NBC’s Comedy Panels – Comic-Con 2019 Full Panels (Digital Exclusive)

-Let’s hear it for “Superstore,”
first time at Comic-Con! [ Cheers and applause ] We have the stars and producers
of “Superstore,” and I’m gonna bring
them out right now, so first off, executive producer
Jonathan Green! Right behind him,
executive producer Gabe Miller. And the creator
and executive producer of “Superstore,”
Justin Spitzer! [ Cheers and applause ] All right. Let’s now introduce
the cast of “Superstore.” First up, she’s an icon,
or in the words of Justine, “a total badass bitch.” She plays Sandra on the show —
Kaliko Kauahi! [ Cheers and applause ] I should add newly minted
cast member Kaliko as well. Congratulations. Next up, she can’t drive
right now because she has bees
in her car. She plays Cheyenne
on the show — Nichole Bloom! [ Cheers and applause ] Next up,
it’s not his attitude. This is just a terrible job. Garrett on the show,
Colton Dunn! [ Cheers and applause ] All right. You’re all turd people,
according to Mateo. It’s Nico Santos! [ Cheers and applause ] She’d like to meet your mother and shove you back
inside of her — Dina Fox, Lauren Ash! [ Cheers and applause ] Next up, embezzlement is when
you put jewels on your jacket. It’s Glenn Sturgis.
Mark McKinney! [ Cheers and applause ] -Ooh.
-All right. Somebody’s ready
for the red carpet. Jonah, Ben Feldman! [ Cheers and applause ] -Boo. Boo. Boo. Hey!
-Hey! -All right, and finally,
in season four… [ Laughter ] Sit on down, Ben.
Come on. Season four, her name tag,
she was Roz, Emily, Etta, Denise, Harriet, Louise,
Mila, Tara, Gabriela, Louisa, Nola,
Ruby, Sierra… -On her name tag.
-…Cindy, Joanna, Yemi, Lucia, Dani, Hope, Melanie, Bea,
Poot, Rowena, Adenike, Gloria, Dwendyna and Aylin, but we know her
as Amy Sosa, America Ferrera. [ Cheers and applause ] Producer and star of
“Superstore,” well, hello, gang. Welcome to Comic-Con. -Thanks.
-Thank you. Glad to be here. -First time out
for “Superstore,” America, what do you make of this so far? -Crazy people, all of them.
-In a good way. -In a good way.
-In a very good way. I see some cosplayers out there. I see a couple of these vests
out there, especially in the front row. So, gang, thanks for coming out
here, first year of Comic-Con, but there’s so much to talk
about as a result because… -We love you!
-Someone loves you! -Thank you.
-But as we head into season five, let’s kind of
talk about season four and sort of everything
that went down, and, America,
we’ll start with you first because this was obviously
a huge season for Amy. Talk about the decision to make
her the manager and sort of, you know, put her
in this boss position. How did that change for you
and the sort of decision to put her in that role?
-Yeah. It’s something that Justin and I have been talking about
since day one is sort of, you know,
where is it all going for Amy? And for me, one of the most
compelling things about playing this role,
having had just come off of playing Betty Suarez
on “Ugly Betty” who was… [ Cheers and applause ] …sort of
this eternal optimist and, you know, brought
the sunshine wherever she went. I just love that Amy doesn’t
care if you like her, and for… That’s so liberating
for a female character to sort of walk around
and say, like, “I don’t need you
to smile at me.” Like, “I’m just trying to get
through the day,” and she started in a place of
really just trying to survive, and a certain cute,
little, panda-looking man came into her life and… -Why little, why does
the little enter into it? -I didn’t say your name!
-You said little! -You’re assuming I was
talking about you. -You also did this to me.
-Oh, my God. And all of a sudden, like, ideas
of, you know, wanting more from her life
started to pop up, and we talked about, you know,
how that would play in, and it is Jonah
who kind of encourages her to start thinking about
what else there would be. But, of course,
in “Superstore” fashion, for her to ask for that step up
and power is gonna come with all of the crazy challenges
of having to manage people that she’s had these
long-time relationships with. -It’s a bumpy ride,
but nonetheless, I mean, ultimately,
she’s a little more competent than Glenn,
I would say. -What?
-Right? No offense, Mark. But…See? -[ As Glenn ] I do a great job!
-Don’t do the voice. [ Cheers and applause ] -I mean, Mark, this was an
adjustment for Glenn, as well. You know, he did it for really
good reasons, but nonetheless… -[ Normal voice ] Completely
great reasons, it was kind of like the only thing, I think… It was brilliant
to justify this. This is his last kid of 16. And he wants…
and it’s his first, you know, biological child,
and he wants… He’s just not gonna sacrifice
the rest of his time at the store,
and that was really sweet. -Yeah. Yeah. And for the producers,
what did this allow you in terms
of new stories and opportunities and switching things up
in season four? -Well, I mean, you know, we got
to the end of season three, and I think we’d sort of
been remarkably static in terms of characters’
lives changing, which I think is sort of part
of this world, you know? We work at a store like this
forever, year after year. Amy says in the first episode,
you know, “Yesterday was the same
as today, and I know that because…” Or something like that.
You guys know. -You wrote it!
-Yeah! -Something about the days
all being the same, and then I know that’s sort of
what we felt like, we got to the end
of season three, and it was like,
“Enough of that. Season four
is the time of change. It’s the time to mix things up
and for Amy to start growing, for all our characters to start
growing in different ways,” so we sort of knew
that going in, and, you know, it injects
new fuel into the writers’ room. All of a sudden, you have whole
new dynamics to play with, a whole new series of stories
you can tell, so it was great for us. -Right.
Yeah. We get to see Amy, you know,
surprised a little bit at how hard it can be
to be the manager even though she saw herself as, like, the most
competent person in the store. It’s still not easy when
you actually have to be making those calls, but, like,
the flip side of that, too, is really fun
to get to see Glenn suddenly just one of the gang
and not the manager anymore and, like, trying really hard
to fit in even though, you know, the rest of them
maybe don’t see him yet as one of the gang. -And I like, too,
that, you know, obviously, workplace pay is a big
red-button issue right now, and you guys hit
that head-on as well. You know, Amy is doing pretty
well for herself right now. We even know
how much she’s making. -$109,000…
-Something like that. -…with a bonus…
-With a 10 grand bonus. -…and perks…
-And perks. -…if you were
paying attention. -Well, we’ll learn
about the perks eventually. Ben, I don’t think I cringed
more on television this season
than the quinceañera episode. [ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-I had to watch the entire episode
with hands over my eyes. I just…I had to pause it
sometimes. I felt so bad for you, but you
just kept stepping in it. It’s…You know, Jonah means
so well, but he does, like, just step in it
every once in a while. -Yeah, and for some reason,
that’s kind of my wheelhouse. I feel like I… one of you guys came up to me,
and you were like, “That was, like, some of your best work
on the show,” and it’s… I think I really find a place
on this show or any show if I’m playing a bumbling idiot who’s just kind of screwing up
left and right. -But what I will say about
that one, yes, we have Jonah, like,
screw up a lot, but that one we kind of
approached as this is Jonah’s hero move. I mean, he’s never been
more heroic than… He’s already screwed up a bunch
and put his foot in his mouth, and then he does this for Emma
that makes him look even worse. Like, there’s…
I don’t think he’s ever had a more heroic moment
in the series. -Yeah.
No. It all came from a really great
kind of at times altruistic place,
which was really… which is what makes
the awkwardness super easy to play because you’re not… I’m not intentionally
trying to mess something up. I didn’t make a…Well, I made
a bunch of stupid decisions, but the overall thing that
I was trying to get done was something good,
which ultimately leads to just a million different ways
of falling apart. -And to be fair, Jonah has not cut his nipple off
on this series, so… -Oh, my God, with the nipple. There’s a “Mad Men” thing.
-Do it! Do it!
Do it! -Future seasons, perhaps, well,
let’s talk about Jonah and Amy. There’s debate online over what
the hashtag cute couple name is. Is it Simosa, or is it Jamy? Yeah.
-Have we not decided that yet? -So what’s the verdict
from the crowd? -I have a favorite.
-Let’s hear claps for Simosa. [ Cheers and applause ] -Really?
-And how about Jamy? [ Louder cheers and applause ] -Ah.
-Jamy is the easier one, but I feel like Simosa
is a little more interesting. -Clever.
-And it sounds delicious. -And it’s also not something…
Yeah. It’s a food and not
a person’s name, you know? There’s already a Jamy
out there somewhere. -Exactly.
All right. So it’s kind of
half-and-half though, it seems, so what’s next
for these crazy two kids? You know, there’s
hint of marriage. It seems like maybe there’s
gonna be a debate down the road over children. Where… -I mean, there’s gonna be
a lot more of the sex videos. We’re gonna be… The season open, season five
just is 23 minutes of sex. -Except those are
all Jonah monologues. -Yeah. Yeah.
It’s just… Jonah is the only one involved.
Yeah. -Yeah.
Yeah. -That’s the digital extension. -Don’t clap for that.
-Pun intended. -You know, I… To Amy and Jonah’s relationship,
I loved that towards the end of this season,
we kind of got back to some of the original dynamic
of Amy and Jonah, which is ultimately
that they’re on different sides ideologically about life
and morals and values sometimes, and they’ve sort of been moving
closer and closer together as they have this relationship, but this idea about the union
that’s coming at a time where, finally, Amy has some
upward mobility in her life, something she never imagined,
brings back that dynamic that was there in the pilot
which is that, ultimately, these are two people with very
different life circumstances and very different ways
of looking at life, and so I kind of love
it when Amy and Jonah hate each other more than
when they like each other, so I’m hoping that I get to
hate him more this next season. -There’ll be plenty
of opportunities as Jonah steps in it yet again. -Nice to see you happy,
you know? -Yeah. She was fine.
Yeah. -She was happy.
She was really happy, I think. -Ah. She was okay. -She was doing okay. -Well, Ben, what do you think
about Jonah’s endgame? I mean, obviously, he still has
his financial issue, and, you know,
what do the cards hold, do you think,
ultimately, for him? -I mean, that’s a great question
for the guys on this side of the table, but I think there’s still a lot
more to learn about Jonah. I think he definitely feels like
he is from a different place than a lot of the other people
in this show, or I guess a set of…
what… I think he comes from some sort
of a place of privilege, and we haven’t fully
explored that. -You seem really comfortable
talking about this. -I hate it. I hate it.
I hate the privilege thing, but that said,
I think it’s something that we’re probably gonna
explore a little bit more because Jonah does feel
like the person who didn’t necessarily need
to be there and is one of the people
that chose it, that recognized this as a family and a place
where he finally fits in. And so in that regard,
I think he is that character, so hopefully, you know,
we’re gonna explore that a little more,
where he came from and why… what led him to choose
this group of misfits. -Yeah.
Well, for the producers, I mean, there’s been
no shortage of marriages and babies over the years,
you know, these life moments. Is that something
that you’ll continue, or, you know, is that sort of
in the DNA of this show in sort of those
big landmark moments? -We’re running out of people
to get pregnant. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -We’ve done a lot
of pregnancy, so… -Working on Garrett, it’s taking
a little trying. Yeah.
No. I think we will continue. It’s a…You know,
there’s a lot of people working at the store, and people
are always going through… -Colton just woke up.
-Oh, okay. -He was like, “What?
I heard Garrett.” -You were
just scrolling on your phone. Were you not just… -Yeah.
I…Yeah. -We’ll get to you, Colton.
-You said I was… You was talking about
Garrett getting pregnant? -The show is gonna change,
season five. I…it’s…
-That’s a landmark. That is landmark. -Well, let’s talk about Dina,
Lauren, so… [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah! We got some Dina fans
in the house. I heard there’s some cosplay
out there as well. -Love it. -The birds, the birds, RIP. -Is anybody dressed
as the birds? -Justice for the birds.
-No. -Portabello.
-Portabello! -So what…. Do you think she’ll ever
forgive Garrett, or what do you think of
that relationship going forward? -Well, I think it’s beautiful
that she got to get him back in the only way
that would actually hurt him, and burning those shoes… Remember how scared you were
of those burning shoes? -You mean the actual
special effect? -Yeah.
-Yes. -That was a real fire. -I just…it was a real fire,
and I just remember Colton, who’s always
impossibly cool during… under all circumstances
was like, “How close do we really need to be though?
Could I be another foot back? Why are we so close
to the flames?” It was amazing to watch. Anyway, I mean, I don’t know,
obviously, what the gentlemen at the end
of the table have planned, but I don’t think
she would necessarily forgive him very easily. I mean, it was her entire life that’s now literally
flown the coop. Don’t pardon the pun. So, yeah, I think that,
obviously, there’s a lot of rage,
and where… how hot she is in season five,
I mean, we’ll figure it out. You know, is she 101? Is she 76 like beautiful
San Diego, California? Who knows?
-Nice. -Who knows?
Thanks, Marker. Yeah. -Very nice, very nice. Well, Colton, on the flip side, for Garrett, you know,
he ended up… I mean, he’s always been
sort of surly and, you know, has
this contentious relationship with a lot of the folks there,
but they really soured on him because of that once
that was revealed, once… -Well, yes,
and they should have. [ Laughter ] You know, murdering birds and
then sleeping with the person whose birds
you just murdered… -The same night.
-…the same night is not cool. -It’s cold.
It’s pretty cold. -Hashtag not cool,
but, you know, the thing is, is that their relationship
has always been contentious, so, you know, I feel like love
can defeat everything. -Oh.
Oh, God. -It doesn’t. -So, you know, I don’t think
that spark is gone between Garrett and Dina. -There is…I mean,
there is a chemistry there. There’s some sort of spark
that I see there. -There is definitely a spark…
-Yeah. -…in his shoes. -And certainly, you know,
sitting on the couch postcoital, Dina just chowing
on a sandwich… -Oh, yeah.
-…we’ve never felt it more. -Yeah. -You know, Mark directed
that episode, and he let me do a take
where for a good 2 minutes, I just ate
the sandwich in silence. -Yeah. -First of all, it was
a delicious sandwich. Second of all, I thought
it was a great bit. -It was a great bit.
-It was a good bit. -Yeah.
-And a good sandwich. -Will that be on the DVD, or do we get the outtakes
at some point of the sandwich? -It’s its own episode.
-What’s that? -It’s streaming on Hulu.
-It’s streaming on Hulu. Yeah. It’s its own web series now,
“Dina’s Food.” -I like it.
I like it. -Yeah.
-Yeah. Directing, a number of you
have directed, America, of course, as well. Ben, you’ve directed
in the past episodes, Mark. You know, talk
a little bit about that. What…You know, it’s always
sort of fun to be behind the camera
and direct your co-stars and, you know, demand,
yell demands at them, you know? What was the outcome this season
of directing these episodes? America, what was it
like for you? -Yeah, for me, I didn’t think I could be more in awe
of this group of people, but when you get
behind the camera and watch this cast bring
an already… You’re so grateful
that the script is so funny, and it’s really hard
to screw it up, so you’re so grateful for that, but then you think it’s your job
as a director to make it work, and with this cast,
it’s your job to just sit back and not mess it up,
and to get… It’s such an incredible joy
to get to sit back and watch every single one of these
cast members just kill it. Like, everybody is such a pro. Everyone is so funny,
and when I’m behind the camera, I get to laugh as much as I want
without ruining all the takes, which is what I do every time
I’m in front of camera, so it feels like… It just feels like such
a privilege to get to sit back and watch how these
amazing talents think and craft and make something funny
and then funnier again, and just when you think
it can’t get funnier, you do another take,
and it’s amazing. -Yeah.
