Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about
the tank hero, Khufra. Khufra has a good set area-of-effect, crowd
control, blink, and buff skills. Our Desert Tyrant, Khufra is a tank hero. I consider Khufra as a good crowd-control
tank, since most of his skills could either knock-up,
slow, or stun the enemies. His second skill will now be Fanny’s greatest
nightmare, since Khufra could knock Fanny up when she
attempts to fly through Khufra. We will show you that later. Now, let me share some tips and tricks on
how to use Khufra based on my experience. I will also teach you some combos and techniques
on the latter part of this boot camp. But before that, let me explain his skills
one by one for further understanding. Khufra’s passive, Spell Curse,
lets his basic attack to increase its range every 12 seconds. The buffed basic attack deals Magic Damage, equivalent to a percentage of his Physical Attack, and a percentage of his max health. This buffed basic attack also slows down the
target. Please take note that this buffed attack is
considered a range attack. Meaning, dealing basic attack with this won’t
commit a splash damage, unlike your usual basic attacks that deals
splash damage. Upon dealing a basic attack with the buff
from Spell Curse, Khufra restores a percentage of his Max Health. The cool down of Spell Curse is reduced by
a few seconds, each time Khufra’s skills are used to crowd-control
enemy heroes. This includes knocking them up or stunning
them. Khufra’s first skill, Tyrant’s Revenge,
lets Khufra launch himself towards the specified direction. The longer this skill is charged, the further
Khufra could dash. But do take note that there is a maximum distance
this skill could only travel. All enemy units hit along the way will receive
Physical damage, depending on a percentage of his max health
points. The percentage count is dependent on his Physical
Attack. When Khufra encounters an enemy hero,
his dash stops and will deal Physical damage depending on his max health to enemies around,
and then also knocks them up. The same will happen when Khufra reaches his
max distance, even without hitting enemy heroes. Take note that this skill can pass through
walls. His second skill, Bouncing Ball,
lets Khufra wrap himself with his bandage and turns into a magical ball. On this state, his Physical and Magical defense
is increased. Khufra can move during this state. He bounces for up to three times. Each time he hits the ground by bouncing
he deals Magic Damage equal to a percentage of his Max health to nearby enemies. The percentage count is dependent on his Physical
Attack. Enemies hit will have their movement speed reduced. Another cool thing about this skill is,
it knocks up enemies that tries to use blink skill to move across,
or towards Khufra. A good example would this would be Saber’s
second skill. As you can see, Saber is trying to dash towards
Khufra. But he is knocked up instead. This also cancels the supposed-to-be damage
of Saber’s second skill. We will show more examples on the Tips and
Tricks section. Khufra’s ultimate skill, Tyrant’s Rage,
pushes all enemies around him toward the front. To be precise, Khufra gathers the enemies
within this skill’s radius, and then pushes them towards the specified
direction. This deals Physical damage to the enemies,
and slows them down for a few moments. If the enemies are pushed to the wall,
they will receive extra Physical Damage which is around 150% of this skill’s damage. Also, instead of being slowed down, they will
be stunned. There are so many items that you can buy for
Khufra. You can either focus on Physical or Magic
Defense items, or items that gives you high health points
and a little of Physical Attack. Physical Attack is somehow needed, since this
is included on the calculation of his skills. For me, I choose to buy items that grants
health points to Khufra, and slowing effects to the enemies. As for starting item, you can consider buying
Wizard Boots. Wizard Boots grants additional health points
and movement speed. Its unique passive grants 80 gold for every
assists you make. Buying this will help you farm more gold with
every assists. Buying defense items such as Thunder Belt,
grants health points, mana regen, cooldown reduction, and Physical Defense. Its unique passive buffs the next basic attack after using a skill. The next basic attack will deal bonus attack damage, equivalent to a percentage of the target’s
max health. The enemy target and surrounding units are
slowed for a short period. You might want to consider Wings of the Apocalypse
Queen. This item grants Physical Attack, Health Points,
and cool down reduction. Its unique passive reduces the damage taken
by 50%, and increases your lifesteal by 30%. This unique passive activates when your health
goes below 40%. This effect lasts for a few seconds. This unique passive has a long cool down. You can consider buying either Cursed Helmet
or Blade Armor. Buying any of these depends on the enemy’s
line-up. Buy Cursed Helmet when the enemies are more
of magic-damage dealers. Buy Blade Armor when the enemies are more
of physical-damage dealers. Cursed Helmet gives you additional health
points and magical defense. Its unique passive burns nearby targets with
magic damage each second, depending on a percentage of their max health
points. This unique passive deals extra damage to
minions. On the other hand, Blade Armor grants you
additional Physical defense. Its unique passive deals 25% of the opponent’s
physical attack, as physical damage to an attacker when a basic
attack is received. It’s just like returning a percentage of their
attack to them. Another item to consider is Blade of the Heptaseas. This gives you additional health points and
physical attack. Its unique passive lowers the target’s physical
defense by a certain amount, when they are hit by your skills. The physical defense reduction is applied
before your skill hits them. This defense reduction debuff lasts for a
few seconds. Lastly, you can consider Sky Guardian Helmet. This grants you health points and health regeneration. Its unique passive grants you regeneration
