“My Life Is Wonderful”: $1M Sugar Baby Lounges In Luxury

NINA PETERSON: A sugar daddy is willing and financially endowed to spoil his woman and
he’s just older than an average boyfriend. COMM: 37-year-old Nina Peterson is one of the world’s most successful sugar babies. NINA PETERSON: The best part about being a sugar baby is the lifestyle. Vacations every
month, not having to worry about paying your bills. Thinking back on this lifestyle I am
certain that it has provided me well over a million dollars. I’ve had my nose done
three times; I’ve had my boobs done four times, I have had extensions in my hair that
were thousands of dollars. I have paid close to $100,000 worth of surgeries. Well, I didn’t
pay but… COMM: Her most extreme surgery came earlier this year when she tripled her 34D breasts
to an incredible 34H. NINA PETERSON: I think they’re like 8lbs. I’m addicted to shopping for my new boobs,
you know, like just buying a whole bunch of cutsie-tootsie stuff from my daddy, ‘cause
he loves it when I dress up. He calls me his little Barbie doll. I love to push those girls
up in the air, to salute my daddy! But, you know, he’s worth it and he rewards me so
well so I can’t complain. Nina: Pick out a colour.
Juliana: All right. Nina: How about those two colours? So you
can put this as a base and then put that as a topcoat. JULIANA PETERSON: I would want a man that pays for everything, because, well ‘cause
then I don’t gotta worry and it’s a gentlemen thing to do. COMM: Nina’s very open about the sexual side of ‘sugaring’. NINA PETERSON: A sugar daddy invests in a woman that he feels has the potential to be
an asset in his life. A prostitute is not an asset. With being a sugar daddy and a sugar
baby, you don’t necessarily have to have sex. I mean, with me and my sugar daddy, he
had already invested about $30,000 in me before we even had sex. COMM: Nina insists that her role actually helps her to keep up with her traditional
family values. NINA PETERSON: I think there’re a lot of broken families nowadays that could benefit
from a mom being available to raise up their children. I’m all for women having equal
rights, but that’s not what I was born to be. If back in time, if I had the opportunity
to vote for women’s rights, I’m sorry, I know I’m gonna get bashed for this, but
I would’ve rather stay at home. I would’ve rather stay at home! Once I built a trusting
relationship with my sugar daddy, then I introduced him to the kids. JULIANA PETERSON: Any time she get’s money, she like either takes us on vacation, buys
cute dresses, spoils us. NINA PETESON: Their college is already paid for, they can choose wherever they want to
go. My life is wonderful. I’m blessed. I’m too blessed to be stressed over haters. COMM: A young Juliana who’s nicknamed Nina’s sugar daddy ‘Santa’ has a good idea of
what she’d like to see in her future. JULIANA PETERSON: I know we live in a big beautiful home but what I’m wishing is that
we live in a big beautiful home, mom’s a top sugar baby and that she gets married to
“Santa!” COMM: Nina’s camera-shy sugar daddy is treating her so well that the 37-year-old plans to
move on to a new venture. NINA PETERSON: He’s basically retired me from ‘sugaring’. He spoils me, anything
I want I get. If my children came to me and decided that they wanted to be a sugar baby
or pursue that lifestyle, than I would support their decision. I would have a sugar baby
academy with younger sugar babies to groom young ladies. I don’t see any shame in being
considered a bimbo. I think a bimbo is a free, enthusiastic, scintillating, beautiful, happy,
boisterous young woman. I don’t wanna be normal, I don’t wanna be basic, I don’t
even think I’m human! I believe that I’m part alien and I believe that I came to this
earth to do incredible things. I just couldn’t live a basic lifestyle!


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  • Whos the dad ?

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