My Men’s Boot Collection – Boots of Sven Raphael Schneider Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In
today’s video, we discuss my boot collection. In the past, I already discussed my cufflink,
as well as my shoe collection, so if you’re interested in those, please check them out
here. Also, stay tuned for other videos about my closet and my wardrobe. So the first boot of my collection is this
black one here that is kind of an oxford Balmoral boot. It has a Vibram rubber sole for better
traction even though it’s Goodyear welted as well as a lambskin lining that keeps my
feet warm during the cold Minnesota winters. It’s actually made by
Shoe Passion which is a German company but the shoe itself was produced in Spain. In
Britain, you mostly find leather lined boots and I always found that they’re way too cold
for winters with lots of snow and low temperatures such as here in the Midwest. The next boot is likewise black but slightly
different. It’s more elegant, it has a leather sole and a cap toe, as well as a Balmoral
boot style with an insert in a contrasting black suede. It’s definitely something you
would find in a shoe that was worn with a stroller suit or morning wear back in the
20s and 30s and today, you can also wear it with like a business suit, for example, and
to break up the black monotony, I added some gray contrasting boot laces from Fort Belvedere
which you can find in our shop here. Usually, I wear those with my cashmere striped trousers
either for a stroller ensemble or a morning coat. To learn more about morning dress, please
check out this video here and if you really want to dive into it get our over 200 plus
page guide in our shop here. The next boot is likewise perfect for morning
wear. It is Goodyear welted by hand, it’s a prototype from Fort Belvedere, it’s a button
boot and ten years ago, those boots weren’t around. Now, you can see they’re more popular
in Japan and more people wear them with suits. Traditionally, they were worn with the cashmere
striped trousers and because the outfit was usually a mix of white, black, and grey, this
a two-tone effect really helped. If you want to learn how to button these boots with a
hook please check out our video here. Next up is a Chelsea boot which is an all-time
classic with the rubber elastic here. It’s a contrasting kind of blueish purple which
makes the boots stand out, otherwise, it’s a very dark chocolate brown color and in Italian
I I think it’s called testa di moro and it’s nice because from afar, it may almost seem
like a black shoe yet you can also wear it with outfits that usually call for brown shoes.
It has a medallion cap toe as well as rubber soles
so it’s good for wet fall days. Next up is the Dalton boot from Allen Edmonds
in horween cordovan. Its oxblood, it has this open lacing system which makes it easy to
get inside of the boot, it’s a relatively tall height for a dress boot and the cordovan
ages in a different way than calf leather does and again, we’re preparing for our shoe
shine series here. To spice up the look, I added a pink pair of boot laces from Fort
Belvedere which you can find in our shop here. I think there’s not many places out there
where you can find long boot laces in all kinds of different colors. Again Goodyear
welted made in Port Washington Wisconsin by Allen Edmonds. Now, this Scotch grain boot in brown by Allen
Edmonds is also made for the winter. It has kind of a sheepskin lining but only on the
side and on the top upper not at the insole which is quite funny because then your foot
gets cold from the bottom and it’s kept warm from the other side so I like the all fur
lined version from Shoe Passion more. That being said, it’s kind of a pigment coated
Scotch grain pattern which works well in the winter because it’s quite water resistant,
it has some hooks here at the top, and it has a rubber sole, and it’s a good shoe when
it’s not super cold outside. Next up is a jodhpur boot which has an Indian
heritage, comes from polo fields. To learn more about this stylish shoe, please check
out the Jodhpur guide on the website here. It’s a nice medium brown, very elegant, very
clean lines, it’s closed with a strap that goes all around. It’s a very good shoe, I’ve
liked wearing it, it has likewise a rubber sole so it’s good for fall days and it works
with all kinds of chinos, khakis, anything where you otherwise wear brown shoes with.
It is made in Italy blake rapid stitch by Scarosso. Next up is this kind of work boot style made
of oil leather with like strong caps. It’s a true work boot for yeah work outside and
it has this white rubber sole. It’s usually typical from Red Wing I think this model here
is from Thorogood which basically has the same properties as Red Wing but you pay less
for the marketing and it’s less expensive. Next up is a suede boot and quite an elegant
last. I like it quite a bit. The suede is in a nice rich brown I think the brand is
called Armin Oehler, it’s a German brand but I think they’re made in Asia, Goodyear welted
and I enjoy wearing it not so tall more of a chukka boot style. to learn more about chukka
boots please check out this in-depth video guide here and in general if you want to learn
about all sorts of boots and shoes we have in-depth guides that you can find on a gentleman’s
Gazette website Here is another jodhpur type boot from St.
Crispin. It has a different cut it is hand Goodyear welted in Romania it’s a custom shoe
you can see it has very fine stitching and I’ve had it for a long time it has served
me well good shoe. Here’s a pair of vintage Morlands from England
they have a lambskin lining all over which is quite nice they’re not super tall so I
wear this boot a lot during the winter yeah it’s definitely not the best shape but we
still have winter and snow outside here so I have to wait until that’s gone and then
I’ll probably make a video out of it This is a nice typical English country boot
in orangey tan color feels very sturdy has a double sole so it’s very thick but just
a leather lining so it’s good if you’re in a countryside but not great if you live in
a very cold climate. I like it for fall outfits it’s very stiff and just a solid shoe with
metal eyelets I added a burgundy contrasting pair of boot laces from Fort Belvedere just
to complete the look I like to wear it with all sorts of tweeds and more casual outfits
sometimes even though with like black corduroys and the tan provides a very nice contrast
to them Another more unusual boot is this blue one
here from Jamie Johnson which is a German brand. Honestly, I don’t quite know where
the shoe was made. its Goodyear welted it has a leather sole and you can see there’s
some contrasting leather layers in between here just to kind of make it different. blue
suede is not a very common color either and the lining I think here is turquoise the shoelaces
are burgundy so overall it’s more of a statement shoe yet the burgundy color is quite dark
so you can wear it with outfits where you would otherwise maybe use dark brown or a
black shoe or boot instead and I like it to have different options in my boot wardrobe. The next shoe here is a very interesting model.
It’s from Allen Edmonds. I think it was a special edition made for mass drop. it has
like an oiled sole that is rather soft, a nice English suede leather that is unlined
like a true original kind of chukka or a desert boot. So if you like Clarks, I would say this
is the better version. it’s goodyear welted in a nice sand color so I like to wear it
in at the end of the summer it’s kind of a low-profile boot there’s no support really
in the heel so it’s a very casual boot that can look quite nice with chinos or seersucker
for Example. Alright, gentlemen, that’s it for my boot
collection and again if you want to see other items such as my shoe collection please check
them out and here and to subscribe to new videos please hit that subscribe button along
with that bell otherwise you won’t get all the video notifications and that’s what you
want. In today’s outfit I’m wearing an olive green
jacket which is part of a suit I combined it with a very small-scale blue white-and-green
houndstooth patterned shirt with a big kind of 70s inspired collar I wear it with a yellow
silk knit tie from Fort Belvedere that it works well with the yellow pocket square with
hand-rolled x stitches likewise from Fort Belvedere
my pants are classic sand colored chinos and I combined them with purple and turquoise
socks and for Belle there with shadows stripes and they work well with a turquoise leather
lining of my green velvet house shoes which are slippers which I have two,of course.


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