Nasty! 5 Male Problems That Gross Women Out (And How To FIX Them)

That’s what my staff sergeants we called me
at OCS. Actually, he called everybody nasty at OCS
and probably the best compliment was when graduated we were apparently a little bit
less nasty is the way he said it. But I’m bringing this up guys cause in today’s
video I got five nasty problems that all men face. Nasty problem 1: Athlete’s foot. So if you played sports, you’ve been in and
around men’s locker rooms, you’ve probably have heard hey watch out for athlete’s foot. Make sure wear shower shoes. But what exactly is athlete’s foot. So you’re going to see at the bottom of your
foot in between the digits you’re going to see redness. You’re going to start to see possibly blisters. You’re going to see cracking. You’re going to see peeling. It is where the fungus has infected the skin
and in a sense it’s something that it’s starting to spread. So how do you stop it? You actually first want to use an antifungal
cream that’s going to halt it in it’s track and hopefully start to get it to recede, and
eventually kill it. Now how to prevent athlete’s foot? Well, shower shoes. Definitely wear shower shoes. But also make sure to change out your shoes. You don’t want to be wearing the same running
shoes especially if you’re playing sports. You want to maybe have two pair shoes you’re
rotating through. Even around your own house. Maybe instead of keeping the shoes on take
them off. Wear your socks. Allow your feet to breathe. That is going to be key because fungus is
not going to grow in a dry space. Nasty problem 2: Swamp crotch. So if sweating, odor, irritation, pain, discomfort,
chaffing if this describes your crotch area, you probably have swamp crotch and there are
many ways to deal with it. First, let’s look at your underwear choice. Are you using the right type? You’re using boxers but maybe you’re going
to be better served with a bit of support with some briefs that also have an ability
to wick away moisture. So look at the cotton you’re using. Maybe you want to go to a micromodal, maybe
a synthetic that is made specifically to help pull away moisture, better keep the boys in
place. But if none of that is working if like Antonio
I’m having some real issues here. What powder do you recommend? I recommend Chassis. Guys, they are the paid sponsored of this
video. But I know the founder and I’ve used this
stuff. This is the best powder on the market for
basically eliminating swamp crotch and for allowing you to just feel good down there. Guys, yes, I have tested this. Actually run this through water so check this
out right here. So mix this water. What happens? It does not mix. That’s what’s amazing about Chassis. It’s actually hydrophobic. So that means it doesn’t want to mix with
water. Why is that good for you? Cause think about it. When you’re sweating down there, the water
is going to go right through basically that layer of powder and then it’s not going to
adhere to your skin. And that’s going to keep you dry. It’s going to keep you confident. Cause guys that is what this is all about. Why do you use deodorant? You use deodorant cause you don’t want to
smell. You don’t want to be embarrassed. You don’t want to want to get those big stains
right here in your pits but the same thing with swamp crotch. You don’t want to actually start to and there
are guys I’ve talked with. They’ve sent me these emails. They talked about how they’re sweating through. If you are one of those guys that literally
feel that people are going to see a sweat stains in and around your crotch area, you
want to check out Chassis. I know the founder that came out at StyleCon
and this company is the real deal. Nasty problem 3: Gnarly toenails. Now a lot of guys get this especially endurance
athletes cause think about it you put your feet in these shoes. You keep them in there for a long time. You’re going to go on a 50 mile or 100 mile
bike ride or maybe a 25 mile ride. Whatever it may be you are subjecting your
toes and those nails to a lot of pressure, to getting close to each other and sometimes
you’ll get cracks. This can incur infections. This can actually led to fungal infections. So when you’re out there wearing those sandals,
you’re walking around bare foot your girlfriend looks at your feet, and she’s like, oh my
gosh. You need more than just a pedicure. You need to go see a doctor. She may be right. Because toenail infections can become very
this can get really bad. So definitely if it’s getting bad, if you
see pus come out, if you have some issues like your toenails falling off go check with
your doctor. But mostly maybe you just got to a fungal
infection. Yes which will lead your toenails falling
off but this can be treated often time with over the counter antifungal medication. But the best thing that you can do is make
sure whenever you take your shoes off that you relax your feet and find shoes that fits
you properly. If your toes are getting smashed together
then that’s an issue and make sure to cut your toenails regularly. Nasty problem 4: Bromhidrosis (horrendous
body odor). So in any population when you look at a Bell
curve you’re going to have a percentage of people who are going to be at one extreme
or the other. There are unfortunately some of you guys which
after just a short amount of time, just a little bit of sweat you are going to smell
bad. This often times happen because okay so the
