My Top 5 Flat or Low Heeled Shoes, Sandals for Women, mature over 50

Hey awesome ones… you know how much I
love my subscribers and thanks for putting ideas in comments and even
requests now for me to do a certain kind of video and a few of the requests have
been for me to do a video on low or flat shoes so I’m gonna do that for you and
even though you see, in a lot of my videos, I’m in a kitten heel or a high
heel I do have some of my favorite low heeled shoes, so you know what? If you
can’t wear a high heel shoe or if you don’t want to wear a high heel shoe or
if maybe you’re just trying to add to your collection and you want to get some
ideas from me of what my favourites are stay tuned it’s gonna happen in just a
few seconds So before I get into the video about my
favorite shoes I just thought I’d take a moment to talk about foot care because
if you’re finding you can’t wear a high heel or a kitten heel anymore it might
be time to see a foot specialist and y’all know Bill… Bill’s behind the camera
there.. say hi Bill “hi Bill” and Bill’s been suffering for
years with something called plantar fasciitis and what he’s done is, he’s
gone to a foot specialist and I’m not going to say that these are inexpensive
these are the inserts that he has been given or that made for actually from a
foot specialist and these particular ones they’re quite hard, solid
there for his dress shoes and then also he has these ones because he’s kind of a
sporty guy and he has these athletic ones for his running shoes so there you
go with those but Bill has found also you can go to the local drugstore and
we’re going to put up a little short video here of the machines that you can
find where you actually stand on the machine and they will tell you which
kind of inserts you might need for whatever, whatever ails you, whatever is
sort of wrong with your feet as far as you know what kind of insert you might
need . So back to me again and these are some store-bought ones that Bill has ,
it’s from a very popular brand and he’s just telling me that you know, they’re
really working out just fine so there you go, take a look and by all means you
know the feet are our foundation so let’s take good care of them but let’s
start getting into these five favorite flat and low heeled shoes. Oh I forgot to
mention to you when Bill goes out to buy new shoes he takes his inserts with him
and that was really something.. sorry about that Bill I completely
forgot, but that was something that’s really important because if you’re
trying on a brand-new pair of dress shoes and you put the inserts in, hey
maybe you might need a half a size larger so he won’t buy a pair of shoes
unless he’s got the proper inserts, oh good point there, thanks Bill!
So my number one pair of shoes that I absolutely love are these sandals. I
really, really love them. I find that that, I don’t know if you can see but the
jewel tones and everything are so beautiful and you know what? I will try
to find something like this and I’ll put a link back to the blog in the 1st comment and I think you
guys all know the drill we make a little bit of commission and we thank you for
that because it helps the channel but I don’t know if I can get the exact one
but I’ll I’ll try my best Now when I saw these sandals I was
thinking about Bill because these sandals as you can see here they are
actually lifting up my arch a little bit so although I don’t have the problems
with my feet yet as Bill says it the “agony of de-feet” sorry but this is
actually going to help me a little bit because it is raised here so I’m, you
know, you might want to call these flip-flops.. please don’t wear the
flip-flops or the the sandals that are completely flat because after a while I
think you you might have those fallen arches things or something along those
lines so let’s take a look at these sandals on here and as you can see you
know I love sandals with lots and lots of color because you can wear them with
everything and again they’ve got that little bit of arch support in there and
hey let’s remember something though, if you’re wearing sandals you gotta paint
those toenails. That’s what I think anyway, hey it’s up to you but I don’t
know these are pretty in pink toes. Sometimes I’ll put blue nail polish on
or purple and hey I did a video actually and I’ll put the link up there somewhere
of doing a pedicure at home so lots of different tricks and tips on that and I
hope you enjoy that as well. So my second most favorite shoe are these little, I’m
gonna call them fabric shoes. I like the black and white because they go with so
many different things, they have kind of an elastic around the side here which I
really, really like and memory foam so they’re super comfortable, now what
you’ll see in this picture here are this video of me is the fact that I’m wearing
a little bit of a shorter pant with these and I just think that the flatter
shoe the pointy shoe it looks a lot better with a little shorter pant than,
you know, some kind of a pant that’s kind of dragging on the ground . So my third
most favorite pair of flat shoes has to be my fun sneakers. If you’ve seen some
of my videos you know I’m always saying let’s have a sense of play, you know, some
days are just made for playing that sort of thing and I used to be a tomboy,
actually I think I still am a little bit but anyway, I chose these lower kind of
basketball looking shoes I really, really like them and I know I could have got
the high tops, it’s just not stylish enough for me and as you’ll notice here
