Mitt Romney Dangerous Flip-Flop on Justice John Roberts

mitt romney has a lot of hate affair
with supreme court chief justice john roberts now when i say love-hate affair he’s violently flip-flopping from uh…
diametrically opposed views let’s take the then and now approach to
what’s going on before john roberts was part of the majority
decision upholding obon a care a_k_a_ romney care ikea
portable characters constitutional metromail actually said that john
roberts is one of his favorite supreme court justices now don’t take my word for it
let’s look at the video lewis present the evidence okay here it is
justices like roberts alito thomas’ scalia we had ninety regions there is there it is mit romney thing for your favorite
justices looked this bill one more time without further what phil davis insularity i want
clarity this evening afternoon once justices like roberts alito thomas is
truly a wheat brother khalid of thomas and school leah but that now what now what is his view i
think we can all get exactly what mitt romney’s view is now about justice john
roberts but let’s take a listen lou is just to
get that evidence on the record serb people you say on your website the u_n_ nominate justices animals of
the chief justice john roberts analyses various stockholders slash which is self nonna nominated justice i’m john akers well i certainly wouldn’t nominate someone who uh… by new was
going to come out with a decision i file this agreement with her vehemently
disagreed with right and he reach a conclusion i think that was uh… not
accurate about it but they’ve been appropriate conclusion so bear with that and we think it whole
and saying here if you knew in advance how he was going
to rule on certain cases you wouldn’t nominate him i’ve never seen those hearings where
they vet the supreme court justice quoted on the news and they’re constantly tried to cut
right to try to uh… be coerced into commented on how they would rule in
certain cases in what they say every single time louis i mean every single
one of these hearings you hear what it was going to make a comment on i
can’t comment on how i would rule on a topic that may come before the court so
number one mit romney is saying that that if he were to have knowledge that he really shouldn’t have and that
we just don’t have and that no matter how many times opposing at members of the house and
senate can ask these candidates we never get out of the these nominees but number two wait a second the guy who might be president would change his entire opinion about who would make a good supreme
court justice based on one decision that they make and by the way a decision you yourself
mit romney would have agreed with might have been five years ago when you’re a
governor of a liberal state that they’d be exact same thing that’s how you would pick supreme court
justices this guy’s downright scary willis it’s never army as usual courses can see this he’s a man with a he might not even
believe it but he has to say that may help because started acting he had a white why not
respond with something that makes sense but listen what we pick a supreme court justice we have to look at qualifications and governing philosophy and will they
be uphold the law as they see it we can’t just go by individual decisions
that are based on complex discussions people who study and understand the law have to
make not people like me who made millions of dollars destroying jobs have
been capital because i don’t really know much about the law john roberts presumably does or at least
i thought he did when george w_ bush nominated him let’s let’s late let him make those
decisions it would be immature of me they say that i would change my opinion
about who makes a good justice based on one individual decision yes it up maybe he can say because you don’t
believe it maybe you can say it because it would be
politically inconvenient maybe he just doesn’t even cross his
mind i don’t know but we are in serious trouble that’s
going to be the governing philosophy in the next four years because we really think we may have some
supreme court uh… appointment that can happen right became possibly happen ronnie when india
i really hope not i am scared them i woke up in a cold sweat last night nightmares about it

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