Monday, January 13

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show! ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feeling ♪ ♪ Feeling ♪ ♪ Feeling, feeling, feeling ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doing? ♪ How you doing? Now, here’s Wendy! (cheering)
(screaming) Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! (cheering)
(clapping) Thank you for watching. Say hello to my cohost, the studio audience! (cheering) How you doing? How you doing? Glad to be here today. Let’s get started, it’s time for– Hot Topic! Hey, come on! (cheering)
(clapping) (upbeat music) (cheering) So, Faith is here today. (cheering) I know, I know. All right, now, I asked if we could watch as a family. Clap if you watched B.I.G. and Faith, the episode– (clapping) Okay, good, good. Hopelessly in Love, it was Friday night. I was in with a snack. I told you I was gonna have the Greek salad and the whole bit. I’m changing knobs and doing stuff, but I felt like everything I already saw before, because I was so involved in the drama back in the day. Only to hear a familiar voice on the T damn V. Yep. (laughing)
Yep. I did not know I was a part of this. (cheering)
(clapping) Take a look. Shortly after I moved out of our apartment, Kim was on Wendy Williams’ show on the radio. Kim was talking about B.I.G. in a way that could have been construed as a romantic relationship. And Wendy says to Kim, “What about Faith?” And Kim says, “Eh, I don’t know. “They’re not even together.” She got on the radio and felt comfortable enough to say that B.I.G. and I were not wearing wedding rings. I just felt like that’s like really out of bounds. (audience murmuring) (laughing) Look, at the time, I did not know that, first of all, Faith and B.I.G. got married very covertly, you know. And we all already heard about Kim and B.I.G. being involved back in that day. But we never heard about Faith and B.I.G. being involved, but they met at a photo shoot. Anyway, Faith’ll be out here later on. She’s gonna explain, and then Stevie, her husband is here also. (cheering)
(clapping) And I must tell you. Like, I know them behind the scenes now, in new life, not my fault,
(laughing) but I know them now in new life. They’re a really good couple together. They have 10 kids between them. Stevie’s got six kids and six babies’ moms. And Faith’s got three, don’t judge. (laughing) You know? We fall down, but we get up. (cheering)
(throat clearing) Starring his really pretty daughter, Savannah. Anyway, so, and then Faith has four kids with three babies’ fathers, but between the two of them, they are making this work. They fled the scene from the East Coast. They live out in L.A., they’re here in New York, they’ve been here all weekend. Anyway, Faith’ll be out here later. Okay, so this weekend, I had a really good time. Starring a really cute dinner date. (audience murmuring) Can we show the picture? Uh-huh! (audience murmuring)
(clapping) Okay, so that right there is Jack. And Jack is how old, Suzanne? He’s 11. Eleven-year-old Suzanne and Brendan’s son. Uh-huh, uh-huh. When I woke up on Saturday morning, ’cause my body clock always operates like I’m doing the show, even on Saturdays and Sundays. Like, for me, sleeping late is eight A.M. On the weekends. I, generally, I wake up like six o’clock, and then maybe I’ll go back to sleep at eleven and sleep all day. You know, it’s weird. But, so I wake up at six o’clock, I’m watching the news, I’m seeing this tavern. I keep seeing this story about this tavern in Queens that is over a hundred years old. It’s about to close because the landlord, Neir’s, Neir’s. Look, the landlord has doubled the rent, so the guy who owns it happens to be black. But he and I were the only black people in there. (laughing) Well, Suzanne, you’ve become blackish. I am blackish. Yeah, yeah, yes, yes. Yes, uh-huh. And my kids are blackish. They’re blackish. Yep, and Brendan. So we were comfortable.
Yep. Uh-huh. Where is Ryan? Ryan was there. Ryan, your girlfriend, Jamie. Let me tell you something, she was giving me life. Mm-hmm. Like, I love her. Uh-huh, yeah! Okay. (clapping) Like, so I wake up in the morning and I’m seeing this, aw, there we all are. Uh-huh. All is. All’s doing. Yup. There’s Max and Margo and Tristan, and it was just a happenstance. Here’s what happened, right? So my heart bleeds, even though it doesn’t seem like it bleeds in this rancid chair. (laughing) But my heart bleeds for like, trying to help. Like, you know, do what you can to help. Even if it’s just make you laugh. Just for one second, right? So I wake up, six o’clock in the morning, I see this same story about Neir’s closing. The guy has his rent doubled, like to five thousand and something dollars a month. He’s like, “How am I gonna pay that rent “off four dollar beers?” The food was cheap, but good, right? It was good. Cheap, but good. I’ve never had jalapeno poppers until you introduced me to them. Oh my god! They’re good, right?
