My Top 10 Slimming & Thinning Looks & Tips

Hi everyone Heather here and today I’m
going to talk about ten tips for looking a little slimmer and hey guess what?
Nobody’s gonna get me into a size zero anymore I’ve got some curves and if
you’re an authentic woman I just, I just want you to know, I want everybody to know
that this is not about body shaming or anything like that, hey I got my curves
too and it’s just like kind of the magic of makeup where you do a little here and
a little there. Well these are just some really, they’re just illusional types of
things that help you to look slimmer and if that’s what you’re looking for
let’s go… All right now actually this is
embarrassing, this is my real body and if you’ve seen my videos on this channel or
your subscriber and many thanks for that, I show me without makeup, well this is me
without any of my slimming ideas and I’m actually kind of embarrassed to have
Bill behind the camera because this is me you know, I’m 62 years old and I got
curves but there are some slimming trick, tricks that I use… let’s look at them
okay? So here I am with my slimming look
applied, I probably wear this on a regular basis… hey hurricane likes me
better this way too, anyway so let’s get into the top 10 slimming tips that I usually
apply for myself… hmm what’s the alternative to this kind of
look? Okay so my number one tip is wear short sleeves. When we wear no sleeves at
all, I don’t know but I’m talking for myself here and you might be able to
relate but I got this stuff hanging out and I don’t know, it just takes away my
confidence so if I’m wearing a short sleeve or maybe even a cap sleeve it
just makes me feel a lot better. So the second tip is wear a camisole underneath
your clothing, now I’m wearing a black camisole underneath this and hey you
know it’s kind of see-through anyway so I probably wouldn’t wear it but I love
the top it gives me a little bit of more of an elongated look when I’m wearing a
camisole and these are the ones that I love… this one is in the black and as you
can see I got it in the lingerie department and it’s very, very its tight
but it’s also breathable and I love it and I also have a white one here that’s
the same make and again it’s very breathable and here’s some ideas I hope
you can kind of get the drift of what I’m showing you here of what we could
wear with a camisole underneath this would look great with a camisole
underneath and I love this top I love, love, love and you know
what because the neckline is a little bit low on this that camisole, it just
kind of keeps those girls from popping out if you know what I mean…
and here’s another kind of nice look with a white camisole underneath and hey
I could go on and on but they just kind of give me the confidence under my
clothing to know that everything’s kind of put in and it’s elongated and the
girls are in good shape. All right so the number three slimming tip is…
Wear your size, you know what you think that if you’re a little bit, you
know, not slim let’s put it that way, but you still have curves you’ve got
this beautiful curvy body and you know what, hey this is my size and when I
started gaining weight I started wearing all this oversized clothing I thought
you know, the more I hid the more people won’t know that I’ve gained weight and
it really just worked the opposite way So I’m going to show you a look when I
was in those days where I would wear these big clothes and you’ll see what I
mean… so here I am in one of those oversized outfits no shape, no nothing
and really, really not that pretty look and I thought I was getting away with it
you know like just sort of wearing all these loose tent kind of clothes and
actually today more than ever let’s show off some of our curves and be proud of
them. So number 4 is wear a comfortable heel, you know wearing it
heel gives us that elongated look and of course if you’re going to the grocery
store you going to the beach you’re not going to wear a heel but for the most
part with jeans and casual pants or even a skirt it looks so
much nicer and I’ve got a few shoes here that I wanted to show you, now every pair
of shoes that I have here I’ve done the investment of the leather because they
just wear so beautifully and they really form fit to your feet so if you’re going
to be wearing heels make sure you have leather but there’s a lovely pair of
sandals with not too much of a heel, these are super, super comfortable also let me just
show you in the fall or the spring or even the winter I have these boots… again
with a lower heel made of leather, very very, comfortable and also one of my
favorite shoes especially if I’m wearing a little skirt or skort or something
like that it’s this little kitten heel and also the pointy heel or pointy toes,
I should say on these shoes kind of elongate my my feet and even make my
feet look slimmer. Now number five is a nice elongated pair of casual pants or
jeans… in this pair of pants as you can see I’ve got a straight look down. I’m
not cutting them off at the bottom and the cuffs, like a boyfriend jean
because that’s really gonna cut my look off and also these jeans, fit they
absolutely do but watch a little bit of magic with these jeans… if you notice
the waistband here it’s a faux fly and what it’s doing is it’s bringing
everything sort of up a little bit giving me a little bit more of a tummy
tuck here and then of course when I just sort of throw this over the top I’ve got
a nice look, no muffin top. All right so these jeans just don’t work for me as
you can see they’re way too long they’re kind of floating around there at the
bottom and it’s not giving me that really nice slender elongated silhouette
that I had with the more of a pencil-thin kind of jeans and
Bill come on in for the close-up… let’s talk about this waistband this
kind of and these pants fit me I mean there’s no question, however, the problem
is that my little muffin top just loves to hang over this waistband as you can
