Miz wears bedazzled shoes into battle: Miz & Mrs., Aug. 20, 2019

Hi, baby. Do you like my shoes? They’re not very comfortable but
I really have to wear these.>>You said to her,
you were gonna wear those ones.>>I know, I know.>>[LAUGH]
>>How you doing?>>No comment.>>I’m all about being a great uncle, but
I’m used to a certain shoe and I’m used to the ankle support that it gives me and I
don’t know how strong these jewels are and they could all fall off on the first kick.>>Nice shoes, dude. You like that it hit me?>>[LAUGH] Yeah.>>Wow.>>If Kofi likes them,
I have a whole new confidence.>>What is this? What is-
>>My niece made these for me. She really wants me to wear,
she’s sitting front row.>>So cool.>>Right? See.>>Yeah, I’m in.>>This is a new [CROSSTALK]
>>Really hard on doing these.>>That’s a lot of work,
did them digitally right? [MUSIC]>>What must be going
through the mind of The Miz? [MUSIC]>>The Miz counters.>>Just noticed, those his shoes?>>My god, look at those! I mena, those shoes are spectacular. Look at those shoes! [SOUND] My goodness! This is just kind of giving me a little
peak of how funny of a dad you’re gonna be with your daughter when she grows up. She’s gonna have you
wrapped around her fingers.>>My family is actually
in the audience tonight. So stand up, guys. My niece, Alexia, made these shoes for me. I probably agree with you.>>[LAUGH]
>>They’re bedazzled and, sweetheart, I won in them.

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