Mitt Romney Flip Flop # 2,367

mit romney if there’s one thing that he’s against is special-interest money coming into
infosys offices i know because lesley said in the nineteen nineties lots of but these kinds of associations between
money and politics in my view are wrong and
for that reason i would like to have campaign spending limits and say we’re
not gonna spend more than this uncertain campaigns to campaign for senator or
u_s_ represented and so forth because otherwise i think you have money playing
far too important role i also would abolish tax you probably have one i
don’t like him i don’t like the influence of of money whether it’s a
business labor or any other group i do not like that kind of influence
lobbyists ella registered know who they are i want to make sure that gifts are
limited uh… i think we have to really become much more vigilant and seeing the impact on money and i
don’t care how it’s organized on money and politics i think contributions are
fine itis don’t want them to be larger but look it’s ten million dollars
this year my guess is that uh… that’s six years another you
know that’d be the race would be fifteen and after that meet your california’s as
senator a congressman huffington twenty five million dollars going to that race
speak the kinds of demands that are being placed uh… on the the economics of running
the campaign suggests an egg increasing power in the park of money to interest
and i think it’s wrong and we’ve got a chance on will probably come out even
hear monied interests heavily that it can be very intently
finance reform he’s against facts of course you’re not going to be
surprised to find out that today mitt romney has the largest super
packard any of the republic candidates he’s a good more wall street money from
business interests but he just talk against bottling visitors would retaliate in
there was involved with his hahaha acted yet are right buddy he’s got more
coming it money coming in from wall street than any of the republican is
having more than the rest of the combined you you know that ten percent of the
billionaires in this country have already donated mit romney took advantage of the billionaires in
fact i could humor somebody teachers by the job this carriers so well how about citizens united that
allows these corporations in these monied interests who spent unlimited
money on those packs that mit romney just told you use against i think my god
now running when changes positions wadi well let’s walk well i i think that the supreme court’s
decision was cut it was following their interpretation of the of the uh… campaign finance laws or written by
congress my own view is that now we tried a lot of efforts to try and
restrict what could be given to campaigns would be a lot wiser to say
individual i took to the campaign they must report it immediately and the
creation of these independent expenditure committees that have to be
separate from the canada that’s too bad idea that decision or not the sergeant’s exam anaconda criticized
for the the supreme court where it uses for import all the time it
is is that you don’t agree with and you’re a lot among the republican
activist judges and how they’re they have set up to give their interpretation of campaign
finance reform they said we’re going to delight campaign finance
reform we’re going to get rid of it basically and allow these corporations i spent
unlimited money which is exactly the opposite awad campaigns finance reform that passed congress wanted to do this means were activist judges baghdad
dot reddick at a visor for which you put it in fairburn in the middle of the estimates that that
he convinces by now head of the impacts in something of
a pose i’m in favor and so check i was like what women are
you there when the decision or not citizens united unlimited money going to
tax like yours he’s at all i would criticize to print kore in other words okay artisans ever been in sendak that
earlier the campaign said of course corporations or people what and unwell livable sellout flip-flop ur slimy
politician corporate robot mit romney by the he’s dead essence unless line the politician that’ll state anything to get elected or money instead kennedy in
massachusetts fall i tell you the monied interests wife golly gee workers there
really upset me and i wanna see ted kennedy’s tax returns we’ll see how i
did all these many years later money or
public runner-up five w my tax returns leading corporations giving up on some
of my kidneys almost mit romney is really that essence of politician today in america which is why it’s so much for the people
accurate including the republican electorate feels queasy about it feels like there’s
something wrong with this guy and which is also why sickening he’s probably most likely away


  • I didn't know that Romney did stand-up comedy.

  • Ron Paul 2012!!!!

  • Is there any issue Romney hasn't flipped on?

  • @audadvnc It's funny cause you just defined Obama too alongside Romney..

  • I hope he got a really nice pair of flip-flops for Christmas.