Delicious! Delicious. Like the pepper inside, and that cheese that pops in your mouth?
Yes, yes, I love them. All fried on the outside. Mmm. We had sliders. They had all the good greasy stuff that you love. But, so I wake up at six o’clock in the morning, I see this thing and my heart’s bleeding. But I look outside, it’s like 70 degrees in New York. It’s like a weird happenstance. People are walking around about to go in the hole because it’s pantsless Sunday? No pants subway ride on Sunday. No pants subway ride. (laughing)
Look, look. So, I say, this is a perfect day just to stay inside. But then I watch the nine o’clock news, you know, with Amy Freeze and them on ABC. I’m watching the nine o’clock news, and I’m seeing this same story. It’s like a headline story. They’re talking to the black guy who owns the place, and he’s like, “I can’t pay this.” They setup some sort of GoFundMe page, people were donating money. And so he’s open for a bit more. And I said, “Well, you know what? “I’m open to going to Queens.” I don’t go to Queens. It’s not like a normal place that I go to. I live in Manhattan, not my fault. (laughing) Now looky here. So I say, “Okay, I’m gonna make one phone call, “and if the phone picks up, that means it’s meant to be.” And I called Brendan. Yep, and he answered it. Brendan answered the phone. I’m like, “All right, Brendan. “Wrangle some troops, it’s a last-minute thing. “Let’s go six o’clock tonight.” ‘Cause I like to be in bed in time for the eight o’clock news. Forget the 10 o’clock.
(laughing) On the weekends. Like, I wanna go home. You guys got there at like 5:45. Yep, yep. You secured everything. Secured, made sure the table was ready. Right! Found the bathroom. Yep! Uh-huh, I was on it. And they don’t do reservations, but you made a special happenstance happen. Oh, yes, yes. And then I showed up at 6:01, see? And we were out of there by like eight o’clock, right? Eight o’clock, yep, on the dot. We had a, it was like family fun. It was so clean. It was so fun. It was, it was.
(clapping) A great time. And Jack loves you. And so Jack goes to me, like, the kids were there, but Jack was the star of the kid’s show, right? First of all, he highlights his own hair. (laughing) Second of all, he’s got really good teeth. Third of all, he eats everything and willing to try anything. He insisted on taking this picture. I said, “For what, Jack?” ‘Cause we weren’t taking selfies. Brendan was like security. Uh-huh. Oh, yeah. He was telling people to back off. But no, he wasn’t mean. No, no, he said, “No pictures, please.”
He wasn’t mean. No pictures, please. Right! Like, can we just have a good time? I’m here with my people. Yep. But Jack was like–
Ryan’s back hurts all the time, he’s with that jib over there. Trying not to hit people in the head with it. Uh-huh. Jamie was a real pistol. And so Jack though, was captivating. Well he needs, he’s like, “I gotta show this to everyone at school.” So what grade is he in now? He’s in sixth grade. Okay, so he’s like, “Miss Wendy? “Can we just take a picture “to make me so popular on Monday?” (laughing) I said, “You know what? “Yes, we can. “Now come around here.” (clapping) And I said, “Look,” I go, “You’re gonna put on your best smile, “I’m gonna hide behind your hair.” I’m not biting his ear or anything weird. (laughing) No. “I’m gonna hide behind you. “You’re gonna be the star of this picture. “And I’m gonna put it on Hot Topics on Monday too. “Plus, I’m gonna post it on my Instagram.” So, Jack, this should be his best day. We’re gonna have to watch this like 10 times when we get home, uh-huh. He’s gonna be– How you doing, Jack? (laughing) Yes, yes, yes. All right. Thank you. Onto I guess, more important things. The Oscar nominations were announced. You guys, co-hosts, you all were outside coming to get in while they were announced. You didn’t miss much. But the B.I.G. shocker was that Jennifer Lopez was nominated for nothing. (groaning) Yeah. She wasn’t nominated. Correct, she was not nominated. We already talked about this. Vases are crashing, Alex is being blamed. “I thought you said you bought enough nominations “to get me nominated for Hustler,” or whatever. Let me tell you something, Jen. You were robbed. I’m gonna tell you something else. They robbed you purposely because they are jealous of you. You know why they’re jealous?
