Shoes ugly as hell Broken but loved shoes Fierce shoes These are the ones that I own So yeah. I love shoes. At this collection video I’ll show you every single pair I can fool you by giving you the image That my shoes are well organized at all times A perfect straight line of treasures with no signs of dust Boxes filled with heels and flats But this is the reality A Chaos full of shoes hits you at first, when you open the front door So our porch literally looks like it has been bombed with shoes So yeah.. There withers the image of perfection A girl must own a pair of wellies In case it starts to rain men from the sky, or just in case you need to go camping You’ll know the future for sure.. Ouch. These are the shoes That literally kills my feet It’s a twisted relationship With hate caused with blisters and love for the spikes This pair of boots is one of the best things I have found 2nd hand These buckled wedges were found on our local thrift store and they did cost only a few bucks I just added the front spikes to spice these up These Iron fist digi skulls Are cool as fuck Or at least a total eye-catcher I have this same pattern as a DIY painting also if you guys have noticed These Pennangalans are good at every day use It’s a great feature That these ones actually have zippers in them And the flat platform Makes them quite easy to walk in too These uglies should never see the daylight In comparison to glittery pink life the trainers are not the prettiest shoes to wear Shame on me for buying these 😀 When I was a teenager, Ed hardy was one of my favourite brands These are quite cool still cause they have skulls and all A gothic gal must own a pair of zombies! My monster shoes are flats and colored pink .. because pink is of course the choise of a winner I have worn these a hell lot They should eighter get fixed up .. or go straight to the garbage bin The colour of these trainers is truly delicious I could nearly eat them because the color is like a candy Yet again one great 2nd hand find I got these also for a few bucks from the local thrift store And added a few studs to the straps myself I’d say these are by far one of the best shoes to walk in I can’t realize how I could live my life Before buying these pink must have – moon walk boots These are my every day-shoes And I would walk every single festival with these .. if you didn’t need to change clothes sometimes I can’t stop loving these boots made by Pleaser What else does a crazy girl need, than a heel 8″ high And a hell lot of pvc These vintage New rock Neptunos Are the best pair from the whole brand The heigh platform isn’t the only great thing about these It’s great that these came with extra straps So 2 more buckles can be added any time For the super fab look I bet most goth gals have owned These Demonia booties at some stage of their lives I pimped these a bit So they wouldn’t be so basic I added a some radioactive stickers to the pink buckles A few of them has fallen off already, But luckily you can always add some more I think the panels of these boots Make me look like a superhero somehow My boyfriend named these as “Batmans” These super rare Terry De Havilland – transmuters Are the treasures of my collection These have a rubber sole And the quality of the Pennangalans is mesmerizing I have only seen these boots for a few times elsewhere And that’s the reason these are real keepers It’s frustrating, That jeffrey campbell makes boots that are truly good looking from the outside but the quality.. oh well, it sucks Mine have broke from many different spots and they have been repaired twice I have changed the laces, the glitter has fallen off… so.. I’d say the price doesn’t match the quality It’s a fact That my boyfriend has the best taste in shoes because he actually bought me these boots for approx… 4 or 5 years ago As a christmas present What else can I say, A shoe is a PERFECT gift for a lady I love how these boots match with nearly every outfit They match with both the trousers And some skirts Aaand with dresses And like Every day use Only the zipper is missing Here you can see a purchase made by impulse These were tagged a -70% off the price .. so I just “NEEDED” the shoes Sometimes I have the moments When I want to be a princess At those moments I can just add a tiny tiara to be my crown And all of a sudden I’ll own a half of the realm when walking in these shoes These were one of the first pink shoes That I ever bought And the best thing: They glow under uv-light! Here you can see Jeffrey Campbell / Dsquared fakes I’d say these at least have a spine As you can see, The whole heel is made of plastic, bone like parts I feel like these shoes dont really need explaining All I can say is that i LOOOOOOOOOOOVE these shoes And yes they were pricey.. But hopefully worth the money Let me introduce you to my another favourite pair Because of buckles and the simple pvc look These are really easy to pair with almost anything That’s why they have been worn a hell lot Every day (not really) My beloved alien spacemanboots I think these have been dropped Straight from Mars to Joensuu And therefore the silver really catches the eye I can say that These are quite a fetish boots But yeah. It isn’t impossible to walk in these .. at least if you practise before trying 😀 Try adding some cotton to the toes and it makes the walk a lot more easier These shoe- grandpas should be nearly treated As a museum treasure because they are old as hell I bought these.. .. about seven years ago And they were already used And I too have worn them so much they have really bought themselves It’s such a joy putting these to your feet As you can imagine As obviously these have no zippers in them How many straps there are.. Over 10 pieces at each shoe? And they need to be opened and closed One by one Oh boy. It can easily take half an hour just putting on shoes… These are my official jumping boots Even if the platform looks like it could be foamy and soft Like a Styrofoam It really isn’t The strings are just for decoration But they still look RAD Here we can see some random, Broken beauties that desperately need repairment The ones from the left are from Pennangalan .. the invader boots The ones at the center are made by Demonia The right pink shoe is my beloved UNIF It’s a pity they’re all broken This happens when a shoemaniac finds a way To express every aspect of EXTREME boots So yeah The height of the heel is 16″ aaand they aren’t the ones that get the most wear It’s like a craziness for the crazy A real treasure in the collection


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