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sneaker recovery boots are one of the
best things actually transition you from here to there one of the easiest ways to
upgrade your style steps straight out of sneakers into some boots natural style
transition picking the best boots to wear with jeans welcome to channel our
fashion express my name is Kevin Simmons in today’s video you got it we’re gonna
talk about the best boots to wear with jeans like this kind of videos cool
glance back to my channel until notification cannot beat a video on
livestream Update show you boys some love
alright guys there’s no two ways about it there’s no easy way for any guy out
there to look like a modern sexy Savage get some cool points by just putting on
some simple boots boots work across every style personality can be worn from
casual all the way to dressy I admit it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to wear
boots boots boots boots even as tall as I am
I still like rocking a nice Chelsea boot because it has everything you could want
it can be leather it can be suede you can even have a harness on it to give me
that little rocker thing going on you can have a zipper it’s gonna have a
rounded toe more pointed bar squared till the main thing it has is style you
go out to the mall or anywhere you see a bunch of people gathering you’re gonna
see 90 plus percent of the million how if they’re going to win some form of
athletic it’ll be weren’t some kind of tennis shoe being four then 10% of guys
that aren’t rocking it they’re gonna be in some kind of flip-flop maybe address
you but the cool dudes the stylish dudes will be rocking boots
those are the guys that are actually taking their style to the next level
they don’t look try-hards and dressing above the rest and it gets the best of
both worlds they play a flirt that bad boy their rocker all with the serious
professional man that you are all the boots of my
and pass like all the t-shirt test meaning I can put on the t-shirt in
genes and what any pair of boots that I have in here whether it’s a white
t-shirt a black t-shirt a great t-shirt worth um wearing black jeans blue jeans
gray jeans each and every one of these boots rocks across the entire inspection
that can be won with jackets leather jackets denim jackets Blazers some can
even be worn with suits yes suits some not so much but better than I can tell
you let me show you these you’ve seen it before
standard suede chuckles nice lace-up simple can be won with jeans chinos
really much more relaxed chill kind of shoot bronze Dom personality to be worn
with these and these could be worn from teenage all the way up through death
it’s work well if you’re still at school you’re in college you can even dress
these up and of course these cannot go with the suit there’s a little bit too
casual for that wife you can still put them on like this sale with some slacks
and she knows even some leather pants these Rockwell’s the previous shoes were
from a common car I’m 51 these are from a country car big money the hallmark of
this boot is the subtle calfskin leather this is an express of chocolate brown
zipper on the side comfortable motorcycle like food I love this boot
because it kind of mixes that rugged thing along with the kind of bad-boy
thing and it still fits well in my style personality if you are the unboxing of
these you know these babies right here are killer
you were the unbox of these you know these babies right here on kill it again
these are from the brand mcmoney look at these these are not black they’re great
look at the burnished thing look at how it plays with the light when you put a
gray up against the black it’s that subtle change in tone shading it just
makes that I kind of pop and you did a little bit of gives it a little bit of
pop and new ones from afar of what someone’s up close again guys I don’t
want you to always focus on black shoes change it up put some color to your
wardrobe and gray it’s a great way and yes these can be worn with jeans chinos
slacks and a suit these are more dressy so they can be worn with the suit these babies right here from Calvin
Klein black suede up just so incredible if you didn’t see my unboxing on these
check them out again guys these are great for just jeans t-shirt rock out
you can actually wear these in so many different ways actually you can even
pull these up with a casual suit some of you guys are gonna be on this saying man
oh so cool but they’re a little bit too much me don’t say that stuff short
you’ll be amazed at who pulls these up how and why don’t sell yourself short
guys but again these are generally just best for jeans t-shirt Henley v-neck
that rocker kind of look we got to follow that up with these these are the
same kind of style personality everything I said for the previous ones
this Andy’s but I love these because again a more pointed toe the zip on the
side simply cool guys simply cool and if I like to wear without rocking black to
because it’s such a contrast get you a nice sleeve belt killing the game this
color right here is called queer o this boot it only goes up to your ankle that
makes it great to wear with jeans slacks chinos these are actually suit
appropriate are you noticing a pattern here if it’s a little bit shinier of 11
it tends to be a little bit dressier but Boop and you can wear them with almost
your entire wardrobe these are exceptionally well these exceptions on a
hotter day because they only talk to your ankle and again notice the brown
you can have the chocolate here all the way to the lighter shades here the
contrast really plays well and stands on it adds pop to your wardrobe of these
also this is a more of a mixed-media you get your suede here your leather here
and it’s a double monk strap boot mixed-media boots are great this is
considered to be a dress boot however I still rock on with jeans I’m rocking
with jeans and a t-shirt but you can still put it on with slacks and a nice
button out for a fashion-forward look – just take your style up to the next
level for me I would actually rock these more with the casuals too with an open
button up shirt or maybe even walk and poor kind of time I decided rock
beats but actually seems like these are opportunities in your closet to take
your wardrobe to the next level don’t limit yourself however if you got to
start your wardrobe off you can’t go wrong with the standard black shell
Sigma just can’t standard black yo cd-roms well from jeans all the way up
to suit you can pull this off any kind of way fashion-forward stylist and I
like to go with a little bit more chiseled overto stay away from the more
rounded toe with a more boxy top on your first out-of-the-box Chelsea boot
because you want something’s going to give you a chance to maneuver through
the entire wardrobe a couple other boots that I don’t have at the time making
this video I’m either going to include a link down the description or tags and
the videos show you the boots alike in particular there’s a boot style called
harness it looks like a Chelsea boot but it also has a little circular piece on
the ankle and a threeway piece of metal Frye makes a good harness boot
especially for guys with their rugged style personality more player flirt
bad-boy kind of thing a motorcycle look YSL you say Laurent makes one that’s the
white there’s so many different versions out there guys you would be amazed at
how good those look on the average guy bottom line what I’m telling you guys is
whether they’re chucker whether it chelsea whether they are harness with a
monk strap get boots in your life especially if you’re a guy who came from
more like sneaker culture you had a lot of high tops of Jordans easy transition
actually put boots into your wardrobe because they make sense with a lot of
things you’re wearing I just don’t even that’s me give us some
to comment sakes let me know have you put boots in your wardrobe if so which
one it’s how you rockin them how you win if you like this kind of video go ahead
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impression you might as well make sure you knock it out right apart


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