amount of testosterone in your body, the fatty acids that come out mix with a certain bacteria
that you naturally carry on your body. All of this mix is to create the perfect storm
which is you smell really bad for hours out of jumping out of the shower, despite wearing
clean clothing. This is something that can hurt your career. It can have people talking. They’re saying why doesn’t this guy ever shower? Of course, you shower. Of course, you take care of yourself and no
matter how much deodorant or even you start wearing a lot of fragrance, you cannot cover
this up. So what you want to do is figure out how you
can control it. It could be that certain things in your diet
are actually forcing this out more. Another thing to look at is to go see your
doctor. There are certain ointments and type of lotions
that you can wear which will actually basically kill that bacteria and even though you’re
sweating and you still have chance for it, they’re going to reduce and they’ll retard
the growth of that bacteria. Nasty problem 5: Gentleman, your clothing
smells. Yes. Your clothing can retain smells. You probably have had this happened. When you go to the gym, you put on your gym
clothes and you washed it. You took a shower that morning but your gym
clothes still smell and you haven’t started to work out. What is going on? Well if you actually get down to the fibers
on those gym clothes depending on what they’re made out of, they actually starts to develop
small holes and the bacteria can go in there and all of a sudden when you start to move
all of a sudden it’s broken free. It starts to smell. The point being is your clothing can be harbinger
of bad smells. One of the first things you can do with your
shoes, with your shirts, your athletic clothing, anything you sweat in let it dry. Don’t just put it in a pile. Cause often times it can be days till you
get into it. What’s going to happen it’s just going to
grow and multiply. The next thing is to actually looked for detergents
which they say sports on them. Often times these are going to have certain
things in them that will kill the bacteria. They’re going to kill the fungus growth and
that’s something you want to look forward. But if all else fails take a cup of vinegar,
put your clothes in there. Let them sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Just soak right in there and that’s going
to kill and hopefully get rid a lot of the smell. All right gentleman, so here’s a bonus nasty
problem. I’m not bringing up a picture for this one
but let’s just say dingle-berries. If you don’t know what they are, good luck
searching on Google. The point is some of us are pretty hairy in
the backside area and you got to deal with just say leftovers. So what do you do? Well carry wet wipe with you. Maybe look at getting a bidet. When I traveled throughout Thailand and Ukraine
that’s one thing I thought was actually really smart is these guys had hoses. They had ways of dealing with this issue. Here in the United States I don’t know why
we only have toilet paper. But if you are running into this problem again
and again I guess you could shave, you could wax that area. I’m not going to necessarily recommend that
but what I would recommend is figure out a solution. Gentleman, that’s it for some nasty problems
that we as men deal with. The point I want to hit on here is be confident. Because you don’t want to be having that big
meeting and you’re getting nervous for it. You start sweat up a storm and you look at
yourself and you’re like oh my gosh, they’re going to be able to see I’m about to sweat
through my crotch area cause that’s not going to enable you to go in there with confidence
and closed the deal. Like I said we used deodorant, we used things
like this to be able to feel good about ourselves because it keeps at bay some of things yes,
they’re natural. But in a business environment, in a dating
environment, you don’t want these things come into the forefront cause you don’t want to
be remembered as that guy that had that issue. Now guys again go check out Chassis. They are a great sponsor. I’ve met the founder. This is the best product for your crotch out
there on the market. If you want more, if you’ve got issues with
swamp crotch and you’re like Antonio a powder it will help but I need more. So go check out the website. What you’re going to see there are the other
products their shower primer and the extreme cream. I can tell you for those of you that deal
with problems like this company is a dream come true because they focus in on solving
this one problem and I’m proud to have them as a sponsor because I loved it when I can
actually create content and tie stuff in like this. All right guys, take care. I’ll see you in the next video.


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    Video Summary:
    0:29 – Athlete's Foot
    1:28 – Swamp-Crotch
    3:17 – Gnarly Toenails
    4:28 – Bromohidrosis
    5:41 – Smelly Clothing
    6:50 – Bonus: Dingleberries

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    Stinky clothes – Have a rotation of clothes.  If you are a gym rat, you should have several pair of gym shoes.  Don't wear them for non-gym activities.  Remove the insoles after use.  Spray Lysol on the inserts and inside the shoes like they do at bowling alleys.  If you have imbedded stink after washing try vodka in a spray bottle on them.  Let them air dry.     The clothes rotation goes for non-gym clothes too.

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