(clapping) They’re jealous ’cause I don’t even think they still consider you an actress. I think that they think that you’re like a, you know, you did Selena, but that was so long ago. And then you sing the songs. Waiting for Tonight, and whatnot. (laughing) Jen, they’re jealous of you. Please don’t blame Alex. And if I were you, Jen, I’d pull out of the Super Bowl, too. I wouldn’t leave the house for, yep. (cheering)
(clapping) Yeah, yeah. Want me to get up there and twerk at the Super Bowl. I couldn’t even get an Oscar nomination ’cause these boozy bitches think that they’re better than me! (cheering)
(clapping) Get outta here! I’m more beautiful, I got all my kids, I keep it tight and right, and you’re jealous of me? You need to be. I’m not doing the Super Bowl. Good luck, Shakira. (cheering)
(clapping) And good ole Eddie Murphy wasn’t nominated either, for that, uh-huh, nope, nope. But he got his, for the Dolemite, but he got his awards last night at The Critic’s Choice Award. Yep. Another thing I didn’t watch, I don’t care. (laughing)
Right. And then, Beyonce. You all thought Beyonce was gonna get nominated for that song she did for that– The Lion King.
Lion movie. (laughing) She didn’t get nominated either, so I guess she and Jay-Z are probably fighting too. Like, “How dare these people?” You know what, Beyonce? They’re jealous of you, too. (clapping) Only one black person was nominated, from a slave movie, right? Yep. Cynthia Erivo.
Okay, whatever, of course. Of course. Oh, her. Oh, hey girl, hey! Congratulations. The Oscars air on Sunday, if you care, that’s February ninth on ABC. (clapping) You’re my guy. I’m talking to you. Did you hear about Dina Lohan? No. You didn’t? No. Where are you from? (laughing) Around the corner. (laughing) We’re busy then, doing stuff. (laughing) Enjoying 70 degree weather, even though it’s 30 today. (laughing) What the pneumonia is going on? Did you hear about that girl who’s going blind from pneumonia? (audience murmuring) Oh my god, the flu, the flu. Like, there’s so much going on in the world, I can’t even deal. The plane crashes, the pneumonia, the protests. Now I find out over the weekend that Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina, and I love the whole family. Like, I’ve forgiven them. Dina, by the way, though, Dina. (humming) (laughing) Dina, you will not be arrested at the parking lot of The Outback. (laughing) In– At the Merrick Mall. At the Merrick strip mall on Saturday night, intoxicated. Now, no you won’t go in there for some blooming onions. (laughing) And drink too much, come back out, crash your car into another car and keep driving. No you won’t. So the other driver calls 911, sir. And also followed Dina home. When Dina got home, right? Look, look. When Dina got home, the other driver was being tailed by the cop, and they were both tailing Dina. (laughing) Now look it here. The cop asked her to get out of the car. Dina doesn’t get out of the car. She falls out of the car, smelling, (audience groaning) bloodshot eyes, slurring words, and falls on her face in front of the cop on her driveway. (audience murmuring) The cop, okay, Dina blamed the cop for pushing her, that’s why she says she fell on her face. (laughing) Now, Dina, girl. There’s Lyft, there’s Uber, there’s a waiter at The Outback who would’ve gotten off early if you just tipped him well to drive you around the corner to your house. That was the Merrick Mall. How are you gonna disrespect a blooming onion? (laughing) I gotta tell you. Oh, please, you laugh. (laughing) Outback is one of the few places that also serves A.1. sauce. Like, you don’t have to bring your own. ‘Cause you know I’m a saucy. (laughing) Oh, and Golden Corral, too. They also have the A.1. sauce, you know. Suzanne, you all were shocked I had– You brought your sauce out, you brought your garlic powder, you had– And you took a picture of it after you tasted it.
You had it lined up. And you don’t let people take your picture, you’re right. You say that all the time.
Hell, no. Yeah.