There was kind of a moment at the end of your,
America’s, first episode and then subsequently
the other ones where… We’re a pretty bit-y group
of people. We do a lot of bits. It’s a lot of, like,
joking around and, no, nothing earnest whatsoever. And at the end
of your first episode, you came up to everybody,
and you were like, “It was…” No jokes, no anything,
it was just, like, “Hey, I just want to tell you,
you were so great. It was just a joy
to direct you,” and I thought, “Wow, what a… That was the first time
America and I ever had a real conversation.” “But I can’t believe
she knows my name.” -It’s Ben, right? This one is Ben?
-She keeps calling you Jonah. -She’s been
calling me Jonah for… By the way,
that’s actually not a joke. America calls all of us
by our character names. -That’s not true!
-Somebody back me up on this. -I did that one time!
-It was twice. It was twice. -No! I…
-It was twice! -No, it wasn’t!
It was season one! -It was season one,
and she said, “Does anybody else
ever call you Dinah?” And I said, “Well, my name
is Lauren, not Dina, so I don’t know.” -It was early on!
-There was one time… -I was that committed
to my character! -It’s true.
It’s true. It’s true.
-But anyways… -It’s method.
That’s method. -…my point is,
I remember thinking, like, “What a grateful and genuine
and earnest moment from her.” And then when I directed, all of that made sense
because you sit back, and you watch these people go,
and they’re… I mean, they’re just, like,
some of the greatest improvers ever doing these incredible,
magical things on the camera. I was pointing behind you.
-Excuse me. -And you’re just blown away
at how easy your job then becomes as a director because these people,
they’ve got it. -Well, Mark, when you direct,
do you do it in Glenn’s voice, or do you have to,
like, go back and forth? Because I would love
to see that. -That is a brilliant idea.
Why didn’t I do that? -So next season, next season.
-Yeah, next season. -Well, or maybe season eight.
-I’ll do it any time you want. I had so much fun. I had so much fun
directing this. -Mark’s directing is all
about the shoes, right? You were in the right shoes
for the job. -Yeah. Literally,
I asked the crew, who, by the way, save our butts
when we’re directing, and they said, “Oh, you got
to get these really great shoes. This is what you wear because the floors
in these studios are cement, and they’ll throw
out your back.” And then so I got these shoes, and when you put
your feet in them, it’s like walking around
in fresh French bread. It was so nice, and then…
so when my character… Because in the episode
I directed, that’s when Glenn stops being a manager,
and he becomes an employee. I begged for these shoes
from wardrobe, and so now I have about 20 pairs of them,
so it’s really nice. -The perks of directing.
-The perks, yes. -Well, let’s… Nico, let’s talk
about the season finale. [ Cheers and applause ] -Why? What happened? Did something happen to Mateo? -That…I was telling
these folks beforehand, I teared up at that finale,
that final moment, you know, seeing you in that ICE-mobile,
going away from everyone. -ICE-mobile makes it
sound a little… -Yeah. As I said it, I was like,
“That sounded…” -The ICE-mobile!
-“…way too cute.” -♪ Do, do, do, do, do,
do, do, do, do ♪ -♪ Na, na, na, na,
na, na, na, ice ♪ -♪ De, do, do, do, de, do ♪
-♪ De, de, de, de, de, de ♪ -It is not cute at all,
but nonetheless, it was stunning.
It was heartbreaking. It was such a dramatic end
to the season. Talk about that and how personal
this was for you in doing this story line. -It’s extremely personal,
you know? I’m an immigrant. I’m from the Philippines.
I moved to… [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, are my Filipinos
in the house? Oh!
All right! There’s so many of you up there,
my gosh. Mabuhay. [ Laughter ] No, but I am. You know,
I’m from the Philippines. I moved to this country
when I was 16. I think any immigrant who comes
to this country also knows somebody
who is undocumented, so doing this story…
members of my own family were undocumented
at some point in their lives, so doing this story line
was very…I don’t know. It was very personal.
It was very touching. It was very triggering. I remember reading the script
at the table read. I mean,
Justin had told me that’s where the finale was gonna go, and when we read the finale
at the table read, I was kind of just,
like, taken aback, and I closed the script,
and I looked over, and Lauren and America
were just, like, a puddle. -And Nichole.
I have the picture. -Yes. -Nichole was stunned.
-It was really just… It was really hard,
and then when we filmed it, filming the episode
was also very, very hard. That scene where we… where Mateo was in the van,
and I was being carted away, and I could just see my entire
Cloud 9 family just sort of, like, in shock looking at me,
but I remember doing a few takes where they had me say,
“You know, it’s gonna be all right.
I’m gonna be okay,” and people were just, like,
sobbing and were just like… It was a really
tough week to film. -No, I know.
I bet, and the question is now, where do we go from here? You know, obviously, you guys
can’t give away too much, but this is clearly gonna be,
you know, sort of to be continued
in season five, so… -Well, I’m here,
so that’s a good sign. -Yeah.
-Yeah! -Yeah.
-So… [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, that’s more
of a question for… -Yeah.
Mateo is still on the show. It…this season will… the last few seasons,
we’ve been exploring, you know, life as
an undocumented person, and this will give us
a little more… We’ll be exploring
what it’s like going through the deportation
process and kind of… -It can drag out for a while. Like, you know,
the reality of it is, it doesn’t happen right away. There’s a lot of uncertainty,
but you’re living with this and trying to go about
your daily life, you know? -It could drag out approximately
three to four seasons. -Yeah.
-Right, right. -Listen. -Thankfully, I can pull
off orange, so it’s gonna be fine. -Dark.
-Dark. -But I do like the fact that
you’re not gonna, you know, just sort of, like, clean it up
after a couple of episodes. You guys have always been,
you know, very sort of meticulous
in showcasing these true stories and not afraid
to walk into politics, social issues and things
like that but not be preachy about it.
-Yeah. -You know, you’re very sort
of balanced on it as well. Talk a little bit about that
and how that’s such a hallmark of “Superstore.”
-Yeah. I think it comes from wanting it
to be interesting for us. I think it’s kind of boring
to write preachy stuff, and it’s boring
to watch it as well, so, you know,
we realize that we’ve become known for doing some of these
social-issue shows, but we’ve always
limited ourselves. We try…Not every episode, not every other episode deals
with something, and when we do deal with it, we don’t say we have to explore
all sides of it, but we don’t pick a side
to, like, teach a lesson. We never want to teach a lesson. That’s, like, Saturday morning
or after-school stuff. -The more you know.
♪ Do, do, do, do ♪ -Yeah. Exactly. Exactly, so it just comes
from a place of what’s real. What would these
characters face? They would occasionally face
what happens when your boyfriend
or girlfriend dumps you or someone you know dies
or you get a raise, and sometimes you’re dealing
with much more serious issues, and when we do deal with it,
it’s just being sparing. It’s introducing the idea,
and then it’s having fun with it,
having lots of different people have different attitudes
about it, getting…
going for the comedy, not going for something
that’s important because the moment
you try to be funny and important
at the same time, I think, you know,
one of them has to give, but you hope you can do both
by concentrating on the comedy and having this going on
in the background. -Well, the other thing
that you guys do effortlessly
is representation. This is a cast that is…Yeah. Shout-out to representation
on this cast without…
you know, you don’t, like… Again, you’re not looking
for accolades. It’s just natural because this
is naturally America, so… and America, so no pun intended,
but, you know, nonetheless,
that’s, you know, I think something that people
really appreciate about this show as well is this
looks like the United States. This is what a superstore would
look like anywhere in America. -And I can’t really
truthfully claim all that much credit for it. We…You’re always aware
of race and gender when you cast something,
but, really, this is just for each part
the best actor that came in for each part, and that’s about as much thought
as we put into it, and it lucked out. -Well, and I think… I think that the fact
that our cast is so diverse is what allows us to do
the stories that we do. You can’t tell stories
about deportation if you have a cast of 10 people
who are exactly the same. You need diversity,
and that diversity of our cast is the opportunity to throw
any kind of issue at this gang and know that everyone
is gonna be reacting to it
from a different point of view, from a different life
experience. And so the fact that this show
began with this type of diversity embedded in it,
the DNA of multiple perspectives and an America
that was multidimensional, and so I think that it isn’t
in spite of the diversity. It’s because of the diversity
that we’re allowed to do what the show does really,
really well. -Excellent shout-out, yeah! Let’s head on over
to Nichole now. Let’s get some Cheyenne.
-Hi. -So I asked the fans
to send some questions in, and one question that people
kept bringing up is, is it time for Cheyenne
to go on an apology tour? -For what?
-Yeah, for… She’s done nothing wrong, right? -I don’t think so. -Where is Cheyenne going? Where would you like
to see her go? -Uh, well, she’s tried out a lot of different career paths,
I think. You know, she likes to work
with her hands. She’s slightly artistic, but she hasn’t been particularly
good at any of them, so it’d be nice if maybe
she was good at one thing, but obviously, she can’t leave
the superstore, so, yeah, I’m not too sure. I do hear that I’m gonna have
a big birthday party this season,
so that should be exciting. -All right.
-Yeah. -There’s… -I don’t know how much
I’m allowed to talk about it. -The writers are like, “What?”
-Oh. Wait, what? Maybe I wasn’t allowed
to say that. I don’t know. -Spoiler, Cheyenne
has a birthday! -Maybe off camera, but… -She was born! -I was born.
-Wait. Can we get confirmation
about whether or not Cheyenne is having a birthday party
this season? -Is she having a birthday? -Where did you hear this,
Nichole? -She will continue to age
this season. We’ll commit to that.
-Okay. -The show jumped the shark.
-That would be funny. She gets that FaceApp,
and she’s the only one who doesn’t age on this cast.
All right. Let’s go to Kaliko,
the new cast member! [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay. -Kaliko, so much went on
with Sandra this season! First off, she got her voice. She’s the AOC now of the stores.
-Ha, oh! Thank you for that, and yes,
she rose to the occasion. You know, she gets pushed
in the corner sometimes, but I feel like
she’s able to turn it around for her advantage, maybe not realizing it was
a disadvantage for someone else, and I’m sure she’s going
to be part of the team that tries to help
get our boy Mateo back. -Yeah.
-Baby boy! -Plus she got Jerry.
-Boom! -I gots Jerry! -Now, from what I understand, that was improvised,
the whole proposal. -Yeah.
I found out when I actually watched
the episode that that was kept. Justin just came up to us. It wasn’t in the script, and he came up to us while we
we were shooting and was like, “Ah, why don’t we
do one where you… Jerry proposes?” “Okay. Fine,” and… -I should say at the end
of season three, we had Jerry propose
to Sandra and then cut it, and then it wasn’t
in the script, and then just on set,
I was like, “Okay, try one where you
just ask to marry her.” -It was like, “Oh.” -And then they were like,
“You’re just gonna… Every year, you’re just gonna
cut this proposal, aren’t you?” So at that point, I’m like,
“Well, no. Now I’m gonna keep it in.” -And on the flip side, Carol, I think,
finally got her comeuppance. Has Sandra sort of… definitely won in that battle,
in that love triangle. -Yeah, but you can’t
keep Carol down. -Oh, no. -I mean, she is
a formidable nemesis. -She’s… -She’s the nemesis I deserve,
I believe, and it’s not over. -She’s always vaping. She’s always vaping in
the corner somewhere, ready… -Her strawberry vape.
-…plotting that next plan. -Trying to get my man. -We’re gonna open the floor
for questions in a second, so start lining up. I’m gonna do
a lightning round now of some of the other questions
that fans sent me earlier today. First off, someone asked, “Will there be
a musical episode?” -Oh, ho, ho!
-We have asked for this! -We have begged for this. -Is it these people asking? -Was it one of them
that sent it? -Since season one,
we’ve asked for this. -Since filming the pilot,
you asked. -Since filming the pilot! -And I remember,
I said season four, not believing that
we’d ever actually get there. -So what’s the word?
-Yeah, no, definitely. I don’t know how. I don’t know how to write music.
What do you do? -We sing so much between takes
that it feels like it would be a disservice
not to share it with people. -They can just piece together all the blooper reels
of a scene between takes. -Yeah!
-That sounds good. -Actually, as we were lining up
to come in, I heard Mark singing the
“America’s Funniest Home Videos” theme song, so that’s real. That happened. A question that I know
a lot of people ask, you’ve probably
answered it before, but I think some people here
would want to know is, “Where do the names
on Amy’s name tag come from?” Like, how are those decided? I know there are a lot of people
who always, like, campaign to get their names
on those name tags. How…who decides that? -Generally, it’s the writer
of the particular episode who gets to pick the name. Every once in a while,
there’s someone, you know, a cast member
has a special request they want
to put on the name tag. -But tell them
about that last one. -Every now and then, we —
when we’ve had a glass of wine or two,
promise a fan in the audience that we’ll use their name,
and we did. -Yeah?
-I did, and I ended up using her name. It was Dwendyna. -Dwendyna, yeah.
-Yeah. -She was Filipino.
-Right. -And I hope Dwe…She’s here?
-No. She was Filipino. [ Laughter ] -Yes. We travel in packs. -Dwendyna, are you here? -Ladies and gentlemen, Dwendyna! -Dwendyna! -And also,
just for the record, like, so many people tweet every week, “Why does Amy have a different
name tag every episode?” Every week, somebody asks. -What?
-Just watch the pilot. -And every week, we say,
“Go back to the pilot,” and so once and for all,
here at Comic-Con, I just want to say,
Amy doesn’t wear her name on her name tag
because she doesn’t like strangers using her name
like they know her. -Boom. -Case closed. One question that a number
of people asked is, what happened to the dog
that Glenn bought for Amy? Will we…
-Oh. -Oh. -It’s a very specific question,
but nonetheless. -He’s at home with the child
Amy had that you’ve never seen. [ Laughter ] -Beer and a can of
dog food, right? -The two of them have a web-only
series that’s coming on the app. -There’s also, by the way,
because another question that people ask a lot
is the customer interstitials, which I love, partly because
the music choices are always, like, bad late-’90s songs
or ’80s songs, but if you go online,
there’s an interstitial, 17 minutes of every…
-Wow. -…customer interstitial…
-Oh, my God. -…just, like,
a jump cut if that’s your thing. -There is?
-Yeah. -You can go online and watch it.
-Oh, my God. -It’s pretty incredible. -People have so much time.
-I also got contacted… I got contacted on Twitter
by pop icon Tiffany because she was like,
“I heard that ‘I Think You’re Alone Now’
was used on the show,” and I was like,
“Yes, it was, Tiffany.” -And then Tiffany was like,
“Pay up.” -Why did she want you?
-Oh, right. -No, then she told me
she didn’t write the song, so she doesn’t get
any residuals. It’s a boring story,
but still, Tiffany! -This has been
“Behind the Music,” Lauren Ash. [ Laughter ] And one more question,
then we’ll go to the audience. Someone, and I’m giving this one because
I just love this question, and Lauren, you’ll like it, too. “Can we give Dina a spicy-ass
love interest in season five?” -Yes! Yeah.
Guys, I know. Listen.
I talk about this all the time. I’ve gone into the writers’ room and written things
on the board like, “Dina gets covered
in Chihuahua puppies,” or, “Dina has three-way
with greased servicemen.” You know, yeah.
-Greased. -I mean, I’m ready, and listen. I feel like…
“Supernatural” is ending. Those boys need work. You know what I mean?
