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– Mom, mom.
– Go away. Mom Aiden won’t leave me alone. – She totally started it. – Guys, guys quiet down, I’m on the phone. Mommy needs a break. – [John] Traci’s digital addiction to her smart phone has made her a distracted parent and she’s certainly not the only one. The Atlantic just came out with this article about the dangers of distracted parenting. The Headline: When it comes to children’s development parents should worry less about their kids screen time, and more about their own. (kids singing and playing loudly) So you’re out shopping at a nice boutique when you see kids out of control. Their mother doing nothing to stop them. Do you speak up and reprimand them yourself or do you stay quiet because they’re not your kids? What would you do? – Kids shouldn’t even be allowed in this store. – [John] Our hidden cameras are rolling at Hangar Clothing Store. – Mom, mom. – [Traci] Guys stop, I’m on the phone. It’s my day off, you gotta do your own thing. – These two clearly see what’s going on. – They’re just kids being kids. – Oh yeah. – I got you back. – That’s not bothering you guys is it? – No. Oh, okay. – [John] They seem to having compassion for our stressed out mom, but will that change as kids being kids becomes kids being destructive. (kids playing wildly) – [John] Kelly O’dougherty’s compassion has now turned to concern as she searches for our mom. – Oh they’re just playing, it’s fine, yeah. It’s fine they’re just playing. – Oh it is. Oh okay. That’s okay. No worries. It’s okay. Thank you. They’re just being kids (chuckles). – My mom’s not paying attention. – Yeah, yeah. – We asked her if she loved us but said, “shhh, I’m on the phone, we’re having a vacation.” After Kelly finishes paying she still her two-cents left over for our mom. – Oh really, oh it’s my fault? – Hi, I’m John Quiñones. – Oh wow, they got you (laughter).
– Oh my God (laughter) – Oh my God. – (laughter) How are you? – (laughter) I’m ready to cry. – Yeah you were that upset? – I tried to hug her when I was leaving ’cause I felt so sorry for the little girl. – And you told the mother– – She was the one acting out. More than anything I felt like they needed to be saved from her not her being saved from them. – Give it. – Give it to me (scream). – [John] Right away, this woman is shocked by what she’s seeing. – Perfect. – [John] She turns to look for our mom. – Kids, you guys having fun? – Yeah– – Ok Good. – It’s better than the park. – [John] But says nothing as she walks by. – You wanna I see it? – No, no sweetie, let me finish shopping. – [Child] What do you think? I feel like this is a scary movies? Have you guys seen this scary movie? – [John] It’s not a scary movie, it’s television, What Would You Do? (Bleep) no way John. – Wow, I (bleep) knew it (laughter). – The look on your face was priceless really, you were stunned. – ‘Cause what kind of mother lets their kids do that? – We want to see how people should react and what advice you have for them. – Definitely discipline your kids, no kid should act like that, especially in public. – [John] Throughout the day Ava and Aiden run the entire naughty behavior playbook. Playing tug of war, hide and seek, ghost, even throwing things into occupied dressing rooms. – Thank you. – [John] But no one reacts to our disruptive duo like Cindy Rafalowitz. – I love this white dress so much, do you like it? – Ok, I’m gonna draw on it. My markers. It needs a beautiful pattern. – [John] First Cindy looks for help. And then she heads into a dressing room. While other shoppers react to Ava and Aiden redecorating that dress. – Mommy.
– I want a disguise. Leave me alone right now, I’m busy, this is my weekend too. – What? – Oh, it’s not mine. – Oh, kids’ll be kids. – No. – [John] Back in that dressing room Cindy overhears what’s happening and can’t hold back any longer. – Are you serious right now? – Well, I mean it’s Saturday, I’m not gonna sit here and take care of them all day. – You are their mother, you are their mother. No one else here is supposed to take care of your children. – They’re writing on clothes that belong to the store.
– They are writing on clothes. – But it’s just kids being kids. – They are writing on other people’s property, are you kidding me right now, what world do you live in? – Well I didn’t give them permission to to this. – Because you’re not paying attention to them. That’s why. They’re dying for your attention. 5 times they said they were bored and you told them to leave you alone. – Well no, I agree, but I– – And here’s another one. – I just think everyone should mind their own business, you really should mind your own business. – Mind my own business? – Where’s the manager here? You’re gonna want the whole neighborhood to chip in and look for your kids, right? But now you’re telling us to mind our own business? Be a mother, be a parent or don’t have children. – [Jonn] Okay, we’ll break it, we’ll break it.
– Ok, I agree, but I need to take a day off too. – Parent’s don’t get a day off. Parent’s don’t get a day off, are you kidding me right now? – Do you have kids? – My mother had six kids, she never had a day off in her life. – Oh, wow.
– You should be responsible – Ma’am? – Oh my God. – Hi.
– I’ve never seen such a thing– – Oh my God. – You felt compelled to to say something. – There’s just parents that you see like this all the time and it’s really disgusting and no one ever says anything and I’m just not the type of person to sit back.