of a percentage of your health, when you are do not receive any damage for
5 seconds. This regeneration is increased when upon killing
enemy heroes, or having an assist. The item build for Khufra really depends on
the enemy’s line up. So make sure to read each item’s description
so you can adapt in-game. One of the best spell to be used on Khufra
is Flicker. This can really help you blink yourself into
your desired position, and use your crowd-control skills for a more
efficient team fight. For me, this is optional since Khufra has
his first skill to blink in. But, just in case you miss the target, you
have your handy-dandy Flicker to make-up to your error. You might also want to consider Petrify. This deals magic damage to surrounding enemies,
and petrifes them for a few moments. This is really helpful since Khufra is a tank,
and is always inside team fights. Petrifying most of the enemies will help your team deal more damage, while the enemies are petrified. In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used
is the Custom Tank Emblem set. Custom Tank Emblem could provide extra stats
according to your needs as a Tank. Set Vitality to its Max level because it can
give you additional health points. Higher Health Points means higher chance of
survival during the early game. Setting Inspire to max level will provide
cool down reduction on your skills. Higher cool down reduction means you can use
your skills again faster than usual. Get Attack and Defense to gain additional
Physical and Magic Attack, depending on a percentage of your health points. Remember that most Khufra’s skills also depend
on his Physical Attack. For me, it’s the best thing to get since Khufra
is also meant to smash the enemies. Set first skill to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the cool down lower,
and the damage higher. That means, you can use this skill again faster
to crowd-control enemies and blink. Prioritize second skill less since his first
skill is what you need for crowd-control and blink. Always upgrade his ultimate skill when available for upgrading. I find Khufra’s passive a good thing for slowing down enemies. This makes khufra deal a buffed ranged basic
attack. This slows down the enemy, and deals more
damage to the target. The cool down of this skill is reduced,
every time Khufra hits his crowd-control skills to enemy heroes. The more you crowd-control, the more you can
use this passive. This just means more damage for you, more
slowing effect for the enemy, and more healing for you. Your first skill is what aids you to go inside
team fights. With its capability to knock up enemies that
were hit, this instantly gives your team the advantage, since you can cast this skill from afar. This is greater than Flicker to be honest. Just make sure to aim properly, for the knock-up
to work. His second skill is also a good thing during
team fights. As I mentioned earlier, this cancels the damage
and the dash or blink of an enemy, when they attempt to dash or fly towards you
or pass through you. We have shown you Saber before. Now let me show if Fanny will be knocked up
when she use her cables towards me. And there goes Fanny. Her first skill wasn’t even triggered even
if she had a contact with me. Now, you might be wondering, “What about ultimate
skills that dashes or blinks?” Well, we have Alpha here. Alpha is going to use his ultimate skill to
dash towards us. Here he goes. As you can see, we didn’t receive the damage
from his ultimate. We just received the damage from his passive
skill. Also, he was also knocked up and cancelled
his dash towards or pass through us. Amazing, right? Now for his ultimate skill, this is cooler
than tank’s ultimate. Just imagine that you can push all the enemies
surrounding you in a direction. It’s like having Tigreal’s ultimate skill
without even channeling. It’s more effective when you push the enemies
to the wall, since they will receive more damage, and be
stunned instead of just being slowed down. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Well, this is a good combo with Grock and
Badang. The Great Walls of China. Having them produce walls out of nowhere will
help you stun the enemies more efficiently. Just imagine the enemies whining on how OP
that can be. Now, let’s talk about his combo. In terms of team fights, I usually follow
a combo for Khufra. First, I charge my first skill towards the
enemies. It’s better to hit lots of enemies, but it
really depends on the situation. Then, when the charge is enough to hit the
target, I release my first skill. This will let me dash towards them. Then, upon hitting them, they will be knocked
up. Now, I use my ultimate skill to push the surrounding
enemies behind me. This skill will gather the enemies for my
team, so they can use other crowd-control and area-of-effect
skills more accurately. But it would be best if you can throw them to the wall. So that they will receive extra damages and stun effect. Then, I use my second skill to increase my
defense, and deal damage inside the team fight. For my spell, it really depends on which part
to use it. I use petrify most of the time, and I use
it when I’m in the magical ball mode, or it could be just right after I use my ultimate
skill. Additional Tip:
When you are trying to escape from enemies, use your first skill. With its long range, you can easily escape
enemies, leaving them your dust. If ever it’s cooldown, then use your second
skill. This doesn’t boost your movement speed,
but this increases your defense. Your survival would be greater with this. The tips I mentioned are just some of the
ways you can use Khufra. This video just guides you on how to use Khufra,
the Kurumi way. So, once again. This is Kurumi and that’s how you use Khufra. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to my channel for more contents
by clicking on the subscribe button below. For our skin giveaway events, check out the
featured video on our channel for the mechanics. See you on the next Mobile Legends Boot Camp! Cheers!


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