-Oh, boy. Here we go with
the “Supernatural” thing. -I’m pandering!
I’m pandering to the crowd! They know!
-That’s the phrase that pays! -They know!
-All right. Well, I want a spin-off
with MC Cool Cloud, and with that… …let’s go
to the audience questions. First up… -Oh. Hello?
-What’s up? -Hello.
-Hello. -All you.
-Hi. -Hi.
-Hi. -So “Superstore” is
such a funny show and is generally
very lighthearted. Did you ever think that you
would get to a point where you would have such
a serious story line, and is it hard to flip between
the comedy and the drama? And this is for, like,
all the cast members and anyone who wants to answer. -And you’re talking
about Garrett getting his shoes burned? -The ICE…
The ICE situation. -Oh, the ICE situation.
-That small story point. -The ICE-mobile. -You know, initially,
I mean, like, the first… I think the first time we tried
a little more dramatic subject, at least for Mateo’s character,
was the breakup with Jeff, and I remember being so nervous
tackling that episode. America directed that episode,
and I just felt so thankful that you were sort of
behind the wheel because I was just, like,
I’ve just felt really supported, but I was like,
“I am a comedian. I don’t know
how I’m gonna pull this off,” because it was like,
I don’t know, like having to do comedy
all the time and then, like, switch to, like,
crying your eyes out, being…
having your heart stomped was a difficult thing to do,
but I don’t know. We have an amazing
team of writers, the amazing team of actors
to work with that you just feel supported
at every turn, so it’s easy. -But then we ended that episode with you walking
through devastated and Jonah coming up
and punching you out. -Yes.
-Like, how was that? And ever after ICE takes Mateo
away, Nichole turns to ICE and asks them if they want to
take their ice cream with them. -Ice cream, yeah. -The push and pull is like… -Was it ICE’s ice cream
or your ice cream? -It’s my ice cream.
-Your ice cream. -Yeah. It was Mateo’s. -If you wanted to take
your ice cream. -That was an ad lib,
I think, wasn’t it? -That was improvised.
-Yeah. -Ah, ha, yeah.
-Oh. I already asked.
-Oh, you did? -I think the thing that Nichole
mentioned about the shoes, I often wonder, like,
what was the net value of all those shoes
were that burned? I mean, that’s, like…
-Priceless! -…priceless?
Yeah. -Yeah, not as much
as the lives of those birds. -Meh. Meh. I don’t know
about birds, y’all. -But less than the Mickey Mantle
rookie card and Superman comic number one
that we so recklessly threw out. -Oh. That’s got to kill a lot
of people in this room here. -Those were real. I can’t believe
they let us do that. -For sure. -You blew your budget
for the next three years. -That was…yeah.
We can’t. -But…Well, thank you
so much for your question. Next up, please. -Hello! Ooh, this is wild.
Hi! So…
-Hi. -Are the customer transitions
that we see when they’re doing, like, random weird things like
holding blood in their hand, weird things, are they things
that you guys have seen when you’re shopping
at a superstore or things that maybe you’ve done
while you’re at a superstore? -Some of them,
especially early on, were things that we’d seen
or I guess maybe done. I hope not. I don’t know. And then as time goes on,
we kind of ran out of those, and we just try
to kind of think of new ones. I’ve told this story
once before, but America once sent me a… texted me something she saw
in a Target or a Walmart or something of…
It was, like, some people doing their taxes
in an aisle or something, and she was like, “This would be
a great interstitial,” and I was like,
“Oh, yeah. That’d be funny,” and then I thought for a second,
and I was like, “Wait, who took this photo?” And she was like, “I did,”
and I was like, “So some random people
went into Target, and then America Ferrera
is taking their picture.” It must have been such screwing
with their minds if they had happened
to see it, but… So sometimes the cast chimes in
with great ideas, too. -I usually have my phone at the ready
when I’m at a superstore. -Mm-hmm. -And I’ve texted Justin
a lot of times, and they never make it in,
maybe one day. -Hopefully someday.
-What’s funny is there’s probably photos of people
taking pictures of you, America, taking photos
of someone else, too. -Cool. Thank you.
-Thank you so much. Next up, please.
-Thank you. My question…
-Is that a frying pan? -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Cool. -My question is for the cast. With a show premise
that’s really simple, just a bunch of people
in a store every day, what drew you to the material
to take the role? -I remember when I first read
the script and then spoke to Justin
on the phone, I was like,
“I really like the script. It feels like
there’s a lot there. Like, what do you see
for the show?” And he said, “It’s a show about
people who work in a store, and things happen.” -And they have every episode.
-And every episode, he has made good
on that promise, and it was just… Justin always had this
confidence about the characters. I think that what was so clear
from the first time I read the script
was that these characters were really well-defined
and drawn-out people and that who they had cast
in these characters had such a strong point of view
and such a, you know, such a presence, and from day one,
the strength of those characters and their dynamics
with one another has really taken the show
in so many different directions, but ultimately,
at the end of the day, whatever we’re talking about,
it’s those dynamics that I think people
are really watching for, you know, to see what happens
when, you know, Cheyenne and Garrett
get stuck together for a day. What happens
when it’s Mateo and Glenn? What happens when
it’s Jonah and Dina? And I remember watching
the pilot we made, and my first thought was, like, “I just want to see more
of these people together,” so I, you know, Justin
should speak to this, but when I read the script, it was the strength
of those characters and the strength of the actors that had been cast
to interpret those characters. -And before Justin speaks,
I’d like to talk… just because
it’s been a little while. [ Laughter ] For me, to your point, the confidence
not just in the characters but the writing in general
is so confident. These writers take…
they write… Every week, I read something
in a script where I’m like, “That’s not gonna actually
make it to air. Like, that’s cool now, but
there’s no way. We’ll cut that.” All the way up to ICE, like, there’s just been
so many things, and the very first… when I read the pilot, now,
I had just been on an NBC show that canceled halfway through,
and I…there was just… There’s no way
I was gonna be, like, on a sitcom on NBC or anywhere,
and I read, and my agent was like,
“You should read this script because it’s gonna change
your mind,” and honestly, it was Bo
that sealed the deal for me because I was reading. The script was great. Everything was great,
and I was like, “What is the… I need, like, a sign. Something
just needs to be like… And, like,
Bo to propose to Cheyenne, but to rap and then
jump up on the table and go, ‘Everybody get on
the fucking floor! This is a robbery!'” And I was like, “This guy,
this is amazing. I can’t believe I’m doing
this show,” so it was really… that was…I don’t think
I’ve ever told you. -No.
-But it was Bo screaming the ‘F’ word,
and I was like, “my show.” -All right.
-And if I could just, you know, much like those two, you know,
the material and the characters was so intoxicating,
but also, we get paid, baby! That’s what drew me to it! I was broke! -Weren’t you a writer
on another show? -Yeah, man!
I spent that money, fool! -All on shoes, all on shoes. Thank you so much for your
question, next up, please. -Hi. We’re big, huge fans of the show
and for you, Lauren, and my husband’s name is
Elias, too, so I’m wondering if you can say
one of our favorite lines, “Elias, wash your
hands with soap.” -“Elias, wash your hands
with soap.” Was that the line?
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Elias, wash your hands
with soap! -There you go. [ Cheers and applause ] -Boom!
-Thank you, thank you. -Boom. -All right. Next up. -Hey, guys. I love the show, and I love
the way that your comedy is reflecting reality, and, you know, you touched upon,
you know, Jonah’s privilege or even the broken healthcare
and immigration. I wonder if we’re gonna
find out in next season about Marcus’ homelessness. -Yeah.
-Oh, yeah. -That’s right.
-Well… -You guys can address that.
-Marcus lives in the store. He’s homeless. -He’s been making
$109,000 a year. -He spent it.
-No, more! -$134,000.
-I’m sorry. Excuse me. Yes. Yeah.
-Yeah. It’s that… -Great question.
-No, but we are gonna see a lot of Marcus
this coming season, right? -Definitely be a lot
of Marcus this season. -Get ready. -We are following up on
his homeless situation where we don’t want
to reveal exactly how, but, yes, that is something
we’re touching on this season. Yeah. We love Jon Barinholtz,
love Marcus. -Maybe it came related
to stamping poop down the drain. -Oh, right. -Maybe he lost the deposit
on an apartment. -That, and you guys are not
gonna pixelate his penis this season,
which I think is bold for NBC. -Thank you, NBC.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-It’s your boy. -What’s up?
-Well, we got some Nico cosplay. -Hi.
-Amazing! Yes! -Yeah!
-Yes! This is…Oh, my God. Girl, I posted you on my Insta
stories because I just love it. -Love you, girl.
-I love you, girl. -Saw it! You have to like it. -So on point.
-I know. I love it. -You win this panel.
You win this panel. What’s your question?
-Thanks. Of course,
my question is for sis. -Yes?
-Okay, my immediate family, they’re back in the Philippines,
and so are a lot of my friends, and they’re huge fans of yours. They’re asking if you have
any plans, travel plans to the Philippines
any time soon or next year. They’re waiting for you. -They want me to go
back and visit? -Yes.
-I would love to. You know, I moved here
when I was 16, and when I filmed “Crazy Rich
Asians” two years… [ Cheers and applause ] Okay. Okay. When I filmed that movie
two years ago, that was the first time
I was back in the Philippines in, like, 21 years, and it was
so incredible to be back. It was such an emotional
homecoming, and I was really, like, just… I don’t know why
I waited that long. Well, I know
because I was broke, and, you know, I couldn’t afford
to go back home. -The papers. -But now that I’ve been back,
I really, I do. I do want to go back home
and visit and go back to the motherland because it was an amazing
experience, and I miss it. I want to go back for Christmas. Christmas in the Philippines is
amazing, and I want to go back. -Yeah!
-Yes! -Yes.
-Don’t deport him, please. -I…No.
-Bye. -Bye. -Thank you so much.
-Okay, thanks. Bye. -So cute. -All right. Next question.
-Hi. As you guys have become
televised faces for a lot of, like, serious social issues,
immigration, unionization, things that aren’t easy
to discuss, have you had to do a lot
of homework to, like, be able to discuss these things
if questions come up? -Yeah. We do. We take that seriously. We have different people
come into the room to talk to us about… this organization,
Define American, which has been so helpful in terms of a lot
of the immigration stuff. We’ve had representatives
from Our Walmart come in to talk
about their unionizing efforts. We take the research
part seriously. Yeah. -And the unionizing is still
gonna be a part of next season,
too, right? I mean, that’s an ongoing topic.
-Yeah. We’ll see. [ Applause ] We’ll see the employees continue
that push, and it’ll become… You know, we’ll see how Amy also
deals with that, being very sympathetic
but also being management now. It’ll create some conflicts
for her that’ll… Yeah. -I just want to say…
Thank you for your question. I just want to say, like,
as I’m watching, like, the range of who watches this show
and who loves this show, like, it’s so moving to me that
we’ve created a television show where so many different kinds
of people feel like they’re invited
into the conversation, and I think that’s a… it’s a testament to our writers
who ultimately are… make it funny,
and at the end of the day, that is always their goal
is to make you laugh and entertain you
as much as possible, but I think one of
the most beautiful by-products of what this show is doing
is creating a space where people can believe
different things and have different opinions
and not agree with each other but still coexist and treat
each other with a basic decency. And I think that, like, that,
to me, the success of that is reflected
most in our fans and who…
how diverse our fanship is, and so I just wanted to reflect
that back as I’m watching you guys
love on us, so thank you. -Thank you. -All right. Next up. -Wow. Well, first of all,
I just wanted to say, I am such a huge Dina fan. -Yeah!
-Aw! -I mean, RIP the birds,
I’m sorry. -Thank you. -Well, I was always wondering
why Cloud 9 and not Cloud 10? -Ah.
-I think that’s a great question because, you know,
what’s higher than Cloud 9? The answer is Cloud 10. -Always kind of been
the elephant in the room. -Honestly, I considered that when I was working on
coming up with the titles. I was like, “That would be
a funny thing.” It was gonna be… or, no, or Cloud 8,
one step shy of heaven it was gonna be
for a little while. I thought of it.
What’s that? -No.
-Okay. Should’ve…I mean, life
could’ve been all different. All these shirts
would’ve been different, and I kind of thought, like, the company is
the straight man of the show. What’s just a realistic,
not super funny, just believable name
that the company would have? So I went right
for the low-hanging fruit. -Thank you. -Tell them what the original
name of the show was. -“The Greatest Love Story
Ever Told.” -Well, no.
-That’s not a joke. -That was the original title
of “Superstore.” -Yeah.
-Yes. -Not a joke.
-And NBC said no. -They at first said yes, and then a bunch
of romantic comedies, as Ben has attested to,
failed that year, and then they called
and were like, “What if you just
called it ‘Superstore’?” -It always… -But, see,
that was a great question because he said he considered
naming it Cloud 10. -I did.
-So you’re right on the money. -There you go.
-Yeah. -There you go.
-That’s the sequel. -Thank you.
-You’re welcome. -One of the amazing things
about “Superstore” as well is how you guys make that space look so much bigger
than it actually is. I mean, it’s astounding
how you shoot that, and one of the cool things
if you live in L.A., and you drive down
Barham past Universal, you can actually look through
the fence and see the Cloud 9, so when I have friends in town,
I’ll actually drive by. “Hey, it’s Cloud 9,” and they’re
impressed for a second, and they’re like,
“When’s lunch?” You’re the next up. -Production designer
Michael Gallenberg, who’s responsible
for a lot of that, there’s mirrors above
at the top of all the walls, so it looks like the store
just keeps continuing. All the shelves are on wheels so
that we can create new aisles, so he did an amazing job
in giving us the ability to… -Yeah. It looks great.
It looks great. Next up.
-Hi. I love the entire cast,
but as a fellow native Hawaiian, my favorite is Kaliko. -Oh!
-Mahalo, bruh, mahalo. -Aloha, girl. So, now, normally,
I only see native Hawaiians on, like, crime procedurals like “Hawaii Five-0”
or “Magnum, P.I.” -Been trying to get
on that show, man. I can’t get on.
-I know, exactly! -I want to go home,
but, oh, well, happy here, very happy here. Continue, sorry. -I’d say mahalo
for putting a native Hawaiian on a comedy. My question is,
how did that happen? How did you get a native
Hawaiian character on a comedy show
set in the Midwest? -That’s a really good question.
I don’t think that they… It wasn’t written specifically,
obviously, for any ethnicity. All it said was,
“sad-sack plain Jane”… [ Laughter ] and I was like,
“What time do I show up? I’m ready.” [ Laughter ] And it wasn’t revealed
that I was Hawaiian until I think season three,
so, I mean, obviously, this, but my last name wasn’t revealed
until season three, so I just think that the writers
and the producers are just open to people and characters,
and I happen to be Hawaiian, and then they incorporated
that in the story, and I’m proud to be on this show and proud to be Hawaiian,
and nice to meet you. -Back at you, mahalo.
-All right. -It really was, yeah, just
best person for the part, again. -Oh!
-Oh. -Oh.
-Oh. -Hi.
-Oh, yes, Cheyenne! -Hi!
-Yes! -Hey! Oh, you got the eye shadow
and everything. -My question is for Nichole.
-Okay. -I’m a big fan of that scene
with you and Marcus when you do that tattoo,
and it’s terrible. Are we gonna see more
Cheyenne tattoos in the future, and what was that filming like? -Yeah, I hope so. They had a real tattoo artist
on set that day to, like, show me how to make it look
convincing, I guess. I think I pulled it off.
