Men’s Fall & Winter Jackets – Bomber, Utility, Trucker, Field, M65, Wool, Leather, Suede, Nylon

(upbeat music) – Hi, welcome back to my men’s fall and winter essential series. So there are three types of jackets that I love for fall and winter if you live in a climate
like southern California where our winters are very mild. If you have a crazier winter, then I made a winter
jacket story just for you. Anyways, there are three
types of jackets that I love. First is a bomber jacket. Second is a trucker or flight jacket, and the third type is a utility jacket also known as a field jacket or a M65 or a safari jacket or
a thousand other names. Now which one you should wear will depend on your body type as well as how you’ll be wearing it, but I’ll get into that shortly. The goal with your jacket and really everything else you’ll be wearing is to create a sharp, polished look that doesn’t draw attention away from the rest of the outfit. That being said, your jacket is a great place to insert those fall colors and patterns I was talking about in my series intro video. First up, I love a good wool or suede trucker or flight jacket. I’m loving these two styles together because they look very similar. A trucker jacket is
basically a denim jacket, but the ones I’ll be recommending will be in a different material. The reason why I will not be recommending a denim jacket is because they’re more of a spring/summer item since they don’t really keep you very warm. The main difference between these two is a trucker jacket will have buttons down the front, and a flight jacket will
have a zippered front. With these types of jackets though, you’ll wanna make sure it ends at the hip level just like a bomber would and that it’s nice and fitted throughout the shoulders and torso. There are a lot of
flight jackets out there that have a shearling or fur collar, but I recommend choosing a jacket that has the option of
removing the collar. That way you get two different looks out of one jacket. If you are a broader guy, I wouldn’t recommend these types of jackets because the combination of the collar with the shorter jacket length will actually make you
look really top heavy. So if you do have this body type, I recommend going with a bomber instead because it’ll just look more streamlined on your frame. Speaking of bomber jackets, I consider them the utility
infielder of the jacket world because they look great
on every body type. I use them all the time with my clients, and I just think they do a really great job with breaking
up your body at the waist and keeping everything proportional. If you are a bigger gentleman, you should never zip up your bomber jacket because if you do, it’s actually gonna create this huge swath of fabric that will actually kind of act like a spotlight on your stomach area. Instead, keep your bomber jacket unzipped because it’ll actually help break up your body vertically
and make you look slimmer. But if you have a slim or regular build, then go crazy. You can have it zipped up all the way, half-zipped, a little bit
zipped, doesn’t matter. So the last type of jacket I love for fall and winter is a utility jacket also known as a safari, field, M65 jacket. I’m sure there’s a million other names. This jacket differs
from my other favorites in that if it fits well, it should actually end between mid to lower crotch. So it’s a really great option if you want a slightly longer jacket. The thing you wanna make sure though is that it’s not any
longer or shorter than that because it’ll actually throw off the proportions of your body. So I really like this style jacket if you are a broader gentleman, even more so than a bomber jacket because the slightly longer jacket length as well as the pockets on the front really help break up your broader torso and make you look slimmer. If you are a thinner guy, you just wanna be careful
with a style jacket that has a hood in the collar because it’ll actually create a really chunky, heavy looking collar around your thinner frame, especially the neck area making you look even skinnier. Instead, you wanna actually make sure you get this jacket with a standing collar or with a collar that’s at least free from any kind of puffiness. Regardless of your body type, you wanna make sure this jacket is very fitted throughout
the body, the sleeves. Otherwise, you’re gonna look like you’re swimmin’ in a bunch
of fabric and pockets which you don’t want, especially if you are a broader gentleman ’cause it’ll only make you look bigger, and if you’re thinner, it’s gonna make you look even skinnier. As for materials, I really
like wool, suede or leather for your bombers, truckers
and flight jackets. I just think that these materials compliment the heavier items you’ll be wearing this season. Now for utility jackets,
anything but leather goes. I just think a leather utility jacket looks a little too 70s porn-starish to me. Nylon, as long as it doesn’t
make that swishy noise. Cotton, wool, suede, those are all really great materials
for a utility jacket. As for colors, I really like a camel, dark green, navy or black. These work great for all
of these styles of jackets. So those are the three types of jackets I love for fall and winter. Do me a favor, leave me a comment below and let me know which of these three do you really like. Also, don’t forget, check out my website for an in depth article that includes all of my favorite jackets
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