I witnessed it. Mm-hmm. Do you know what happened yesterday? What happened? Oh, by the way, Dina was charged with five counts of hit and run. (groaning) She pled guilty, or excuse me, not guilty, and was released on no-pants Sunday. Yep. (laughing) Just in time for the subway. She’s gonna go back to court on Wednesday. We gotta follow this case, make a note. Okay. Okay. (laughing)
(clapping) Are there any co-hosts who participated in no-pants Sunday? Just clap. See? You’re my people. (laughing)
(clapping) What the nasty ass on the subway is going on? And this happened all across the country, but here in New York, you know, we’ve got the most intricate subway system, but 19 other cities participated. This is how people were walking around yesterday, okay? 70 degrees, they got sweaty, gushy, gushy booties. And I’m watching in disgust. (laughing) And then my phone rings (ringing). “Look, I just landed at JFK. “What do you want to eat?” I’m like, well, hold on now. (laughing) Because I still had my chicken Caesar wrap leftover from the excursion to Queens, to Neir’s. I had the jalapeno, like, I still had food, right? And I was about to, you know, toss it up. But then (popping), one of my favorite people who likes to watch me eat just landed from the JFK, apparently doing something stupid in Miami, and says, “What do you want to eat?” I was like, now, you know me, I’m a foodie. I’m not passing it up. You paying? All right, I’m not gonna even soak you. I just want a cheesesteak from Tony Luke’s on Flatbush Avenue. Have you ever had a, clap if you’ve had a Tony Luke’s cheesesteak? (clapping) Okay, now. (laughing) Boof gave me the hardest time, like 25 phone calls for one stinking cheesesteak.
(laughing) But it was nice of him to call. Like, he’d just come back. He said, “Look, all I can do is drop it off, “’cause then I got a day club to be at. “I gotta be there for 12 hours.” He had to be there at five o’clock. He calls me at three o’clock, but he’s coming from the airport, he’s gonna slide through Brooklyn. He’s gonna get me the cheesesteak. Next thing I know, ding dong. And all he did was pass it through, I slammed the door. (laughing)
(clapping) And it was on a long hoagie roll, but I only wanted half, you know what I’m saying? And then you take the meat off one part and you put it on the other part, and then you throw the other part away. Like people ask, how do I keep my thick figure (laughing) without going overboard? It’s ’cause I don’t eat everything. I just like several bites from some things. You know what I mean? And then I cut it up with my kitchen scissors, you know, those cooking scissors? Cut it up and gave Chit Chat and My Way some. And then Boof bought them cat toys. How do you manage to do all this in one day? I don’t know. (laughing) And, ’cause he doesn’t eat meat, he doesn’t even know what a cheesesteak is. (laughing)
Thank you, Boof. Anyhoo. (laughing) Shout out to Keke Wyatt. She’s a friend to the show. She’s so spirited. She’s 37 years old. She just gave birth to her tenth child. (audience murmuring)
(clapping) Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. You’re gonna leave me all the way alone. The baby’s name is Ke’Riah Darring. Darring is her husband’s last name. Her first child with her husband Zachariah Darring. And yeah, they’ve been married for a long time, but they never had children together, you know. They had nine kids, but now they have the tenth and the tenth is theirs. And look, she doesn’t even look torn down, right? How you gonna have ten kids and not look torn down? (laughing) You are a feat of nature, Keke Wyatt. Congratulations! (cheering)
(clapping) And we’ve got more great show for you! (cheering)
(clapping) Faith Evans is here, so grab a snack and come on back! (upbeat music) Please welcome Faith Evans. (upbeat music)
(cheering) (clapping) Hi! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Good to see you. (cheering) No, before you cross, uncross. Shoe cam, please. Booty boot, booty boot! Yeah. Sensible. (laughing)
They look comfortable. They are, actually. Yeah, welcome back home. Thank you. Yeah. Always good to be home.
(cheering) I’m kind of upset that you moved to the West Coast and you love it out there. ‘Cause you are New York, you’re Nork, you’re Jersey, you’re us. I am. I am. (cheering) What do you find so attractive about living out there? Oh, wow. L.A. is actually a great place to live. I mean, if you know the right area to live in. Yeah. I live near the beach and near the airport. (laughing) So you can flee the scene of the crime? Exactly. All right, so you’ve been married to Stevie J, who’s sitting right there. (cheering)
(clapping) I have to say, I didn’t believe it when I heard about it. I thought you all were doing this for reality TV. Like, we talked, the three of us, we talked on the phone about this. I thought you were lying about this until you really broke it down and explained, like, I guess people grow up and they grow into themselves. And so you’ve been married for how long? A year and a half, a little over a year and a half. But you were seeing each other on the down low. (clapping) For a moment before that? We were never seeing each other on the down, on the down low? You know, I’m just saying– I was about to say, honey, I’m never nobody’s, nothing like that.
Three years. I was dating you for three years. No, not quite, but we were dating. It wasn’t on the down low. Okay. We dated for a couple years, and then, you know, we broke up. And then, but then you got married and (stammers)– We knew each other for 25 years.