Yeah. I was actually inspired. I kind of want to get my own
tattoo, maybe try… I’m good at art,
actually, so… -Oh.
-…I think maybe it could work. -Volunteers? -If you want a tattoo,
hit me up. -Yeah.
-Send me a DM. -I’ll do a big hat in the back.
I’ll do it. Yeah.
-Yeah, we’ll see. -That’s for the next panel. We have time
for one final question. So who’s got it? -It’s for Colton.
It’s about the shoes. -Go ahead.
-Okay. It’s for Colton
about your shoes. -Yeah. -So my husband and I play a game
when we watch it, and we kind of name
what shoes you’re wearing. -Okay.
-Did it make you as sad as it made me
when I seen them all lit up in front of you
besides being scared? -It made me very sad. I really enjoyed
wearing the shoes, so it was very sad
to see them all burn, and now I have to wear the same
shoes every episode, you know, but one of the fun things
that we do with fan interactions is before each episode
of shooting, I would post two pictures
of pairs of shoes, and I let people who follow me
on Instagram vote on which shoes I would wear
that episode, so it was sad, but I still have all
the pictures on my Instagram, so you can go check it out,
and before we leave… -I can’t believe how much time
we’ve spent on the shoes. -Yeah, but before we finish,
I also do want to say, I’m very excited,
and I want everyone to give a big round of applause
to Ben Feldman for becoming the spokesman
for the Twister board game, and he’s wearing the shirt
for the game tonight, so everybody go out and get Twister the game,
support Ben Feldman. -When did you lock
that joke down? How long has that joke
been sitting there? -He’s been holding onto that
for so long. -I actually paid her to come up
and ask me the last question. -Well, it wouldn’t be
a “Superstore” panel without a burn at the very end, so season five of “Superstore”
premieres on NBC September 26th. “Superstore!”
-Thank you, guys. -Thank you, guys. -Mm. Hi, bitches. [ Cheers and laughter ] Welcome to the 2019
Comic-Con International panel for NBC’s “The Good Place.” [ Cheers and applause ] I’m Marc Evan Jackson. I play Shawn. We are going to do
what you’ve done before. We’re going to have a panel. We’re gonna talk with
some of my coworkers, and then you’re going to
get a chance to ask questions. So be prepared for those. Remember that questions begin
with question-y words — words like “who” and “where”
and “what” and “when” and not like, um, “When I was pasting your garbage
back together…” Like, stay out of our garbage. [ Laughter ] Won’t you please help me welcome
Manny Jacinto, D’Arcy Carden, Jameela Jamil,
William Jackson Harper, Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, Mike Schur, and Drew Goddard. [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay. -Whoo!
-Whoo! -Whoo!
-Ow! Thank you for coming today. [ Cheers and applause ] -Ha, ha, ha, ha! [ Laughter ] -Janet! Janet! -[ Chanting ]
Janet! Janet! Janet! Janet! Janet! Janet! -We were just realizing
that this was the — this is the last
of the Comic-Cons for NBC’s “The Good Place.” -Why did you just do that?
-Why did we just do that? -Why’dyoujust do that?
-Kristen just did it. -Oh.
-I said it. Sorry. -There is one announcement
that we need to make that’s fun, and that is that
at 1:00 this afternoon, the Season 3 gag reel will drop. -Oh, cool.
-So look for that because it’s delicious. You are getting
the bleeped version, which is slightly less fun,
but is still pure magic. So we’re gonna talk —
talk for a little while, and then we will, I presume, line up in the aisles
for questions. Keep your questions brief,
please. Spare us the prefaces about the ways in which
this show saved your life. We know. We, uh… [ Laughter ] It saved all of ours, as well. D’Arcy Carden… -Oh. [ Cheers and applause ] -Hi. -…what did you do
last Tuesday morning? -I woke up early. -You can skip the prefaces about
why this show saved your — -I presented the nominations
for the Emmys. -Oh.
-Right? -Did anything of note happen? -Um, yeah. I think, like, Mahershala Ali is
up for something. -Oh.
-And, like, um — oh! Okay, so, Ted’s up for
Best Actor in a Comedy Series. [ Cheers and applause ] And, which honestly
is kind of old news ’cause that was —
that happened last year, too. But theshowwas nominated
for an Emmy! -What? Oh! [ Cheers and applause ] -And we got a nomination
for writing, and Maya Rudolph got another
nomination for Guest Actor. Anything else? -I think that’s it.
-Okay, but that’s pretty good. -It was good.
-So that was very exciting. -Pretty good. Mike, we did one of these panels about a month ago
at the Television Academy. And that’s where
you announced that Season 4 would be the last
of NBC’s “The Good Place.” -Mm-hmm.
-Ted Danson, during that panel, told the audience how perfectly
crafted and wonderful the finale is and how it
so perfectly wraps up the story. And you said,
“Thank you very much. That’s nice.
We haven’t written it yet.” -Right. -We have a table read
for those episodes on Monday. Have you written it now? -Yes. The finale is —
the script is complete. We read it on Monday. The original plan
was to send it to the actors last night. I then was convinced that
that was a very bad idea for two reasons,
one of which is that it’s — you know, it’s a series finale. It’s very emotional,
and it’s very sad, and I didn’t want it sort of
hanging over people’s heads, and also because we knew that
if I did send it, Ted would spend
this entire panel… -Hello.
-…telling everybody… -Hello?
-…exactly what happens in it. So just as, like,
an insurance policy, we decided to hold off
until tomorrow. -An insurance policy
against Ted Danson. -That’s right. -I’m sorry —
against Emmy-nominee Ted Danson. -Whoo! [ Cheers and applause ] -By the way,
17-time Emmy-nominee, y’all. -17.
-17. Which I think is, like,
the most — -And I won twice. That — That’s — Whoa. If it’s baseball,
I’m in trouble. -Kristen Bell…
-Whoo! -Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] -Happy birthday!
-Happy 89th birthday, I guess? Is that…? -Thank you much. [ Laughter ] -If you haven’t seen
the video of Kristen pointing the camera at herself
and asking her daughters how old they think
she just turned… [ Laughter ] …at 1:08, after you’ve watched
the gag reel, do that. Kristen, will you tell
the story about how you found out that Season 4 would be the last
of NBC’s “The Good Place”? -Eh, yeah. How I found out
it would be the last? -Yes. -I was driving home on, uh — coming home from Malib–
this is irrelevant. I was driving in a place
that didn’t have great service, and I saw Mike was calling me. And I said, “Hi, Mike.” And he said,
“Hey, uh, wanna talk to you.” And I —
every bone in my body immediately somehow knew
that he was going to say we either cancelled
or wrapping it up. And I said,
“Before you finish, the only way that I’m gonna
be able to hear you out is if you promise
to write me something immediately after
the show ends.” And he said, “Yeah, sure.
Sure, I will.” And I was like,
“Okay. Now go ahead.” And he gave me the news that
he has a ton of integrity, and the story showed him
how it was going to end. And we were gonna take that
opportunity and wrap it up. -What if he was like —
-Wait, wait. Speaking of integrity, has he offered to write
you something now? -Not yet. But now — but I just got confirmation
a couple seconds ago that he’s finished
writing the finale, so I’m gonna expect
something by, I don’t know, next Friday? -Well, yeah. We’ll talk right after
the read-through. [ Laughter ] -The rest of the cast,
you’ve known this for some time. You’ve known that
Season 4 would be the last. It’s bittersweet, is it not? -Well, Mike isn’t writing us
anything, so… [ Laughter ] I don’t know about you guys?
Did anyone — anyone? Yeah, it’s a tragedy
to walk away from these people and from this show and from
all of our amazing fans, because this has been
the wildest experience of all of our lives. But also, it’s so cool to know
that we are completing the story as it was supposed to be
completed. And I feel really proud
and sad and happy. -Yeah.
-It’s a lot. -D’Arcy, Manny, Will,
you’ve talked about it. I think each of you separately
have framed it as a bit of a breakup…
-Right. -…like it seems like the right
thing to do, and it — D’Arcy, you used the word “cool”
a lot. -I did. -Not all of it seemed cool.
-Right. Just kind of like, “Oh, cool. Yeah, that’s cool. Okay, cool.
Right. No, that’s cool.
That’ll be cool.” -Cool. Cool. -No, it does — it feels
a little bit like a breakup when you are still in love
with the person but you know that it’s not
gonna last or something. So it’s like,
“Well, we should — I still love you,
but let’s end this in a way that feels good for everybody.” -D’Arcy still loves you. That’s gotta feel good. -I’minlove with you.
No. But it — -We love you! -[ Laughs ]
It, um, yeah. It’s sad as hell. We’re — I mean, we can say
it’s great but it — it’s said, it sucks. -We hate Mike.
[ Laughs ] -Emmy-nominee Ted Danson… [ Cheers and applause ] -Whoo!
-Whoo! -…did you already get
another job? [ Laughter ] -Yes. [ Laughter ] That’s how I handle breakups. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s good.
-That’s pretty good. -That’s so good. -You can’t divorce me.
I quit! [ Laughter ] Yes. I’m gonna work with
Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, and I’m gonna play…
[ Cheers and applause ] …I’m gonna play
the mayor of Los Angeles. -Whoo!
-Moments ago, you told me that, that’s the extent
of what you know about the show. -Correct. Correct. I did — I was given, though,
for this show, a script before I had to choose. -He’s saying,
unlike with “The Good Place,” in which
he didn’t get a script… -Yeah.
-…and had to sign on before there was a script. He’s, for some reason, for four
years, still upset about that. Still…
[ Laughs ] It turned out okay, right?
-Actually — -Like, it turned out okay.
-Yeah. Oh, okay. Now that — no. No, he just said that,
and I started to well up. It’s coming.
It’s coming. It did. -Yeah. Yeah.
-It’s — -We are all —
I’m gonna interrupt. We’re all so honored
to be part of this show… -Yeah.
-…that Mike created. We’re so honored that it fills
a room for people who love it, as well. We love that 12-year-old — [ Cheers and applause ] We love that 12-year-old kids come up
and watch it religiously. That, to me, means so much. We are so blessed,
and we thank you so much for this incredible ride. -Here, here.
-Ha, ha! -Wait. Hold on.
Hold on. Hold on. I know we’re doing audience
stuff later, but, Ted, can you see that
in the front row there’s a baby child
dressed as Michael? -Oh, my God!
-Oh, my goodness. -Oh, my God. -Sorry for all the attention,
but this rules. Stand up, Michael. Hi, bud! -Hey! [ Cheers and applause ] -[ Laughter ] -Yeah, dude. -You rule.
-That’s great. -This has been
“The Good Place” panel. [ Laughter ]
-Ah! -That’s lovely and amazing. The, uh — your love for
the show is overwhelming and stunning,
and the reason is friends. It’s, uh — we do.
We thank you for that. It’s pretty remarkable. William Jackson Harper… -Whoo!
-Whoo! Yes! -Whoo!
-Ow! -Ow!
-Ow! -…in hosting
“The Good Place: The Podcast” and re-watching these episodes,
it became clear even more so
than on first blush, that your performance as Chidi
is the glue that makes a lot of this. You are the most grounded, the most powerful grappling hook
to reality of any of the humans. You are the humanist
of the soul squad. And you’ve really been
the audience’s guide through this very weird, smartest, dumbest show
on television. My question is this —
do you have any pets? [ Laughter ] -You’re weird. [ Laughter ] -Yes.
-Why, yes, I do. I, uh… His name’s Chico the Dog. He’s a dog. [ Laughter ] -What does his mouth look like? -Like this.
-And his ears? -He’s got a serious underbite. He’s got one ear up,
one ear down. He’s from Puerto Rico. He’s, like, part-Chihuahua, part…Boston terrier, part, uh, bulldog, part bottle caps,
part trash bags. He’s the best. -He’s our mascot.
-Yeah. -He comes to set, and when
he comes, we pull the — the art department
pulls the dog beds out of the — if you look in the background,
it says, like, “Dentist Office.
Just Kidding. Puppies.” And there’s puppy stuff, and we
pull all the puppy stuff out. And then Chico plays with it
and sits in the beds all day. -Yeah. Yeah. -Will, does Chico
have a theme song? -[ Laughs ]
-Oh, yay! -Oh, man. [ Cheers and applause ] -Cool.
-Yeah. -You have to. -Do it. Do it. Do it. -And don’t worry.
-Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. -And don’t worry, ’cause nobody
has their phones up right now. -Yeah, yeah.
-Yeah, yeah. I know. And this was composed by
my girlfriend, Ali Ahn. Um, okay. ♪ Bom, bom, bom,
Chico the Dog ♪ ♪ Bom, bom, bom,
Chico the Dog ♪ ♪ Bow-wow, the merry-go-round
It’s Chico the Dog ♪ ♪ Bom, bom, bom,
Chico the Dog ♪ ♪ Bom, bom, bom,
Chico the Dog ♪ ♪ Ohhhhhh ♪ ♪ Bow-wow, the merry-go-round
It’s Chico the Dog, bow-wow! ♪ -Whoo-hoo! [ Cheers and applause ] -Ha! [ Cheers and applause continue ] -Oh, my God.
-Good idea. [ Laughter ] -That’s going to live
on the Internet forever. [ Laughter ] Yeah. -Yeah, that ruled. [ Laughter ] -I saw my shot.
I took it. [ Laughter ] -What did he say? -I did ask Will whether
I could ask about Chico. I didn’t mention the song. [ Laughter ] Manny…
-Yep! -…Manny Jacinto.
Mm-hmm [ Cheers and applause ] -Bortles!
-Bortles! -Bortles!
-Bortles! [ Laughter ] -Jortles! -Oh, yeah. -Portals!
[ Laughter ] -Does that still
get yelled at you? -Every once in a while, yeah.
Yeah. -Amazing. Manny, you’ve been —
in the last year or so, you’ve been lurking in scenes
you’re not in with a film camera. -Yeah. I have. -Talk about that, and when do we get to see
what you’ve been shooting? -Oh, I don’t know.
Maybe, like, soon? No. [ Laughs ]
Um, no. I worked with Drew on
his last movie, “Bad Times,” and Jeff Bridges was — he’s an adamant photographer. And I kind of got inspired
by all that, and I started taking pictures
of all these guys. And hopefully —
I don’t know. Maybe by the end of the season
when it’s all out, I can put some photos
into the public and see what it all kind of
looks like behind the scenes, and all of the glamour
and chaos that ensues during — -And all of my crude gestures. -[ Laughing ]
Yeah. Yeah. Every time I take
a picture of Jameela, it’s just the middle finger. That’s all it is. -I’ve managed to ruin
every photograph. [ Laughter ] -Manny, you got to dance in recent things
that we’ve seen. -Yeah. -Talk about your [laughs]
60-person dance crew. Did you have a hand in
choreographing any of that? -Yeah. We did a full-on,
like, performance, and it was almost a dream because that’s kind of what
I wanted to do before acting, before, like, you know,
being on TV and stuff, was just to dance
for an artist and stuff. And Mike kind of made it happen
for me. I was able to dance
with all these, like, legitimate dancers
who danced with, like, Justin Timberlake
and Jennifer Lopez. And I was like,
“Wow. This is incredible.” So I have Mike to thank
for that, which is really cool. -There will be more dancing. -Yes.
That’s what I hear. -Also, at some point,
because they did — they danced in —
it was Season 3, right? They did a whole number that obviously got
cut down into other — that should be released,
like, the full… -Yeah. Good point, yeah.
-Make that happen. Are you busy? ‘Cause you could
make that happen. -Yeah.
