Michaels Craft Store Moccasin Slipper Kit

Hey there, it’s me Katie-Beth again, and
today when I was at Michaels–um, I actually was supposed to be headed home,
but I had a 60% off coupon, and you kind of can’t [not] shop when you have a
coupon that great! Um, and I wasn’t shopping for this, but I
found it. It’s a kit to make moccasins, and let me show you. They do come in
different sizes: small, medium, or large. The camera’s not focusing that well…I got the medium. It
says that they are in women’s sizes, but if you’re a man just get the size bigger.
Which if you have large feet these probably wouldn’t fit, because it only
goes to a woman’s 10-11, but I’m actually pretty excited! Just gonna
tear these apart and see how long it takes me to make these. It looks like it
should be pretty easy, and I do need some new house slippers. My roommates are
totally against wearing shoes in the house, but I did ask and I was told I can
wear house slippers as long as they’re only house slippers. So, uh, let’s open
this up. Okay, let’s see what we got. This is everything in the pack. It’s a nice
little cushion, I guess, for your feet. Just checking how it folds around that. So that’s a cool sole on that, and the
back of these you can kind of see how they’re gonna come together to make the
heel, and we have some string and the tops, and I’m not sure with the strap is
for yet, but I’ll find out. Okay now I just wanted to look at this cushion for
your feet. The sole–it looks like it’s just some foam… Okay, now to start out I’m kind of
following the directions, but they’re super wordy and boring and hard to read.
So I’m just starting the not like it shows in the picture, and then from here
on out I’m pretty much just gonna speed the rest of this up, because I do not
have the patience to sit and watch this get sewn together. Even though I did it.
Um, what I didn’t quite show here is that I think there was a little different
shaped notch hole on the outside of the big part of the sole to match up where
you should start. So it did kind of have a starting area. So now I’m just gonna
sew these all together, and it’s kind of an over-under–no–well it’s just like I’m
making a stitch over all of it instead of going back and forth. And if you’re not interested in watching
this entire process of sewing a shoe together, just go ahead and skip towards
the end with like with my actual review, but just in case you are interested I’m
going to show you–pretty much show me sewing this entire shoe together, and I did have a little bit of a problem
there so sometimes I did have to go back and undo things, but it wasn’t that hard, and there were a few sections where I
just had to go back and retighten what I had done, because it wasn’t tight enough,
and for this kind of shoe you kind of have to make all of your stitches super
tight, and later on I also learned that towards the back too: to make the shoes
smaller to put my foot in, I had to pull the strings really tight.
It also helps on all the puckering. So I did end up skipping through part of
it. Sorry if you wanted to watch the whole thing getting sown, it just did end
up getting kind of boring watching the same same stitch over and over again– but
it was just that same stitch over and over again! So you didn’t really miss
anything, but I wanted to skip forward to this part and show you that at the end I
didn’t know what to do with that string, and the directions didn’t say what to do
with the leftover string. Or maybe it did and I just skimmed over it and didn’t
really read it. But I couldn’t find it, so I just made a little knot and kind of
left it there. And because the other side ended with
the knot on the inside (the first side), I went back and redid and put the knot on
the inside also, because it seemed weird if you had one shoe with a knot inside
and one shoe with a knot just like hanging out. So I kind of just tried to
make them matching. So next we tackle the back–the heel of the foot and there’s
all these different holes and they kind of match up with different shapes to let
you know like which one should go there. So I think it’s for the different sizes
and depending on how tight you put the holes together is how tight the size
will fit together. So here I’m looking at the actual picture in the directions of
what it’s supposed to look like. So it kind of gave me a little image, but I
didn’t really understand the directions, of course, on what it was actually saying. So I just tried it out, and here’s where I should have stopped and snipped that
in half, because they do give you five strings – for sewing together the body
of each shoe, and then the other fifth one is supposed to be cut in half and
shared between the two – to sew the back together. And Good God I take a long time
to do this! This is even sped up! So, again I’m making sure there’s half there,
which is absolutely ridiculous, because that would just mean I’d have a giant
bow hanging out of the back, but I think in my head I thought that the extra
strings were gonna be used to tie on that leather band. I did find out that
