Waddup humans. Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about
the figther, Aldous. Aldous has buff, stun, blink, immunity, and
burst skills. Our Contractor, Aldous, is a fighter hero. I consider Aldous as a dangerous hero since
he can almost one-hit a hero with his 1st skill He can also use his ultimate skill to directly
target an enemy anywhere in the map. Let me share some tips and tricks on how to
use Aldous based on my experience. I will also teach you some combos and techniques
on the latter part of this boot camp. But before that, let me explain his skills
one by one for further understanding. Aldous’ passive grants him a shield that absorbs
damage under a certain condition. Each time he does basic attacks, he gains
stacks for his passive. He can gain a maximum of 2 stacks, but it
resets back to 0 when he does a basic attack after having 2 stacks. The amount of damage absorbed by the shield
depends on the next damage dealt when he has 2 stacks of passive. 100% of that attack will be the amount of
shield he will receive. The shield lasts for 3 seconds. After the shield is granted, there will be
a 3 seconds cooldown before the passive works again. Practicing the right timing with his passive
and 1st skill will be the key to his durability. So make sure to use your first skill when
your passive has already 2 stacks. Aldous’ first skill, Soul Steal, buffs his
next basic attack. After using Soul Steal, his next basic attack
will make him leap towards the enemy for a short distance. Aldous gains permanent charges for Soul Steal
everytime you kill an enemy hero, minions, or monsters. Each charge increases the Soul Steal’s additional
damage by 25 points. When Aldous kills an enemy hero with Soul
Steal, he gains 4 charges. On the other hand, he gains 1 charge when
killing minions or jungle monsters. When Aldous attacks minions or monsters, the
additional damage on his next basic attack is raised by 300%, or 3 times. In terms of durability, stun, and mobility,
Aldous’ second skill, Explosion, might help you on that. After clicking on Explosion, he is granted
immunity to basic attacks for a short duration. He also reduces the damage received from other
forms of attack by 50% during the duration. Not only that, he is also granted additional
speed. After 1 second, you can manually click on
Explosion to stun and deal damage to surrounding enemies. In addition, it will also be automatically
activated after a few moments even without manually clicking it. Aldous’ ultimate skill, Chase Fate, transforms
him into a projectile that targets an enemy hero anywhere in the map. Upon clicking this skill, Aldous gains the
ability to see the positions of all the enemy heroes for 5 seconds. He can use this skill again during the duration
to target an enemy hero. A chosen enemy hero has his position shown
in the map and is now the target of Aldous. Aldous becomes a projectile that charges towards
the enemy. Upon hitting the target, he deals damage and
cause a knock back effect to the enemy. While in projectile mode, he can cancel this
ability and stop charging towards the enemy. The cooldown is now increased even when the
skill is canceled. Also take note that around the enemy icon on his ultimate skill, There is a green circle which indicates their current health points. There are so many items that you can buy for
Aldous. In my opinion, you can consider Magic shoes
or Demon Shoes for Aldous. Magic shoes grants skill cooldown reduction
and additional movespeed. It can help you cast more of your Soul Steal
because of the cooldown reduction. On the other hand, Demon Shoes provides mana
regeneration and additional movement speed. It can provide more mana for Aldous since
his priority is to last hit enemies with Soul Steal. With Demon Shoes, you don’t need to worry
about his mana in the long run. Buying attack items such as Endless Battle
can boost your damage effectively. This item gives you additional physical attack,
health, mana regen, lifesteal, movement
speed, and cooldown reduction. Its unique passive grants you additional true
damage on your next basic attack after using a skill. Triggering the passive of this skill also
grants you additional movement speed. Given that his first skill has low cooldown,
this item is the best pick for Aldous. I can also suggest items such as Blade of
Despair for additional physical attack and additional movespeed. Blade of Despair’s Unique Passive grants additional
damage if the enemy being attacked has health lower than 50%. This can be a good match with his first skill. Buying Berserker’s Fury is also recommended. This item gives him additional physical attack,
critical chance, and critical damage. He can deal critical damage while buffed with
Soul Steal. Item such as Bloodlust Axe can also be considered
because it provides additional physical attack, cooldown reduction, and spell vamp. Spell vamp can greatly increase your survivability. Aldous deals burst damage, so this item is
helpful for your survival during team fights. You can also consider Blade of the 7 Seas