Maybe we’ll make that, like, an Internet extra or something. -Yeah. Do that.
-Because it was a full — it was, like, a 90-second
or 2-minute-long thing, right? -It was pretty long, yeah.
-Yeah. -And if you think
Manny’s hot now, wait till he’s dancin’, y’all. [ Cheers and laughter ] -Jameela…
-What? -…you were just named
one of “Time” magazine’s 25 Most Influential People
on the Internet. [ Cheers and applause ] Do you think at all that Season 4 is the last of
“The Good Place” because you’ve fully
become Tahani? -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] Yeah, I’ve gone back
to the world. She’s reincarnated,
and her soul has entered me, and I’ve become a wanker. [ Laughter ] -I mean, it’s sort of possible.
-Yeah, it’s bad. It’s bad.
I’m morphing into her. -Well, tell everyone who —
you just showed me the picture. Like, there’s six people in this
picture in “Time” magazine. -It’s me, AOC, Ariana Grande — my peer, AOC — Ariana Grande, I think… -Lil Nas X. -…that Nox — Nas X…
-Lil Nas X. -…and our good friend
Donald Trump. -That’s right.
-Ooh, wow. -Oh, you guys aren’t into him?
You guys don’t like him? Interesting.
-Wow. [ Laughter ] -So, hopefully,
that’s the last time I will appear in a picture
with that person. But it was loads of people
of color in the photo, which I thought
was really great. [ Cheers and applause ] -Drew Goddard… -Whoo!
-Whoo! -Drew Goddard,
you are Oscar-nominated for writing “The Martian.” You wrote and directed
“Cabin in the Woods”… -“Cabin in the Woods”! …”Bad Times at the El Royale.” You created
the “Daredevil” series. [ Cheers and applause ] You directed the pilot
of “The Good Place.” You directed
“Dance Dance Resolution,” the reboot episode
of “The Good Place,” and you’ve directed the first
two episodes in Season 4 — in upcoming Season 4
that I was in. What was that like? [ Laughter ] -I mean this sincerely. Directing Marc is
a genuine nightmare. [ Laughter ] I don’t know who much you guys
know about method acting, but Marc — I’m sorry, Shawn…
-There we go. -…stays in character
the entire time. And he issomean to me. But you just put up with it ’cause the performance
is so spectacular. -Hmm. I’ll take it. I accept. Having — -Marc is, by the way,
the hardest person on this set to act opposite,
’cause he’s the funniest and makes us break
and ruin every single take. -You will see that
in the gag reel. Yeah. Yeah.
-It’s impossible. -Let me interrupt you
and mention the words, “Manny Jacinto.” -Also very difficult. [ Laughter ] -Oh, just — -I would say, like,
a little Easter egg would be if you see us
in a scene with Manny, look at, like, our cheeks
or where our heads — we’re mostly not
looking at him… -Mm-hmm. -…because if we look at him,
then we’ll laugh. So usually you can tell by,
like, the back of our head. You can see, like,
a little piece of our cheek ’cause that means
we’re just looking at the floor. -Also, you’ll see
the tightness here, which is us holding a smile,
and most of us — I think a lot of us
get through it — you’ll see… -Yes, bite your cheeks. -…that happen
because we’re all biting the inside of our cheeks. -The worst thing, though,
is the face that Manny makes just before he’s about to — ’cause he always
keeps it secret. He never tells us what
he’s gonna fork us up with. And so he just sits there. And you’re unaware
of your own face. But he sits there. The take’s just about to happen,
and he goes… [ Laughter ] And then you know
something horrible is coming and you’re gonna ruin the take. -It happened like two weeks ago.
Oh, go for it. -No. I literally have to
make myself laugh first, like, look like a —
“Heh, heh, heh” — and then I know something’s
good coming up, yeah. -Kristen, do you remember
about two weeks ago when at 7:00 in the morning,
Manny made Ted cry? -Oh, my God. Yeah.
That was — that was… And you tried to pretend
that you weren’t crying. -Oh, it was the best.
-It was the absolute best. That was the —
you know the one? That was that one?
-Yeah, yeah. -Ooh, guys.
-Oh. -Wait. If you say, like,
the word that it was, would that be a spoiler — that he said,
that made you guys…? -He had — I came into work,
and I got a report that after one hour of shooting, they were one-hour
behind schedule. True. [ Laughter ] And I said, “Why?”
And they said, “Manny said something, and Manny’s line
made everybody laugh.” And I said, “For an hour?”
And they were like, “Yeah.” -Yes. -And if I remember the scene
correctly — we won’t spoil it —
but he had one line. -Yeah.
-And it was… It was, like, 12 words. And it was an hour
of everyone going, “Okay, okay, okay, come on. Focus, focus.
We can do this.” And then they were
an hour behind. -And you know what?
The truth is that it’s funny. It’s also really irritating ’cause you or I have had, like,
a page-and-a-half monologue that’s impossible to memorize. And we’re struggling though it,
and then Manny goes, “Boom.” [ Laughter ] -The thing that happened
at the end of that — so we tried to
regain our composure. And I had a line to Ted. And I looked to Ted
to say the line, and you were weeping. And I just stopped. And the director,
Rebecca Asher, said, “Marc, why have you stopped?” And I said,
“Because Ted is crying.” And Ted did this. Ted goes,
“No, I’m not. I’m fine.” And he looked at me
and he mouthed, he goes, “I’m not on-camera.” [ Laughter ] And Rebecca goes, “Uh, Ted,
we have you in the wide.” And he goes… [ Laughter ] -That was very good. -That’s great. -Anyway, Drew, what was it like
dire– um… Having directed the pilot
and now, you know, getting to where we are,
are there surprises? Are there things that
you wouldn’t have been able to anticipate about the evolution of the show
from the beginning? -I mean, the truth is, this show
has always been there with Mike. When Mike first pitched
the series, the core of it
has always been the same. And even then, you told me
it had an expiration date, and we would only do
a few seasons. And I have spent
the last four years trying to talk you out of that. I’ve failed terribly. I’m sorry to all of you
because I… -It’s your fault!
-Yeah, it is my fault. -Yeah.
[ Laughs ] -But… [ Laughter ] But, no. The show’s always been there.
I mean, it evolves. This cast continues to transcend
every single year. You just reach new heights,
and it’s a joy. But it’s always been
the same show at its core. -Pretty great show.
[ Laughter ] I want to talk a little bit
about directing and about
the culture of the show. Mike, in this final season —
Season 4 — there are some interesting
new directors, that got the nod — Valeria Collins,
our script supervisor, who was a script supervisor
on “Parks and Rec” and… -Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yes. -…I think maybe even
a “Brooklyn” or two. And on various things, you gave
Valeria the nod to direct. Steve Day,
our first assistant direct — one of our
first assistant directors… -Long-time A.D. -…he directed an episode,
and then everyone beneath him — all the steps sort of stepped up
for a week and were promoted, and that’s remarkably cool. It would have been so much
easier for you not to do that. -Yes.
-Will you please run everything? -[ Laughs ] Well, part of the
joy of a show lasting for awhile is that people get to move up and take on
new responsibilities, and there’s a… You know, there’s always
a little bit of a fear expressed by various people in the machine
about people directing, ’cause directing’s a huge job,
obviously. But in Valeria’s case —
so she’s our script supervisor, which means
she tracks continuity, she makes sure that everything
is clicking along correctly, that we haven’t
screwed anything up, we haven’t missed a line
or whatever. And so, if you ask yourself,
“Okay, is she ready to direct an episode of TV?”
my answer would be, “She’s the script supervisor
and continuity person on ‘The Fast and Furious’
movies.” True. So, picture that in your head
for a second. Picture one small human woman
responsible for making sure that
those action sequences all are legible
to the human brain, that the car crashes
and the fist punching and the chaos and whatever
has all been, like — that you’ve gotten
every piece of that. I feel like she can handle
one episode of “The Good Place.” And Steve Day — same thing. Steve Day is an assistant
director who has been — he was an assistant director
on “Parks and Rec” and “Last Man on Earth”
with Mary Steenburgen. And he is very frequently — I would say you guys
would agree with me — the only person on the set who
actually knows what’s going on. -Yeah.
-100%. -Yeah. So, like that —
but the fun of this, to me, is that there are people
who are bursting at the seams, who are so obviously ready
to take on new challenges and do new things. And then they get to do them
because we have a production team
led by Morgan Sackett, our executive producer. -Morgan!
-Oh, it’s his birthday today. -Morgan’s here. Morgan’s here
and hates attention, so everyone,
just clap and cheer for Morgan. -Yay, Morgan!
-Morgan! Morgan! -Yay! [ Cheers and applause ] -This production team has now
been in place since 2007, and we just — we have, like,
a really solid foundation, and then people get
to stretch their wings. It’s wonderful. It’s one of the best parts
of the job. It’s with writers, with actors. Guess who else directed
this year? Kristen Bell directed
an episode. -Yay!
-Wait. Oh, that’s right. -I don’t want to
talk about that. What I want to say —
what I wanted to say the whole time
you were talking is that, I want to tell you
what the biggest lesson that I’ve learned
from Mike Schur is — that the best part about Mike is not actually
that he’s super-ethical and he’s an amazing
comedy writer. The biggest lesson
I’ve learned from him is, he knows how to empower
people around him. And I will take that away
forever to my grave as a huge life lesson,
for real. It’s astounding how much you can
look at other people around you and say, “Wow. I see
so much potential in you. How can I lift you up?” And that is why our set
is so fun to work on, and that is why
we run so smoothly. And it’s because you see
potential in people, and you hand out opportunities
left and right. -Yeah. Also… [ Cheers and applause ] Also, it’s the only set
I’ve ever been on — or, really ever heard of — where you have pretty much 50/50
female writers and male writers, 50/50 female directors
and male directors. And as a woman on set,
it feels so amazing to look out onto your set and see so many people
who you identify with. And so thank you for creating
that space for us. [ Cheers and applause ] -Well… I’ve said this before —
it’ll be… The end of this stuff that
we talk about all the time now is when we’re not talking
about it anymore, so let’s do this for,
like, 30 years, and eventually
we’ll get to the point where no one has to be amazed
that 50% of the directors on a TV show season are women.
-And by the way… [ Cheers and applause ] But by the way,
it isn’t talked about on set, which is amazing.
Nobody talks about it. It just is.
And it’s just been. It’s always been.
It always is. Nobody notices, nobody —
it just is the way it is. And it’s [bleep] great. -Yeah.
-Sorry. [ Laughter ] -Forking.
She said “forking” great. -And as the token old white man,
I want to thank you. I appreciate it.
[ Laughter ] -Right behind you, brother.
Right behind you. -You need one, you know?
You need one. ‘Cause otherwise,
they get grouchy and they start complaining
to the press. -Kristen, you did
direct an episode. It went aggressively smoothly. -So well.
-You give very good notes. -Did it go too well?
-It almost went too well. -Yeah.
I mean, we moved scenes up from the next day into the day. I’m just worried
that word’s gonna get out. -“Am I gonna get in trouble ’cause I’m too fast
of a director?” That’s what I kept
saying all week, because having a director
who’s decisive was always my favorite thing, and so when I was given
this opportunity, I was like, “All you gotta do
is know your decisions. You gotta come in prepared.” And I feel like I did, and I had so much fun
directing all of you. I mean, I already feel like I’m
pretty bossy around you guys. Like, I’m already…
Sorry. I lean in a lot, and I’m not
gonna apologize for it. -No.
[ Cheers and applause ] -But I had fun
wearing the actual hat, where instead of just ignoring
me, you guys had to listen. -Yeah. It was great.
It was great. -It was fun. You did a very
sweet thing where you huddled us beforehand on the first day
and just said, like, “If I’m not giving you something
that you’re after, let me know. Like, don’t let our familiarity
get in the way, or…” -Yeah, yeah, don’t — yes.
That was very important to me ’cause when you’re
switching jobs, I would im– again, I’ve never
done it before, so I would imagine that
if things are crossing over because of friendships
or we’re peers and then now I have this weird
little bit of control, I didn’t want to let anything
get in the way, so I just said very candidly, “If I’m not giving you
something that you need and you get something
from others directors, please, please, let me know.” And I hope that I adjusted
accordingly. -You gave us what we needed. -So quickly.
-Thanks, girl. -D’Arcy Carden, the episode
“Janet(s)”… [ Cheers and applause ] That’s all.
That was it. -That’s fine. -Nominated for writing.
-Yes! -Giant oversight for acting. -No, no, not…
-Yes! [ Cheers and applause ] -[ Whistles ]
-Yeah. [ Laughs ] Josh Siegal and Dylan Morgan
wrote that episode, and Morgan Sackett
directed that episode. -Whoo! -And it was such
a collaborative experience, including with my castmates,
who, you know — you didn’t see them much
in the episode, but they were there and helpful. It was — it was a–
it was amazing. -May I ask you
one specific question? -Yes. -You said that
various castmembers — you know, obviously they
performed their performance and you recorded it
and that sort of thing. You said that Will typed out
his lines the way — -Yes, that’s right. -Do you do that for yourself
every episode, Will? -When I get a particularly dense
piece of text, yeah, I like,
stack the language. So I basically…
-Retypes. -…take an idea that —
yeah, take the idea and put it on one line. Take the next idea,
put it on that line, so I can, like,
get through it as — as a sort of narrative piece rather than
just jamming the words in. And I don’t know
if it helped, but… -It helped…
-Oh, good! -…’cause Janet doesn’t usually
have long speeches like that, and Chidi does. And it is hard to memorize,
and it helped me so much. Everybody gave me
a little something like that in a secretive little way, without even talking
to each other about it. -I just gave you cake.
-You gave me doughnuts. And it was great.
That’s a thing. That’s a great thing
to give someone. -To fuel her.
-Yeah. -And it was — it was really… Just like everything else
on the show, it was incredibly positive
and collaborative and, you know, truly one of
the best experiences of my life. So — yeah.
-Cool! Cool, cool! -Cool, cool, cool.
Cool. Cool. -Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool!
-I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know you’re not supposed
to talk about stuff like this, but imagine that your job
is to make a list of the best supporting-actress
performances on television. And then imagine you watch
that episode, and then imagine you think,
“Yeah, just not top five.” Imagine that. Imagine how crazy a human being
you would have to be to not… I don’t…
[ Cheers and applause ] I don’t get it, man.
I know. Look… art is subjective,
and to each his or her own. I understand it. I will never understand D’Arcy Carden not getting
nominated for an Emmy for that performance. [ Cheers and applause ] -We are nearing the end
of our time together. It’s time now
for your questions. Line up however
it needs to be done. And, again, please
keep your questions brief. Yes, please. Begin. -Hey, Janets? -“Hey, Janets?”
-[ Laughs ] -Ayy! -Aww!
-Oh! -Oh, my God, yes.
-Yeah! -Yes.
-Yes. -Oh, yes.
Okay, let’s… -D’Arcy Carden should be
Emmy-nominated D’Arcy Carden. -Whoo!
-That is a factual statement. [ Cheers and applause ] Could you please describe
the experience of playing Janet as Eleanor, and Eleanor playing Janet
playing you and all the layers of Janets? That is the question. -Pbbbbbbbbbbbbt!
-There you go. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Whoo!
-Whoo! -Whoo!
-Whoo! [ Cheers and applause continue ] -Hello, sisters.
[ Laughs ] -We are sisters. -Oh, cool! I know. We are sisters.