  • Some people aren’t meant to be parents. Traci when she’s acting is one of them.

    I hate that Traci is always the bad guy but I also can’t unsee her as the villain

  • Entiled parents ep28

  • Lesson learned: Never run in a store!!

    Plus, the people are just acting.

  • Actors: Ava, Aiden and Traci

  • I saw the mom on the phone getting distracted from paying attention to the kids.. What can you do, rescue me?


  • I can imagine an Asian parent walks into that store, gives Traci a piece of their mind, and then go back home & beat their kids so that they won't become like Ava & Aiden.

  • Mom: “ugh! kids will be kids” ???

  • The last lady???? I'd be saying exactly what she said!

  • Here in germany those situations are common with arab kids. You better stay quite then, otherwise you will be beat up by their father. There are no discussions with some Kind of people.


  • John got this idea after watching VoiceyHere

  • kid: "na na na na na you can't catch me"
    both kids sitting directly next to each other in the same chair

  • Sidney honey….those pants are a no go

  • My mum would through her Nokia at me

  • Cindy be rockin that outfit

  • I knew Traci was gonna be the mum as soon as I read the title

  • Yaa omg

  • If I would’ve acted like this in a store my mom would’ve beat me with a chancla right there in that exact moment

  • If the store clerk isn’t saying a word
    Then I wouldn’t either.

    To me that’d be the weirdest



  • That last woman had me dead

  • If your mom has never taken a off means …. Should everyone be like your mother? Its her right whether to have kids or no none of your business ,,, hats off to your mom for having six children .. Blahhhhh haha

  • You know there mad when the clapping starts

  • The last woman I was like damn girl preach that shit!!! I love my sister and she lacks alot with her two boys and I do my best to make sure they know right from wrong so they can grow up to be strong men. I'm in line to take care of them of anything happens and I'm happy to be. I've told her multiple times these boys are more important then anything on your phone. The message apparently isn't sinking in. But I will continue to fight to make sure her boys (my boys) grow to be strong respectful men. Please speak up! It might not get through at first but I'm not giving up on my boys♥️♥️♥️♥️ I love this show its my favorite please come to KC

  • Tracy has my respect for dealing with these kids even though they're actors XD

  • I like that lady that was clapping

  • “Nanananana u can’t catch me” says that while sitting down

  • 6:26 why did that rhyme for the rest that she was yelling 6:33

  • No day off, I don’t want kids! ?

  • My mom is like this sadly


  • That last woman went o f f
    She has my respect.
    She was gonna smack traci and I wouldn’t have felt bad lmao

  • As much as this was an extreme, and yes you're responsible for your kids when they're with you, I STRONGLY disagree that mothers shouldn't get days off or me time.

    Mother doesn't equal slave.

    When I have kids, and they are home and safe, I have every right to say leave me alone this is my me time, unless there's an emergency I'm not on right now.

    Mothers deserve to not be taken for granted and just be expected to take care of everyone else all the time.

    No sorry.

    I'm not selfish for taking care of my NEEDS above your WANTS.

  • My name is Aidyn

  • "Nah nah nah nah nah, you cant catch me''

    sitting down completely still right next to brother

  • Every time Traci is on this show, I always want to slap her with a chair…?

  • See this all the time at my place of work ?

  • I wish I can be on this show it's just that I live somewhere else

  • She was clapping her hands about to fight ??

  • Whoa that last lady ? ? ?

  • Yea my kids knew not to act up in a store… I'll embarrass the hell out of them

  • Not saying I encourage violence or anything, but sometimes a slap is required for these asshole children

  • why does Ava look so young if shes like 14 in 2019

  • scary movie?? what kinda scary movie would this even be?! lol! Careless Moms;Crazy Kids?? sick of seeing zombies and psycho killers? instead see what happens when gasp little Jimmy knocks over the expensive vase! these little terrors are taking over the country!!!!

  • I see this crap happen all the time at WALMART. The mothers don’t know to discipline their children and it’s so annoying

  • Lol Traci is such a troll

  • my mom would beat my ass if i acted like that

  • parents be leaving their kids in the toys section that i just cleaned up T^T I come back and it's like a tornado ran through.

  • If your not gonna be a parent don’t have KIDS ?? the one of the reasons I don’t want kids

  • I love both little kids, they were so naturally with insane innocence…..

  • The last woman was screaming her head off Lmaoooo

  • The last lady went off!!??

