Motorola Razr review: flip flop

(phone creaking) – Motorola Razr, Motorola Razr. It is definitely a phone
that folds in half. I just wish that I had other
nice things to say about it. (soft music) The Motorola Razr is a $1,500 dollar phone that’s available exclusively
on Verizon in the US, although available is kind of optimistic. There have been shipping delays and it’s not really
showing up in stores yet in a consistent way. It’s almost like this phone isn’t really ready to be sold yet and that’s because it isn’t. I’m not gonna beat around the bush here. The Razr is bad and even
if you think you can deal with its trade-offs, I’m telling you not to really try at all. But the Razr is at least
bad in interesting ways because this folding
thing, it really is neat. You can see the good phone
that’s inside this bad one. See, every phone has trade-offs, but the Razrs trade-offs
are a little different than what you’re used to with most phones. What are you willing to trade in order to get a flip
phone with a folding screen? Something that can fit in your pocket and that isn’t too thick and
that folds completely flat and even has a second
display on the outside. Well, first you’re gonna
have to trade a lot of money, it’s $1,500 which is a sky high cost relative to this Razr’s capabilities. If this phone didn’t fold in half and it cost a penny over say, 250, bucks, I would tell you not to buy it. Even at that price, I don’t
know if I’d even be sure. Motorola makes the Moto G Power which is much better than
this phone and costs $250. That is six times less than this Razr. Next you trade on camera quality. I’m sorry but the 16-megapixel
camera on this phone is middling at best. It’s kind of camera that you’d
expect on a mid-range phone from a couple of years ago. It’s passable but it’s super hard to justify this camera in 2020 and definitely not for
how much this phone costs. It’s just behind. Too many of the shots have blur, there’s terrible low-light
results and, you know what? Just getting focused with
this thing is kind of a chore. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can sometimes get some
nice shots with this camera, but you can pretty much
say that about any camera. I do like some of the
camera features though, it shows this cute little face
when you’re taking a photo. You can take selfies with the main camera instead of the bad selfie
camera which is good. And there are some neat camera effects like there’s a cinemagraph effect and there’s a spot color effect for making just one part of the photograph have a little pop of color. Basically, the camera is
retro in pretty much bad ways but also weirdly sometimes,
that’s good every now and then. Like, take a look at the shot of Aaron. It’s objectively a bad
photo but I kind of love it. Another trade-off is the screen. Look, it’s a folding screen so it’s just not gonna be as
nice on the overall merits as a Samsung or Apple screen but I still think it’s passable. The crease is actually less visible here than it was on the Galaxy
Fold but you can feel the fact that it’s a flexible screen. It’s got weird gaps behind the hinge. And that doesn’t bother me that much but what does bother me is the
screen actually feels loose in the bottom left hand corner like you can feel it
kind of jostling around every time you hit the back button. The reason the screen
does all that weird stuff is because it has to move and it has to have
those gaps underneath it so that the thing can
fold completely flat, I mean here, look, you can see it moving as I fold it down and the way it closes is actually really clever. It forms this teardrop on the inside that lets it fold completely flat. The trade-off is maybe worth it, but I don’t know, just barely. The next trade-off that
you’re gonna have to make is just overall performance. In order to make everything fit in this teeny tiny little package, Motorola had to go with a
slower than usual processor for Android phones but that really shouldn’t affect your
experience for day-to-day stuff. I was actually fine with it. One of the reasons that Motorola went with that tiny little
processor is for battery life and it turns out the battery
life is kind of (laughs). I did manage to get a
