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so over the last year I have shared my
outfits every single day on Instagram and one thing that I’ve really tried to
do during that time is to find artisans I absolutely love to find things that
people have handmade handcrafted and poured their love and like their
expertise into making something and then I love just being able to wear that all
day so that’s really why I’ve focused in on like brands that do this that aren’t
necessarily fast fashion like that are more crafted over generations one of my
favorite brands that has done this has been Nisolo
I hate pretty much only wearing Nisolo shoes because I’m just such a fan not
only of their practices but they just also just have amazing shoes they’re
really comfortable and they’re versatile for different types of outfits so this
is the brand that I want to start perhaps doing a video series on where I
just show like artisans where I show a feature brand that I’m really proud of
that I’m excited to be able to share with you guys and so I want to do this
like a “Feature Friday” it won’t be like every Friday but I definitely want to
kind of spearhead that direction and like bring more attention to brands that
you probably have never heard of if they’re even a brand at all sometimes it
might just be like an artist which would be so cool so let’s just get started so
I have 9 different pairs of shoes that I just want to run through really quick
they are all still for sale and they’re all linked down in the description below
it’s just amazing that they’re still for sale even some of my bought like well
over a year ago the first pair is the Dari boots I would say if you’re gonna
get one pair of shoes that these ones will last through most seasons in most
weather and can be worn in different like I’ve worn this with a long vintage
Dior skirt and I’ve worn them with shorts so you can do just different
things with this so these Dari boots are just a nude ankle boot and it’s got
zipper down the side it’s got a stacked leather heel and all of their sole
are very soft so whenever you try on their shoes just be sure that you use
like a carpeted surface so that like no wear and tear happens in case you need
to exchange sizes or anything I also like that all of these are there’s no
like plastic or anything underneath like let me just tell you I’ve got these
Camilla slides any pair of slides that I’ve ever worn they all get a little
scuffed up on the top including these ones but what drives me nuts with other
pairs of slides is that if it’s not made like really with real fabrics inside it
then right here where it’s scuffing you would normally see like white you know
whatever material they made the inside with always shows but with these it’s
just like you can tell if it’s cuffs there’s still just the same material
inside it same color everything like no one unless they came in really close
would even notice that my slides are a little scuffed so these ones these
Camilla slides are six and a half the Dari boots are a size 7 so I went a
little bit up in those just in case I wanted to wear socks I really like like
six-and-a-half is my true size I liked it that it wasn’t like too tight on me
or anything they’re just very comfortable I feel like slippers let’s
say all of these really feel like slippers so that’s really fun so next I
got some Ava ballerina flats I got a couple of colors so one is the tan and
this one I got originally it’s got a little bit more wear and tear because
I’ve had it so long this is the beige so both are six and a half I’ll put all of
my sizes down below so you guys can see it I won’t true to size on these because
if they were too big they would just slip off my ankle if they were too tight
you know that wouldn’t be great either they do stretch a little bit so you
might notice that they come a little bit tight they might feel tight when you
first get them but they do stretch out it’s leather yeah I just love that the
pointed toe gives me a little bit more height it visually looks like I’m I’m
taller than I am when I wear that in fact in my last video I was wearing
these because they do help me look taller and that’s what that whole video
is about so this next pair is one of the first shoes from the solo that I ever
got which is the Mariella mule is still in pretty good condition
naturally you’re gonna have a little bit of wear over here on the side but these
ones are over yeah you’re in maybe a year and a half was about when I got
that a year and a half ago so I do take a little bit of like a like a damp cloth
and I just rub down the the inside insoles and then I do take like a nubuck
leather cleaner to the outside give it a good clean sometimes just for record but
these are holding up really good I’m so happy with them I got them true to size
you know again a nude shoe just I just love the look of a nude shoe because it
just makes me look taller so I really try to reach for shoes like that but
after loving that pair so much I ended up getting a black pair as well this is
one of the only pairs of like leather shoes I have that is polished leather on
the outside I bought these pair it was around fall and so that really brought
me through fall and winter is when I especially wear this pair I like to wear
these with like just a light sock on for colder weather of course I live in
Virginia so and if I’m visiting Wisconsin this might not keep me as warm
but I you know where I live it makes sense to wear them in colder months so I
would say that the Mariellas are extremely comfortable especially because
they have a heel like they fit my foot really good it’s nice to have like a
little bit of a heel if I’m just not wanting to wear a full-on heel it’s just
very versatile very comfortable something I could wear all day at an
office so for days where I do want to wear a heel I love these Palomas I just
love that right here at the ball of my foot there’s actually a little bit more
cushion which I’ve never experienced from other no solo shoes so they’ve