  • @BottleConcreteBlond If there is, its only because he's never HEARD of the issue yet

  • Ron Paul is the only candidate that doesn't flip flop.

  • Ever heard the saying "can't fight'um, may as well join them"

  • It's funny how none of the Ron Paul disciples showed up to down vote this video en mass and accuse Cenk of selling out. Nope, just when he's critical of their messiah.

  • Cenk talks as if Mitt Romney was lying the first time. I don't think he was. I think he meant what he said, but the position he is in today has changed from how it once was. He's got money now.

  • god damn, Mitt used to be a reasonable human being back in the day. it's terrifying how easily money can corrupt honest people.

  • @TheRepublicOfUngeria it's almost like you weren't watching the video, i mean what is there to agree with mitt Romney is a complete hypocrite he says he's against the corrupting influence of money in politics but yet when he runs he accepted money from !0% of the millionaires, i don't understand are 118 of you agreeing your hypocrites.

  • @Ryan9145X
    Well said. I've been doing this constantly for the last few years. It is slowly hitting home. Love the Krugman quote. That perfectly describes Newt.

  • @BottleConcreteBlond his marraige/relationship to his wife/former girlfriend Ann

  • @Jermetrice His wife/former girlfriend is an issue?

  • I love TYT, I watch it every day, and Cenk is a great man… but his voice.. the way he always kinda shouts.. makes my ears really tired. Ooofff Couuuurse bla bla bla.. Always kinda screaming in this monotonous pitch 🙁

  • @BottleConcreteBlond to social conservatives: YES. You see how much heat Newt Gigrich is getting because of his wife/former mistress 🙂

  • @Jermetrice So, the only "issue" Romeny hasn't flipped on is one that will have no impact on the way he actually would lead.

    And I think the heat Gingrich is getting is also because of the adultery and the fact that he divorced his wife when she was in the hospital sick with cancer. So he's not just an adulterer he's a disgusting moralless shell of a human being.

  • @sugardoll98 Cenk for President!

  • Shit… I agree with Mitt Romney 100%
    How did I miss this speech? Hey his campaign signs seem different.. his hair is less grey… oh shit

  • I think the mentioning of his flip-flopping was a good part in this, but ranting on about how he also takes contributions, i don't think qualifies as a slur. That's just how the game is played. I like to watch TYT 'cause I get a less biased view of politics through it. So i would request a little less adjectives on the politicians from you guys to be honest.

  • Obama 2012! Obama has to finish what the evil right wing prevented him from finishing!

  • The best description of Romney–slime ball. Don't think I've ever seen a politician so painfully artificial, unprincipled, and phoney.

  • Hey Mitt you are a Flip flopper and can beat your assin a debate! GoBama 2012!

  • "Corporations are people." -Mitt Romney, 2011

  • @padude64 You would vote for Obama, who extended the Patriot Act? Obama, who wanted the National Defense Authorisation Act amended so he could indefinitely detain American citizens without trial? Go for it.

  • @sugardoll98

    I like Cenk, but there's no way I'd want him running the economy.

  • Romney is a straight up liar

  • Obama 2012!

  • Romney and you rpublicans make my ass sick!

  • You republicunts make me sick! What a bunch of fucking liars you are!

  • Mitt the Prick flip flopping bitch and Santorum the sick right wing fuck!

  • Ron paul 2012!

  • Not voting 2012 !

  • @padude64 In case you missed the memo, I'm not a Romney supporter.

  • Mmmm in other news tomorrow is Friday.

  • @padude64 Please tell me you are Trolling…

  • Best Romney video ever!

  • Ron Paul 1830 – Where his retarded ideas belong.

  • Journalists should enquire on the phenomenon of politicians becoming prostitutes: How can it happen? Is it only money ? Are there drugs involved? Are those politicians held in control after some sort of black mail ?

  • @padude64 all you can do is swear because your stereotypical and have no political sense, you haven't given one reason to support Obama, one of our worst presidents ever. I bet the only reason you swear is to make your crazy viewpoints seem strong

  • Your Bush was the worst president ever and house republicans have the lowest approval rating which is slowing the economy down! Obama 2012!