full day a couple of days but I really had to work for it. Most days I was topping
off in the late afternoon. It does not support wireless charging but it does support fast charging when you plug it in via the USB-C port. Oh, also this is running Android 9 which is another trade-off and since it’s a Verizon
phone, there is a ton, and I mean, just a ton of
Verizon crap around this thing. There were 12 extra apps by my account, they’re pushing the user messaging app, their cloud backup app, and there’s a bunch of
their spammy little games. On the bright side Motorola
software enhancements are actually pretty good. I like their gestures for
turning on the camera or whatever and this retro Razr
Easter egg is pretty neat. And overall, this just
feels like basic Android. There’s also this peak
screen on the front, which mostly just shows you
notifications and it’s okay. You have to do a lot of weird
swiping and holding the icons so it’s a little limited. It’s not even as good a
notification management system as like a smartwatch but
it’s better than nothing. So those are the four big trade-offs, price, camera, screen, and performance. And maybe you’re telling
yourself, “Hey you know what? “I’m okay with all those things”, because this is a sick, flip phone, and I’m tired of big giant
slab sticking out of my pocket, plus, it’s just cool
and I like cool things. It is so satisfying to open
this thing to take calls and slam it close when you
wanna hang up on somebody, so cool, all those things are true. The whole point of this
phone is how cool it is to have a folding phone and the experience of opening and closing it and the experience of opening
and closing it kinda sucks. That creaking that you heard
at the top of the video, it is very real and it’s
only gotten worse every day as I’ve used this phone. In fact, Motorola even had to
issue a statement about it. Here it is, “When folding
and unfolding Razr, “you may hear a sound which is intrinsic “to the mechanical movement of the phone. “Razr has undergone
rigorous durability testing, “and the reported sounds in no way “affect the quality of the product.” Sorry, but it does affect
the quality of the product. The sound and the feel
of the flip on this phone really do matter. I mean, here’s the new Razr
can barely do it one handed, but I could do it but it’s a little slow and just sort of eh, and
then here is the OG Razr and this, way more satisfying. Let’s just go back for a
second to this folding screen. It is plastic and so it’s
not gonna be as durable as a regular glass screen, but Motorola says that it will
last the life of the phone. I don’t know, I’m not so sure. But let’s just take them
at their word on that. There’s still the fact that the
experience here isn’t great. Motorola says that bumps
and lumps are normal and I don’t know, but it’s so fragile that they even tell you you
can’t put it in your pocket with the phone open,
you’ve gotta close it first and that doesn’t really inspire confidence for the long-term, but the whole thing that’s supposed to justify
all those trade-offs, the experience of it,
it’s just not that good and if it’s not that good
then, well, what’s the point? Now, look, the Razr is
super cool when it’s closed. I think it looks good, it’s
got this retro aesthetic and the first few times you do it, it is really neat to unfold it. The 6.2 inch screen gives
you all the benefits of a huge phone, except
for the width, I guess, but it is a tiny little pocketable package and I think I like the
idea of this form factor more than I do of phone
that folds out into a tablet like the Galaxy Fold. But I can’t stop thinking
about those trade-offs. How much should you pay
extra for the folding part? Like I said, this phone, if it costs $250 and didn’t fold would be unacceptable. And this thing costs $1,500. How much are you willing
to trade for a fold? You know, another word for
trade-off is compromise and that’s what the Motorola
Razr is, a compromised phone. Hey, thank you so much for watching. There is another flip phone
that just got announced, it’s Samsung’s phone,
it’s the Galaxy Z Flip. We just did a hands on with it so you should click to look at that. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, take one. Just think of the stuff, end card. Thanks for watching.