that long strip of leather band is supposed to be the like kind of the band
around the shoe to give it more strength and stability, and there’s a little cute
little X on the inside. And so I did, so I figured out how to get the back of the
shoe tied together, and here you can see I’m trying to fold over that extra piece
of leather, because I used it–made it the smaller size. It had a little extra
hanging over. I didn’t know if I was supposed to sew that in to kind of tie
it in, or if I was supposed to cut it off. In the end I decided just to leave it,
and eventually I thought maybe later I would cut it smaller if I needed to. In case I
needed the bigger size I didn’t want to cut off the piece that I would need and
here’s where I realized that I’m gonna need a lot longer string than just those
halves to do that, especially since I need to do that little bow in the front,
and I’m measuring it out and also realizing that the leather straps a
weird size. Here I’m trying to count out how I would be doing that, and I did
finally just undo it again and take it off and cut that string in half to get
that little bow in the back, and that way it’s not the giant strings hanging out
So now I’m using the other string to tie on that band and I am trying to get
it centered in half, and here I’m trying to center it from the back so that
there’s an equal amount amount in the front to make that little bow. And I did kind of have to like slowly go
through each layer here just because it was so thick. It wouldn’t go through all
of the layers at once. So I kind of have to like go through a little bit of one
and then go through another layer and see. There’s me trying to pull
through that layer there, but once you get past that back heel it
does get a lot easier. And then the stitch: you’re just going in
and out all the way around until you get to the front and you have the two sides–
hopefully kind of equal–and then you just make that little bow up front, and I
did find out that if you need the foot part to be tighter you just pull those
strings a little tighter around to fit– have that band around–and it’ll kind of
tighten the shoe to be a little tighter, which I’ve had to do… And here I get back to that string that
I just had left over and I don’t want it to bug my foot especially since it has
that hard, like, lace part on. I don’t remember what that threading part is
called, but anyways, it still it makes it easier to thread it through here. I’m
just hiding it like you would in like crochet where you hide the extra
string by sewing it through, and I’m just sewing it behind the band stitches, I
guess, so kind of so it’ll hide that extra string up on the top and in band
and it won’t itch my foot. And see it just hides right up there. And it’s
honestly never bugged me and I do the same thing on the other side. I just push
it through and hide it in the edge of the strap or edge of the band. I hide it
up there so that little pokey part won’t bug my foot. And here you go: here’s one full shoe made, and now I’ve just gotta make the other side. And here I have both shoes made. Doing a little tap tap tap tap. Really cool! So I don’t feel like they
came out quite as cute as the ones in the wrapper or package in the
picture, but they’re still like pretty cute. I might need to tighten the laces
up a little more. They are really…so they’re not like normal shoe moccasins
where you have the sides, because it’s like completely open on the side, and
they did feel a little better when I had socks on.
Um, the texture on the inside might feel like if I don’t wear socks I might get a
little sweaty. Mep Mep! Cute little shoes! They look like little booties!
So that is what the moccasins from Michael’s turn out looking like. It took
me about–ooh– so it took me about three hours to put
both of them together, but that’s also with me taking a lot of texting breaks
and getting a little distracted and all the mistakes I made. Well thanks for
watching my review or opening of the Michaels moccasins.
So in the store I believe they were like $21 and I use the 60 percent off
coupon and I saw that it gave me like $15 off. So they’re a little more than
ten bucks for these little — for these little ladies–guys–girls–shoes. I
don’t know if shoes are boys or girls, but, uh… They were kind of fun! So I hope this video was
useful or somewhat entertaining, and thanks for watching, everyone! I never
know what to say, but thanks for watching! Again these were the moccasins from
Michaels. Have a great day! 🙂


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  • That thumbnail shows you are quite flexible… :3 (I am sure it is another's foot but maybe not and now my mind is truly blown!) 🤯

  • You made a Masterpiece!!! Very good job!!! They look very cute on your beautiful feet!! They are perfect for house slippers. Especially at your friends house who don’t want dirty shoes in their house. Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  • I'd like to buy your cute selfmade Moccasin Slippers?

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