I’ve paired them with a pair of boyfriend jeans and you can get these
running shoes or these sneakers in any kind of color, I mean they’re in there in
pink they’re in white they’re in all different types of colors and you know I
like the ones with the less amount of of laces on them like these ones you can
get them with more laces but I like them with the fewer laces and they might not
be your cup of tea but maybe there’s something else, something else that’s
really true to you and if that’s the case go get it and own it! So my fourth
favorite pair of flat shoes has to be the ballet slipper kind of
look, now these these are not inexpensive ballet slippers I really think you got
to have some support to them, these happen to be leather however, I know that
the’re shoes out there right now if you don’t want to buy leather
there are vegan shoes and some of them are made out of pineapple husks, oh
look those up because it’s quite an interesting trend coming on board right
now but back to these particular shoes… I like them, so they’ve got a little
bit of stretch in them as well and it’s a tiny little heel but as you’ll see
here in this video next to me here I’m wearing it with a cute little retro
dress and leggings and it’s just a fun look to wear if I’m going maybe to an
outdoor concert or something like that and you know pick yourself a pair of
these ballet slippers they go a long, long way. They’re super comfy and they
don’t call them slippers for nothing like that other pair of shoes that I had,
the fabric shoes, they feel like slippers. So my final fifth pair of flat shoes has
to be a good pair of athletic running shoes, sneakers ,whatever you want to call
them, now I remember a long, long, long time ago Bill and I, in our early days,
Bill and I were going to play tennis and I was a pretty good tennis player and I
walked out in my little running shoes and he was mortified because like,
literally they were an eight dollar pair of running shoes and he said “why are you
wearing those” and I said “they’re running shoes ” and he said “oh no Heather you know,
you really should think about looking after your feet long-term and you know
getting a good pair of shoes” and boy was he ever right! So for like about 20 years
now I’ve been making sure to get a good pair of athletic shoes
and watch this these guys you know those inserts, they even have those inserts
that I was showing before so they’re, they’re bouncy, they’re cushiony… I’m not
running around on a concrete tennis court without some kind of support and
you can see right here that they are you know it kind of cool too because these
days you can get running shoes that are, you know, have some gold on them or they
might be a different kind of color or pink, hey you know nowadays athletic
shoes even can be a bit of a fashion statement so when you go over to the
store and you’re really looking for a good pair of athletic shoes talk to
somebody find out are they breathable, do they have support,
are they bouncy and make a good choice your feet’ll thank you. So what I left
out of the video, here’s a few other ideas for some flat shoes, first of all
water shoes, hey I call them water shoes, anyway if you’re going out on the
beaches or maybe you’re going into a coral area make sure you’re protecting
your feet because you just don’t know what you’re going to be stepping on and
these are Bills water shoes and I know a lot of women wear them as well so
they’re great too and you don’t want to go on a vacation and then cut your feet
all up and end up in a hospital so a really good idea here, the other thing
that I wanted to mention is… Bill, when he’s buying sandals and that sort of
thing, he’s really, really looking out and spending a bit of money on them, if you
take a look at these flip-flops they just look like any kind of flip-flop but
they do have the special bouncy kind of arch support. Bill absolutely loves those
he wears them around the house too because they give him the support that
he needs and you probably know these babies these are very popular types of
shoe with sandals and they have great arch support ,so I wanted to point those
out to you as well but one thing that we’re not going to
leave out is… so we’re not going to forget our little Hurricane. Hurricane
yes and his case, probably giving me some kisses because we really look after his
little paws and you know even dogs in the hot concrete and beaches and that
they need their little feet looked after and covered up. Many, many times or a
lot of times we just take him in the coolness of the grass and you know
something else that’s really, really cool is… something else that’s really, really
cool are our subscribers, you guys and thank you so much for the suggestions.
Hey sometimes I don’t even have to think of an idea, you guys are coming up with
some wonderful ones so thank you so much for that and remember we’re doing the
fashion of beauty videos now on Fridays and we’ve also started doing the
lifestyle and the health and all that kind of thing on the Tuesday afternoons
so if you want to join us there’s a button down there somewhere, right Hurricane? So there’s a button anyway just press the button and come on and
join our community, we’d love to have you over and in the meantime, take care of
those shoes..oops not shoes… take care of those feet and stay awesome
we’ll see you again soon. Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our videos


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