to deal additional damage on your basic attacks. Blade of the 7 Seas lowers the target’s physical
defense when using skills. This is a great combination with his first
skill as well. You might also want to consider Corrosion
Scythe to slow down your target. Each basic attack to an enemy gives you a
50% chance on slowing them by 40%. This grants additional physical attack, movement
speed, and attack speed. The items build for Aldous really depends
on the enemy’s line up. So make sure to read each item’s description
so you can adapt in-game. One of the best spell to be used on Aldous
is Petrify. You can use it to stun the surrounding enemies
during combat. This is a good spell for Aldous since he fights
in melee combat. You can basically use Petrify after hitting
the enemy with your ultimate. You can also use Retribution to farm faster,
and also use it to slow enemies when you have the specific jungle item for it. In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used
is the Custom Assassin Emblem set. Custom Assassin Emblem could provide extra
stats according to your needs as a Fighter. Set Agility to its Max level because it can
give you extra movespeed. Higher movespeed will give you higher mobility
to either escape or chase enemies. Setting Invasion to max level will provide
additional physical penetration on your skills. Higher physical penetration deals more physical
damage to enemies. That means, your skills and basic attacks
will be more explosive during team fights. Get Bounty Hunter to gain extra gold upon
killing an enemy. Aldous can basically kill marksmans and mage
easily. With Bounty Hunter, he can easily gain additional
gold. For me, it’s the best thing to get since Aldous
can kill enemies easily which will make him richer. Set Soul Steal to max level first. Prioritizing Soul Steal makes its cooldown
lower and its base damage higher. That means, you can deal more damage and you
can use the skill more often. Prioritize Explosion less since Soul Steal
is the skill you need to deal burst damage. Always upgrade his ultimate skill when available
for upgrading. You can either start with the jungle or one
of the lanes. What’s important is to take the last hit on
enemies, monsters, and minions while buffed with Soul Steal to gain charges. Having more charges definitely means more
damage dealt with Soul Steal. Always get the right timing on using Soul
Steal with the passive skill. This can grant you a shield that can absorb
a massive amount of damage. Timing it properly can make you durable during
team fights. You can use Explosion’s speed boost to either
chase enemies, or escape death. The good thing about this skill is that, it
also grants you immunity against basic attacks. It also reduces other damage aside from basic
attacks by 50%. So basically, Aldous has a greater chance
to escape death with his second skill. You can use his ultimate skill to grant vision
for your allies on the enemy’s whereabouts. This skill can also be helpful if your team
is trying to kill the marksman of the enemy team. You can just directly target the marksman
with this skill and deal a deadly combo, killing the marksman in no time. The only thing about his ultimate is, the
enemy could see if Aldous uses his skill and if he is the target of his ultimate. He can also use his ultimate to escape death. Usually, I follow a combo for Aldous. In terms of combo with his ultimate, use his
ultimate first and aim for the best target to kill. After hitting the target enemy, use Explosion
to boost your speed and grant you immunity. This will start the 1 second count to activate
the stun effect of Explosion. While waiting for the stun effect to be available,
use Soul Steal and attack the target enemy. You can either manually activate the stun
effect of Explosion, or wait for it to be activated automatically. The stun from Explosion will give you enough
time to deal multiple attacks to the enemy. With your empowered Soul Steal, the enemy
doesn’t stand a chance against your skills. In terms of combo without his ultimate, the
exact same combo can be used. I don’t suggest being too agressive if your
enemies have crowd control skills. Aldous is not durable when disabled by enemies. Being disabled means you cannot cast your
second skill for immunity. You can not also gain a shield with your passive
when you are disabled. So make sure your enemies have used their
crowd control skills already before jumping into battle. The tips I mentioned are just some of the
ways you can use Aldous. This video just guides you on how to use Aldous,
the Kurumi way. Soooo… Once again, this is Kurumi and that’s how
you use Aldous. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to my channel for more contents
by clicking on the subscribe button below. Cheers!!!


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    While using your ulti make sure you click your first skill before you hit your target.

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