really thought about that especially because this has like even more of a
heel than the others to have that extra cushion just makes such a difference I
also love the peep toe and it’s just kind of fun you know I don’t necessarily
like paint my toenails anymore is that weird but I just really love the look of
these they have a very like natural look to them and I just think that’s great if
I’m going to wear a heel kind of nice to have it more on the
neutral side anytime I’m wearing my Kamms like my Sailor pants I love to wear it
like a lot taller heel with them and so yeah I just think that that’s a really
great look so a couple more pairs these are my Alma’s I just think that this is
really great if you want like more of a leisurely look there’s no heel to them
really and they stay on my foot really well I mentioned these in my favorites
video just because like I’m really obsessed with them they just seem to go
I’ve said this a thousand times about all these shoes but they seem to go with
everything I love that they have a really unique like woven pattern on them
and they also have a darker insole so that means that they’re not gonna show
dirt as much I just really like them a lot they they have just such a unique
look I just love them so those ones are really great for like summertime I like
to wear them a lot with like shorts too that’s a really great look I got
inspired by that actually with Yoli and Otis is another great brand on their
model they always wear these shoes that look a lot like that love to wear that
for summer but another great heel that I like to wear for summertime this is my
newest parents my Sarita wedges so as a wedge it’s got this beautiful like wood
texture as well as this like raw leather look these ones are super comfortable
because there’s not much of an arch to them so it’s not like I’m walking in
heels all day if I wear these tight enough then I really do not have any
problem walking in them and also a bonus is that because I’m shorter one thing
that I always struggle with is like if I’m in an in an airplane or if I am in a
theater a lot of times I’ll get like pain in my knees because I’m studying
and like my feet don’t touch the floor so these ones will allow me to like sit
comfortably in a movie theater is what I’m really looking forward to this is
kind of a perk and I can really stand to have a little extra height sometime so
not opposed to that at all I also noticed that this is the first pair by
them that I’ve had that has like rubber and the
soles so that was kind of nice because then it allows you a little bit more
stability than otherwise you might have at that height I think it’s really
important so these ones like I had missed six and a half and then by the
way myomas I got in a six and a half as well pretty much everything I get in a
six and a half that’s pretty much it for my collection I think that all of these
they have their different purposes I’ve been really like selective with my shoes
so I’m selective about the brand once I find a really good brand I’m pretty
loyal so that’s why I have like the majority this is the majority of my
shoe collection in general I take care of my shoes with a few different
products let me just run through them really quick so this first one is a Kiwi express shine this is just a leather cleaner that just you know their
little wipes and I’m able to so just like any of my polish leather I can
touch them up or I use them on the insoles I can shine them up before I
actually polish or shine anything I use like a little cloth like this where I
can just get it damp and just make sure that there’s like no excess dirt on
anything so for a new buck it’s you know I’m really careful I don’t like to over
clean them or anything but after I make sure that there’s like no dirt around
any of the edges I use a suede and new buck cleaner I got this one years ago
from GH Bass & Co I actually got this for Zack but I pretty much use it now
myself so I will just take a little bit of foam from that and put it on this
little tiny brush scrub it in we’re really good like a lung all of the new
buck and then I just let it air dry then once the air dries then I take a little
buffer brush like this one and I just make sure that all of the suede is
brushed out to its original nap I also can use this one on my polished leather
stuff just see if I want to give it a little bit more of a buff or shine so I
can link these things down below but that’s pretty much my shoe collection
the intention behind it is that I want all of these pieces to be classics that
I can keep in my closet for a very long time I like to take care of them I think
that if like anything needs to go to the cobbler I would say
them to ye old cobbler and like get them fixed up so that’s kind of how I want to
take care and treat my clothes having a company like Nisolo the stuff that
they released last year is still for sale like it’s not like I’m going to buy
something and immediately it’s out of style like this stuff has been made for
generations and anytime that I can wear products that people take pride in like
I can feel that pride and I just feel like I’ve taken part in something a lot
of the craftsmen who make these like hand make these shoes they are I’ve
heard have kids that they’re sending to college for the first time in that whole
communities existence so you’re just providing a fair wage to everybody in
the company and I just love that I love to know like where my money is going so
anytime I can like find that out if companies are more transparent then I
definitely want to like take part in that so anyways I hope you guys have an
amazing Friday let me know if you like this as a series because I have plenty
of other people other companies that I would love to be able to feature like
for jewelry clothes anything like that so give this video a thumbs up and I
will see you guys on Monday I’ll see you then


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