Natureboy ๐Ÿ’จNew Member Immortal Chop It Gets Worse๐Ÿ˜ฒ

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I have provided in the end of this video so with all that being said let’s get
into my commentary so I happened to come across I got an email on this individual
here immortal chop another person that obviously is trying to be part of
carbonation or is part of carbonation I don’t know natureboy as we all know this
times that he reveals the new members of carbonation and then sometimes he
doesn’t but I’m going to scroll down the page but this is a new when I say member
of carbonation I’m not saying that he’s in carbonation but I’m saying that he is
trying to be another carbonation member and I’m going to also show you something
else before I begin with this commentary and give you my thoughts I’m just
scrolling down his page because the plot or the parts thickens I just don’t get
it so as we all know once somebody wants to become a carbonation member in this
case I’m pretty sure that Nature Boy is in contact with a mortal chop I have not
really heard too much about him but it was brought to my attention like I said
again that in fact he is associated in some way with nature boy and like I said
you can’t judge a book by its cover but I as a person and this is just how I
sometimes see things I look at this man and I see just signs of
weakness I see someone that potentially could be come a combination member who
will be taken advantage of like for an example Nubian is or true taking
advantage of and disrespected on his page he has I love myself demigod then
he has the carbonation you know hashtags and then he has of course the cash app
and then you know I natureboy his YouTube channel so
basically Nature Boy has taken this man’s channel over and if he’s at
carbonation right now or if he’s going to carbonation Nature Boy will be taking
his mind over as well now I have said a while back put it in the comment section
if you guys remember this Nature Boy is doing some cleanup and when I say
cleanup not only is he gonna get rid of some of the weakest links with the
females but he’s definitely gonna get rid of some of the men and maybe all of
them one or two will probably stay like Tron and true but he was doing cleanup
I felt it happening I could see it in his behavior that none of the people
that were in carbonation at that time meant anything to him they were not a
loss if in fact they wanted to leave they probably wouldn’t have left the
right way they would have been put on the side of the road but at the same
time they wouldn’t have been a loss like they’re not now Calibre’s gone
ra’s gone I is trying to leave and then there’s been newer carbonation members
that didn’t even last two months and they have left joy has left numerous
times the the queen of the kingdom with the Messiah she has left once again it
seems that carbonation is going to come to an end I
don’t believe that it is I believe like I said before that he’s doing cleanup
Nature Boy has put himself in a position where he needs to have someone that’s a
protege that he can program so if he gets into a situation where somebody
puts false allegations out on him they at least have the capability to be able
to take care legal things for him like velvet was able to do at this point
none of the carbonation members that are currently over there would be able to do
that and I know that Nature Boy looks at it like I’m trying to convict the wheat
but in some cases having too many weak links around you is not gonna pay the
rent and it’s not gonna give you get out of jail free card he needs to have I’m
not saying this solid because any man that joins carbonation and you’re going
to take orders from a man is not a man so I’m not saying that but what I am
saying is this is someone that is basically a new carbonation member I
don’t know when we’ll be probably seeing him but he’s gonna definitely either be
taking the place of one of those knuckleheads that are over there now
over in combination who knows he might be putting Pisces out next but I’m quite
sure that this dude immoral or mortal chops comes with the check because
anybody that goes over the combination must be getting the check and he’s
basically representing Nature Boy because he believes in the teachings
even though we know that Nature Boy is not a master teacher or Messiah we have
people that still believe that he is and they’re gonna continue to believe that
he is because like I said he convicts the weak they
don’t know right from wrong they don’t have a sense of their being taken
advantage of this person here I don’t know if this is a new IG page or not but
we’re talking about 481 post on his IG page this dude must have changed his
name to immortal chop and then put all of these credentials of nature boys in
here he’s promoting everything that has to do with Nature Boy including cash app
that means if anyone comes to immortal chops page and wants to support the
kingdom wants to support Nature Boy or you know because they were on immortal
chops page and they know that he represents Nature Boy they send that
money to Nature Boy not to immortal chop this is what these people are doing
they’re letting Nature Boy take control of everything that they stand for
because they’re running from themselves they think that Nature Boy is going to
make things better those are the promises that he’s making in the private
DMS he’s gonna heal and make life better for them even though they see the videos
of love and flip flop drama with Nature Boy on a regular basis there’s no peace
with this dude how can he heal or make life better for
you when you see him on lives every single day and it’s nothing but drama
he doesn’t even sound like a master teacher but these are the things that
these people believe because sometimes when you’re in denial because you just
want things in your life to get better you kinda sort of like put all the
negative things aside and you try to look at the one positive thing even if
the one positive thing is not positive you try to make it make sense and only
time you learn from that it didn’t make sense is when you get burnt in the end
and you end up like velvet in caliber and etc etc etc where you’re starting
all over again you have no money you have no food
some of them go back home they have any families because they have
abandoned them you know character assassinated their
family for nature boy and they don’t even have the support of them that’s the
only thing immortal chops and anyone who joins these kind of communities is going
to get a worse situation than they left trying to run from themselves instead of
getting help if you want to get help get help from a stranger a counselor
psychiatrist but thinking that you’re going to get some type of clarity or
resolution with dealing with nature boy is it’s just not the way to go
but um we’ll see how this happens I will keep you posted if he does surface if he
has surfaced already leave it in a comment section so I can go check it out
and check this dude out see where it says that and kind of sort of predict
where it’s going



  • ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™Ž

  • Anyone in carbon nation is weak ,nobody thinks for themselves over there , actually where are they now and has velvet left again ? Shii she only got there

  • Hello If Velvet went back to carbonnation she realized that the people was on to her double minded trying to play on people who was supporting her happy for her Nature boy has cursed her Velvet gave up her blessing when she went back to that foolishness

  • rainbow..aka rambo's little bro

  • They are all mentally ill and that is why they are easily manipulated

  • iyah, velvet dont want you there!!! u r gone soon!!

  • It's so said that many of our young people are lost and like to stay in a victim mentality. They act as if they are not built for life… There are both failures and successes in life so you have to heal and keep moving towards your greater self. This is becoming extremely difficult to watch, these young ppl look for the seemingly easy way out. Newsflash, Carbonnation ain't it.

  • Wait SL didnโ€™t velvet just come back she left again.Iโ€™m kind of confused is she back or did she leave?

  • So is Eliana aka Velvet there or not? This guy looks just like his name. Like he ready to chop people up. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธim just sayingggggggg. He looks creepy. And yeah ima judge a book by its cover when it comes to CN.

  • He looks like a Serial killer.
    They better watch out with this one. Smdh
    SL peace and blessings. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

  • I saw Everlasting Faith on Instagram yesterday and she was answering questions. I asked her was carbonation coming to Hawaii and she said she didn't know if they were coming or not ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿคฅ

  • He's not new, I've been seeing him following carbonation for awhile.

  • Are they just joining online but not actually living together?

  • Blessings Sis,
    Hes going to put the ones out that are not bringing in any money. Those weaks one are on the way out!! Hes trying to secure the bag!!!

  • Oh sis, I think he is there with them now. I saw him on the live yesterday.

  • ๐Ÿ™„

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