That’s why I said it. [ Laughs ] I will just say, I don’t really know how
to describe it, other than… I’ll just say, like,
I have lived with these actors, and I’ve lived with
these characters for so long, and I’m such a gigantic fan
of the show, that it was… I don’t… It wasn’t as hard —
it just was… I don’t know how to
f– describe it. I don’t.
-How to what? You don’t know how to f– what?
-I don’t know how to… -Fff.
-But I know that — Marc told me that he thought
I didn’t do a very good job in that part. Will you tell —
will you say that? -Oh, yes.
-Yes. Will you tell them?
-It’s a compliment. Hang on. I was watching
the episode, and — when it aired the first time —
and just marveling at how you… It’s wasn’t like a — it wasn’t like you were
impersonating the cast. It really felt like
you were becoming the cast. And then there was just
one thing where you were doing Jason, and it was like,
“Eh, that’s not a great Jason.” And I was like,
“Wait. That’s not Jason. That’s Eleanor pretending
to be Jason.” And it was perfect. -Yeah, that’s cool, that’s cool.
That’s means… I mean, there’s a couple, like, ways to know if it worked,
and that’s one way. And another way that I found out
that that episode worked is, after the episode aired,
Kristen called me and said — I’m gonna say
something embarrassing — but she said,
“I’m so proud of you, I feel like my milk’s
coming in.” [ Laughter and applause ] So then, I was like,
“Okay, good. I guess it worked.
It’s hard to tell for me, but I guess
that means it worked.” So, that was great.
So anyway. -That’s the highest compliment. -Yeah.
Thank you, sisters. -Thank you.
Next question? [ Cheers and applause ] -Fantastic.
Hi, guys. -What does your shirt say? -It says
“I met the Almighty Burrito at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and all I got was
this forking shirt.” -Yes!
-Yes! -So, as the show is
coming to an end, what I wanted to know is, if you could spin off
any minor character… -Shawn.
-…who would you pick? [ Laughter ] Yeah, right?
-Next question. -Next question.
Next. -I agree. -Yeah, truly, actually.
-Yeah. -[ Laughing ]
Please continue your question. I’m sorry. -…who would you pick? [ Laughter ] -I think we all
vote Shawn, right? -Yeah.
-Yeah. -With a small runner-up
of Pillboi. [ Cheers and applause ] -And Vicky has to be in it. -Vicky.
-The list gets long, right? -I definitely think
that there is a — there’s a very funny
and also sad show about Donkey Doug Pillboi and Dance Dance Resolution
set in Jacksonville. And I think there’s a very weird David Lynch-ian type of show
about Derek… -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Yes. -…just, like, floating
through space and time, showing up in, like,
atomic-bomb explosions like Bob, like, just being released
into the ether. And of course, Shawn. He’s staring at me,
so I’ll say also Shawn… would be good. -Thank you.
-Thank you. -What are you gonna do
with that eyebrow? -This is my buddy, by the way —
This guy right here, Jeremy. He’s a — this is a great dude,
’cause he lives in New York and he’s a producer
and he’s dope, and thanks for coming out, man.
-Yay! -Thank you so much, Will.
-Thank you, Jeremy. [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my God.
-Hello. Hi. -Hi.
-Hi. -Hi.
-Shh, shh. -My name is Sofia,
and I just wanted to say that this is
one of my favorite shows. And my question for all of you
is, who’s your favorite Janet? [ Cheers and applause ] -Sofia! Is that right?
Sofia? Sofia? -Hello?
-Is that your name? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I think so. -Ted, don’t you like it
when little kids watch our show? -Uh-huh. -Sofia, how old are you?
-Nine. -Aw. That’s —
my daughter’s nine. She likes — you like the show
a little more than her, I think. -Sofia, you have great taste.
Yeah, yeah. -Thank you! -I’m gonna jump in and say
Bad Janet. I love her. [ Cheers and applause ] I love a fart joke, though,
so that’s who I am. -I’m gonna agree with you.
I love a good fart joke. -Mm-hmm.
-Bad Janet. -I kind of love Neutral Janet. Neutral Janet
really makes me laugh — that she ends everything
by announcing that it’s ending. [ Laughter ] “End of statement.”
“End of sentence.” Like, I —
that really made me laugh. That was the last addition
to the “Janet(s)” episode, was, we were like,
“In addition to having D’Arcy play all of her castmates, we’re also gonna just throw in,
like, there’s an — oh, yeah, by the way,
there’s a Neutral Janet, too.” And then we loved it so much
we just kept going back to it. There may be… I’ll give a little potential
hint of something — you may meet
a new Janet this year. [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s the scoop, baby!
-You might. I’m not saying you will.
I’m saying you might. -You might.
-[ Laughs ] No, you will. If you meet her, that might also
be my favorite Janet. -Oh, yeah, yeah.
-Thank you. Thank you.
We love you. -Thank you, Sofia.
-Yeah, thank you for watching. -Next question? Mike, one of my favorites
was your description, D’Arcy, was your description of playing
Neutral Janet, which was — you said you just
let all your face meat hang. -Yeah. That checks out.
That’s right. Hello!
-Hi. My question’s for Michael. If the characters or cast
of “The Good Place” were baseball characters, which would be most likely
to achieve a fam or a scooter? -[ Laughing ]
Oh, my God. You guys, this is like
the deepest cut of all deep cuts in my, like, my life. This is one of the weirdest
moments of my life. Thank you for this. Literally,
just trying to explain what he means
would take another hour. [ Laughter ] And then I’d have to
come up with the answers. -But you’re the only person
at this table who could. -Oh, I mean…
I know it’s impossible to a– I have to think about it
for so long. Listen, I’ll g–
meet me outside after. I’ll give you my e-mail address,
and you and I will have a long, fruitful conversation
about this. [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, yeah.
-Uh-oh! Here we go! -Ow-ooh!
-Hi! -All right.
Kristen already touched on this. What do you want to take from
this project to future projects? ‘Cause it’s an amazing cast, and the lovely way
to you guys do things. -Hmm. -Ted’s the only one
who has a future project. [ Laughter ] Maybe he should answer. -Yeah. -What was the question?
How… I think the answer is
Morgan Sackett. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Besides all the people —
if we can’t choose the people… -Oh, yeah, just…
Maybe something — the way you worked on it,
or just something that you got out of this show
that you want to take to everything
you work on from now on. -I mean, I literally learned
how to act on this show. So, that’s it. I’ll just hopefully
keep knowing how to act. -I keep throwing this back,
’cause to me, I wake up, try to remember my words —
I mean, literally — that are delicious,
and I try to remember them. And then I pick up the script. [ Laughter ] That was funny.
That was funny. But… But I always go back
to the writing, and… You can’t write about decency
and what it means… I’m gonna start crying again.
-I know. I know. -This is ridiculous.
-Just cry. -You can’t write about decency
and what it means to be a good person
and how to lead a life and the consequences
unless you truly understand that and lead a life like that, so… -Yeah. -It’s been an honor
that I think, because I’ve been so busy
trying to remember your lines, that will catch up with me
as I go through life. You are an inspiration,
for real. -Yeah, that’s it. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. -Hi.
-Hello! -Hello.
-So, about the Emmy thing — It took Tatiana Maslany, like,
a long time to get an Emmy, so keep going. And my question — how do you
choose the philosophers? Like, Chidi has
all these philosophers that he dates back on. How do you choose? -Well, I did a lot of reading
before writing the show and didn’t understand
most of it, and then I got two very smart
people who do understand it named Pamela Hieronymi,
who teaches at UCLA, and Todd May, who teaches
at Clemson, and they — [ Cheers and applause ]
Yes, they’re wonderful. They’re our philosophy advisors,
and they help me understand the basics,
and they sort of — they were the ones
who were like, “Okay” — I would describe Chidi
and his issues and his problems and what he believes
about the world, and they would say,
“Okay, well, he’s a Kantian. This is what Kantians believe,”
and then they would… You know, they help me
sort of put specific thinkers to the personalities
of the characters. And then I hired
a very smart staff full of people who are brilliant
and interesting, and they would do
their own reading. And Todd May came to us
because one of our writers, Dan Schofield, was like,
“Hey, I was poking around and I found this book called
‘Death,” and it’s about the problem of”…
-Hilarious. -Yeah, hilarious.
A beach read, as Chidi says, or Eleanor says. And he said, “This is a book
about how hard it is to lead a moral life
if you’re immortal ’cause nothing means anything,”
and that led us to Todd, and so, so much of it is just —
it’s a group effort, and it’s a bunch of us
who understand things roughly at a sort of
Wikipedia-entry level, poking around
and trying to find — just trying to find
great thinkers who have put — who have put our sort of
thoughts about the characters into actual writings and stuff. And you know, the trolley
problem was a famous one. Pam Hieronymi teaches
the trolley problem in her philosophy class
at UCLA. The trolley problem was invented
by a woman named Phillippa Foot. She was a British philosopher
in the ’60s, and she wrote
some wonderful books that you actually can read. Hers you can actually read. And so, it’s sort of one thing
leads to another, like, you — we stumbled on stuff, and that
led us to something else and something else
and something else. And as soon as the show’s over,
it’s all gonna just fly away. My brain —
I’m gonna retain nothing. But it was a… This is a long-winded way
of saying it was just — we had a lot of help.
I had a lot of help. -My English teacher. My… -I have…
-No, no. -I have the heartbreaking…
-We’ll never know what the — we could just use
our imaginations. -I have the heartbreaking duty to say that we have time
for one more question. -Awwwww. [ Laughter ] -This — hello? This message is for Kristen. How would your character,
Eleanor, interact with Veronica Mars? -Ahh! [ Cheers and applause ] -Anyone seen it yet? [ Cheers and applause ] No, no, no, no, no.
The new one. -The new one.
[ Cheers and applause ] -All of ’em?
-Anyone? [ Scattered cheers ] -Okay.
You all right? Okay. Good. How would Eleanor interact
with Veronica? I mean, that’s kind of
a no-contest. Veronica wouldslayEleanor
so bad. So b– she would drag her. And Eleanor would
barely survive. But I think after Veronica
really gave her what for, Eleanor would have mad respect
for Veronica and be a part of her crew. -Yeah. -Would there be
a physical attraction? -Big time, big time.
-For sure, for sure. [ Cheers and applause ] -Mike Schur… thank you for “The Good Place.” -Mm. [ Cheers and applause ] -Hey, um… [ Cheers and applause continue ] Thank you. [ Cheers and applause continue ] Listen, thank you. Proper thanks for
“The Good Place” goes to about
1,000 people, so… just chill out, all right? Just simmer down. Like every great thing in
this world, it’s collaborative. There are a very, very large
number of people who deserve thanks,
starting with the cast and Drew Goddard
and Marc Evan Jackson and Morgan Sackett and everybody
who works on the show. It’s a real pleasure
to have made it. Thank you.
Thank you so much. -Thank you for being here.
The reason is friends. Please join me in thanking
Manny Jacinto, D’Arcy Carden, Jameela Jamil,
William Jackson Harper, Kristen Bell,
Emmy nominee Ted Danson, Drew Goddard, and Mike Schur. [ Cheers and applause ] -Without further ado,
let’s bring out the cast of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
for a big, fun edition of the night shift
with the “Nine-Nine.” Let’s get the party started. Joel McKinnon Miller! [ Cheers and applause ] Dirk Blocker! [ Cheers and applause ] Joe Lo Truglio! [ Cheers and applause ] The one and only Terry Crews! [ Cheers and applause ] The amazing Melissa Fumero! [ Cheers and applause ] He’s our favorite detective —
no, sorry, no judgment — Andy Samberg! [ Cheers and applause ] And last but certainly
not least, executive producers Dan Goor
and Luke Del Tredici! [ Cheers and applause ] -Andy, I love you!
-Love you, hi! -Love you guys.
-We went with the jumpsuits! [ Cheers and applause ] -Well, let’s start
from the beginning. You know, you heard
Stephanie on the intro video. She asked
for embarrassing stories, so let’s dive in right there. And as Holt would say,
give me your hot goss. -Hot goss? -Give me your
embarrassing stories. What’s your hot goss? Who’s got the good,
embarrassing stories? -Ooh.
-The dirt. -I heard Mahershala,
he’s playing Blade. [ Laughter ] That’s cool. -That is.
-Did you mean about the show? -About the show.
-Oh, yeah. -Each other on set. I mean, you guys clearly
are a fun cast. I mean, what’s it like on set?
How do you get any work done? -Hmm.
-We’re very professional. -Yeah. We work hard. -We like each other. -[ Laughs ] -Joel has a drug problem. [ Laughter ] It’s bad, and we’ve decided
not to talk about it, but if you’re asking for gossip,
that’s the gossip. -Yeah, yeah. -Well, when you guys are taping,
though, who breaks first? Who’s the easiest
to break during a scene? -I mean presently
at this table, me. [ Laughter ] But Chelsea had me beat
the last few seasons, correct? -Yeah, Chelsea stopped trying. [ Laughter ] It kind of became part
of her character that her character
was always laughing. -Yeah. -And since they’re not here,
Steph and Andre. -Yeah, they — they break. -They break all the time,
and they’re not here to defend themselves.
-All the time, every day. They’re not here
to defend themselves. -Nope, not at all.
-But we wanted them to be here. -Yes.
-While they can’t be here, we thought the next best thing would be to have
their presence with us. So, if you guys
could bring out — Andre Braugher,
ladies and gentlemen! Andre Braugher! [ Cheers and applause ] Stephanie Beatriz! [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you for putting them
right behind me. [ Laughter ] Not going to be thinking
about that for the duration. -Well, let’s talk
about last season. Dan and Luke, this was your
first year on NBC. What were some of the things
that you were able to do there that you weren’t
able to do on Fox? -We did a lot of cursing,
a lot of bleeping. Some pixelation.
Did we do any pixelation? We did some pixelation, right? Some nudity? -Well, I said
the dirtiest thing ever. -Oh, yeah. -Yeah, you did.
-It was the dirtiest thing. It was so dirty and nasty. -I don’t even want to talk
about it, Terry. -I know. Everybody at the — they said,
“We’re going to lunch. We got to go to lunch.” -It even shocked me.
-Let’s contextualize ’cause you’re just saying
you said something dirty, like, into space. -But it was part of a —
-There’s a part in the script where the character,
Terry, says something dirty. -Yeah, yeah.
-And it was, like, “Terry, expletive, run,
and then we’ll bleep it.” And I think what the writers
intended was not nearly as shocking
as what Terry actually said. [ Laughter ] Kind of ran with it,
and a lot of demons came out. -Yeah. -The editor started crying
when they heard it. [ Laughter ] -It was, like,
end of “Lost Ark,” yeah. -Because you can’t —
you couldn’t bleep before, but we could bleep on NBC. -And B and the C
and the A was also — the C and the B.
-Oh, yeah. -It was kind of dirty. -It’s my favorite
children’s book. [ Laughter ] -One of my favorite things
about the show, and we were just talking
about this, is the cold opens. First of all, do you guys have
some favorite cold opens, and have there been
any that didn’t work? -Oh. Um, there — We could talk
about favorite cold opens. There is one cold open we shot. It was the second episode
we ever shot. There was a cold open where — that’s the only one
that didn’t work. It’s the only thing we ever did
that didn’t work. Okay. It was the second episode. Jake and Amy pursued a criminal
into a library. Amy was incredibly,
intimately aware. She was, like, “Go to
Dewey Decimal section 3491-2-2,” and then Jake was, like,
“Where?” And then they got into a fight
throwing a book. We sort of hadn’t figured — I think now if we did it,
it would work. -I remember that, yeah. I remember shooting
that cold open. -We should air it and see
if people notice that we look way younger.
