#MyKintecStory – Warren Thompson, Marketing Director | Kintec: Footwear + Orthotics

The company has always been involving and changing. I think when I started there was about 6 stores and now we are at 11, so there was always opportunity to grow and try new things, try new projects, and take on new challenges. The opportunity came up at Kintec, and I didn’t really know how to fit in at first I kind of got into the design role but It was a big change for me because before Kintec I play guitar, I play in a band so I didn’t really know where I wanted to go with marketing. I knew that I really liked playing music, and I knew that I liked creative work, and marketing but I didn’t exactly know what that looked like at that time. In the beginning when we were a smaller marketing team there were just 2 people. I think that really helped me understand all the different marketing roles so as the company has grown over the years, and as we have hired more people I had the chance to hire people that were better than me at every single one of those individual pieces, so it’s been pretty rewarding to see, and it’s really helped me to have that experience in the beginning to wear all of the different hats cause then you kind of understand and give more empathy for the person that is doing that job and you know how to coach them. The company was really different back then so they didn’t have the established kind of culture, and core values and purpose and everything that is in place today but it was the people that were a good fit I think when I came in. My proudest accomplishment was probably hiring my marketing team, and seeing everyone on the team kind of grow into their role and really take ownership of things so it really changed my perspective when I had my very first co-op student it was my first hire all the sudden it wasn’t just me that I had to kind of take care of it, there was someone else there and that was a real shift for me from just employee to ok this is a bigger part of my life now, it’s more important, and I want to treat that with care, so that’s been the biggest accomplishment, and now there’s a team of 7 people so it’s a lot to manage sometimes but it’s really rewarding.

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