My Intestines Got Sucked Out In A Swimming Pool | TRULY

Salma: I’m basically in pain 24/7. Salma: I had an accident happen at a swimming pool. Salma: It was so traumatic. Salma: My mom actually thought it was
like my bathing suit or something. Salma: There was a doctor there and
he’s like, “Those are intestines.” Salma: It was horrible. Salma: Yeah Ray and Jay – Ray and Jay are coming. Mother: She will stay here? Salma: Not a sleepover, no. Mother: Just short visit today? Salma: Yeah, we are going to see each other and stuff. Mother: Okay. Salma: My name is Salma and I am 16 years old. Salma: I live in Pittsburgh. Salma: With my mom and my two brothers. Mother: Salma, she’s amazing girl in the whole world. Mother: Salma, she’s a fighter. She is a miracle. Salma: Yeah, having it for 10 years. Salma: All the nutrition I get is my TPN, so I don’t technically need to eat. Salma: TPN is Total Parental Nutrition. Salma: It is a bag full of fluids. Salma: It has all the nutrition you
need to survive basically. Salma: But yet somehow, I get the
sensation that I’m hungry. Salma: Maybe it’s a brain thing, maybe
it’s a mind thing, I have no idea. Salma: So I still get the taste of the food. Salma: Honestly, I don’t even remember
what it’s like to swallow the food. Salma: I mean it would be awesome
to, you know, swallow the food again. Salma: I can’t really do much
whenever I’m hooked up. Salma: Because I have to carry
it around in a backpack. Salma: Especially when it’s first
hooked up, it’s so heavy. Salma: I need to stay hooked up to
the TPN for 20 hours a day. Mother: When she was five years old, she had a tragic accident. Mother: It was vacation. Mother: We have an apartment in Alexandria and Egypt. Mother: That day, she went to the swimming pool. Mother: I asked her to please stay in front of me. Mother: Please, she is like “No, no,
no mom it’s for kids.” Mother: “It’s very little for babies.
I’m going. I’m going”. Mother: She went one time and she came back. Mother: She went another time. Mother: The third time she went and she didn’t come back. Salma: You know, if you actually
let me go somewhere. Salma: Which you probably will never let me go anywhere. Mother: That’s Salma. Salma: Controlling mother. Salma: There was a suction in it. Salma: It was actually pulling. Salma: So I was just swimming and all of a sudden, like I just sat on it by accident. Salma: I know the lifeguard tried to pull me out and he couldn’t, because the suction was so much. Salma: I could see what was going
on but I couldn’t even breathe. Salma: I could remember the pain.
I remember everybody panicking. Salma: Everybody getting out of the pool. Salma: I know a couple people finally
were able to get me out. Mother: I stand up and ran to her. Mother: I found someone carrying her and all her, like intestines, came out from her body. Mother: I couldn’t believe this is intestines. Mother: I thought at the beginning, I
thought it’s hair swimming through. Mother: Literally like my whole
stomach was just – it was horrible. Mother: But the good thing is it was so bad that I
basically blacked out after a little while. Salma: I think I was in the
hospital for maybe like two months. Salma: That was back in Egypt. Salma: Okay I’m in, I’m in. Salma: It is so cold. Salma: They said that I have
about two weeks to live, if I don’t get this transplant. Salma: And they told us that Pittsburgh
is the best place to go. Mother: Egypt – we don’t have
any treatment for Salma right now. Mother: We don’t – even her TPN, we don’t have it in Egypt. Mother: We have to come to America.
To do a transplant. Salma: Since we’re not citizens,
we can’t have insurance. Salma: And we were on the transplant
waiting list for 18 months. Salma: And then I did receive my
small intestinal transplant. Salma: After two weeks of me receiving my
transplant, I had my first rejection. Salma: After another month or so, another one. I had
a total of about five or six rejections. Salma: And it was so bad that they opened me up to remove that one organ which was only small intestines. Salma: And they found out that
the rejection had spread. Salma: So they actually had to remove my small
intestines which I got transplanted. Salma: And my large intestines. Salma: My bladder was ruptured in the process. Salma: And yeah, whenever they took everything
out since the infection was so bad, they unfortunately could not close me back up. Salma: So it’s healing slowly. Salma: But, now it’s literally – it’s
not healing any more. Salma: They removed my transplant, they said that we couldn’t have another one. Last time was just one organ. Salma: This is five organs. Salma: They also – money,
need money for admissions. Salma: Money for complications, for home care, pre-op evaluation. Salma: They need the money for everything. Mother: Here, everything is like cost. Mother: Everything’s cost. Mother: Every admission, every visit,
every clinic, every labs. Mother: Only, her lab is like a thousand
dollars every week. Mother: She still smiles. Mother: She is still a fighter. Mother: She’s still challenged with her
situation. She’s doing very, very good things for her. Salma: My two friends – their
names are JC and Reagan. Salma: Basically we met at transplant camp. Salma: Honestly, since camp we
have not stopped talking. Salma: We just understand each other so much because, JC actually had a small intestine transplant and it failed. Salma: And then she got a multi-visceral transplant
which is the same thing I need right now. Salma: Hey. Salma: Hey Zeda. Salma: Hi guys. Salma: Dude, we always have
300 people watching you. Girl: 90 Salma: I build my viewers up and I work for it. Mother: This is the dream to
give her – like give her another chance. Mother: Like her friend and she’s good now. Mother: And when she saw her, she gets hope. Mother: She says I wish, Mother: I wish I can get another one
and I live like normal. Mother: I said, just make pray. We keep praying. Mother: It’s impossible. Salma: But, we shall be
back after I’m done filming. Salma: So I love you guys. Peace out. Ray and Jay : Bye. Salma: Bye. Mother: Makeup artist. Mother: She’s good. She’s good. Mother: She’s good, but she’s mad at me,
because I refused to do makeup. Mother: She want to do my makeup. I said
no, I don’t like makeup. Salma: I love doing my
eyes, like eye shadow. Salma: I barely do neutral looks. I always do
crazy bold colors, which I love that. Salma: I have a makeup page that I do lives on. And I just like to go and do my makeup for fun. Salma: That’s what I love to do for fun. Mother: I’m trying to help her. I’m trying to do anything to make her stay alive and feel she’s a normal person. Mother: I wish I can do her dream and make her wish to do another transplant.