-I wrote that. I always thought it was great. -I know.
You bring it up a lot. Favorite cold open? My favorite cold open —
there are a bunch I like. I really love the one where Terry let a tarantula crawl
around on his head. [ Laughter ] -That was so real. -It was.
-Quite. -I love oldest bag, yeah,
when they talk about oldest bag, and then Charles thinks they’re
talking about the oldest person they’ve slept with. -Right.
-That was a good one. -Yeah, that was a good one. I love it — there’s a part
where Jake is laughing, and it’s actually
Andy laughing at Joe. -Oh, in that cold open?
-Yeah, in that cold open, yeah. There’s, like, a reaction shot
of you laughing. It’s you really laughing.
It’s great. -It was on some
sort of Joe riff. -Yeah, yeah. -Butt McGee.
Was Butt McGee going? -Yeah, Butt McGee was going.
-Yeah. -That’s what we call Joe
because he always adds — -I can’t end a scene sometimes,
and I keep talking. -The scene doesn’t stop.
-And the scene doesn’t stop, so I’ve been christened
Butt McGee. -The joke that, like, ends
a scene is called a button, and so we called Joe Butt McGee because he always tries
to add one more at the end. -I can’t stop.
I can’t stop. -Like, “But what if
I went there with you?” -And then.
-Yeah, no. That was the end
of the scene before that. [ Laughter ] -Uh, yeah. -Go ahead.
-No, you. -I liked the — one of the cold
opens I like is, there’s one where Charles is
coming in over and over in different costumes,
and they’re making fun of him. At one point, I don’t know
if the take is in there, but Charles just started
making fun of himself and pointing at himself. That was — that was a laugh. [ Laughter ] -My favorite was — and still makes me laugh
every time is the frosted tips. When he came back from Florida? And you know, “We’re tip buds!” And then when he sees it getting
cut off, and he’s, like, “No!” [ Laughter ] I cannot stop laughing at that. It’s one of the funniest things
I’ve ever seen in my life. -“Yep, yep, yep, yep,
yep, yep, yep,” the coffee open, still the best. That and Backstreet Boys. -Coffee one was a real
leap of faith because it was so much
of an editing joke. We rarely do that where
we’re relying totally on an editing mechanism to make it funny
with the slo-mo and all that. -The Dianne Wiest is also one
that we all love. -Wiest infection. -Wiest infection.
-Yeah. And then the longest stare down
in the history of the show. I love that one. I mean, someone’s got to say
Backstreet Boys, right? [ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah. -Can’t bury the lead. -Yeah. -Let’s shift to Jake and Amy. Andy and Melissa. When you guys first started out,
did you have any idea that they would become
such a beloved couple that, just everyone would root for? -No.
-Yes. No?! [ Laughter ] How did we get feedback? -I don’t know. It’s our energy. -It’s like the comedy gods
being, like, “No!” -I guess we hoped. -We hoped and dreamed.
-Yeah. Ahh. [ Laughter ] -Those of us who were casting
it felt very confident that it was gonna work out. -How did Jake and Amy test, Dan?
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Through the roof, Andy.
-Oh! -Really?
-That’s nice. I love test screenings.
-Yeah. -When we auditioned, actually,
I mean, Andy read with people who were auditioning
for the part of Amy, and we did
a little improvisation after reading a scene. And I think Melissa was one of
the only people, if not the only person,
who had what we call the blow, or the big joke
at the end of the scene. She came up with the joke,
and it was the funniest joke in the scene,
and we sort of ended it there. -And we were, like, “Oh, yeah,
she can hold her own with Andy. She’s fantastic.”
-I did? -Yeah.
-Not really. Not particularly a high bar. [ Cheers and applause ] -I don’t remember that. -And now she dominates me
every day of my life. [ Laughter ] And I’m grateful for it. What else is going on? [ Laughter ] -I want — I do want to say, I remember when we were doing
the pilot, and it was super — it was as if we had already been
doing this for, like, months. -Yeah.
-And we had only been together, like, two days. And I was, like,
“This is special.” And then I got to sit in the office
with Andre Braugher, okay? When I tell you — Yes! First of all —
-Can you believe he’s here? -There he is. And he looked at me
just like that. [ Laughter ] -Terry, Terry, it’s good to sit
in an office with you, too. -But I knew it was special
simply because what he brings. I mean, he grounds the show. He makes it what it is. It’s, like, you can’t imagine it without Andre,
you know what I mean? And I remember it feeling
like that in the beginning. I remember coming home,
like, my God, you won’t believe
the day we just had. Like, I know I enjoyed it. I knew if I loved it,
then someone else would. I have to say,
I did not know it would become as huge as it has become. And I’m so thankful. It’s amazing. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah. -Just going back to Jake and Amy
really quick, Dan, they did not kiss
at all last season on screen. -What?
Not at all? [ Laughter ] No one noticed that? It’s crazy that
you’re bringing that up. If you read the Internet —
if you scour the Internet, you will find not one person
has mentioned that. [ Laughter ] This is a crazy thing. This is a crazy — no, I know. Look.
It’s a great failing. If I had my druthers, 36% of
the show would be them kissing. -Whoo!
-Yeah! -Tenderly.
-Ugh. -14% would be them talking about
how they just kissed. No, there were a number of —
I don’t know what happened. It’s a great —
Mistakes were made. Mistakes were made.
-This is so enjoyable. [ Laughter ] -Mistakes were made,
that’s all I’ll say. Obviously, we love it
when they kiss, but they are — -This is like being told
about sex by your dad. -Yeah, it’s just — -You’ll both have
your clothes off, and I mean, you don’t have
to have your clothes off. -Human skin
can be pleasurable to touch. [ Laughter ] -All animals do it. -Watch your mother and I. [ Laughter ] I don’t know what happened
at your house. -Exactly that. No, here’s the thing. The thing is,
they do work together, and this is a work-based show. In most workplaces,
there aren’t a ton of kisses happening, hopefully. And so I think in the end, what you’ll see is
we did the right thing. Thank you. [ Laughter ] There will be kissing
in season seven. There will be kissing. -Whoo!
-And more. -Yeah! [ Laughter ] -Lots more. It’s gonna be good, guys. [ Laughter ] -Jesus Christ. -I don’t know what’s going on. What, did people want
to see them kiss? Nobody wants to see them kiss. -Yeah!
-Yeah. -I said, “No one wants
to see them kiss,” and you all went, “Yeah.” Thank you. -Dan, I will pay you $1,000
to stop talking about this. [ Laughter ] -Okay. -Let’s talk about the other main
couple on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” here, Joe — Boyle and Jake have one of
the best bromances on all of TV. [ Cheers and applause ] -Do you have a favorite moment? -A favorite moment?
-Favorite moment? -I love when we — when Jake and Char–
-They should kiss more! -I feel like you
should kiss more. -Right?
-I agree. But favorite moment
is when we kissed. Wait a minute. I liked when we thought it was
our last ride, and, you know, we’re kind of starting to cry
when we’re staking out the job. And I liked that moment. Two guys just getting real
with each other. I don’t know. I think it’s important to show
that affection is important, and nothing to be ashamed off. -Aww.
-There’s no joke there. There’s no joke there. Andy, you do the joke. -I already did
the kissing thing. -Okay. Go back and forth.
It’s like tennis. [ Laughter ] -This is awkward.
It’s awkward. -I got you.
-I like tennis. I like tennis. -Terry, you win
the Cinco de Mayo Halloween heist last year. [ Cheers and applause ] And you were spray painted gold. First of all, how much fun
was that episode for you, and were you happy that
Terry finally got the win? -Say that again.
I’m sorry. I got a cold. -Was the Halloween heist
satisfying, and being painted gold fun? -Oh, yes. Um, no.
No, it wasn’t. First of all, it was
very, very satisfying because we do not know
who’s going to win. We literally know it’s going
to be a heist, and we get the script,
and then we read it. We’re, like, “Aah!” And they write it, but you feel
like you actually did win it ’cause you’re so smart,
you know what I mean? [ Laughter ] But being painted gold hurt. It hurt a lot. -Does it hurt when you sweat,
like, little pimples? -I’m allergic to, like,
nickel and metal, and they were, like, well,
there’s no metal in the makeup. But it was in the suit, and so I was itching all week,
and I broke out. I was, like, “Ah!” But I was, like, “But the joke
is gonna be worth it!” [ Laughter ] And it was. It was. Ohh. [ Cheers and applause ] I’ll be gold again! I have no problem with that. -So — so Holt mentioned that the heist would move back
to Halloween last season. Dan and Luke,
what can we expect from that? -Uh, that he was wrong.
No, I mean, we’re mid-season, so we don’t know exactly
when our first air date will be, but it will be
after Halloween. I mean, that doesn’t mean we
won’t figure out some clever way of making it actually having
been Halloween or something, but sadly, we will not be able
to have a heist on or around Halloween of 2020. -Hear me out.
Time travel. [ Laughter ] -Wait a second.
-Hear me out. -Okay. -There’s a DeLorean. -Interesting. No, but we love — I mean, as fans of the show
ourselves, we love the heists, and we will continue to do them
whenever we are on the air. And I was really — we thought the Cinco de Mayo
solution was kind of cool. So… -Phrased weird. -I won it.
I won it, so it’s done. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -But, Dan, you do have
another announcement about something
coming back next season. -Oh, oh! We are gonna do
the Jimmy Jab Games again. [ Cheers and applause ] -Which is to say, we’re just
gonna show it this time ’cause they do it every year,
as stated in the first one. [ Laughter ] Anyway, what do you think,
Andre? [ Laughter ] He’s a goof. [ Laughter ] -Dirk and Joel, we finally
saw young Hitchcock and Scully last season. [ Cheers and applause ] Flat Top and the Freak.
How good was that? How did you respond to learning
about their past as young cops, and is there a part of you
that kind of wants to see them back
in action like that again? -Well, I think the guy
that played Scully could have been
a little bit more ripped. [ Laughter ] And I think the love affair
between Hitchcock and Scully is really something to behold. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah! -I know I like to be holded. [ Laughter ] -We had a wonderful time,
and we thought those two young gentlemen
were terrific, and we just had a blast. I think you all enjoyed it, too,
and we really appreciated that. [ Cheers and applause ] -One of the other things that
I really enjoy about this show is that it’s not afraid
to kind of go there when it comes
to issue-driven comedy. Melissa, what kind of response did you get last season
from the #MeToo episode? -Whew. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. Um, you know, obviously even
before that episode was written, that was something that was
almost a daily conversation for me and other women
and men in my life. And obviously Terry
and everything that he came forward with. So when they wrote that episode,
it felt very personal. And I thought the writers
really nailed the tone of it, and the way they presented
it felt really authentic, like they weren’t pushing
a sort of side or opinion. It was just, like, this is how
this happens in real life. So, and yeah, and I think for
people to see Amy vulnerable, you know, that was really
satisfying just as an actor because I don’t think
we could have done that earlier in our run. That felt like something you can
only do in a season six. You’ve sort of gotten to a place
where you’ve earned it with a character. And it feels more special
to see her in that light. And then just the response
from women of men of feeling, of, thank you
for telling the story. Also from a lot of
people being, like, “I never kind of thought
of it this way,” or, “My eyes were opened
to these kind of issues and how these things
can unfold.” Yeah, I was really,
really proud of that episode. I thought Stephanie Beatriz
knocked it out of the park. -It was amazing to have
my friend behind the camera. -And behind you in cutout form.
-Yeah. Yeah, and I
got to do those scenes with my favorite
scene partner, so. -Aw.
-See? Chemistry. Can I just say that, also, I thought you
and Stephanie and Andy, the writers spent a lot of time,
really, working on this episode. But we really listened
to the feedback from them. In an earlier draft, I think
we had a much sort of rosier, sunnier ending. And it was really important
to everyone to show that it wasn’t a simple
cut-and-dry solution. And if you really look
at the ending of it, it’s a really sort of
a split decision. It’s not like things — we really try not to
tie things up with a bow. And it was really important —
I think the writers got — we got a little bit scared
at a certain point, and the actors really kind of
forced our hand and said, “Like, let’s not tie
this up with a bow. Let’s make this
a little more difficult.” So, thank you. -Thank you, Dan. [ Applause ] -Luke, how important is it
to you guys to continue to tackle important subjects,
and can you say anything about anything you’re working on
for next season? -I mean, I think it’s
incredibly important that we do what we’ve — I think that we’ve received
great feedback, and it’s, like, you know,
I think that one thing that’s been amazing
about the response, especially in the last
few years, to the show and also understanding
how much the show reaches people and how much it affects
people’s lives, it’s incredible
on a creative level just to feel, like, appreciated. But it also brings with it
a lot of, like, a sense of responsibility,
I think, that we feel this is — we’re putting something out into
the world, and we really see it. And I think we all take very
seriously the responsibility to do something with that power,
you know? And as we’re putting stuff
into the world, we are very conscious
about trying to put good into the world, lead conversations
that are important. So I think we will continue
to do it. I don’t think we’ve talked
about this year anything — and I don’t know —
There are big episodes that are obviously
issue episodes, there was the #MeToo episode,
or where Terry was racially profiled,
but there’s also — we try to think of it in terms
of little moments, too. Little throwaway lines or jokes
that just show that we — acknowledge real-world problems
and issues for people and try to make it clear that,
as much as it’s a comedy show that people should laugh at,
that it’s also, you know, that there’s things
in the world out there, and that we’re not just existing
totally in a vacuum. -But also we’re definitely gonna
continue following Rosa’s story and Rosa’s story
with her parents and the relationships
that she gets into. And there are — if we — there are issues
we are interested in. It’s just — it’s really
important to us to tackle them in a way
that is fair to the issue, and also still funny
in some capacity. Thank you, clown person. -That’s Harley Quinn.
-Thank you, Harley Quinn. [ Applause ] -You guys said farewell
to Chelsea Peretti and Gina last season. Dan and Luke, now that we’ve
seen her exit, first of all, have you talked
about her returning at all in some capacity here and there? And is there a chance we’ll see
more of a revolving door when it comes
to assistants for Holt? -Um, that’s a great question.
I think it — it’s, like, a very tempting thing to have
a revolving door of assistants. And certainly, it’s been
very funny on other shows. I just feel like Gina
is so irreplaceable. It’s very hard —
-It seems unfair to whatever actor
we would put in that spot to have to do anything
to live up to Chelsea at all. But I think we’ve talked at great length
about bringing her back, and we’d like to bring her back
for multiple episodes. -Multiple episodes.
-Big plots, little plots,
little jokes here and there. We would love to have her
as much as — -But if the actor was Brad Pitt.
-What’d you say? -What if — what if the actor
was Brad Pitt, would that still be unfair? [ Laughter ] -We would use Brad Pitt. [ Laughter ] -Knew it, I knew it.
I knew it. -Let’s talk a little bit
about the finale. Holt winds up back on patrol. How long can we expect him
to remain a patrolman? I mean, and what is that gonna
do the rest of the 99? -No spoilies.
I think that we want to — we want to pay tribute
to the cliffhanger. We’re not just gonna blow
past it, and it’s definitely — the reason we decided to do that
as a cliffhanger was because it’s a change in the dynamic, which will change
everyone else’s dynamic. And also, we’ve done things
like this before. But every time we’ve done
something like this, the people who are displaced
are literally displaced. And so they’re not in
the squad anymore. They’re not in the precinct. And that makes it really
difficult to write stories, which also puts a lot
of pressure on us to reverse the cliffhanger. So, for instance,
if Jake and Rosa go to jail, they can’t do stories
with other people at the 99, but what’s attractive to us
about demoting Holt is that he’s in the squad
while demoted. And so this change
affects everyone, and it affects him
with everyone, and it allows him
to interact with everyone. -Yeah. Terry, now that your character
has been promoted to lieutenant, or lieut, what would you like
to see him do next season? -Wow.
