Men’s Fall & Winter Leather Boots | How To Wear Men’s Boots – Dress, Casual, Work, Chukka, Lace-Up

(modern techno music) – Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity men’s wear stylist. This video is part of my men’s fall and winter essential series. To see the other articles
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the video description. So today, I wanna talk to you about boots. There are three types of boots that I love during the fall and winter season, a nice dress boot, casual
boot and Chukka boot. Now, the reason why I love boots during this part of the year is because not only does
it look great with jeans, wool trousers and a nice fall/winter suit, but it also keeps your feet nice and warm and protected from the elements while still looking classy and refined. Now, if you live in an area where you get a bit of rain and snow then you should probably
get a specialty boot for those crazier days, but that’s outside of
the scope of this video. So let’s quickly go over the differences between a dress boot and casual boot. So dress boots are formal so they go well with
suits and wool trousers. They also have a sleeker profile and the soles are usually made out of either leather or rubber. Also, the leather itself
is a shinier calf leather as opposed to a thicker cowhide. Now, just think of a dress
boot like a dress shoe but with a shaft on it. So for casual boots, they’re
usually a little less formal and sophisticated which is why
they work so well with jeans, but they also can still be
worn with wool trousers, just not suits. There’s a little bit
more room in the toe box and the leather is usually
made out of a thicker cowhide, although not always. These boots here are actually
made out of a calf’s skin. So the quickest way to
tell between a casual boot and a dress boot is by the soles. So if it has a lugged
sole like I have here then it’s 100% a casual boot. Let’s go over the points
that you should look for in a good boot. So first off, you wanna make sure your boot has a nice, slim profile and what I mean by that is
the height of the toe area. You want it to be nice and slim. A Timberland is the exact opposite of what you’re looking for. Usually Timberlands have
a really high toe area. It’s just super chunky and
that’s not what you want. So make sure you have a
nice, slim, sleek profile with a slim sole. When I say a slim sole,
usually with casual boots, you’re gonna have a little
bit thicker of a sole because usually it has a lugged bottom. That’s perfectly fine. You just wanna make sure it’s not like double this thickness. That’s when it’s just too chunky. Next, your boot should
be either a plain toe like I’ve got here or a capped toe like this boot. And then it can also
have some broking as well which is this decorative
detail that you see here. The next point you wanna
look for in a boot is that it has a rubber bottom. Usually it’s gonna be lugged or Dainite. This one’s Dainite here. Now, you want the rubber bottom because you need that added traction. Otherwise, if you have leather soles, you will slip and slide like crazy in any kind of wet weather. So next thing you wanna look for in a boot is a nice chocolatey brown
and/or black like I’ve got here. I would definitely
recommend going with a nice brown color first because
it goes really great with all of your fall colors and you can wear them with
your formal and casual outfits a lot easier than a black boot. Once you’ve got brown,
then get a black boot. I would just be careful with getting more specific colors like an oxblood because it’s a lot more difficult to wear. It just doesn’t compliment as
many colors in your wardrobe. Only get that color after
you’ve gotten the brown and black boots. And lastly, your boots should not be suede like I’ve got here, unless you live in Southern California where it only rains maybe
three or four times a year, but if you live in an area
where it does rain and snow, do not get suede, instead
get a nice leather boot because I don’t care
how much you Scotchgard the crap out of your suede, it’s still gonna get completely messed up. Save suede for the spring. So in regard to wearing boots with a suit, you certainly can do so, but just make sure it’s a dress boot. And if you are gonna
wear boots with a suit, there’s two things you gotta be aware of. First, you wanna make sure
your suit is made out of a heavier wool material because
your boot are a visually heavy item so you need a heavier
suit to help complement it. Boots look very odd when it’s paired with a lighter weight suit. The second point you wanna be aware of is when you are wearing
your boots with a suit, you have to make sure that the suit pants are hemmed with no brake. So no brake means it’s
gonna hit about here. If you wear your suit pants that you got tailored for dress shoes, it’s actually gonna
create a lot of bunching on the boot itself so it’s
gonna look really sloppy. Unfortunately, what
that means is your suit can only now be worn with your boot, unless you have your
tailor lengthen the hem when the seasons change and when you wanna wear that suit pant now with a pair of dress shoes. Okay, so now let’s get into my
favorite boots you should own and how to wear them. But just a quick note, if you don’t know how to
properly tie your boot then check out my video
link in the description. So first off, I’ve got this Allen Edmonds First Avenue dress boot. I really love this boot because again, it has the nice slim profile. Like all of their dress shoes, the leather is such high
quality and so great. And it also has a nice
rubber sole as well. So I’d style these dress
boots in a black suede bomber jacket with a charcoal turtleneck and throw on some dark washed jeans, but check out the
website for more details. The next boot that I really like is this casual boot by Purdey. I know you’ve seen this in
quite a few of my videos, but I really love the slim profile and this chocolatey brown finish. I pair these casual boots
with a green utility jacket and an Oxford button down. I threw on some dark washed jeans. The next boot that I really
like is this Chukka boot by Johnston & Murphy. This is a very well-designed
boot at a great price point. Johnston & Murphy and Aldo are
actually my two go-to brands when I’m a little bit
more budget conscious. They just make great shoes
at a great price point. So I style these black
Chukkas in a trucker jacket, Oxford button down and
some some wool trousers. So those are some of my favorite
boots that you should own. There’s a couple of other ones
that I really love as well, some suede Chukka options that
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