Most Terrifying Ghost Stories

Bumps in the night! Just the sounds of your house settling, right? But what if they’re not? What if those bumps in the night are coming
from someone, or something otherworldly? Today we take a look into the supernatural,
in this episode of The Infographics Show’s Greatest Mysteries, . The Most Terrifying
and Baffling Ghost Stories. As technology evolves, so do our ghost stories,
and our first ghost story comes from the realm of cyberspace. First reported in 2014, an Australian man
began posting on Reddit strange happenings concerning a dead girlfriend’s Facebook account. Two years prior, Reddit user Nathan’s girlfriend
Emily was tragically killed in a high-speed car crash. On September 4th, 2013, he suddenly received
a message over Facebook messenger from Emily’s account, saying simply “hello”. Nathan received no reply when asking who was
logged into her account, but thirteen minutes later Emily replied once more with “hello”. Per Nathan, only he and Emily’s mother had
access to the account, and so he immediately assumed it may have been her. Her mother denied logging into the account,
and yet the messages kept coming. Nathan eventually realized that the messages
were being cobbled together from previous chats, and so he assumed that it was nothing
more than a very ill-timed bug on Facebook’s behalf. Then one day Nathan received a notification-
Emily had tagged herself in one of his photos. The notifications continued coming in, with
Emily tagging herself in the remote corners of the photo. Eventually Emily even started leaving messages
on the photos, always made up using snippets of previous messages or posts from when she
was among the living. One day though, Emily used her first original
word when messaging Nathan- “FRE EZIN G”. In a following message, she used her first
original sentence: “ust let me walk”. That message terrified Nathan, as he explained
that in the collision, the dashboard had crushed Emily, and she was severed in a diagonal line
from her right hip to midway down her left thigh, with one of her legs found under the
backseat. The cyberhaunting didn’t stop there, with
Emily shortly after her last message posting a photo- a photo of Nathan taken from behind
a half-closed door showing him reclining at his computer. From here Nathan’s story takes a bizarre twist,
as he disappeared from Reddit shortly after the photo post. Users derided the entire story as a made-up
ghost story and most agreed, until some investigative users began to dig into the date and general
location Nathan provided for the car crash and discovered a story about a car crash that
seemed to match Nathan’s description- except there was no mention of an “Emily” listed
among the victims. What there was however, was a “Nathan”
listed as deceased. Elaborate and expertly crafted hoax, or the
first verified cyber-haunting? We’ll let you decide as we move on to our
next terrifying ghost story. ‘The Entity’ is, according to Martin Scorsese,
one of the scariest horror films of all time- and based on the 1974 true story of Doris
Bither. A single mother of four, Doris Bither overheard
paranormal investigators Dr. Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor discussing paranormal activity
at a bookstore, and invited them to her home which she believed was haunted. After an initial interview, Doris revealed
that she had been sexually assaulted multiple times by three violent entities- with her
teenage son trying to intervene once, only to have his arm broken after being thrown
across the room. Initially skeptical of the claims, Dr. Taff
and Gaynor began to believe after Doris showed them a multitude of bruises across her thighs
and body. Neighbors backed up the claims of violent
haunting, telling the investigators that they had often seen apparitions moving around inside
and outside of the home. Doris’ children had seen them so often that
her youngest child had even dubbed the most prominent, and evil one- ‘Mr. Whose-It’. During the investigation, Doris was asked
to summon the spirits, which she began to do by yelling and cursing at them- at which
point a greenish fog materialized from one corner of the room and the torso of an unidentified
male was briefly visible. High speed photography did not capture the
fog, but did capture an unexplained streak of bright light directly over Doris’ head
just as the greenish fog began to materialize. The presence of the investigators seemed to
agitate the spirits, who according to Doris’ eldest son, Brian, would take their rage out
on the family, slapping, biting and even throwing them around the house. In the end, the investigation into Doris Bither’s
haunting yielded little hard evidence aside from some unexplained light phenomenon on
several photos. While these might be explained away as film
errors or reflective airborne particles, their timing during the alleged manifestations and
the 30+ investigators who all corroborated the sightings make them a little hard to easily
dismiss. The physical evidence on Doris’ body however
was even harder to dismiss, with Doris showing extensive bruising after each physical attack. Thirty years after the haunting, Brian Bither
and Doris’ other children all continue to maintain that their mother had indeed been
haunted by three supernatural entities, and even physically assaulted by them. If just another ghost hoax, this family is
certainly dedicated to their tall tale. Next is the inspiration for another terrifying
Hollywood film- the Enfield Poltergeist, made famous in the 2016 horror film, The Conjuring
2. In 1977, Peggy Hodgson, single mother of four,
heard loud noises coming from her daughter’s bedroom one night. Rushing into the room to tell her daughters
Margaret and Janet to go to sleep, she discovered the children huddled in a corner and crying
out in terror. The girls shouted that a dresser had begun
moving toward the bedroom door by itself, as if barricading the children inside. Skeptical, Peggy dismissed the story until
suddenly the dresser moved once more in the direction of the door. When Peggy went to move the dresser back,
it would not budge. The terrified family fled the house, asking
their neighbors for help and phoning the police. Upon arriving, once police officer testified
that she saw a chair move across the room by itself. With paranormal activity intensifying over
the next few weeks, Peggy reached out to the Daily Mirror and invited them to send a reporter
to investigate the home. Sitting with the family for hours, the home
was perfectly still- until the reporter finally got ready to leave, at which point he was
hit by a Lego brick directly above one eye, the mark of which stayed with him for days. The Daily Mirror immediately called the Society
for Psychical Research, who sent investigator Maurice Grosse to the home to begin to catalog
the paranormal activity. During his stay, Grosse documented over 2,000
incidents of supernatural activity, including furniture tipping over, cups filling with
water, unexplained voices, and levitation of objects. It was at this time that the haunting intensified,
with the alleged poltergeist starting to speak through one of the young girls. Entering a trance-like state, she would start
speaking in a deep, scratchy voice, identifying herself as Bill Wilkens. Researchers would go on to record several
hours of interviews, during which the demonic voice can be heard responding to some of their
questions. The paranormal activity would continue for
18 months, even garnering the attention of famous- or infamous, depending on your point
of view- exorcists and paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The two would walk away convinced of the authenticity
of the haunting, though the SPR investigators did conclude that a small amount of the phenomenon
was being staged by the two youngest daughters. Interviewed thirty years after the infamous
haunting, Janet Hodgson admitted that they would occasionally fake some of the events
to see if the investigators would catch them, which they apparently did. Janet still maintains however that the bulk
of the paranormal activity was authentic, and the Society for Psychical Research would
seem to agree. Perhaps most chilling of all however was the
discovery that a Bill Wilkens had indeed lived in that same home, and died of respiratory
failure in the living room. So, do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one? Tell us about your terrifying ghost stories
in the comments below, and let us know what other weird, otherworldly, and paranormal
subjects you’d like to see us tackle in our Greatest Mysteries series! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Most Evil Kids That Ever Lived. Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
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