Natureboy And Velvet Coupling Up The Squad Again Only @ Carbonnation SMH

can y’all hear me now okay so the question is is it too loud
is a question is the volume too loud let me know cuz I don’t need nobody saying
I’m trying to blow their eardrums out okay good well I just got a new computer
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have in January 29 2020 so there’s only a couple of months old this this model I
have so the volume so I’m saying Hudson is it loud now this is what I’m asking
you I want to make sure that is not loud now yeah because on my old computer the
speakers basically had went out so that was one reason that even though my voice
carries I’m very loud the speakers um were all jacked up thank you guys this
is for work so this is not really a congratulations if I don’t have a
computer I can’t do work okay thank you uh Singh yeah so I kind of figured that
it wasn’t armed now let me do one test thing and let me know if it’s this too
low I’m gonna do something for one and let me know if I do this can you hear me
now or is this too low I need to know this is low or too loud hey lazy okay it’s better okay so I’m gonna keep
it on for now if it’s too low let me know okay that’s perfect okay so anyways
let me just um start off by saying hi to my lovelies hey Hudson hey Martin how
are you sweetie hey naughty ma hey vermillion hey
Stephanie Brown a nurse yin yang babe Darrell judgment coming
whatever that means Annie Mae punkin circle let me see
Jared i-55 how’re you sweetie honestly chatty news TV what’s good with you
pumpkin circle how will you sweetie Stephanie fear let me see who did I’ll
make sure they miss nobody Shay call me kike kiya
you know I’d be messing up some names naughty mom how are you Annie Mae okay
if I missed anybody I didn’t hey lady tea make sure y’all hit that like button
as y’all come in hit the like button and I just want to get in to this discussion
here now you know this is a sad sad day today
I seen a video cuz they’re now doing lives let me tell you something guys
Nature Boy ought to be ashamed of himself because this is this all of what
he’s doing has been in the works from day one he’s the only one that has known
about his alternative motive for for his viewers now he had alive what was it
yesterday or I want to say yesterday or it was yesterday and he was talking
about how we had about over a thousand people viewing him on IG like they used
to come into his lives Nature Boy is doing this stuff to get his followings
back up to get his donations back up so if he has to use
velvet and and and his little baby the cash cows to generate these views the
audience the donations he’s gonna do anything any means necessary somebody
said I should be doing a video on nature boy playing with viewers emotions
because he’s trying to play both sides monogamy and polygamy and you cannot be
both we all know you can’t be both and it’s kind of sad that he thinks that you
know this community is slow hey sweet mouth full life how are you how are you
sweetie hey I’m here sis I’m at work hello chat that was a good day
peace to you how are you sweetie tisha Tony said I don’t think valve came back
me and you know you know I’m actually this question did y’all hear about arm
Velvets father and stepmother then they heat it at velvet they said that she’s a
knot just like nature boy I must say one thing to you did y’all see my video when
I talked about she had on put up a painting for $35 on her Facebook page
and she was back selling her art put away in the chat if y’all seen that now
if you did right around that time that she was on selling that painting maybe a
day later Nature Boy was m.i.a off of all social media platforms for about
five days and then it was Valentine’s Day and then he appeared now get where
I’m going with this you guys she was selling a painting like a day before and
then maybe four days later I went out to ig when I had went live with
you guys the ones that was on live with me the post was only up for an hour so I
knew a lot of people didn’t know that they were back together but like four
days after I had seen velvet on her Facebook page she had like a painting
she was selling it for $35 four days later and that was on Valentine’s Day
she was back with Nature Boy i’ma tell you this I don’t care what nobody say
they must have just reconciled that was I don’t believe that velvet and him was
undercover seeing each other I think they did the same thing like they did
the last time when she left and then you know how relationships are after a while
one of them breaks down and they contact the other the other ones missing the one
that contacted you know the other first and and then they start talking again I
don’t natureboy can maybe scene make it seem
like he’s um it was calculated and it was it was it was planned that was not
planned I’m telling you he just was in contact and my opinion would velvet he
ran the wooly Bobo to velvet because velvet be going for anything
