Merrell Barefoot – Bareform Running Technique

My name is Walt Reynolds, I have been a trainer for 23
years, I have logged over 28000 training sessions in that time I believe that movement and function are a part of
everyone’s life’s and should be part of everyone’s life’s. And I help people to train, to move
and function better, every single day. Common form runners typically demonstrate heel strike first landing on a straight knee, landing with the foot well in front of the hips, a
position we often refer to as the check mark. They demonstrate a slow cadence of turnover with their feet, something
in the order of 140 to 160 steps per minute. And they also typically demonstrate very little in the way of lean. Bare form runners typically demonstrate a midfoot strike landing on a bent knee with the foot closer to being underneath the hips. They demonstrate a higher cadence of turnover in order
of 180 steps per minute or faster, at all running speeds and typically demonstrate a slight lean forward from the angle. We begin bare form running by doing what we call the posture reset. Interlock your fingers and raise your arms directly overhead,maintaining a
tall posture, lower your arms to your side, bend your elbows half way then go halfway again.
Place your elbows slightly behind your body and swing your arms in a small compact motion. Move to the mid foot and jog in place. Make a conscious effort to
land on the ball of the foot just slightly ahead of the heel. Set your metronome or other cadence device at 180 beats per minute,
and match the cadence of 180 as close as you can The Lean from the ankles drill begins with the posture reset, with the elbows held flexed and slightly behind the body and
the running position.. shift your weight backwards from the heels, bring your body back to center, shift your
weight forward and then return to center


  • Thanks for sharing this! I just started investigating barefoot running (and technique) to reduce chronic injury and frustration.

  • gr8 video;-)

  • Times of squeaky clown shoes are coming to a close.

  • I tried them and I have a warning for people who have been running barefoot before. Barefoot running widens the foot so Merrells are way too narrow. Also the inside of the shoe feels like a bowl and distorts the foot upon landing resulting in metatarsal fatigue and pain. The material on the soles makes it feel far from barefoot experience. In general I feel quite ripped off. $20 canvas shoes with thin sole would be a much better purchase.

  • Wanna know something funny?

    This is how I normally run. ^ ^

    Flat feet, so anything with a thick sole and high arch means I find walking very painful. I ended up running like I do barefoot, since if it was heel first I'd just end up slapping the ground and stopping. Put a pair of flippers on and you'll see what I mean.

    Flat sole, light shoe, no arch or ankle support to speak of? Dream shoe. Too bad about the price for broke peoples, but excellent

  • I love the TGs, highly recommend them. But "Use gravity to help propel you forward"?!? Gravity isn't trying to propel you 'forward' unless you're lying on your stomach. If you're using gravity to help propel you forward, you're falling forward. To counter that, you've got to throw a foot out to catch you, bounce back up and get to a high position ready to fall forward again. Wasted energy. A little bit of bounce and a little bit of forward lean is inevitable, but it doesn't need promotion.

  • Dude. Indoor drumline marching is pretty much this. It's a bit different considering you have a fifty pound drum on, but yea. It gave me a head start. 😀

  • @oldpiq I noticed you post this comment on every Trail Glove video. Everyone has different feet and react differently to a particular shoe. I have run 100+ miles on the Trail Glove and find nothing wrong with them. I also have wide feet and they still allow my toes to splay freely. And being Hawaii-born, we spend lots of time barefoot (since childhood), so I know a good barefoot shoe, next to the common VFFs. Canvas shoes have a thicker sole than 10mm, which negates a barefoot experience.

  • That was informative. I just started running and I thought you just run until I started searching for tips.

  • Best video ever! Thank you so much

  • Form is essential but I need to stride more to go faster…seems to me.

  • @linekill You do just run.Speed determines where your foot strikes naturally

  • Everyone should heel strike when they jog or walk, this is natural. When you run faster you naturally move to the midfoot, and when you sprint you naturally move to your forefoot. This is what the human body does without anyone telling you. The problem is when people try to forcibly forefoot strike at a slow speed, or forcibly heel strike at a high speed.

  • So This guy does not have a degree all he said was he Logged stuff

  • @ZidaneSteiner go running without shoes and tell me what feels best when jogging.

  • I always ran forefoot because I felt that spring like action since I was a kid. I always thought I was the odd one. whew. good thing this new revolution is now the rage

  • I really am glad I got Merrill trail gloves, I went from despising running to enjoying it

  • The shoes sorta force you to change your form

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a total barefoot addict. Peace to you and yours.

  • lol my mom was making something in the microwave and it started beeping at 1:55 exactly matching his cadence! haha

  • "Born To Run" By Christopher McDougall open my eyes to this x)

  • It definitely makes me chuckle to think about it – I have never worn shoes from the big companies, or shoes with all that hoo-ha arch support business – they always felt super uncomfortable! I, since time immemorable, have loved being barefoot the most, and wearing shoes that complimented that as close as possible when required. And to think, all those times I was told I'd ruin my silly.

  • If he's an instructor, three sessions a day is not unreasonable.

  • nice video training

  • I love Merrell shoes

  • THIS IS FILMED AT MY COLLEGE! That was a pleasant surprise!

  • If I ever saw this white boy running, I would rob him

  • Like chi running 

  • These drills aren't very good. Consciously trying to forefoot strike or lean forward, especially when you're just starting out, will almost certainly cause you to overcompensate and add unnecessary tension (flexing the foot, bending forward at the waist/hips).
    Check out the drills in The Barefoot Running Book, or ChiRunning, or the Natural Running Youtube channel.

  • I did my first run in the v-trains and hit 3 miles easily. Good form and all. Do not be scared to run your typical workout for the first use of your vibrams

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