  • People need to vote house republicans OUT!

  • I suport Obama because you republicans have blocked everything the man has tried to do and you right wingers destroyed our economy! Remember your buddy Bitch McConnell stated Obama will be a one term president! That does not fly with me republicans!

  • @tadpoleposition You need to undertand that republicans want Obama out of office but at the same level hate is growing in the republican party!

  • Ron Paul is an extremist!

  • It's actually quite sad b/c watching this video we can clearly see the influence the government (w/e makes it up) has on its congressmen. The older video reminded me of Obama pre-president election. The more recent video represents whats common. They wake up and say "You mean I can do w/e and you (the bankers, money creators, financiers, corporations) will throw money at me as long as I lay down. Win!"

  • Obama fight for the middle class when you republicans never mention them! Obama 2012!

  • @tadpoleposition The republicans are a bunch of greey bastards and I cant wait for Scott Walker to be recalled! What a glorious moment!

  • Mitt 2012! or bust. He is ahead of Hussein in polls if election were held today. Hussein can run on his record, he is a disaster. He can only attempt to attack Mitt. Go MItt, America needs Mitt! God bless America!

  • You know, I used to like your channel but I think your recent article about "voting for Romney to send Obama a message" was the clincher. You are a prime example of the left eating itself instead of standing in solidarity against people like Romney who are wholly owned by one percenters like the Koch Brothers. You only have to take note of how aggressively the Kochs are campaigning for Romney to recognize the red flags. The Kochs don't campaign for Obama so vigorously for a reason. unsubbing..

  • He has only changed his position on abortion. Ron Paul will never survive the racial attacks. And you need to learn a marketable skill.

  • Flip Flopper Romney so Go Obama! Obama will kill Romney or anyone in a debate! Because you asshole republicans blocked Obama in the house! Are you right wingers that stupid!

  • @wrestlinfan8388 MItt made his money, he didn't get rich off taxpayers like Gingrich and Obammer

  • Paul will never survive the racial attacks. NO white male repub has ever been able to overcome them. Mitt 2012!

  • Buddy Roemer 2012!

  • @wrestlinfan8388 Mitt is the most viable, It looks like Paul can't survive his flip flops on those old racial comments. Mitt flopped on abortion, big deal, so did Reagan.

  • Mitt/Haley 2012!

  • @ExposeZionistCrimes2 LOL double negative.

  • This talk of "activist judges" reminds me of the Sonia Sotomayor debacle back in 2008, I remember them saying she wouldn't be a good judge, but she seems to be doing fine and following the law. Repubs always blowing smoke up peoples asses.

  • @ACORNSUCKS stfu turd!

  • Ron Paul 2012!

  • Mitt is the man!

  • Obummer sucks!

  • @wrestlinfan8388 You lie, He made some of those statements himself.

  • @fizXgirl314 dirthead loser

  • @wrestlinfan8388 They have got him on tape saying some things kid, wake up. I don't care what he said, but he will never survive politically. Mitt 2012! or bust. Young turkeys are left wing idiots!

  • @wrestlinfan8388 He will never overcome racial comments, whether in print or verbal. Mitt 2012! or bust, kid. Hussein Obammur sucks, and this may very well be who you are covertly supporting.

  • @wrestlinfan8388 Thats just it, he is no longer surging, Santorum is, Mitt owns New Hampshire. If Mitt wins Iowa, its over.

  • @wrestlinfan8388 Rpaul is in the mix, I will vote for him if by chance he did get the nom, but I want Obammer out, and Mitt is the most viable candidate and what America needs today. He has the executive experience in the private and public sector, and character to match.

  • @wrestlinfan8388 I can respect that comment.

  • @oprichniki12 – 6 of one, half dozen of the other.


  • I'd rather drink a gasoline slurpee and eat hot coals before voting for any of these soulless scumbag subhumans running in 2012. Worst. Field Ever.

