Motivational story in Hindi for sales team | Short Motivational Kahani | Hindi inspirational story


  • Wonderful video. Sir, I used to be ' Andhera' and now 'Umeed'. 😁. Aapki awaaz main kamaal ka jaadu hai. Nice story telling. Na jaane aap kitno ki zindagi sanwaar chuke ho aur na jaane kitno ki sanwarne waali hai. Sir, thank you so much for this video. 🙏

  • Yes fill so positive .. thnx

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  • Simerjeet sir, please make a video on NLP

  • Very nice video keep it up

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  • Awesome story get a great motivation

  • Huge thank to you reminding such things. Lot's of love & stay happy and blessed 😊

  • thank you sir a lot for my help.because I have to need such a thing today so again thanks

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  • Whenever and wherever I listen you I always get motivated💡💡 than how much I was💡

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  • A great , positive , n powerful speaker with a powerful voice !!!. ..❤👍👍👍

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  • wonderful sir
    I really appreciate you.
    your content is always enthusiastic.

  • Thanks sir आप हमेशा हमें राहें दिखाते रहिये……..की राहों से भटक ना जाएं हम …… थामकर हाथ चलना ….सिखाईए हमें की लांघ जाएं हम समंदर ये जानने से पहले की ….. की हम लांघ आए समन्दर…….

  • Great.. Thanks for make this video sir.


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    Thanks for share your experience with us.

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  • Great sir, most motivation video ever..

  • Very good sir life changing karne wali video

  • Thanks sir for life changing and awesome vedio

  • nice video

  • Thanks for sharing the video Simarjeet. Very well narrated, loved the voice modulation, the infographics.
    Finally, the summary of the message was very easy to understand and analyze: Don't spend your energy in complaining rather use it for actions that can deliver results.

    Thanks for respecting our national language "Hindi" the translation portion was spot on.

  • Mindblowing Bhai..

  • you are amazing sar

  • Thank You Sir for your motivation
    From Arunachal Pradesh

  • Nice hakikat

  • sir, first of all, congratulations to you for one million subscribers ! it was a really amazing video. The quotes used by you are so inspirational. The way you explain really motivates me. Thank you so much!

  • I like it sir thank you so much

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  • #Great story teller #motivational speaker#applause for you sir👏

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  • Great story sir!

  • Mind-blowing…..I m speechless….

  • Awesome motivation 🥰🥰🥰😍🥰I just love this video.. And its 100% true

  • Such a great story will definitely change the mindset of negative people……. Thanxx a lot. Sir, for this inspirational story

  • Best video

  • I also want to change your bad thinking and negative thoughts but come back again due to the situation….way bcz I'm Not typ off ''ummed''parso'n

  • महान प्रेरणा

  • Great story

  • Very nice
    Best wishes from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Once again tremendous video

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  • Great inspiration story
    I'm stuck in one situation because of failure. I had many times failed in life. But that failures give me a positive lesson that success test my patients and capabilities. I'll try and try again untill my last breath.
    Mai us waqt tak kosish karunga jab thak Mai Jeet nahi jata
    One day I will become whatever my dream ( ie. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS)

    Thanks you sir!

  • Mind Blowing, This will really change life of many youngsters.

  • Really heartouching ….. thanks sir,💞

  • waw nice tips

  • Great story….come sometimes in villages

  • Nice sir ji

  • Thank you sir…

  • Very positive speech ❤❤❤❤

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  • Sir very nice video very help full

  • Mind blowing video sir…. very useful for us……

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  • Ek dm sahi bat kr di sir aapne !🖤🙌🔥

  • Wonderful video sir 👌 👌 bahot kuchh sochne par majbur hogaya aadmi…..

  • Bg music thoda low ho to aur shaandaar lagega♥️

  • Nice story sir. 👌👌👌👌 Thanks

  • Very inspirational story..

  • Exactly

  • Sir … You just simply wow😇

  • Thank you so much simerjeet singh sir for bringing such a wonderful video
    Today,for the first time i got to know that i was "andhera not ummeed"
    But i promise you that now this andhera would tranform(go beyond the form) into ummeed
    Thank you,lots of love and keep posting such wonderful postive and reality based videos.

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  • Wonderful✨😍 vidio

  • Thanks for sharing such wonderful thought bro
    God bless u

  • Amazing story😍😍😍😍

  • Thank you sir 😊🙏🙏🙏

  • It is wonderful speech, I always thinking negative, but today I am changing something my life, today I decide I will thinking positive ,then I am success my life, thank you sir, this is very helpful for me, this video are amazing,thanks

  • gud Voice ….Nice Video

  • Great sir G
    Me mostly apke video YouTube se download karta ho office se aur ghar ja ke en videos ko dekta ho. Office me time me time nai melta and ghar pe Internet ki saholat nai hay but kuch video download option off hay.

  • Very nice sir

  • सोच बदलो, सब बदल जाएगा ।
    Very nice and inspirational 👍🌷.

  • Mai andhere ki tarah rah rha tha but ab Mai umeed ki tarah kam karunga thanks for you sir

  • Right sir

  • Great Story Sir…..
    Love It…

  • Stunning sir🙂

  • Rir motivation par bohut takat hai. May pahele to may khutka koi am nehitha. Par aplog jeise admike bajaise hamari des ka yubaoko bohout faida honebalahai. Thank you so much sir.

  • Such a wonderful stories, i m very glad . Sir U r so nice.Sir

  • It's a great story thanku sir

  • Too good sir ,you are really our true guideline

  • Sir this story is very interesting… what types of situations facing in life….NEVER GIVE UP. . Keep CALM

  • Sir your voice and samja k tarika it's very excellent .. jitni tariff Larry unni kamm hii….❤❤❤❤

  • Sir,mann ko bhaliya!

  • Tq sir for this motivational video or bhaut jaruri bhi thi mere liye ye story mere board exam start ho re h mujhe thoda dar lag rha ishe dekhne ke baad yeh feel hua ki this is big opportunity for my life again tq sir for this motivational video

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  • how beautifully u explain the things it's really inspiring or ur tone of speaking is hearttaking God bless you ☺

  • So nice sir…

  • M hmesa sad sad rhti hu.. Pta nhi ku… Life aise lgti h jese Kuch h hi nhi abb life m.. Plz mujhe koi idea dijiye ki kese m khush .achhe bure dono Samay m.. Or apni life ko success kru.. Sir plz help me 😔

  • Thank you sir..😊

  • My thinking is also like andhera

  • क्या आवाज़ हैं सर आपकी 😍

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  • Wonderful video more inspirated me tnx sir

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  • That's great….. Sir…..👍👍👍👍

  • Yes we are expending our energy not utilised

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