MultiCon CMC Ch. 7.8.6 Flip-flop type: JK

This video shows how to use JK type flip-flop Flip-flop uses binary signals both for inputs and for outputs On-screen buttons are simulating J and K inputs Clock input is visible on the screen as well First step is to enter the menu and chose log. channel to be a flip-flop Next is to switch it to math function mode Function is “flip-flop” This is a universal flip-flop so it has all J K R and S inputs This is why R and S inputs are disabled for this instance J is on-screen button Source is channel #2 K input is also an on-screen button (log. ch. #3) Clock input is log. ch. #4 (profile timer) But it may be any other binary signal, including external ones In this case, rising edge activates the flip-flop In this kind of a flip-flop, all changes take place when rising edge at clock input appears J=1 & K=0 is for setting 1 at the output J=0 & K=1 is for setting 0 at the output When both inputs are 0, output doesn’t change When both inputs are 1, output changes state to the opposite This function helps to achieve many complicated logical functions Thank you for your attention

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