because she’s in love with him and she’s thinking in her mind that he’s gonna
eventually see that every time she leaves he misses her so much in her mind
that he’s going to continue to see that she’s the only woman for him which
that’s not the case at all Nature Boy is doing bad and for some reason as much as
he tries to downplay velvet velvet when she’s around she’s either bringing money
that she’s making when she’s not a woman when she’s away from him or when they
get back together whether people want to see them together or not people are
undercover sending donations because they want to see the love in the flip
flop that’s what they’re paying for you ever heard of somebody
laughing at you and not with you it’s the same scenario with our people who
donate have these people don’t like velvet but they like the chemistry or
when them two get together it’s a clown show it’s it’s if it’s free love and
hip-hop and you’ll be surprised at how many people are literally donated to
these people to keep them on social media and to keep this loving flip-flop
going going on you’ll be surprised it’d be the ones
that say I ain’t giving them my money be the ones be donating undercover we don’t
know it because you know that’s personal information but you’ll be surprised of
the people who are donating to these characters yes I said characters cuz
that’s what they are characters number read some of these comments he I don’t
want no one to think that I’m ignoring them make sure you hit that like button
come on now let me see I know arm let me see okay I don’t think the others coming
back with people give him money but people will watch right tisha I’m
concerned about ayat two are Martin and stuff I ain’t I really am
yup Brown I velvet is really back there he says that he isn’t either polygamists
or my noggin see you you said I’m saying tisha
Tony you you see what you mean you’re not either polygamists or monogamy you
you said when when you had promised velvet that she was going to you know be
monogamous that you that she was gonna be monogamous and then a month or three
weeks later you said you was armed polygamous and that’s what you wanted to
be and nobody could change that she was gonna either deal with it and stay or
she could leave now you’re saying that you you’re neither polygamy or monogamy
see that’s them Gaines people like that I stay far away from because they don’t
wish no good on you hey Jen tea they don’t wish no good on
you they want to keep you confused for no reason and it’s not called for and
then he wants to get mad you know say you know why y’all pocket watching why
you hating on me don’t worry about my donations and this net another stop
being fraudulent stop saying one thing one day and they’re saying sir
natureboy can literally say something yesterday you could even show him the
recording it could be audio and video and he’s still denied that he said that
that’s how much of a narcissist he is natureboy is wearing the bull head that
she made turn the old I know that really that really pretty one with the arm with
the black crystals in it you talk about that one brown-eyed nurse
when did pop say velvet was a narcissist OMG yeah it was arm they had went live
and because I guess it would last to find out arm sweet mouth for life that
velvet went back to nature boy and they was pissed if you go onto arm Velvets
father Paige he got that word knock all over
that poor armed IG Paige he’s too – wood velvet you know I’m saying she’s burning
too many bridges and see what i’ma say to y’all
that’s what Nature Boy wants her to do to continue to fall foot you know I’m
sorry I miss you this is not another and get to the point where the family will
just be like listen I’m done with you you stay you stay over there with that
dude because you didn’t crossed us too many times we can’t even trust you cuz
see you got to understand blood can be worse than outsiders people stop
sleeping don’t think that just because God made somebody your family that you
can trust them that is that’s far from the truth that’s good I finally made a
lot that’s good Z Z QWERTY he makes velvet look dumb every time he always do
you name t-shirt Tony yep I said it right I be trying that redbone said
piece as to how you doing sweetie um he will tell though but what she wants to
hear so she can bring the money back you already know you already know just like
he denied hold on I just want him to fast where’s bran I’d said something a
minute just like he denied saying he had a disease right and just like he did
that kid but when that’s what Velva was there and then he says um well it’s it
might not be accurate because I ate something you’re not supposed to eat
anything before you take the test that right they’d let you know you was trying
to sabotage that test so that if it came out negative or positive if it came out
that you had it you would say it wasn’t accurate because you ate something okay
