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Yes, pardon, I just feel like I’m losing my mom you think I’m addicted you have a problem You won’t believe what people are willing to do to help a stranger. Mrs. Facial skin occurs and emotional What would you do Friday at 9/8 central on ABC? Here’s One for you. Thank you very much one for you. Thank you one for me and an extra slice for my birthday boy Thanks mom. But why do we always have to share one plate of food? Can we get some more? Sorry, this is all I can afford Today we’re in Louisiana a state with one of the highest percentages of people living below the poverty line limited financial resources have left many families struggling from meal to meal It’s called food insecurity and the Department of Agriculture defines it as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active healthy life 18 percent of households in Louisiana are affected by food insecurity At least at Cape if you witness this poor family. There’s just not enough struggling to make ends meet How about you can take my slice of history are you hungry – I’m okay eat up, what would you do? We’ve stationed our hidden cameras at La Coretta and Ponchatoula, Louisiana And our mom has been saving up to treat her kids to a birthday meal. Hey guys, wait order Yes one quesadilla. Yeah, and for the kids That’s for all of us. Thank you when our daughter begins to bad-mouth the budget It’s not fear it catches the attention of this family this is all mommy can afford right now Okay, I don’t want it with my meal. They listen discreetly from their table These cakes, yeah, no honey. It’s a treatment up that we’re out here together for your brother’s birthday. Okay, okay but when our kids step away, oh Here we go, something’s happening here something’s happening This mother’s heart is too big for her not to share. Don’t cry sweetie don’t They don’t understand. I’m gonna pay for your dinner Your dinner you’ve got them order their food you buy them the key good one you act like it was good Okay, this is amazing. It was amazing. I want to tell my kids what you did No And when our kids learned the good news guys I decided we need the quesadilla and the cake Their smiles are the only thanks this mother and daughter need. Thank you so much mom Yes, and as the tears begin to flow we decide to let them know how thankful. We truly are. Hello there this Is part of a TV show called what would you do? You Didn’t want her to tell the kids No Because it wasn’t mom needed to feel special that she was doing it for her children Makes me feel good to have made them feel good. Have you been through some tough times? We lived through Katrina? Lost everything we lost our home and we have people who helped us tremendously do people give to you you give back to people We’re rolling again and this man wastes no time Helping our hungry families. It’s tough times right now for me. Okay He assures them that that’s no problem at all, sir, sir, you don’t have to do that Telling everybody self at some point come up in there and he even adds one more item to the town Yeah. Yes my birthday, okay Hey Why was he so eager to lend a hand? I’ve been there. My mom was a single mom It was just me and her for 14 years. So when you saw this little boy you saw yourself What did you want him to know That there is kindness in this world And as it turns out, we’re not the only ones moved by his kindness I was thinking about paying for his meal Like paying it forward because like he pay for their so I was gonna pay for his I was just thinking about it This next diner tries to help our kids see things through a different perspective We have to share one plate as a family some people do that when you order pizza You know you order pizza and everybody take a piece you care. She suggests Being thankful for what they have. I’m so hungry acted just a little bit But when our mother is back they feel inclined to make a cash contribution You just gave me a $20 bill mm you don’t have to do that, you know, why are you doing this? Thank you so much Have mom’s safe to them times are really tough right now times are really tough right now Well, thank you, all right, let’s pull up a chair next to them, huh time to meet this generous duo. Hi guys Yes, they’re actors You know, we have a lot of problems in this country right now and a lot of division Give them something if you have it, our actors are splitting up their meal one last time We really have to split it up. You could take money, okay? You can have more space and this woman at the neighboring table can’t help but listen to our family’s situation Okay, it’s my birthday drink. I can’t get a cake. Okay, I can’t afford it. Okay but when our mother seems Overwhelmed by the pressure. Mommy’s going sit about I’ll be right back this fellow mom. Just can’t remain quiet Turn up Erica’s bike And I’m very upset for you it’s not my business laughing Times are a little hard right now. It’s my son’s birthday. And I just wish I could do a lot more Like she leads our mom back to the table and makes a considerate donation. She’s going into her purse owe me $100 $100 Have a birthday for you David. Thank you so much You just pray for me and I’m gonna pray for you And one day you’re gonna pay it forward and you go have a big birthday with your baby time for us to fill her in All right here I’m joking Yanis. Yes, it’s what would you do? You went to go look for her maleeni? With hearts to see other people suffer, even if you don’t know them even though God made a song for heart to hurt Hurt me. It’s very touching. Love one another Pretty simple, very similar love one another a simple concept that in this restaurant today everyone put to use Hi guys John quinones here. Thanks so much for checking out our YouTube channel There’s so much more to see so click on this red button down here The one that says subscribe and you won’t miss another what would you do moment? Enjoy?


  • Very simple

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  • The last lady is very touching God blessed her with a beautiful soul

  • I would buy them one big family pizza to eat in restorant and one for home but i would whisper so rest of guests doesn't hear me i wouldn't like to make them feel shame and then i would take them to grocery store to put everything they want and need and i would make sure to find her good job because i know what it's like to be hungry.Hard time will pass people,i promise you that i am just glad there is still good people

  • So Touching

  • anyone who is out there should do one act of kindness goes a long way to make their day. There are not enough people who have the courage to do things like this. In all honesty people should help regardless of what is going on in the world whether it is based in racism or disabilities. People need to stand for what is right regardless of what is going on.

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  • 5:05 This is so underrated. She made not have made the payment, but she tried to give the kids a "view" on how life can be, and how life is for their mother.

  • Shit, she doin what she can. Dont knock anybody's hustle. That's what's wrong with people these days. Everybody is judging, when people should be praising.

  • This show makes me cry so damn much

  • my wife: babe, i got the test back, and i’m pregnant!
    me: oh my god i am so happy!!
    john quiñones: hi i’m john quiñones with what would you do

  • Love one another 🕆♡ the lord is righteous xxx.

  • At the moment my mum has been sick quite a lot recently.
    I’m doing all in my power to help her right now such as just putting a smile on her face, a smile from her makes me smile…

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    But. Tech the kids early about life. And Money. Like i did to my kid.

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  • Just imagine what Andrew Yang would do for americans. $1,000 a month, healthcare, and valuing life! #Yang2020 . $12,000 a year, poverty and financial inseucrity erradicated! this money will be spent and make our communites so much more prosperous

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  • I literally cried through this whole episode.

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  • My school donated over $200

  • My heart cries for homeless people, child and relationship abuse, foster kids being treated unfairly and etc. , we live in a generation where there are people who are bystanders, and people who take authority in these scenarios, my heart feels so nice when i see this. We should all have a home, a real relationship, enough food and good health, money and warmth.

  • "God made us all!"

    See, I told you the Christians they told us about when we were kids existed.

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  • That one fat girl: yOu sHOuLd JusT BE gRAtEfuL fOR WhAt yOu haVE AlREaDy

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  • This hits hard my dad and I don’t have enough money to eat really and it’s just me and him. He is so skinny and I don’t know what to do. We don’t have money and he doesn’t eat he lets me eat what I can but he doesn’t. I am crying because my dad didnt eat tonight and no one helps. My dad is 40 and weights 130 pounds that’s not heathy I don’t have that money to help. My birthday is next month he said that we might just go eat dinner because we don’t have enough to get anything. When we get dinner he doesn’t eat. I don’t know what to do.

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