Men’s Variant X.S.R.™ Shoe

(speaking foreign language) – [Sandrine Voiceover]
We met really early, because it was a long journey,
and we started our trip. (speaking foreign language) I live in the Alps, in France. I ended up in Tokyo
because Columbia asked me to test some gear. Japan, it’s a great country to run, it’s really amazing. Everywhere when you look at
it there is something to see. (speaking foreign language) I run because I like the
impression of being free. It’s like breathing. (speaking foreign language) It was easy at the beginning, but then we started to be really
steep, really steep, we had a lot of stairs,
and Ruy was quite fast. I tried to pass him a couple of times, but he was faster than me. (speaking foreign language) It was the forest and clouds and mist. (speaking foreign language) We were cold, and we were
happy to reach the summit. And at the top, we have just a little hut, with old guys making noodles. It’s really unique, and unexpected. The soup was really good, excellent. (speaking foreign language) in Japanese. And suddenly the sky clear ups. (speaking foreign language) It was a magic day, thanks Ruy.

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