and a lot of people what they don’t understand is that test that he took was
not supposed to on the spot just tell him if he
negative or positive he was supposed to mail that in back in to the lab and then
come back with the results and we have not heard yet of those results people
might say that’s not our business and you’re right is not our business but you
got on there and made it our business by you and of it going live showing some
test trying to prove that this is his health status so that you made it our
business Shea called me key I’m Kiki I don’t know how people follow him and
believe they’re teaching you know what let me say something to you you know I
this is this is gonna be a bear of bad news Nature Boy is not a master teacher
if people don’t notice by now that you know there’s a lot of people that are
like wow you know they’re there they’re like devastated you know of what they’re
hearing about Nature Boy not knowing Nature Boy is not a master teacher he’s
not a messiah he’s a scammer he’s a scammer at its finest he’s just a good
scammer he’s makes you believe that what he’s teaching you he’s knowledgeable in
that area he’s not knowledgeable all that grounding I’m living off the earth
and all that crap when have you seen Nature Boy doing videos and the jungle
he’s always in an air B&B or he’s always inside of somebody’s house in the States
these days and babble on inside there’s nothing um living in nature is nothing
grounding about nature boy he’s scamming and see it’s better to tell the truth
and to keep up with a lie because the truth remains the same the lie you got
to keep up with and you’re starting to see for yourself by his actions what he
contradicts himself and says out of his mouth and tries to then retract with
somebody calls him out on it that’s why he’s always when he’s on live if you
think somebody’s trying to come at him and question him like he’s on trial he
blocks him hangs up on him that’s because he is a scammer he
doesn’t have time to go back and forth about a
teaching or a debate all he has time to do is to say something about something
that he took from dr. savvy or some of the elders that really was serious about
holistic lifestyle and healing and he likes to teach this to the public like
you did mama deer and get donations or get people’s residuals if people are
getting s-s-i checks or SSDI checks come on over why because that money is going
to be make it accessible for Nature Boy to not have to work a job so he could
sit on live and run game and have chicks in his dams and and he can ask them to
send naked pictures of themselves and all that nonsense he has time to do that
now because he’s taking somebody’s money that they get monthly or every two weeks
that come over there and they’re putting that money into the pot so that it takes
care of his lifestyle which is a being a bum that garden was a joke somebody
loves that 173 make sure y’all hit that like button let me read some of these
comments Hey a sink that’s right hey O’Neal what’s good with you all right
let me read some of these comments anything you put out in public it’s
public business no question redbone said that’s right Hudson bingo said he’s a
master manipulator yup he’s a master manipulator at his finest up it’s
obvious he’s a fraud he’s definitely a fraud hey hello II love 173 I know I
don’t understand how people believe him you know why people believe them because
sometimes when you come from a place of you know
you fell short you know you’re going through things in your life sometimes
people don’t like to hear the truth because they you know the lie sounds
better it’s just I’m gonna give you a good
example of what I mean by that you could be in a relationship with a man and you
know that mother hubba is cheating like a son of a– you know he’s doing it
sometimes you didn’t probably seen him do it
he could be down the street and you could see him you might have 20/20
vision and you could have seen that son of a gun just kiss that chick that you
knew he was messing with and he can come home you packing his clothes up if
somehow you’ll know what the truth is but while you’re packing is close-up
baby I don’t want that ugly woman I don’t want that ugly guy I want you baby
you got to understand how I love you I don’t I don’t want anything to do with
that woman I wasn’t kissing on her when I was trying to I’m telling you and then
all of a sudden she’s unpacking and putting this stuff back in the drawer
it’s called denial when people fall short we all fall short something we all
fall short in life and we want that comfort from somebody else that
everything’s gonna be okay even if the person that’s telling you that ain’t
worth a damn we go for it and he’s meeting people that have fall short they
have fallen short they don’t have no one to turn to they probably didn’t did
trifling things that they don’t even wanna tell their family or friends they