I know, I know. But us dating definitely started in what, 2015, 2016? Yeah, 2016. When I was working on The King and I album. We weren’t dating like all of those years before.
No, I know. Yeah, I never heard anything about either one of you all involved.
Yeah, and I just kissed her and it was on after that. (cheering)
(clapping) Now looky here, rat face. (laughing) Let me talk to your wife, okay? (laughing) I love your husband. I love him, too. You know what, though? He scares me though. Like, I love him, but he scares me. Why? Because it’s Stevie. Stevie. I’ve always been the bad guy, but I’m actually the good guy. No, you’re gonna– I am. He really is a good guy.
We got 10 kids between us. I know! Ten kids between the two of you. We’re gonna break that down in a second. Last time he was in New York and he was here without you, and he called me up, and I’m gonna talk, rat face. You can talk. Now, look. He called me up, he goes, “Let’s go for dinner.” I said, “Okay, but let’s call Faith. “Gonna get her on FaceTime right now. “We’re gonna call Faith so that she understands “we’re going for dinner.” And then you didn’t answer the phone. But I said, “Then call Savannah,” your daughter. (laughing) You called Savannah, we had her on the Face thing, and we had a lovely dinner. Absolutely. But there’s something about him, like he’s lovably horrible. (laughing) Oh, he is not. Okay, 10 kids between all of you. Now you’ve got four. Chyna was before B.I.G.gie. She’s beautiful, by the way. Thank you. She’s really growing up to something. (clapping) And then, of course, C.J. is in the beige hat. That’s B.I.G.gie Junior. And then you have– Joshua. Joshua. On the other side of Chyna. And was that with your ex-husband? Yes, Josh is 21. And then you have another son. We have his picture separate. He’s the one, you have an autism foundation that you’re working with for him. Yes. And that is also with your ex-husband? Yes, Ryder is my ex-husband Todd’s son, as well. Okay, and so that’d be four kids with you. Now, Stevie has six kids and eight babies’ mothers. (laughing) Now, see. You know, Faith. I love you for loving this man, ’cause he needs something. (laughing) Wait, listen. Yo. (clapping) (laughing) Hey, you know. He was spreading his oats for a minute. But you know, he has great children.
He told me he doesn’t want, but he said he doesn’t want any more kids. You want more kids? Oh, that’s so not true. We got twins in the oven right now! No. No. I’m just joking. I’m just joking. (laughing) No. I just gained a little weight after we got married, that’s all. No, you didn’t, you look good! Listen, he came with me to the gynecologist the other day. Okay. To inquire about my egg count– Harvesting eggs. And all of that stuff, ’cause he’s really seriously, you know. We should have a surrogate egg by doing it. (laughing) I don’t know about that, but, you know. I can just see you all laughing and cooking all day. We definitely laugh all day. Yeah. And cooking. He says he likes to–
I cook not as much as I like to, but. He said he likes to cook.
Be nice too, I just let her cook because that’s my wife, you know. But I know my recipes, they’re masterful, they’re– He has like two or three things that are like– Two or three? Okay. Are we going for dinner tonight? ‘Cause I talked to you–
Yes. Guys on the way from the airport.
We certainly can do that. Yes, we’ll go for dinner like, later on tonight.
Let’s do it. You’ll be there, though, right? I will. (cheering)
(clapping) I think I was asleep when you guys went out before. I go to bed at eight o’clock.
No, you were either asleep, exactly, that’s what he says. You go to bed early. You like to be a home woman. Which, that’s good. Man, ’cause you’ve been through a lot. All right, this special, and we all saw it over the weekend. Faith is not happy with how it depicted her. Talk about it, Faith. Actually, I wouldn’t say so much how it depicted me. I think just the– The story. The truth of the matter is that, and this is with no disrespect to the network or the producers, what I thought that I was signing up to do was specifically a love story about how B.I.G. and I fell in love. How did you fall in love, Faith? How did you fall in love? (laughing)
Look at yous! He looks 12 and you look 10. I know!
