Minecraft PE T-flip flop + flashing T-flip flop (working 2019)

hi guys Jam toast here and welcome back
to another video in today’s video well I’m going to be showing you how to
create a T flip-flop in Minecraft PE let’s get straight into it so first of
all we’re going to be looking at the java T flip-flop as you can see this is how
it looks like with a piston underneath it here if we click the button you can
see it does not turn on the redstone light it just goes through the block
here and the piston with that redstone block and other moves I think this is
because there’s no quasi connectivity in Minecraft PE meaning that this kind
of T flip-flop doesn’t work and that’s why I’m going to show you other kind of
T flip-flops so that you can use them in Minecraft PE moving on to the first T
flip-flop on bedrock edition this is this is a dropper and hopper T
flip-flop how this works is that I press the button here and it runs repeaters
into this don’t think they have to be a different tick speed and what will
happen is currently the redstone dust in is in this it will fire over to this
dispenser the comparator will pick it up run it through a repeater to renew the
length and it will run into a redstone lamp showing that it’s the T flip-flop
so let’s press it okay may have to change something okay so it looks like
it was just me fiddling around with a repeater so this has to be two tick and
this has to be one tick I think this is because when you press the button the
droppers would shoot the item out at the same time meaning that the item would
get put into the second dropper for a second
then it would be transferred back to the original dropper on to the next one okay
so this is a flashing light T flip-flop so what happens is you press it and it I
think it would be mostly used for like in houses if you want to create like a
spooky effect maybe but I I really suggest you use this T flip-flop in your
contraptions but this is mostly for a light one so how this works is that you
can have a look here if you want to build it and how it works is that you
press the button and and it pushes it backwards and forwards and this redstone
and this redstone block gets get the redstone signal gets transmitted on and
onto the redstone lamp the rest of this system is to make sure that they don’t
push up the same time meaning that sometimes it wouldn’t work so
effectively this the green the green one and the white is it the white yeah the
white is making sure that they don’t go at the same time I hope you enjoyed this
video it was a rather short one but you know it’s a redstone video after all if
you want to see more videos like this please like and subscribe that would be
greatly appreciated and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye bye

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