  • Traci istg

  • Traci is always the bad guy

  • Thank god for condoms lol

  • damm that lady at the end just boosted my blood sugar up what an energy lol

  • Now that's what I call an entitled parent!

  • Traci lol AGAIN

  • I play hide and seek in the store sometimes

  • I guess we met the real life Charlotte Pickles from rugrats lol

  • 0:44 do they stop in one place while he talks or is it edited?

  • I would have been slapped for even thinking about touching something in that store ?

  • Where’s the article about the dangers of acting up and embarrassing a black mom in public. My mom, aunties and grandma always gave us the rundown before we got in the store. “Don’t ask for nothin bc you ain’t gettin nothin. Don’t touch nothin. Don’t talk to nobody. Don’t be cute. Don’t embarrass me. Don’t make me have to get a switch and tear your behind up!”
    Me: Mommy can I…
    Mom: (death stare ?) what did I say?
    Me: …go to the bathroom?
    Mom: Go! Quickly! And don’t let me have to come looking for you!

  • Jesús insane white woman ?

  • This is what I see when I go to the shops.

  • 1 st mom face ???

  • Last woman’s face ???????????????????????????????????? about ?????????????????????????

  • Last woman’s screaming was like talking the kid the face when she was tricked

  • Thumbs up for the last lady

  • Of course it's you Traci

  • Fun fact: these are tracis's actually kids

  • My ? mom ? had ? six ? kids ? AND ? NO ? DAYS ? OFF ?

  • If I was that bad my parents would have beat my ass in the spot

  • i'm calling fake

  • That Lady Should Do Something About Her Kids Their Wrecking The Store They Are Throwing Clothes On The Floor That's Not Okay To Do The Mom Should Tell Her Kids To Put The Clothes Back And Don't Throw The Clothes On The Floor

  • that last lady was amazing

  • I see this all the time in Texas even at the dentist ? to stores parents stare at a cell or the horizon without a word. The kids dumping pamphlets,dragging chairs around,y knocking stuff off shelves,y knocking folks over. Yet Mom or Dad or both not a peep still going on without looking at the kid or making a face like they had too much Botox!

  • Mom 2:20 shhhh im on the phone having a vacation ????? little gal “Conversation” haha ???

  • If I ever did shit like that in public as a kid my mother would just give me a look that meant, "be prepared for an ass whooping once we get home"

  • I actually worked in retail for a long time, I have seen my share of great parents that you can clearly tell raised their kids right and has taught them how to act in public, then you have from time to time, parents who are too busy doing their own thing not paying attention, like this scenario, where kids are running around the store, or even pulling on things that can literally fall on them. I have usually told them that to be careful because we do not want nothing to fall on them and do not want them to get hurt, and years ago I used to tell the parents that their children are running around the store and just to let them know we are not liable if anything happens to them, and that usually stops the behavior or gets the parents involved. Makes me wonder if parents allow it until they hear we are not liable to try and sue the store. SMDH. It's really sad.

  • God this happened more often than wanted in retail

  • Any parents who have kids and cannot control their kids should be punished by cutting off their penises and sealing their pussies. Who cares if they die in the process!

  • I was once in Wally world aka Wal-Mart I needed to get down a Particular AlE in store and there was a woman and her children and she and her children were blocking where I need because she and they were so engaged in playing Pokemon go in their Tablet that she refused to step aside and Politely said excuse me literally 3 times she looked up at me and continued playing with her children on the tablet so I blew a gasket is screamed at her that she was rude I only got upset because she looked Directly at me so I know she heard me. There was a time when I needed something off a selve and the parents of the little him climbing all over the selve that I needed the item from so I said very loudly why dont these parents control him .

  • mom on a phone call
    smart phone addiction

  • I love that last lady

  • If the mother don't get them bad ass kids and make them sit the fuck down period

  • Parents do get days off went the move out

  • “i WiLl cAlL 911 iF i wErE yOu”

  • Good lord weda been smacked into next week if acted like little retards in public

  • Woman: it’s a dress from here that she’s stepping on
    Mom: it’s fine
    Woman: triggered 2:07

  • My mom would beat my butt

  • I have a daughter that dont listen i went in a comma for when she was 2 and i woke up from a comma 6 month ago my husband discipline my daughter but he lets her get away from everything i being home for a month my daughter wene my husband takes me out in my wheel chair in the store or any were we go my daughter hit me push me spits me and call me bad names my husband dont tell her nothing brcause he says oh she just a little girl so i just cry what should i do

  • This is a stupid show so irritating show bla bla

  • Actually, there are kids starving to death in the world. Who gives a crap about that boutique pfft, waste your time yelling about stuff that matters. Like all the men/boys wanting to be girls. That's what's disgusting.

  • Never

  • Cindy preaching truth! Savage!

  • Those kids look trouble makers in general?

  • Md

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