could tell nature boy because he’s dysfunctional and that’s how he gets
them people who have fell short has have been through things in their life trials
and tribulations and he’s taken advantage of that make sure y’all hit
that like button hey II win how are you and it’s sad let’s put some hearts up
into the chat y’all let’s flip them colorful hearts up in the chat I feel so
much better now that I got this um new computer up and running it only took me
actually about a half an hour to set everything up everything by default all
my apps came back on how to install a couple
apps were one or two apps on to the computer but than that I said to myself
we’re gonna do a live today honey I’m gonna start doing more lives with y’all
but yeah man it’s just crazy did y’all see the arm Dupree coupling everybody
back up everyone’s not coupled up yet but they
already started coupling up some of the carbonation members they’re not all
coupled up yet put a wire in the chat if y’all seen the pre coupling they haven’t
all been coupled yet but you know how do you how do you allow somebody to have
somebody chiefess velvet how do you allow velvet to just come back over
there at the drop of a dime now all of a sudden you give natureboy those are not
your why’s if your if your arm giving them away to the people in your
community that’s not called polygamy if you’re sharing your wives with other men
that that’s not called polygamy and those are not your wives I guess you’re
right you call them attachments because that’s all that is I don’t get it and
he’ll make it make sense he’ll make that make sense in religions
or nationalities where you know in countries where men have multiple wives
you don’t hit them giving giving it wise away like like it’s a rental car that’s
how you know he’s a he’s a fraud he changes the title that fits the moment
yup it’s crazy it’s called nasty Duva says do vol 9 zero five five said nasty
exactly trifling mushy I hit the like button now come on now my voice is
hoarse my voice is hoarse like I’ve been yelling I ain’t even been Yellin smash
that like button for the ones that are just coming in to the live is not adding
up now it says they can’t make their own relay
should work why in the hell would they allow themselves to be matched up exactly you right about that
so I guess somebody got to make a decision for him I’m telling you man I
would have been left out from there I’m sorry I did I can’t I can’t
but I’m stuck the more I research and look at these lives the more I say to
myself I don’t I don’t even feel bad for him just like I you know she she got her
feelings what what a week and a half ago tell us she thinks she’s gonna leave the
next thing you know is she um she’s still over there on the Lean Cuisine
page making recipes making kale wraps girly lots or mine I just don’t get it
stay tuned in hey aya will eventually just be a cook in the nanny yep you
already know somebody has said well he ain’t getting rid of those women because
Velvets gonna need a maid servants and stuff and that’s and you know what’s so
backwards yeah he probably does keep those women around there so that velvet
has servants but he don’t treat velvet all that hot neither I just don’t get it
I don’t feel bad for them either I don’t feel bad for none of them I don’t even
feel bad for velvet coz there’s a matter of time before she has a meltdown
and then she gonna end up leaving again stay tuned in says everyone has a
purpose man yes that Malaya was her and me before yeah they all took a turn
brown eyed being her mate and you see after the statement you would think she
would get it now let me tell you something there’s
definitely something wrong with them bras because the one that left what’s
her name Marilyn did y’all hear
happen to her I think I act all that the other day put a wine in the chat if you
did how old Nature Boy had left her in that motel I just realized that they
always pamper velvet like they are servants they never get the treatment in
return but you know what sweet mindful life that’s the reason why they don’t
like velvet because they feel as though when she comes back that’s just what she
is a servant the servants to her yeah they let he left her in the motel and
then she made a public apology to the viewers because everyone got on her like
why you why are you I’m downplaying what this dude did to you
she gets on the live with him he don’t even bring up like I’m sorry for leaving
you in that motel with no money and no way to get home
why are you and not only that why are you up here on lies talking about life’s
lessons when you need to take the same advice you give you’re in a broken place
maybe you should heal then get on live and then tell people what they can do to
better their lives he went said remember that they are all
retired in nasty girls let me see something he once every member they had to clean
her down there when she had the but yeah I remember that and shoot better them to
