Kids you are back from school But mumma we are very tired today … I know you work very hard in school You would have studied a lot Mumma I am in HKG I have to write 2 2 pages Oho you have to study a lot !!! Mumma we had essay writing today. We had sports period also I am very tired What do you do at home ??? I take rest for the whole day Yes mumma you get rest for the whole day We have to do hard work at school Ok, I take rest for the whole day … I don’t like to go to school on Saturday Tomorrow is Sunday I will rest for the whole day Mumma what have you made for lunch ? Vegetable and pulses Mumma do you know to make something else ?? Daily vegetables and pulses Mumma you can make cheese also sometime My friends bring tasty lunch daily You daily give only parathas What should I make in the morning ? Mumma make Dal Bati today … It will take time to make, you have to eat the lunch What were you doing since morning ? I have a lot of house hold jobs daily Change the dress and eat what I have made in lunch Oh…. Boring Lunch Aayu Pihu come, lunch is ready I have served your lunch You did a mess in drawing room and now here How many times I will do the cleaning ??? Your dress is lying here How many times I will clean ??? Go and eat your lunch Mumma yesterday you made Potato vegetable and today Carrot with Potato Mumma did you add carrot in yesterdays vegetable I have made fresh vegetable for todays lunch … Yesterday I made Potato with peas Today I made carrot potato with peas and Pulses Finish the lunch fast Mumma I am done Mumma I ate half chapati and I ate 1 You count your chapatis before eating ??? I make the food and it goes in waste I don’t want to eat more Mumma I am going to sleep I will finish my homework and then I will also sleep Mumma give me blanket it is a bit cold Mumma give me a pencil Your pencil is here only …. No it is not here Here it is You didn’t even took out your lunch box from school bag Mumma should do all your jobs Mumma please give me some water Glass ? Now take this glass Shall I fill it also ??? Yes it would be better Shall I drink it also Pihu I am going to take some rest Maid is not coming today, so I have a lot of work to do Mumma …. Yes Mumma I am hungry, give something to eat You did not eat lunch properly I just came to take rest …. What do you want to eat ??? Mumma What is the meaning of this line ??? I just came to take some rest Some time aayu comes and some time you You dont even allow me to take rest for 5 min. Mumma your phone is ringing Pihu please pass the phone Mumma I am doing the homework Oho Mumma I am awake, give me milk. I am going to playground OK I forget to bring the ball What have you done aayu ??? Mumma some milk fell You can wipe it easily, what do you do the whole day ?? You are worried about milk, I am unable to find the ball. I don’t do anything, you always increase my work. Who does the whole work in this house ??? I found the ball You go to play, I will clean this mess Pihu, can you please clean this ??? No mumma, I am getting late, I am going. Mumma clean here as well !!! Mumma see what Aayu did ??? You came from garden Aayu did this … Why you get so dirty ??? Mumma, when I fell Pihu was laughing at me So I threw chalk on her Very good You have made the clothes so dirty … When you will clean your clothes, you will come to know. My hands get tired by washing clothes Come inside Before going out, you spill milk Then I cleaned the hall Now you again made the hall dirty Now I have to clean it again How many times will I do the cleaning ??? What happened mumma. It is just a small cleaning Go and change your dress Mumma what have you made for dinner ??? I am bringing your food Mumma I will eat only rice and me too Now what is the problem ??? I have made pulses and rice, which you also like. I don’t like pulse, I will eat only rice You made same type of food in lunch and now again Mumma why didn’t you made cheese dish Cheese was not there OK, we are eating now, but tomorrow is SUNDAY So you have to make DAL BATI (Indian dish) You also place your order I want Chhole Bhature (Indian Dish) and Paneer Tikka We rest tomorrow and eat nice food Tomorrow, is sunday and we get only 1 day Yes, sunday is only for you When will I get a sunday off ??? Mumma please bring a glass of water Bringing Bring for me as well Bringing What is the sweet dish today ??? No I have not made anything sweet You made just a normal dish, without anything sweet… I am tired Mumma please make Kheer (Indian sweet dish) It takes only 2 minutes Yes mumma What do you do whole day ??? I am not feeling well I am going to sleep You also finish your food and sleep Mumma make the Kheer. How will get some thing sweet ??? I want a sweet dish What do you do whole day ??? What do you do whole day ??? Now this is height !!! Mumma what have you made for breakfast ??? What is written here ??? Go and call your sister What happened aayu ??? Let me sleep Today is Sunday Mumma is calling Yes mumma, what