You know, this is one thing I love about the show, is that every episode,
the world changes. You can tell where you are
in the whole world of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
by where everyone is. I mean, you look at
the relationship between you and Chelsea’s character. If you watch that, you’re, like,
“Oh, yeah, that was season two.” You know what I mean? This whole thing about everyone
moving up and wanting a goal
of moving into another — into another place, I think,
is necessary, especially in this time of TV
where shows have to end. It’s kind of crazy,
but I remember when, like, “Fantasy Island”
would go forever, you know what I mean? But when you look at
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and you have to
build the suspense. And I think by
giving everyone goals means that we may not
be together forever. It’s a beautiful place. I’m — listen, I know.
I’m — I’m a downer right now. No, I’m here to tell you,
though. I’m here to tell you
that there’s so much more in each one of these characters. This is why this show
has fulfilled so many people. When I see Amy’s character
moving up and on, and the dynamic that it changes. It’s like a beautiful dance,
and I can’t wait to see. I literally can’t wait
to see what this — ’cause we don’t know. I mean, only this man — these two guys on the end know
what’s gonna happen to us. So, it’s really, really cool. It’s a little scary,
but it’s cool. -This season also saw —
or last season also saw Jake and Amy have that real
heart-to-heart conversation about having children. First of all,
what kind of parents do you think that they’ll be? And I mean,
let’s just start there. What kind of parents
do you think they’ll be? And is that something that
you’re hoping to see sooner rather than later? -I feel like Jake will be good. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] -Title of your sex tape. -I don’t know that Amy would
agree with that 100%. Nah, she would.
-She would. I think she would.
-Yeah. God, they both would probably
be a little extra. Amy, for sure. -But thorough.
-Just so thorough. -I truly think Jake would be
great because of the things that he talks about in that
episode where they’re discussing whether or not they should,
which is, he’s had such a tumultuous
relationship with his own dad that he wants to fix it
sort of moving forward, by making it a better experience
for his own kid. -Yeah. Yeah, I think
they’d be sweet parents. -And before you can have a baby,
you have to do some kissing. [ Laughter ] -Whoo-whoo-whoo! -I don’t understand why we need
to see Jake and Charles kissing before Jake
and Amy have a baby. But I’ll do it!
I’m in! [ Laughter ] -You guys have had so many
guest stars, especially this last season. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Nicole Byer,
Tim Meadows, and Mario Lopez,
who could forget? For the cast, who else would you
like to see swing by the 99, and what role would they have? Who would they play? -Who are your dream — who your dream guest
star would be. Joel, who’s your
dream guest star? -Sting.
-Yeah. -[Bleep] yeah! -Not what I expected.
-Yeah. -Zero hesitation. -You’ve been thinking
about that. -Was sitting there this
whole time going, “Please ask me
about the guest star.” -Man, I hope I can say Sting! -My — my wife says
I remind her of Sting. [ Laughter ] -That’s so tight. I see it. -Dirk?
-Oh, uh, hmm. I think I’ve pitched this
before, but I think Jack Nicholson
would fit really well with the Brooklyn 99. “Prizzi’s Honor.” Check out “Prizzi’s Honor.” He is so friggin’ funny
in that thing. -Uh, look, I’m gonna come out
and just say Mark Hamill. -Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah! -I’d like to see
Mr. Mark Hamill. I know — I would love to see
him play a villain, but I’ll — if he plays an ice cream man,
I’d be happy. And so would Boyle,
so that would be my pick. -I second that. I’m just on the Mark Hamill
thing, definitely. Definitely, Mark Hamill. -Um — I always say Amy Poehler,
but I don’t know if I’d be able to say
any of my lines. [ Laughter ] So, if you ever write that,
if she ever comes, just have me in the scene
staring at her. Thanks. -I mean, for me, I guess
it would just be such an honor and a thrill if, like, Andre or Stephanie show
the [bleep] up for a change. [ Laughter ] -Yeah!
-I’m kidding! -We love them!
-We love them! I needed a joke!
-Wow! -Bruce Willis, obviously. [ Cheers and applause ] -Can we just start a — we were talking about this
earlier, a Twitter campaign. What was the hashtag
we came up with? -#BWilly99.
-Yeah, #BWilly99. -Yes.
-And let’s — I think we can make this happen
with public pressure. -Yes! -We have no idea
if he’s even aware of his legacy on this show. -Very doubtful.
-Or he knows — -But if we make it
a big enough thing, then people will have to have —
he’ll have to, like, respond. -Shame him!
-Yes! [ Laughter ] Let’s shame him on to
the show, you guys. We can do this. -He strikes me as the type
that would be into that. [ Laughter ] I’m not gonna get punched
at some event for it. -It’s for the show, man.
-Dan, I think you have a guest star announcement? -Uh — oh, yeah. Vanessa Bayer, I think,
will be on the show this year, who is very funny
and super great. And we’re gonna do hopefully
a little mini-arc with her. And obviously, Sting.
We’ll have Sting. -Yeah. -Playing Joel’s twin brother. -Yeah! [ Laughter ] -We’re gonna do audience
questions in a minute, so if you want to line up, we’re gonna get to that
in just a second. But, you know, looking ahead,
Luke, what’s still on the show’s bucket list that
you’d really like to see do, that you’d like to do next? -What’s on the show’s
bucket list? We’ve been talking forever,
for four years now about Holt and Kevin’s
vow renewal ceremony. We talk about it every year, and
then we don’t get around to it. I really would like to. Marc Evan Jackson reminds us
about it every chance he can. -Yeah, he does. -I think at this point,
we’re doing it — not doing it
just to spite him. -He calls in the middle
of the night. It’s weird. Is there anything else
on the bucket list for you guys? -Um — -I mean,
I don’t have a bucket list. -You got to get a bucket list.
-I do? -Yeah, that’s a thing people do. -I remember at the end
of season one, we had a bunch of ideas
written up on the board, just general ideas, and we got through
all of them in season one. We ran through everything
except for two, and one said, “Charles does devil sticks.” And we got to that. The other said,
“Jake loves honey mustard.” And I don’t — I don’t know
exactly how we’ll work that in, but I feel like if we could
get to it, it would be great. -I always thought
it would be funny if Charles took up pole dancing for an exercise class
and broke his pelvis. -I’m in! I’m in! I’m in. [ Cheers and applause ] I’ll do it. -That’s actually very good. -I’d actually like to see — have a flashback of the first
time Charles and Jake meet. -Ooh.
-That’s good. -I want to see that.
-Yeah, when Chuckie met Jakie. [ Laughter ] -Do you —
what was the episode title? -“When Chuckie Met Jakie.” -All right, then.
-There you go. It’s half written. Do you think they would like
each other right off the bat? -Uh, I think yes, for Boyle. -Love at first sight? -Yeah.
-Yeah. -For Jake, I don’t know.
-What song do you think would be playing in Boyle’s mind
when he first saw Jake? -“The Wind Beneath My Wings.” [ Laughter ] -I think so, too. -Sung by Sting.
-Ah. Or just Joel, who would be able
to tell the difference? -That’s true. -“Every Breath You Take”
is pretty much the — yeah. -We’re gonna take our first
question from the audience. While the cast would
love to hug — take hugs and selfies
with everyone, let’s please limit that
and not do that at all, okay? They send all their hugs
and all their selfies, but let’s stick to questions. -Hi, I’m Ethan.
I really enjoy your show. I like to watch it at home
with my mom and dad. And my question is that, how do you guys feel
about the original Cheddar and his sister playing
in the show, like, in the Halloween heist? And is there a big change
in their performance? -You guys can speak
to that more. I think there — the original
Cheddar and his sister both did an excellent job. I think — you guys were
on set more with them. -I can’t speak to it
because we won’t be on set together at the same time
because we used to date and we don’t talk
to each other anymore. -It’s so awkward.
-It’s very uncomfortable. He dated both the original
Cheddar and the sister. -Yeah. -No, obviously,
the elephant in the room is that the original Cheddar
passed away, which we’re all very sad about. But after 13 years of life, which is 91 years in dog years,
so did great. -Yeah. And his sister’s great. -Yeah. [ Laughter ] I mean, it’s a bummer. -Young man, thank you
for watching the show. -Yeah. -We appreciate you
and your question. -Hi, my name is Madison. -Hi.
-Hi. So, I want to ask Terry, what is
your favorite flavor of yogurt? -Ohh. [ Cheers and applause ] This is serious business now,
serious business. Now, on the show,
they wrote mango. And it was discontinued. But in real life —
in real life, my favorite flavor — [ Laughter ] Strawberry with fruit
on the bottom! -You are a wild man! -I know!
-[Bleep] -I know! I know! [ Laughter ] -Flabbergasted.
-I’m sorry. -What did he say?
-Strawberry. -Strawberry,
fruit on the bottom. Strawberry, fruit on the bottom! -Wow.
-Not the Greek stuff! Full fat, fruit on the bottom. -You like to stir?
-You’re a wild man. -Usually in the glass jars. You know those little
special ones you get with the real, like —
I’m sorry. No, I love yogurt, I do.
I really do. It’s awesome. Thank you.
-Great question. -That was a great question. -Hi, guys. My name is Katie.
I love your show. I just have a two-part question,
very quick. One, are we ever going to see
a Lonely Island together cameo? -Ooh! [ Cheers and applause ] Yes! -Uh, well, Akiva and Jorma
have both been on the show. -But as The Lonely Island? -We have to get Jorm’s weirdo
mini-golf arcade character from Florida
to come to Brooklyn. And Akiva’s blind guy? -No depth perception.
-No depth perception guy. -Because you shot him
in the face. -On accident! [ Laughter ] All in the same place,
and then I assume rapping. [ Laughter ] So, I’m gonna give you
a definite maybe. [ Laughter ] -And my second —
Ohh. -Think about what
you did, Andre. Stand back there. [ Laughter ] -I’m Gio. I actually do a survey
for all these panels to see who is,
like, here for everything. I got bored in line, so it was
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was in the top three, so that’s awesome,
and I love you guys a lot. But my question is,
are we gonna see more from, like, Rosa and her
secret life and everything? All of the apartments
and everything? -That’s a great question.
-Yeah, no. I’m aware of the character
of Rosa. -Her many pursuits. -Yeah, I think
we might see more, but this is an ongoing debate. I think you raise
a good question ’cause I think seeing
some is good. I kind of feel, like,
the fantasy of her life may be more fun and funnier
than the reality to some extent. And so I think
it’s a balancing act. But it’s definitely an issue
in the writer’s room. A contentious one. Thank you for your question.
That’s a great question. -Hi! My name’s Angela. Lonely Island concert
in New York was amazing. -Thank you. It’s my fake
rap group, you guys. -Yeah. [ Laughter ] The pervert Jake and Kevin is,
like, my favorite disguise. I was wondering if you guys had your favorite
disguise in the show. -Favorite what, guys? -Disguise.
-Oh, disguise. Man, that one was good. I feel like Jake and Charles
were longshoremen for one shot. -Yeah.
-Twink. -That was pretty funny.
-That was a cold open. That was funny. -I remember we had our smiles
painted on and came in in disguise
as we were walking in. -Oh, yeah. The Parnell episode where
he’s doing coke in the bathroom. -Yeah, yeah. -Skyfire, you guys were great
in Skyfire disguises. -Oh, what? Skyfire?
-What?! Yeah!
-No, what?! I can’t believe you put that on! -Like a year ago. -What, and just
waiting for this? -Yeah, for this moment. -You had that on the whole time?
-It was worth it for the year. [ Laughter ] -I loved the first
Pontiac Bandit when you’re in the white suit,
when you walk out in slo-mo. -His dad’s suit, right? -You looked like a Boyz II Men
Christmas album. -Yeah.
-…is Stephanie’s line. But it’s set to
“Mama Said Knock You Out.” -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Hi!
-Hi. -This question is for Terry
’cause Terry is my favorite. I love all of you,
but Terry’s my favorite. -No, that’s great. That’s good.
I’m glad we flew down. [ Laughter ] -Don’t do that
with your kids ever. -Other — other than the yogurt,
what is — other than the yogurt thing,
what is a personality or a characteristic
that is definitely not Terry Crews, but is definitely
Sergeant Terry? -Wow!
Um, let’s see. Uhh — Whoo, that’s a big one. It’s all me, I ain’t gonna lie. It’s very — they’ve taken
every part of my life and put it in the show,
thank you. -You get paid for it. -Does Terry Crews
wear suspenders? -No, no!
I don’t wear suspenders. That is a really good one. I have never worn suspenders until this show,
and there it is. That was — man,
he had the answer. -And, Terry, I have to ask. Are you a cop? [ Laughter ] Because if so, you been narcing. -Well, I’m a snitch,
so you know. [ Laughter ] -You a cop?! [ Laughter ] -That question was so good,
can she get a sweatsuit? -All right.
-Are we gonna give away a — we got to give her
one of these suits. [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you! That was a brilliant question. I’m sorry, I had to —
I’m giving gifts. I’m giving stuff away! I’m giving things away here! I’m crazy.
-I’ll do it. -Oh, hey, hey, hey!
-What is happening? I don’t know what’s under there! -It’s there! [ Laughter ] -What are you doing to Rosa?! -It’s anatomically correct. -She sent such
a beautiful video! -All right. Oh, yeah, she’s cool. She’s cool, yeah. -Oh, it’s Rosa.
-There you go. -There you go.
-Yes! We’re giving things away! I love you! [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s how we do it
in Nine-Nine! [ Cheers and applause ] I’m drunk with power right now. [ Laughter ] -We have time
for one more question. -Hi. A lot of pressure.
-Look at this. -Oh, my God, yeah.
-Aw. -It was gonna be
a Cheddar question, but that already happened, so I
had to kind of think on the fly. First, thank you guys. You actually threw
my son’s bar mitzvah, but you might not remember
that from episode five, so thank you for that. But my question I guess
would be, obviously, Stewart, the corgi, passed. Do you guys have any — did you learn anything
about corgis from working with him
on set, maybe? You guys had a whole episode
dedicated to one of the various Cheddars. -They hold romantic grudges,
apparently. [ Laughter ] -I just — I just don’t want
to be on the set. -He refused to say
what happened. That’s all I’m saying.
-You don’t want to know. Did you learn anything
about corgis, Dan? -I learned that
they are a great dog. They’re beautiful, beloved,
wonderful. Look at them. Heavy, they’re heavy. -Oh, yeah, Terry.
-Very heavy. -Is there anything else
we learned about them? -Would you guys like
to pet some? -There are two corgis down here
for all of you who can’t see them,
and they’re very cute. -They’re very cute. -And apparently,
Terry’s a [bleep] cop! [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -You can arrest me any time! -Ohh!
-Yeah, yeah. -Have you done
something illegal? -Yeah, what did you do?
-What the hell did you do? -Was that a confession?
What did you do? -That is a legally
binding confession! -Well, that is sadly all
the time that we have tonight. -Oh, no!
-Aww, that went so fast. -But before we go, we have
a little treat for you guys. -Wait, can we say one thing? We just want to say thank you
to all of you. You guys are the best fans
in the world. We mean it.
We love you so much! Thank you so much! [ Cheers and applause ]

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