me stay tuned in say year the salon on the lady rest yeah that was crazy
hi Jessica Jackson how are you sweetie I pray Bella doesn’t have a nervous
breakdown from the adsorption she will not get any sleep Nature Boy has
feelings for you think so you think she has he has feelings for Malaya girl I’ve
never I really didn’t peep that but he hey that might be the case she grind and
laughs grinned and laugh with nature boy shit yeah she’s doing that Naldo brahma
nurse but trust believe even though velvet keep going
back to nature boy she’s bitter she’s very bitter velvet left pissed and
came back pissed you already know mrs. a I heard horny sick a sphinx said I heard
horny say that a ball Velveteen Susan man she might be you child let me get
that word out of here before they be thinking that’s that kind is that kind
of live a sink she might be I mean would you blame her okay we’ll look at all the
mind games he plays the people he’s playing mind games with people that are
not stable man I’ll be off in a minute just give it a week do like they do lady
T they try to play us with the pregnancy thing too and then you see them saying
I’m sweet my for life somebody told me that – they said nah they were just
playing about that that I velvet put something in her stomach to make us
think that she was pregnant it that I mean just just just one attention it
just doesn’t make notes and people really be donating to them make sure
y’all hit that like button y’all come on now is it it ain’t adding up them
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welcome for the people in the bushes ain’t mad that you believe a dislike
believe something Oh Charlie some aya has the brain of a blade of they said aya has the brain of a blade
of grass Wow I feel bad for it old man cuz the reason
why I don’t feel bad like she’s like like like like somebody’s holding her
hostage bad I don’t mean like that I feel bad for her in the sense that I
know that she’s being taken advantage of because she’s no slow she’s slow and and
I I feel as though if you’re gonna do this to women this thirsty women out
here that that are not slow they’re just thirsty do it to a thirsty chick but
don’t do it to a slow searching that’s all I’m trying to say is may is the maid
in the cook and sometimes bed-warmer yep you already know that lol not grass I’m
just on talking on a tee in the chat and for that’s what I’m saying
dum dum the who’s watching don’t add up to how many likes when y’all come in all
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because people leave cuss words or profanity could just mean that you’re
using like the word cult you can’t use words like that I know you might say
that’s crazy but there’s controversial words you cannot use and YouTube is
cracking down on that stuff hi old son how are you sweetie
Velvets gonna scratch my Malaya’s eyes up you already know she’s gonna have a
meltdown yeah he loved 173 at first I was telling y’all to be easy with the
cussing and some of the controversial words you might use in your comments but
but you start to see it now because towards the end of 2019 they sought to
crack it down now in when you leave a comment on a regular pre-recorded video
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just me come on y’all listen that’s right hit that like button now come on
now better day and when Carla’s kept talking about Nature Boy in Malaya
having a connection she was she probably was eight and you know what if if not if
it’d be different if only one person seen that connection
but in this dis live that we’re doing right now about three y’all just said
that y’all peeped it you know what I’m sayin and he gets way more people in his
lives than me so if he got 300 people in his live and it got about 50 people
talking about Malaya you know I’m Velvets pissed off
Dhananjay being real how you doing sweetie velvet
Malaya I’m I pronounce our name right I’ll be
Penelope’s name right natureboy will be doing oh you already
know Donna you already know but you know what though – what velvet gets become me
tell you why she went back she says she wasn’t accepting that he was doing the
arm multiple women thing and she went back so it’s fair game she gets what she
deserves that’s how I look at it she gets what
she deserves I don’t feel bad for velvet velvet is like a boy in the arm Nature
Boy she lies she’s very manipulative and I hate to say it but she is she lies Melia was about to cry last night I bet
she was Mitchell she definitely gets what she deserves
yup she sure does Melia is her rival for sure I think Melia will stay just yep
you know what that’s funny he said that brown eyed nurse that’s what Iowa’s
doing staying purposely to get underneath velvet skin but I think mom
Melia is gonna stay purposely – to get underneath velvet skin I really believe
that – I don’t feel nothing sis got to learn her own lesson that’s that’s right you feel what I’m saying she gotta learn
