Mountain Horse Sovereign High Rider boots review

These are the Sovereign High Rider from
Mountain Horse I’ve had these around about two and a
half years now and they used on a daily basis. I’ve been pretty good and only
used them for riding in. I’ve not done any yard work in them. They have been
comfortable from day one, they’ve taken virtually no breaking in because the
leather is really soft and supple so I would say from the first time I’ve worn
them they’ve been super comfy. I don’t really want to take them off! I also love
the two-tone brown, I think it looks really smart – smart enough for
competition as well if you wanted to and there really isn’t anything I don’t like
about these boots and they’re great and very reasonably priced as well I think
there is still price that are just under £300, which i think
is quite good value for a pair of good quality leather boots. They’ve got a rear
zip, which makes putting the boots on taking them off really easy they’ve also
got a slight elasticated panel on the inside which just gives the the calf a
little bit of give makes them comfortable not at all restrictive and
super easy to put on and take off

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