  • Is it worth $1500 as a Verizon exclusive?

  • Your paying for the early adopter title. As time passes smart flip phones will get better. Samsung's Z Flip is already starting to showing improvements. I just want a phone that has midrange specs and fits in my pocket, unless Sony brings back their compact phones smart slip phones will be my only option in the future.

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  • Skip gimmicks. Folding is not that valuable. Repair costs?

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  • Honestly, I think you have been too harsh on this. It’s clearly a prototype, like a super car. It’s here so that Motorola can make a statement, that they are not stranded on doing just mid-tier phones but they can compete with the top dogs. Honestly, I am happy that they did it. The “folding thing” which makes the phone 6 times more expensive is an engineering miracle honestly. Tons of RnD and man hour went on designing something like that. Then, sure, it’s not a charm to use it on a daily basis, but nobody was expecting this from this concept phone. Kudos to Motorola!

  • Great review Dieter! The problem with the Motorola is that it's $1500 and that the Samsung Z Flip exists. Those two things together make this phone almost irrelevant.

  • Why are all the companies who make phones start their prices so high?

  • $1500 for this this JUNK? Who approved this? To add insult to injury you get ALL that junkware from Verizon! It's 2020. Who hasn't gotten the memo about junkware along with Samsung?

  • My favorite phone that I ever owned was the Samsung D801 because I was a huge Matrix fan and loved slider phones. If someone engineers a slider that somehow goes from small, pocket-able bar phone to big screen smartphone with a sliding action that would be incredible.

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  • "Oh hey, another Verge review… Or whatever… It's OK… I guess. But not as good as Apple… I don't know."

  • thank goodness I waited and ordered a Z FLIP. glass, better specs, better hardware, cheaper, folds, wireless charging, DeX, Samsung pay, better folding.

    sorry motorola, I cannot spend $1500 on a compromised phone. Z flip is $1380 and way ton more hardware and better software.

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    IMO these videos are super interesting by them selves and don't need music at all but if you feel like you need to add it mix it in a way that it doesn't dominate the sound of the video

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  • The alternative is Samsung… and after using Samsung for years I HATE IT! You are bloated with dublicated apps you cant uninstall. Updates stop like after 2 years and after that you are screwed since you can't use jailbroken phones with banking aps. I rather buy the Motorola instead of Samsung. Samsung as Iphones are built to break instantly because braking glass makes you buy new phones

  • I don't know Dieter… I think you've gone a little bit to far. The Moto Razr is a special Smartphone and of course it has it's flaws (especially for a price like this) BUT for me the benefits an the coolness-factor outweigh a lot. The outside screen is MUCH more usefull than on the Galaxy Z Flip!
    I think the Moto Razr deserves better :/

  • so, wait till tomorrow and order the z flip instead…

  • This phone is the ultimate example of form over function. A lot of compromises were made just to get that size and aesthetic, hopefully it's a good learning experience for Motorola and they nail it the second time round and with a glass screen

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  • I love how Motorola says the screen will “last the life of the phone”. That’s so vague! If you were to purchase the phone and completely destroy it day one, they’re not wrong! It lasted the entire working life of the phone! 😂

  • Rip Motorola Razr Feb 2020 – Feb 2020

  • Lets stop the video and take a few seconds to embrace… The reborn of Nokia 2720

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  • Its for rich or tech enthusiastic people, as a secondary phone. That's truth

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  • hey bro, sweet intro.

  • Honestly, I would much rather have a cheap updated feature phone Razr a la Nokia 3310. I like having a phone to put my SIM that I can take places where I just need a long lasting phone to call on and maybe text. But "modern" flip phones are uglier than old ones and meant for people who've have grand kids with their own grand kids.

  • This guy is being real nitpicky.

  • Good as a collectors piece only probably

  • "It is definitely a phone that folds in half"

    … and absolutely nothing else that makes it the RAZR that lovers of the classic were hoping for.

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  • This is a bummer. This was a phone that I've been reading about for years and jumped at the chance to pre-order it the moment it was available on the VZW site. However not even 24 hours later I ended up canceling the pre-order and resuming my long wait to upgrade. I'm going with the s20 Ultra, assuming there's no issues come Feb 21. The Z Flip seems leaps and bounds above the Razr, but at this point I'd rather have the spec beast than the novelty item. Just hate that I wasted a year of my life watching and reading everything about it. Live and learn, I suppose.

  • Face it, foldables are just laughable gimmicks for dummies. Hell, I'll even bet $100 Samsung's Galaxy Z Flop gets recalled too. 🤦‍♂️😂

  • A 2510 mAh battery, or whatever it is…yikes. The Pixel 4 was torched for its battery and this is even worse. And no wireless charging is a bigger deal now than it would have been a couple years ago. My car, bedside table and work desk all have wireless chargers sitting on them. Hell, even my desk lamp has a base that can charge a phone wirelessly. As much as I wanted this, I'm gonna spend $100 less and get the s20 ultra.

