Hello there I welcome you to see what’s inside my shoe closet! I didn’t create this video to brag about the fact, that I own many shoes well okay I have a lot of shoes I created this video just to show my love for shoes instead shoes are my thing ultimately and I have been collecting shoes for over 10 years now sooo they are starting to pile up a bit.. which pair is YOUR number 1 favourite? please leave a comment below If you enjoyed the music in this video, check out a DJ called “Joonas Hahmo” I’ll put a link on the description box I highly recommend, you can find his music on Youtube If this video didn’t freak you out enough, please push the subscribe button below and give this video a thumbs up a LARGE thumbs up it would mean a lot to me thanks a lot for watching, and we’ll meet again in the next video more weirdness coming up anytime soon so, Byeee!



  • Sunt foarte frumosi😻😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😘😘😘🐈🐈🐈

  • A me non piace nessuna

  • Unif thrash=unique trash=uniikki roskaa

  • شيطان بمعنى الكلمة

  • Queria tanto entender o que você disse no vídeo! A propósito, não sei o que estou fazendo por aqui, haha, mas adorei os sapatinhos 😉

  • Welche Sprache spricht sie?

  • Gosh ….I didn't like even one….so terrible….my legs can't bear the load ….

  • 3:46 Wow!


  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • I love your shoes

  • 1:28 the best. Shit its the best shoes in your video😱😱😱❤❤❤❤❤😍😘😘😘

  • trop bbo

  • 2019??

  • Ihania kenkiä

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Смотрю, и ни слова не понимаю

  • Very beautiful

  • Ekat oli lakulauta kengät

  • Those ballet boots got me thinking 🤔🤔

  • Kuka kattoo vuonna 2019 muu ku minä🙂🙂

  • 2:59 hahahhahahah omggg

  • I'm sorry but you look that you have issues

  • 4:16 Shoes left the conversation

  • mostly black and weird

  • I have one pair of converse :"v

  • 00:16 i love these shoes!!!By the way,4:50 weird

  • ouch

  • Voitko tehä tästä päivitetyn version plis

  • I dislike

  • it is not beautiful

  • I like PLEASER beyond

  • Lady Gaga approved

  • Kumisaappaat

  • Queste scarpe sono alte ma belle

  • Worst shoes I’ve ever seen.

  • U broke , that u buyer second hand shoes ewww

  • 4.27 0 omg its amazing

  • 4.53 horrible 😰😰

  • Yaar kitni khatarnak h y ladies

  • ,aślkodumklz

  • Uijui tääl on oikeesti aika vähä suomalaisii

  • Like jos oot suomalainen

  • حبيبتي كلش حلوه يعني كلش عجبني روععععععععه

  • 2

  • Omg yeeeees a person from Finland!!!!

  • Bc

  • 😮😮😮 4:20…ye hai kiya?…

  • Nickldeon

  • She mostly prefer boots rather hills…

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Where do u get your heels bc they cute

  • It all the shoes of lady gaga😱

  • You really have some weird shoes! 😶

  • black and hot pink is what i see

  • she really goes all out when someone says shes short.

  • Wow…that's one heck of a collection. ….Loved it. ..

  • I love her knee highs🖤

  • Weird shoe collection dear dont mind ples buy beautiful simple nd preety shoe

  • Mistä noita saa?

  • Faltu

  • Vagwan ka diya huwa ye do peirr me inn juto ke wajei se nahi torna chahti……plz mujhe maaf karooo

  • Hi, what do you like the most about wearing high heels and platforms?

  • 2019

  • 6,7 milj näyttökertaa!??

  • My number 1 is the last pair

  • Pahalapsi Français plaise

  • Oh my god 😮😮😮
    This shoes and you are very beautiful 😍😍😍😍💕

  • One pair of converse.

    Who else ?

  • At :45 it look like clawdeens shoes with no pruple😂

    From monster high

  • Omg

  • I would break my feet if I wore thoes

  • 2019?

  • O per tutti i baffi felini questi tacchi sono lunghissimi 👡👡👡👡😃😃😃

  • Sono bellissimi

  • all shoes are not beautiful

  • Jaisi Shakal Waise Hi sandal

  • Miä oon aina ihaillu sua oon seurannut sua 3-2 vuotta

  • 🤔🤔😂😲😲

  • Evet çok güzel 😂😂

  • Wow keep it up

  • Să inebunesti

  • 😚♥You are so much sweet

  • which one the language??

  • hei! en kerenny hakee poppareita!!

  • OSCENE😱😟

  • 2019😎😎😎😎😎

  • Csini

  • lady gaga has left the chat

  • A la maiser no le entiendo a los comentarios!😂🤦

    Autolike para no desaparecer !

  • Damn boots r so coooool 😎😎😎

  • Damnn ur boots 😯😯😯
    Damnnn ur face 😊😊

  • you are not prestige bcs you dont have vans adidas nike fila puma and more your all shoes are ugly


  • I have on pair of nikes

  • Trebuia sa-i faci și tu curați înainte sa apari cu ei in video

  • Urmărind acest video, am ajuns la o concluzie : Chiar am încălțăminte faina!😬

  • Pleaser fearless 700 something something

  • My favorites are the New Rock Neptuno's. ( The really tall pair of Neptuno's )

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