her own lesson she’s gonna get Melia out watch shade go get Melia I’m out because
we thought that remember we all thought that she was gonna get hire out and it
remember put a wire in the chat if we be honest when when when I have first when
I at first try to run that snake Nature Boy and then she admitted that that’s
what she was there for a Nature Boy Nature Boy played it off like he was
gonna kick her out Iowa’s doing the same thing that Malia
is doing but I is don’t now so the next rival rivalry is
Malaya I’m telling you is afraid to go back home because she left for a baby
that’s what joy said yes she left her baby sweet on my for life and that she
probably can’t get the baby back because what family in the right mind would give
her the baby back knowing that she left to go join something like that you left
you left your child and you and you consider your child as an attachment let
me see one thing baby I want to see how it looks on here also it looks like this
to me or is it arm I don’t want to see why it looks like this on here format
for me see how this looks it looks great that it doesn’t look like
this I know but I need to fix it don’t worry I don’t know coz that’s all but
I’m glad is not coming in like that on there it looks so pretty and vibrant
okay the baby is safer without Maliha yeah she does that baby is definitely
safer the baby all the babies are safe without any of them combination members
raising them trying to tell you I start to look straight yeah she is she is
I am Malaya are too old for these kiddie games she they are and they should know
better he when they should know better and so is new being with the new girl
with the hair with the pretty you some of the pretty hair did y’all hear about
the girl what’s the girl with the pretty hair that’s over there I can’t think of
her name I just started following her that she had the long hair curly hair
this saying that she just cut the hair here did you hear about that put a wine
in the chat if y’all heard about that I went to a page where she had her head
covered with like a hoodie you could see like the curls on the edge of her hair I
said am i I said to myself if she cut her hair she
we stayed long enough to be convinced that that’s where she wants to be ain’t
no way I’ve cut my damn hair she didn’t cut it here first cuz I don’t think she
was sure if she was gonna stay or not that’s what I really think yes she cut
it that’s crazy she didn’t lost her mind old son not
even that whatever state she’s in it will be hard after six months anyways
right Jessica Jackson that’s crazy she really cut her hair Wow
well good luck to her for sure lost her marbles you already know it was thick
and beautiful – yup it’s crazy I don’t know why they’re doing that um Ross said
that you hit Ross she confirmed that that Nature Boy if you did hear this put
a why in the chat if you didn’t put in R I had confirmed that Nature Boy did not
cut velvet if velvet cut her own hair when she had that meltdown Nature Boy is
no price even though you already know that Hudson they love that funkiness
she’s supposedly with Nuveen now probably so joy a joy up there doing a
story story time in her eye she acting like she happy girl you better go on and
sit down somewhere and go get some counseling
okay guys I’m about to get off this lab I will be on tomorrow I might even come
on two times maybe one time in the morning early afternoon and then I might
come and then I might come on a little bit later on you know in the UH at night
like I did today so whoever didn’t catch the live we can chop it up again so you
have a good night to a sink so y’all have a blessed night make sure y’all
spam up the chat with the hearts if you have not left a like or dislike on this
video please do so and I’ll see you tomorrow stay bless you guys I’m out


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  • I thought when NB first started his platform that he had something to offer but this turned out to be very disturbing.

  • Yes nb do care for Malia he said he want them both and Malia is hurt cause nana is back but she is gonna make nb jealous and nana gonna see that to and get mad nb cause u know he cant hide his feelings Malia is gonna do it for the hell of it and cause she is mad

  • all i can say is i hope she can be a good wife now

  • Nb was after that tax return money velvet get from having her sister filed for baby Eliana

  • seeing you late but i saw it Y LOL

  • Herpes luv

  • I hate I missed this one. Listening now

  • Nature boy is about to be watching Malia with Pisce and Velvet go be watching him watching them. Things r about to get nasty. I give it 3 weeks before she tries to leave again

  • They are All Living Out Eligios Sick Fantasy!

  • Amen to that because you stated they are clever evil slay and conniving and tries to undermine their families they do not want to work like they want to beg for donations for him

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