Go! (laughing) What happened? It was very fast. We just, I took him home from that photo shoot that they mentioned. The photo shoot in the convertible. Was that the one? No, no, no, no, no. The photo shoot that Puff had when I first signed to the– All the Bad Boy artists? That’s how B.I.G. and I met. Okay. So we just started hanging out, pretty much every day after that. And then? And then about two or three weeks he said, “I’m gonna marry you.” And then did you get married with, like, a Reverend Al Sharpton in a private hotel room? (laughing)
Or did you, I don’t remember a big ceremony. No, we went to Rockland County to a courthouse, ’cause one of my good friends from Jersey had just gotten married up there and he told me how easy it was. And B.I.G. was with me when he was talking about it, and he actually had me call that guy and put him on the phone with him.
Did Mrs. Wallace know? Like, did you call her on the way up there? Mrs. Wallace didn’t know. She was, she was– Nobody knew, even Wendy didn’t know!
She was mad at him (laughs). No, but that’s a good picture of the two of you.
She was really mad at him for not telling her. Yeah, but she loves you. Oh no, we have a great relationship. And you two man over the estate? Yes, we are co-administrators of B.I.G’s estate, which takes me back to my answer to your question. Okay. (laughing) It wasn’t so much how I’m depicted. It’s just that I, you know, I would have never done something to paint, to put B.I.G.’s legacy back to– They threw Tupac in it.
She’s fought so hard to– The you and the Tupac thing. They threw that into it.
Yeah, you know. He’s nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that’s a amazing thing.
That’s big, big. Make sure y’all vote for him. But I’m just saying–
Big, that’s big. (clapping) She was able to make that happen after, they didn’t even want to name the street after him that he grew up on. Miss Wallace has done a lot of hard work–
Which is like, what the hell?
On behalf of her son’s legacy, so I just felt a way about this piece, just rehashing the things that we’ve already heard. And I thought that it was not about those things, that’s all. So I have to be true to me, I have to be true to me. Yeah, no! We appreciate that! (clapping) And back in that day, I know I was the town crier for everything going on, (laughing) and I had no idea that you found out about B.I.G. and Kim by listening to my radio show. Oh, shoot.
(laughing) Well, I listened to your show every day like everyone else did. I wouldn’t say I found out, but that certainly was like, hmm. And I actually found out ’cause I asked him. Kim was a guest on my radio show, and I asked her, because the streets had been talking about Kim and B.I.G. And we didn’t know that you and B.I.G. were married. You know what I’m saying? Like, we didn’t know that. So, Kim and B.I.G. being together was not a big deal, just more like excitement. Ooh, the Junior Mafia, you know, Cease is up in there and B.I.G., and you know, Puff, and, what’s your relationship like now with Kim? We’ve actually, I like to say I’ve reacquainted myself with her, because we really didn’t get to build a friendship back then. He initially tried to forge that, B.I.G. did. But, you know, obviously things (laughs)– Knowing that he’s doing both of you. Exactly. Nonetheless– Men. You know, I’ve reacquainted myself with her, and I honestly wish that we would have been cool back then, ’cause do you know? I’m such a good planner, oh, we woulda got him real good. (laughing) We woulda got him really, really good. (clapping)
Okay. (laughing) Are you gonna see her while you’re in New York? I doubt it, ’cause we’re doing meetings and stuff and we have to go to Jersey to see family, so. Yeah, yeah. So, the murderer of B.I.G. has never been caught. What are your thoughts with that? And are you and Mrs. Wallace still pursuing that? Well, the case is not, I wouldn’t say is done. It’s basically, you know, we chose not to keep spending money on the attorneys, fighting them to admit what they know. I do believe a lot of things have happened since we were last in court that have moved in our favor. However, it’s just such a, you know that infrastructure with the legal system, the police. I mean, there’s a lot of things that they do know. We believe they do know who killed B.I.G. We believe we know, but at the same time– Is that person walking around in the streets, or is that person locked up in jail? I don’t think so, no. We heard the person was killed. (audience murmuring) Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Was killed after B.I.G.’s murder, by the way. I don’t want anybody to think I’m talking about the wrong person.
Right. (laughing) Well, I wish you and Stevie all the best in your marriage. (cheering)
(clapping) We’ll have dinner tonight. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming back. I haven’t seen you in years. I know. Hopelessly in Love airs Fridays on, at nine o’clock on Lifetime. We’ll be right back. (cheering)
(upbeat music) Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! (cheering)
(upbeat music) Whoo hoo! It’s a good outfit. She’s turning it out again. It’s time for Trendy @ Wendy. Please welcome back our friend, Ashlee Glazer and her beautiful outfits. (clapping)
Thank you. Thank you, Wendy. My favorite show to get dressed for. Okay. Thank you. What are we doing? Mm, pom poms.