  • The best and most detailed review so far. Kudos to you the verge

  • Neither interested me. I prefer the fold. But after seeing them I really do like the z flip. But I'm not ready for folded phone's yet. The s20 ultra however yes please

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  • Walmart pre paid flip phone is $9.99 or less.

  • what a total failure. terrible

  • Verge you need to hire someone with ears who's sole job is to turn down the music in your videos

  • It's a good prototype, but a daily drive it is not

  • Dont worry Dieter, one day you'll get a flip phone you love.

  • Samsung fan boys are even worse then apple fan boys

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  • It's their first attempt with foldables much like Samsung had some problems with their first gen Galaxy fold. That's why must wait for the second/third generation rather than buying it right away

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  • I don't really buy their excuse for why they chose to use the middle of the road processor in this device. If Samsung was able to make their new phone which is essentially the same size have better specs in pretty much every way, then this just doesn't make sense to me.


  • If we have a sub par processor and cameras, why the hell does it cost $1500!

  • Moto Hello guys ?!
    Me. Bye razr….

  • I don't know what they were thinking at Motorola to be honest, they knew Samsung was gonna make their own flip phone and they still came out with this… At THIS price

  • This smartphone is best used with the retro easter egg. Even the camera goes back to 2003

  • man instead of complaining how bad this phone, just look at the innovation moto has come up with….folding screen some years ago who thought we could have come this far, this is just an entry level into folding screen, they will learn from mistake n make it better

  • Only tech nerds think folding screens are a good idea on a smartphone. For the average person, it’s a freakin stupid idea. Folding screens are the new 3D tv.

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  • One would assume it’s not too difficult to acquire larger pockets with a 1500 dollar budget. 🙂

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  • So salty

  • Damn Dieter you obviously have an issue with Motorola.
    Normal person wouldn’t care about the difference between snapdragon 710 Vs 855.
    RAM difference etc., ect.
    Storage maybe…
    The newer processor would certainly generate more heat & I can just imagine people like you then complaining how you might think the screen being plastic might melt through blah-blah….
    If you want to shoot really good photos buy a pro-spec DSLR.
    Most people are never too far away from a power outlet to charge their mobile phones, smart watches…gadgets etc…..

    ALL mobile phones are a compromise!
    Foldables are new tech & are more “compromised”.

    From a pure design & aesthetic point of view – this & Samsung Z are interesting because they’re different.
    As opposed to ALL other brands looking like clones of each other and boring as hell!

    I’m still using my iPhone 6Plus and works great & haven’t been impressed with anything from 🍎 to encourage me to “upgrade”.

    Only problem with this RAZR for me is the high price – but hey “you have to pay to play!”

  • Honestly, this may sound weird, but over the Z flip and this phone, I prefer this one, but the next generation version of this one. I see the potential for this phone and I want it so bad.

  • I really want them to try again with the razor 2
    Don't give up hope Motorola

  • Hey Dieter what watchband you wearing man?

  • 6:44 that's the Mini Metro! I play that too, it's fun!

  • Form over function just like the original.

    Had a of razr and a Nokia 6230. The Nokia was a far better phone.

    The original razr had terrible software and to be honest, the best flip phone moto ever made was the startac

  • The Moto Razr was a good phone until the Z flip launched

  • Here only for that dope intro shot

  • The thing is, when i held the Galazy z Flip, none of the problems above came to mind. That phone feels insanely good , sure a bit of a crease feel in the middle but, i think it will be like the notches of old. It takes 2 days then you dont think about it at all.

  • I mean it is all about the nostalgia with this phone. The people buying it are either wanting one of the first folding smart phones or just want to reminisce they old school Razr. I would be both lol.

  • A bit late

  • “And those are the trade offs… basically the entire phone” 😂

  • Why people don’t see its obvious flaws about most features is hard to believe

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