Naio Nails Favourite Bloopers #10

Kirsty: Just need my hair doing.
Fay: Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin and today on Naio Nails, I’m gonna be filming with Fay. Kirsty: You’ve been watching The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann? JJ: Oh, no, I really need to watch that.
Adam: Couldn’t find it. Kirsty: Yeah, it’s on there. Oh, you are _. I’m concentrating so I’m not even getting these jokes. Oh, my God. Kirsty: I’m so sorry.
JJ: I got that straightaway. Kirsty: Get lost!
Adam: She did. Kirsty: No way!
JJ: I did Adam: She just turned round and looked at me
JJ: I did. Adam: She looks at me in disgust.
JJ: I did. JJ: I did. I got it. Kirsty: Let’s marble away. JJ: Oh God! Get away.
Kirsty: Stop making the noises. JJ: I know. I’m so sorry. Kirsty: I’m gonna be using Medium Speed.
Adam: Why? Kirsty: Because…why? Kirsty: It’s like one of them child thing.
JJ: Yeah, on the white stage. Kirsty: Yeah!
JJ: Because… Kirsty: Just because… because… because of the wonderful things it does. JJ: Yeah, look at that.
Kirsty: Damn girl! JJ: That was my idea.
Kirsty: It’ll look nicer when it’s filed. At the moment, it’s very chunky. Kirsty: I like them big. I like them chunky. I don’t like them big or chunky though. [Kirsty singing] Adam: She’s just practicing her speech for tomorrow.
JJ: Yeah! [JJ & Kirsty singing] JJ: they’ll be like, yeah, she’s mental.
Kirsty: Yeah, she’s on the list. She’s on the needs a bit of mental health support. Kirsty: JJ likes the ballerina shape because with her being a hairdresser, she has to wear gloves. Oh my God, my earring just fell out. Kirsty: Oh my God…
JJ: that is hard work that is. Kirsty: Oh, god, my Thomas Arvo Kirsty: I’m back, and we’re back in the room. JJ: How?
Adam: Take the lid off, brush egg on it, put the lid back on. JJ: Oh, when it’s baking.
Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: I think there may be a little bit more to it than that. Adam: What? Tiger bread? It’s not.
Kirsty: Don’t believe you. JJ: It just tastes completely different. It don’t taste like a bit of egg on bread. Kirsty: It don’t taste like eggy bread, does it?
Adam: No, it’s not eggy bread though. Kirsty: Eggy bread is nice though. JJ: Eggy bread is nice.
Adam: It’s just literally, brush some on. JJ: Have you done it? JJ: Can you bring some in next time?
Adam: I’m not making bread. Kirsty: Because we don’t believe you.
JJ: We don’t believe you. JJ: Buy a load from Tesco. Told you girls!
Kirsty: Here we are! Here’s the eggy bread, I mean, tiger bread. Kirsty: He’s getting proof up now.
Adam: I am. JJ: He is. Look, I can tell by his stance.
Kirsty: Yes! We’ve wound him up. JJ: Winding-winding-winding. Kirsty: Cassidy’s class is… I was gonna say growing chicks. That’s not the right word. Kirsty: They are…
Adam: Raising. Kirsty: …raising. Kirsty: They’ve got the eggs. The eggs are all… and they’re all in the incubators. JJ: Really?
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: Now, they’re going to have little chicks.
JJ: Where is their moms? JJ: Donate their eggs?
Kirsty: I think their moms… JJ: Like, have they got the choice?
Kirsty: …might be on… their moms might be on your dinner. Adam: If they’re gonna have to…
JJ: Not mine. Kirsty: On your dinner because your a veggie. Adam: Is it gonna be gonna be one of those science experiment type things where like life experiments, where they have to raise them and then they end up being dinner? Where’s my Natural Beige? Behind there. Pauletta: A bit like your glass effect, ones that we saw. Pauletta: Lovely, with tinfoil.
Kirsty: It’s like them. Kirsty: Yeah, my tinfoil nails.
Pauletta: Very nice. Kirsty: Yeah! Pauletta: You come up with some good ideas, don’t you?
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: I do. Shut your mouth. Pauletta: Was that not one of your ideas?
Adam: It was a mistake. Kirsty: It was a make we made into a video. Pauletta: Oh, mistake! How did you manage to make a mistake? Did you open your sandwiches and… Kirsty: It wasn’t quite supposed to be like that but it still worked out good.
Pauletta: Oh! Adam: Bit of trickery in the edit.
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: Look out because here I come. Kirsty: So, I’m gonna clean up with a bit of cif. I’m only joking. Kirsty: Strike a pose. [Kirsty singing] Adam: Roots.
Kirsty: With a bit of… [Kirsty rapping] Kirsty: Can you imagine they’re all going buying?
Fay: Can you imagine. Kirsty: third degree because Kirsty said melt your _ nails.
Fay: Yeah! Kirsty: Did he say “Nants ingonya” Adam: I don’t know what he says. Fay: Is that pinched enough? Kirsty: Off!
Fay: Hairy dogs. Kirsty: What was that? Is that show? Kirsty: Never mind the Buzzcocks, we would have been amazing!
Fay: everyone, it is never mind the Buzzcocks. Kirsty: I will go round…
Adam: I Kirsty: What now?
Adam: Just wanna. Kirsty: What now?
Fay: What’s he. Adam: I’m just trying
Kirsty: Messing up my flow. Adam: Just watch you hair for us there, if you don’t mind.
Kirsty: Hair? Adam: Yeah, thanks
Fay: Get you hair out of the way, for God sakes. It’s all about you, you know. Fay: her face.
Adam: See, you just get a dodgy look, I’d have got a punch for that. [Kirsty & Andrea singing] Kirsty: Okay. Pardon me. I’m so bloody rude. Pardon me. Andrea: Quite good, that is, you know. 10 out of 10 for that.
Kirsty: 10 out of 10. Adam: She’s not bad, is she?
Andrea: It’s alright.


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