional
laces and streamline your shoe’s silhouette. They work with just about
any shoe you already own. Simply remove the laces
and slip in your Hickies. The laces come in multiple
colors to fit your style. Step into a new era of footwear
and never tie your shoes again. See all the styles and shop
for Hickies and hundreds of other awesome
gifts at (SINGING) Check out more
forward-thinking active gear with our videos for the
Slaplit Bracelet and the Human Slingshot. We release new
videos every week, so make sure to subscribe
and stay on the cutting edge. They were out. That’s a bummer, man. Dude. Yeah?


  • Never tie your shoes again.  No, we aren't talking about Velcro shoes.

  • i bet jon named these

  • Hickies…

  • Me:Mom look I got hickies!!!
    (Checks neck)
    Me:What are you doing?
    Mom: You said you got Hickies where are they. Ugh I told you not to do that
    Me:No my shoes
    Mom: …

  • Hickeys?

  • Man i love hickies

  • You guys hear that Hickies come in 5 different colors wow

  • I ordered it and told my mom now I am grounded

  • Good product, bad name.

  • Finally something interesting in my recommended

  • Imagine seeing this on yeezys xD

  • Bruh a stupid add came out so I left the vid

  • There created by sucking

  • Mom can I get some hickies?

  • It look like shit

  • Who else thought that they meant to ACTUALLY tie ur shoes together


  • I did because I tied them properly

  • It came out 4 years ago, when am I knowing about this just now?

  • Is it good for big boots

  • Not my Jordan’s

  • "outdated"

  • Honestly cotton laces where much to sustainable a choice for me anyways … more plastic!!! ♥️

  • Everyone with the same mom and hickies joke on their comment –_– sssoo original.

  • The name is just… WHY

  • Not a soul:
    Not even one person:
    *YouTube recommendations*:

  • Whose dumb idea was it to call them hickies

  • A cable tie

  • They’ve sold zip ties forever, how is this new?

  • Rihanna just hit me on a text
    Last night I left Hicks on her neck

  • But wait theres more

  • Made in china

  • Cool idea but whenever I think of your company I think of high school gag toys. Maybe you need a new image

  • Can't tell if this video is satire

  • I can go to the dollar store and buy a bag of plastic tie downs for $1. Looks like the same thing. ?

  • I never tie my shoes, ever. I get my boots from the army dump. No need for ties.

  • Chinese manufacturer will clone this product

  • I don't even have laces on my shoes why am I watching this 4 year old video

  • How about no

  • Why I'm watching this I don't even use shoes.. okno

  • You wouldn’t believe the struggles a child of 25 has with shoelace she

  • They really could’ve used a different name

  • fucked up

    i hate plastics

  • notice how it's only white people in the vid?

    a brother wouldn't be caught dead with this shit on their J's

  • Late

  • Do they work 4 work boots?

  • Hickies sound like a bj on Thursday night

  • Is this video a joke or are them things real?

  • Lace up hickeys? Na I'd rather knock boots

  • I see these everywhere. ……nope

  • These work, but they are not a durable as laces.

  • I thought this was a sketch, but it's a real ad.

  • What a shit invention

  • 15$ for six pieces of plastic?

  • I so what you're telling me is you've invented a way for kids to never have to learn to tie a knot

  • Lame

  • But its actually pretty ugly

  • What against tye the laces? Too lazy for that?

  • And start looking like a shmock

  • Dyneema laces would probably be stronger and cheaper solution

  • $24 for those?!?? That’s highway robbery

  • Youtube recommendations
    2015 : not today
    2016 : hmmmmm
    2017 : NO, N-O
    2018 : oof
    2019 : lEtS pUt ThIs iN eVerYoNe’s rEcOmMeNdAtIoN

  • Better off buying a big bag of zip ties

  • These are AWESOME!!!!

  • No ma…… mas pinche plástico inutil ?

  • These are actually cute lol I thought it was one of those fake commercials at first

  • I so want those

  • *goes into store
    *walks up to teenager at register
    "Hey do you have hickies?"

  • Why are people calling this a bad name

  • I've got those except there white with spots of colour

  • I thought the hickies were shoes

  • These are $14.99 and £12.97. You’re welcome.

  • Telling your wife you got some hickeys and she knows damn well she didn't give you any is a good way to get a divorce…

  • What about when you clean your shoes

  • That name is worrying

  • I saw these at sportcheck and thre 4 bucks

  • I bought them….for school =|

  • Theee name thoooooo ahhhhhhhh omggggggg

  • Hell ya I would love to give my girlfriend some Hickies

  • Hickies is obviously the worst name ever

  • "Hey mom! Is it alright if i get a hickey?"
    Thumping footsteps
    S M A C C

  • Vat19,one question can it be removed

  • I think I might have a hickey

  • 0.52 now Danny has to find jamie

  • Hey mom look I got hickies…

  • Boss: so, what should we name the new product

    Employee: I know, hickeys

  • I need someone to sue the guy that named these

  • After 2-3 months they snap because you wear them out

  • mom I have a bunch of hickies

  • You fullas look like yous want to be new zealanders

  • why out of all the other names in this UNIVERSE would you name them ThAt?

  • Heheh hickies

    The name is cute but what your thinking about isn't

  • Could you not call them hickeys?

  • The least popular video on this Chanel

    mom CENSORED
    Kid uhh okay but can I get these shows mom this video

  • Hikers m

  • By the way can I tell you something no parent in their right mind will give a kid shoe laces that have the word on it the little the little e what is called is hickeys don't you know what that is and I am not someone that hates your company I like it but probably no parents will buy that unless their kid is like doesn't know what that is or something

  • It's nice but hickies are too costly so that post some other idea

  • He rode the skateboard backwards

  • I seriously need this bc every time I bike, my shoe laces catch in front of the pedal.

  • Gropener and now, hickies

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