  • @wrestlinfan8388 I don't think that's fair on Obama is ok Think of it this way, George Bush dragged us into a war he lead us to a economic down term; Obama was given a America that was full of holes and he was trying so hard to do what he promised and at the same time try to fill this holes left by George Bush and now that everything has not really gone to plan the republicans are trying to wrap this whole thing up and hang him with it All I'm saying is we don't needRomney.

  • This guy is such a fraud. He will say anything to anyone's face just to get votes. What's even more sad is people will still vote for him.

  • @supersticky87 No, no buddy, "America" doesn't want Ron Paul, only morons want Ron Paul. Don't assume things. Huge difference.

  • After Obama supporters makes his case against assholes like you?

  • I like -94 Romney.

  • @Stingerbillion Ikr? You'd think people would learn to look into someone before deciding they're going to "save America" as people seem to think Paul's going to do. Didn't Obama teach anyone anything?

  • @Stingerbillion To make things worse he's won in Iowa and in New Hampshire.

  • Well if you can't change the rules, play by them. Keep in mind Romney gains NOTHING by being president. He's spending his money like crazy because he truly thinks he can make a difference. I don't know if he can, but he's not a bad person.

  • RON PAUL 2012

  • the only one who cant stop Romney to get the nomination is Romney 94

  • "Ten percent of the billionaires in the country have endorsed Romney". What about the other 90 percent? 10 percent really isn't all that much…

  • "You criticize the Supreme Court all the time when you don't agree with them".
    Don't you usually criticize something you disagree with?

  • if only we can travel back in time and get '94 Romney to stop now Romney

  • I don't understand, are the subtitles a joke? It looks like they were written by an under-age Asian boy who has a very basic grasp of 'engrish'.

  • You hear these idiot Romney supporters for a flip flopper on April 24th! What a bunch of idiots! Obama 2012! Romney is a liar!

  • Ron Paul is an idiot! Obama 2012! Obama is getting the economy back on track!

  • Ron Paul is an idiot? Can you explain this to me please?

  • i like -94 Romney 2 but they don't sell those anymore

  • Explain to me why he is not an idiot?

  • You republicans hate the middle class and there are more middle classers in this country and if you are a middle clas republican, then you are pure stupid!

  • "The rich are job creators" IS A FALSE STATEMENT. not the rich create jobs, but DEMAND by POOR PEOPLE creates jobs.
    "you hear"??? Can you prove any of this? NO!! Not even RP says that about Obama, so I think you're a Palinishitsa.
    Undeniable: income gap increased. This is a war waged on the poor by the rich. Let's get real. Do the poor have the means to wage war on the rich?
    Afghanistan war was started by YOUR side! UNDECLAREed by YOUR side!
    sO PWND!!

  • RP is an idiot because BEFORE you're born, he wants the ultimate protection, but after you can die for all he cares.
    He's an idiot cos he stays in a party that hates him

  • funny how liberals had nothing to say when Obama was outraising and outspending McCain (including from Wall Street) by hundreds of millions of dollars in '08 but now that the tables have turned, they're up in arms and have resorted to attacking Romney, the SCOTUS, the Koch bros, you name it. Typical left-wing hypocrisy

  • Outsourcer! Chisler! But hey if he can eliminate the Montreal Canadiens from the NHL then that would be a good outsource deal! Go LEAFS!

  • After an interview he doesn't watch, from there he forgets what he said. JUST FOOLISH! I mean sarah palin was worse but she is far better than romney

  • It would have been no different. Romney and Obama have the same masters; the lobbyists who run Washington. Left- and Right-wing are irrelevant labels in 2013. That's why Obama hasn't changed one evil Bush policy, has re-signed a few, and expanded on others. Even if a President does mean well, he has to get through Congress who are bought by the lobbies, and the lobbyists themselves. For example, the banking lobbyists are responsible for our economic collapse… aaaand they got bailed out.

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