  • Thank you soo much for eveyones support and thank you Barcroft TV for helping me get my story out.

  • Omg you poor thing
    Keep fighting never give up!

  • If she so good at make up then maybe she can do mine and make me look like a celebrity already.

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  • Here’s the thing, there are people like the Kardashian’s who have done nothing and have billions of dollars. And there’s amazing and strong people like this girl who actually deserves life.

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  • 🌈🏳‍🌈💜*Please start uploading videos!💯You could definitely get $3M from
    people via your YouTube channel, just like your parents got $300k for your 1st
    transplant!* You have over 8k with NO videos!🤯👍That's unheard
    of! It's basically right in front of you. No wonder you like bright and
    colorful. You ARE bright and colorful!🌟Forever slay, Salma! 🌈🏳‍🌈💜

  • 🌈🏳‍🌈💜*Please start uploading videos!💯You could definitely get $3M from people via your YouTube channel, just like your parents got $300k for your 1st transplant!* You have over 8k with NO videos!🤯👍That's unheard of! It's basically right in front of you. No wonder you like bright and colorful. You ARE bright and colorful!🌟Forever slay, Salma! 🌈🏳‍🌈💜

  • So basically she may never have a successful procedure…. Mind you she said it failed 5 times smh. So technically she may just end up dying young. Hell when she had one it ended up messing the others up……..really nothing can be done because its a high chance that 3 million will go to waste and the procedure will fail. That's absolutely sad….Wow

  • Remember to donate if you can…they aren't going to reach the goal without some help from everyone

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  • What happens if u swallow the food???

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  • What If you accidentally swallow the food?

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  • If she was to swallow the food where would it go

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  • This was hard to watch I am so sorry this happened to you, it's hard to imagine that a FUN activity in a swimming pool can change a life like that – Very sad to watch, and makes me angry at the same time, because SAFETY should be the number one concern for establishments operating a pool. How could they have left a kids pool without safety mechanisms this is beyond me !!! Why hasn't the family sued the establishment, were there any clear warnings about the suction anywhere ? If not this would be clear negligence on the part of the establishment for not having proper safety and warnings..

    For people wondering out there, yes don't underestimate pool suction, they have to circulate a very large volume of water quickly to filter the water.

    Unfortunately medical treatment is very costly, too costly, I am shocked that you were unable to raise at least 1-2 millions already, there are some very rich folks out there, I hope you get big and well needed donations eventually…..Unfortunately in a bad situation myself I would have gladly donated if I could……. I am simply shocked in disbelief that there is no safety switch to cut off the pool's pump during such incidents, if not visible to the public, at least some place where life guards can access it quickly……… If something like that were to happen in America, Canada or Europe, etc… the company would be sued for millions of $, this would be an easy case in my opinion.

  • Salma!! You are a very inspiring, beautiful and talented young lady! If a genie gave me 3 wishes, my first wish would be to give u the gift of that surgery!! You are wonderful! I was feeling down then watched your story and then afterwards i felt better! Im going thru a medical crisis of my own and was feeling sorry 4 myself. Your story gave me hope and motivated me! U are awesome!!

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