see it is so not fluttering at all. Now number six is wear a darker or
opaque hose. Now as you can see this is giving me a very nice slender elongated
look here and I just have a little pointy shoe on with a smaller heel I’m
not overdoing it with the heel or anything like that and it gives me a
very nice, all really put together look. Now talking about the opaque hose or
stockings are we used to call it in the old days of leotards and for all of you
mature women, hey go and buy some of these leotards or opaque hose
or whatever you want to call them buy them in a
a navy or a black or something like that and and wear maybe a skirt or a dress
just above the knee you know, if you can pull it off, it really doesn’t matter
about your age and you’ll find that a little bit of opaque hose really helps
to give you the confidence to go out there and do that. Alright for number
seven we’ve all got those black clothes… so yeah, this is a bit of confidence
sometimes to wear black but wear it underneath something, so what I’m wearing
here is I have kind of a skinny pant on and I did a very similar thing to this
in somewhere around here I’ll put up a connection to the fall fashion video, I
think I was wearing pencil-thin pants in that one but in this one I’m wearing
more skinny pants. I am covering my but because, and also the crotch area
– because I just think it looks a lot nicer and also if you wear longer
jewelry it also gives you a little bit of look of length. Now are we just gonna
go out wearing black, no, no, no, we want to add some color, let’s add some color so
I’m just going to throw this on top here this is a really pretty, flowy
turquoise look and as you can see even with the sleeves kind of popping out
here it’s giving me a very lovely silhouette but also it has brightened me
up a little bit, and there you go and we can also do a few other colors to it or
a few other ideas and so what I’m going to do right down this little fashion
show for you I’m just going to quickly do a presto change-o and I’m just going
to put on a nice green and you’ll notice also that these are a little bit, aww it’s
all inside-out, sorry about that but they’re also elongated they are long and
they are beautiful and they are flowy so let’s just do this to give you another
kind of look right there with the color lime or blues, oranges let’s go… and one more look
that I’m going to do and that’s with kind of like a moto jacket, you know that
super kind of cool look and off with jewelry or this one but yeah and
maybe, maybe Bill can do a little bit of close-up on this one so people
can see this is actually faux leather it’s not real leather but it looks very
cool and it’s a great look for well spring, fall, winter, whenever and goes
great with this look. So number eight are stretchy belts I love my stretchy belts
you know when you’re going out and you look really great but if you don’t have
a stretchy belt I’m it’s almost impossible to sit down if you know, what
I’m talking about right? This belt here I just love it, it’s got lots of stretch in
it I can put it on hips I could put it on my waist also there are other belts
out there. Some of these kind of weave leather belts they’ve got a little bit
of give in them but I prefer the ones, this is one of my white ones again with
that elasticized type of thing and I’m just going to show you right now how
lovely this belt looks if you’re wearing like you know, the very popular types of
sweater jackets and again spring, fall early winter, maybe you might wear this
and the belt just really kind of makes the look. I think it brings you in, cinches
you in a little bit and you could even put it up as well, and I love my stretchy
belts. Now number nine is shapewear, now you probably thought that’s coming, but
you know what? I didn’t start wearing shapewear until
about a year ago. I actually tried cutting off a pair of control-top
pantyhose and trying that but it’s nothing compared to a good pair of
shapewear, now you can get them for the legs you can get them all over the place
but what I decided to opt into was one that just sort of comes up like this on the stomach as
you can see I bought it in a beige and I actually wear a very thin pair of briefs
underneath and wow it really brings everything in and it’s the reason I wear
the briefs is because I just don’t want to be washing these all the time they
are kind of an elasticized sort of thing. So anyway so I’m telling you right now
that I love these. I have this in you know a skin color and
I also bought them and here maybe Bill can do a bit of a close-up and you can
just sort of see what they’re like, now do I wear them every single day ?No I
don’t, I do wear them though if I’m going out to a nice party or I want that a
little bit of extra oomph, you know to bring myself in and just give me that
little bit of extra confidence and they’re very comfortable to So number
10 is your posture.. Hey this is probably the most important
out of all of them and in the old modeling days we used to be told to put a
book on our head and and turn and hey you know what, it’s not a bad idea so
really what you need to do is you have to have your shoulders back and, and
really just walk and sit and meet people with confidence and no more slumping.
Just to keep it a little bit straight and I’m sure that you know what? Whether
you’re short or tall or slim or mature like me, you know we all have our
authentic selves we’re all can walk with that confidence and assurance that we
are wonderful people contributing to the world …and talking about contributing to
the world I just love my subscribers, a heartfelt thank you for all who are
subscribing and if you want to subscribe there’s a little place down there that
you can do so, but I have to say a heartfelt thank you and also you’re
awesome!! Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our videos


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