All right, so Rue La La. Thank you guys, so many beautiful things. Starting off with these cable knit and braided throws. Wendy’s holding the cable knit, three different colors with the pom poms, and then these ones are the faux fur. Look how big these are. I have them in my living room and in the bedroom. It’s perfect for cuddling, snuggling weather. Just like throw it on, and it’s, this one’s reversible. You get the two different options and the own braid’s massive. I don’t want to suggest anything, but I’m just saying, I’ve got enough faux fur, I need this cable knit thing going on right here. (clapping)
I love that. So they retail– This is really pretty. So warm. They retail between $129 and $149. We’re getting them 76% off at just $34.99. (cash register dinging) (cheering) It’s crazy. It’s so cozy. Yeah. Mm, more sheets. More sheets. I love fresh sheets. These are from Serene, they’re a six-piece collection. They come in queen and king sizes. There’s five different soft colors for you to choose from. They’re 500-thread count in Pima cotton, so they dry really nicely in the washing machine.
500-thread, that’s decent. It’s very nice, and the price is unbelievable for the whole set. Soft. Very soft. $90 they retail for. We’re getting it 66% off at $29.99. (cash register dinging) For brand new sheets, amazing. (clapping) I like this color right here.
Warm and, yeah, the blue is very soothing. And you can never go wrong with gray. Mm, Zodiac signs. Don’t you love? So these are 14-carat Italian gold. We have your sign out here, you’re a Cancer. This one’s an Aquarius. I have all 12 Zodiac signs. I’m a Libra. I love a cute, dainty, gold necklace, and these are perfect. They’re great personal gifts.
They’re really dainty. They’re very dainty, so you can layer them. One wrong move. (laughing) They’re 14-carat, real Italian gold. These are really delicate, they’re nice.
And they’re really good gifts, ’cause it’s super personal. And then it’s like a good conversation starter if you’re wearing it in a room or you see somebody out with it.
Yeah, oh, you’re a Cancer? Yes, I am.
(laughing) This one’s for you, this one’s for you.
What’s your sign? (laughing) Tells you a lot about somebody. I’m a Libra. So these retail, I’m a Libra, and we like very expensive things. So these retail for $189.99, but these were 52% off. Who are you? $89.99. There you go.
(cash register dinging) We also like a deal. (laughing)
(clapping) Mm. These are from Tomorrow Studio. Oh, ostrich. They are Antonio leather satchel. They’re 100% genuine leather, but have the faux embossed.
I love it. No, I like the faux embossed. Amazing. Three different colors, so you have the cognac black or the white. And then you have the soft leather texture in these neutral colors.
Ooh, a bag in a bag. Bag in a bag. Amazing. Keeps your things secure and safe. If you accidentally knock your bag over on the floor, prevents all your privates from falling.
A pocket in the bag. A pocket in the bag, so you can keep your jewelry in there, your delicate necklace. And then it has the shoulder straps, so you have the top handle that Wendy is using.
A pocket in here, too. And then this shoulder strap as well, so you can kind of multitask and throw it over. I’ll model, I’ll model. That one looks really good on you. (cheering)
I love it. (laughing) So this retails for $275. Get this one! We are getting it 71% off–
Or this one! At $79.99. (cash register dinging)
You can get more than one. (cheering)
At that price. Perfect. Okay. Bring it on over. You can put the next item in it.
Mm, I smell youth. (laughing) So this one’s from Secret Collagen. It’s a life and nourishing facial routine system. So Secret Collagen, the ingredients have retinol, collagen, Vitamin A, CNE, instant radiance. You’re getting a facial cleanser, a day cream, a night cream– I’m radiating. A peeling mask, and then you have the three different gold sheet masks, so that’s great. I used one last night to prep for the show today. I wanted to look very beautiful for you.
Yeah, you know what, though? The sheet masks, and we show these a lot on this show. You know, we’re the show, we love hair products, we love vacuum cleaners, and we love good collagen. (laughing) This is a really good product. However, retailing it’s quite expensive. But, you know what? Sometimes it’s time for you to invest in yourself. Now this retails for normally $1,399.96. Insane, it’s insane. But we’ve got a deal with Rue La La, plus they know that I use the Secret Collagen. Tell ’em what they pay. So we’re getting it, Rue La La has it for 95% off, just for us, at $59.99. You get all of this! (cash register dinging)
(cheering) Insane, insane. (clapping) Youth and, oh, I smell diamonds, wait, hold on. (laughing) Oh, we have very wonderful things today. This one’s from JBW. This is a women’s Victory diamond and crystal watch. My New Year’s resolution was to be on time. It’s kind of working, but either way I’m very fashionable, even if I break my resolution. Yeah.