happened ??? What is written here ??? STRIKE What does strike mean ??? When someone doesn’t want to work – Is called STRIKE But why mummy on strike ??? Why are you doing ??? I don’t do anything So I thought of doing STRIKE Today I also want to enjoy my Sunday !!! What about breakfast ??? I don’t know Mumma today is strike, you can do work tomorrow Atleast we can enjoy sunday today Yes you can enjoy your sunday I should also get some holiday Means today holiday for food Holiday for all the work also Because you will do all the work today Anyways I don’t do anything !!! What do you mean ??? Means cleaning the house Mumma if it is challenge ??? Then together we accept your challenge. Yes that is very easy, you will do it in minutes !!! Yes Aayu, only cleaning … It takes only 2 minutes in cleaning OK Mumma we are ready Sister I am also with you OK then start Mumma’s phone is ringing. Mumma what are you doing ??? I just cleaned here Sorry, it became dirty ??? Do it again, it will take only 5 mins Aayu why are putting dirt here, so that it will get clean It is already clean Is it done ??? Now make the breakfast I want Chole Bhature But, we have ordered that … Yes you can make and we will eat together… Go fast Listen Mumma are you going to make ??? I forgot to tell you … All the utensils are dirty What ??? It will take only sometime to clean the utensils Then make the food Utensils are done Yes there were just few utensils You don’t want to go to school Today is sunday, school is tomorrow Yes, but uniform Which uniform ? Uniforms are dirty We just wear the uniform for 1 day We can wear it tomorrow again You can wash on monday Your strike will also end tomorrow Yes Very good idea You are very smart like your mom !!!! Now tell me, when you came from school, did you kept your uniform in almirah No You left uniform on the floor and they get dirty there Then I put them with dirty clothes They are also dirty now It needs t be washed There are just few clothes What do you do the whole day ??? Listen Yes Mumma, are you washing clothes If you are going, then 2-3 my dresses are also there You must have understood Come we do the high 5 !!! Come High five I don’t know how to wash the clothes Don’t worry sister, I am here. Cleaning clothes is very easy job. Take this Dip it in water Keep it here apply soap then use brush Press with bat That is it …. Wait wait wait I forgot to add washing powder Aayu full box ??? I know everything, don’t worry aayu wait I didn’t knew See Aayu I told you With more washing powder, clothes will get even white Yes aayu You watch you face, you also check some more clothes Clothes are done, what next Make the food Sister, there must be something in fridge Yes, aayu let us check Yes go and check What happened ??? Fridge is empty This is not possible There was 1 radish and 1 Pihu What ??? Yes you were there, GREEN CHILLI DIDI I am Pihu Sorry, I forget There was pihu sauce also Yes GREEN CHILLI SAUCE So what You can eat radish with green chilli sauce You can eat green chilli with radish Sister we can make chapatis Flour is there Yes it is very good idea 2 chapatis for me Are you not going to make chole bhature ??? In the evening Now only chapati / roti Shall we make paratha for you Yes very good paratha But aayu, how will we make the dough Sister don’t worry, I am here We have add flour to water We have to water to flour Both are same It will make a dough only Start Too much for today I should help now… But if I will help them now …. Then they’ll never understand, what I want to teach ??? A small request to you Please show this video to your mother. First you bring water Please bring a utensil I take out the flour First we will put some flour Then add water Wait wait What have you done ??? Sister I added water My hands are small Sister, keep this on floor Look sister, dough is getting ready But we have added too much water. We can add more flour We have to add some flour, water is too much. I will bring the flour Aayu what you done ??? You threw flour on me What is this aayu ? What have you done ??? I did that by mistake Just look at my face We must take a selfie like this Look at my face also You are still looking better You are worried for your selfie… Take a selfie with kitchen also. We were just trying to make chapatis First aayu throw flour on me Then I threw some flour on him Then aayu pour all the flour on me Mumma don’t worry, I will do it. It is very easy Leave it. I will do it myself I know that you know. See, I just taught everyone Aayu only taught me to make dough I didn’e knew how to make dough I do daily like this. Mumma you always make such a mess You never invited me…. Thank You But aayu did it first. OK, now tell What did you learn from this story ???? That we should our daily work by ourselves. otherwise Mummy will go on strike. Many kids wanted to know our first video. Link is given in description OK..TATA…BYE BYE… LOVE YOU ALL…

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