[MYEONGDONG] Shopping in Fila Seoul Store (EN SUB)

Myeongdong Station Exit 6 FILA SEOUL STORE Hello everyone, today we are here at FILA in Myeongdong FILA is a very popular Korean sports brand The design in FILA’s products are amazing and the price is cheap making it very popular to Koreans Especially regarding FILA in Korea, it is cheaper than that of in Taiwan Now lets explore FILA together FILA is a very popular brand that represents Korea and here FILA Seoul is the best store that represents FILA KOREA On the first floor are ordinary products such as t-shirts, hats, and bags You can meet the ugly shoes from FILA which are popular worldwide If you go up to the second floor you can see the products in the FILA museum You can buy them substantially cheaper in Korea than overseas On the second floor they sell running shoes, atheltic clothing and other sports products This model is popular within FILA Aren’t these shoes here familiar to you? This is because they are models in which a lot of people wear They are unisex and the size goes up to 290mm It is especially popular within people in their 10s 20s The sole of the shoe is high so you can become taller as well as be comfortable in them This product pairs well with any type of clothing whether that is pants or a skirts This is what makes this product very popular Many foreigners visit this store to buy shoes at a cheap price As more people come to buy these shoes it will become more popular This is another product that is sold a lot. It’s exotic design is attractive This shoe has a lot of cute colors making it popular as well Putting on FILA’s ugly shoes it was really comfortable and nice When making a purchase if you use Creatrip’s app and download the coupon You can get cute socks and stickers from the FILA Myeongdong Seoul Store! Thicker than normal socks~ FILA socks FILA KOREA’s cute sticker! (Together with Creatrip) You can download the coupon from the Creatrip app now

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