So it has stainless steel. There’s diamonds and crystals on the bezel. You have all these different colors to choose from. I’m wearing one in pink. And then you have the red, the green. They’re water-resistant.
I gotta step up my leather watch game. I have so many watches. I’m a watch collector, I’m that girl. But they’re mostly in metal. I gotta step up– The bands are fun. Yes! They’re all really pretty. So they retail, these two, so there’s the genuine leather, and then there’s the stainless steel band. These retail between $1300 and $1490. Wait, hold on now. We’re getting it 89% off at $149.99. (cheering)
(cash register dinging) Perfect. Thank you so much, Ashlee. Thank you, Wendy. Thank you, Rue La La. For these amazing deals. Get ’em before they sell out. Go to Race the Clock is next. Thank you.
(upbeat music) (cheering) (cheering)
(clock ticking) Ooh, good. Ooh, good. All right, now, look. It’s time to play Race the Clock. Let’s meet, everyone have a seat except for you. (laughing) How you doing? How you doing? What’s your name, where are you from, what do you do? My name’s Andy, I work in sales, and I’m from Philly. (cheering) Okay, whoo! Andy, you’re gonna have 30 seconds to race the clock. What do you sell, by the way? Oh, gosh, I’m scared. Anything that makes me money, honey. (laughing) My people. (laughing) Okay, here’s your question. Okay. 30 seconds to race the clock. It was just announced that Travis Scott and Frank Ocean are going to be headlining Coachella this year. Name four other artists that have headlined Coachella in the last five years, and go. (uptempo music)
Okay, Cardi B. No. Justin Bieber. Nope. Lady Gaga. Yep.
(bell dinging) Okay. We match, by the way. Okay. I can’t think of any.
Keep talking. (audience yelling)
Oh my god. Beyonce? (bell dinging)
All right, stop helping him. All right, that’s two.
Thank you. Did I say Ariana Grande? (audience talking) But she’s in there, yep. Oh, okay, and–
One more. Oh my god. (audience yelling) Drake, Drake, Drake. (bell dinging)
Yes! There you go.
(cheering) Dinner for two at Distilled New York. And we’ll be right back. Yes! (upbeat music)
(cheering) (cheering)
(upbeat music) Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Yeah, we are working it out here. So this here is Melissa and she’s from Long Island. Melissa, here is your diva fan. Let me turn it on for you first. Okay, it says, “How you doing?” How you doing, Wendy? Here you go, Melissa. Now what do you do and where do you live in Long Island? Do you live near the Merrick strip mall? I actually am in Wantagh, so I’m two towns away. I’ve been there. Do you know the scene? I know exactly the scene of the incident. Okay, so what do you do? I am a market manager for Robert Half Recruiting Firm. There you go. All right, so tell us about your look, ’cause, I mean, it works for me. Do you want me to start in the front or the back? (audience exclaiming) I’ll start in the front. I’ll start right here. All right. Only if you end in the back. Do you know how to twerk? I could try. I’ve been told I can. Not yet, but come out here. Talk about your look. All right, so I know you can appreciate some animal print and ruffles. Absolutely. So I just wanna actually start in saying this is all for under a hundred. $20. Wow. We have our skirt here and our zip up. That’s cute. This is $50. Okay. Valentino? I’m gonna tell you a secret, Wendy. Okay. Don’t tell anybody. They’re nonentino’s. They’re from Amazon. $20. (cheering)
(clapping) And with that in mind, turn around and twerk us to commercial. I’ll try.
(cheering) And we’ll be right back. (upbeat music) Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! Thought that you had in a taxi cab that got left on the curb. (laughing) Excuse me, we have fun here and the tickets are free. Come on, man. Don’t be scared of New York. We’re in a frightful time, but we got your back. It’s fun here. We’ll be right back. (cheering)
(upbeat music) (laughing) So tomorrow, the comedian friend, Michelle Buteau is going to be here. You know her? She’s gonna be on the couch, plus my friend Dave Mizejewski’s bringing animals. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Wendy. Buh-bye. (upbeat music)
(cheering) ♪ How you doing? ♪ Whoo hoo! Whoo hoo! (dinging)
How you doing? (coughing) Nice. (upbeat music)


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